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This is the place for me to post forms and for us all to OOC chat. Main RP!


Accepted Characters


Username: Ruins


Name: Lord Konrad Curze, aka the Night Haunter


Age: Unknown


Gender: Male


Species: Genetically Altered Human (Primarch)


Origin: Warhammer 40k


Looks: Picture Curze- while smaller than he was in life- is still very tall when compared to ordinary humans, easily scraping seven foot; he is almost all muscle and scars, not a hint of fat on his body, and is actually rather gaunt. His eyes are pure black, without a white or iris, and his shoulder-length hair is the same colour. Curze usually wears an ornate blue-black suit of power armour, liberally decorated with spikes and bat’s wings, but does possess more ordinary clothes for when he has to blend in during missions. Oddly enough, his fingernails look like three-centimetre claws.


Personality: Although Lord Curze’s personality has been (understandably) much altered by the trauma of his death and ‘rebirth’, he is still basically the same person as he was when he was alive. Grim by nature and usually silent, he doesn’t really get along with people nor do they get along with him. They tend to find him disconcerting or simply downright terrifying, with Curze coming to expect nothing but negative reactions from everyone he meets. Love, friendship and simple affection from another human being are foreign concepts to him, things that happen to everyone else- not him. This does not mean, however, that he doesn’t care or feel for others. Quite the opposite, as he has within him a great hatred for injustice, corruption and criminals in general; all of them he will punish with the greatest severity. He sacrificed his own humanity and became a monster to save others once, and there’s nothing really stopping him from doing it again if he was sufficiently motivated. In that sense, one could even call him noble. Curze certainly is intelligent, a quick learner and deeply knowledgeable in human psychology.

On the other hand, Curze has a dark side- a very dark side that he’s been struggling against since he was very young. Very little is known of the true nature of this dark side (it’s possible that he has a split personality) but it is known that, when he unleashes it, all Hell is almost literally unleashed. So it’s a very good idea not to do anything that might make him loose control…


History: In the year 40,000 Nostramo is a sunless world where citizens live in constant fear, suffering under the thrall of hive gangsters and corrupt bureaucrats who exploit the planet's abundant adamantium resources and subjugate the populace. Violent crime was as common as paying tithes and suicide was one of the main causes of death planet-wide. The shackles of law meant nothing to Nostramo; only cruelty and strength brought power.


All that changed when Konrad Curze, son of the Emperor, came to this benighted world.


The gaunt primarch, unlike all of his brothers cast from the Emperor's light, was not taken in by the local inhabitants to be raised and nurtured: he lived in the shadows of Nostramo's endless slums, becoming a creature of shadow who ruled by fear. He realized that in order to bring an end to the rampant injustice that had ensnared Nostramo he would have to simply become more terrifying, more cruel, more brutal than anyone else on the planet. No vicious act could be beneath him. No atrocity could be too heinous to commit. To fight the corruption of Nostramo Konrad Curze became the Night Haunter.


No corrupt soul was beyond his justice. From the basest murderers and thieves to the highest politicians and wealthy manufactorum owners, no one was beyond his gruesome retribution. There was only one punishment for injustice: death, and once you had been marked by the Night Haunter there could be no other outcome. After countless brutal slayings the legend of the Night Haunter grew to engulf the entire planet like a wave of raw fear. Illegal activities ceased. Order was rigidly maintained. Self-imposed curfews were adopted by all Nostramans, for no one wanted to be out when the Night Haunter was on the prowl.


And so Konrad Curze, the Lord of the Night, sacrificed his humanity to become an edifice of living terror, and in doing so forged a prosperous, functioning society from the squalor of Nostramo.


(From a Warhammer 40k wiki. biggrin.gif )


Regrets: Where to start? Betraying humanity during the Horus Heresy is quite a big regret of his; new knowledge gained after death has given him a different perspective on the events of his life, even if it isn’t quite enough to make him completely regret turning his back on his father the Emperor.


Weapon: A long knife, more like a short sword, and a throwing knife.


Skills/Abilities: As well as being stronger and faster than an ordinary human, Curze is a brutal hand-to-hand fighter. He grew up on the streets, so don’t expect him to follow the Queensbury rules- he quite literally tears his opponents to shreds, whether with his blades or with his fists. He excels in intimidation, knowing just how to strike terror in the hearts of anyone who sees him or his works. Less fortunately, for him anyway, Curze suffers from severe nightmares that can also double as visions of the future; needless to say, he never sees the good events to come, merely the brutal or depressing ones.


Other: *I have read everything. I did write it, after all.*



Username: Silver_Voices


Name: 03491 [Whoever meets her first can ‘give’ her a name that she will probably go by, but only if I think it’s nice.]


Age: Has lived 4 years, but looks around 19.


Gender: Female


Species: Unnamed – created by scientists.


Origin: World - Earth 741


Looks: <Here> She has long silky brown tresses, which fall down to her waist. She has a small button nose and a sweet but sad smile, making her appear quite young, possibly around sixteen. She has large brown eyes which always have the reflection of flames in her eyes, creating the illusion that her eyes are actually golden or orange. She also has a scar on her chest.


Personality: She's very quiet and rarely talkative, you have to make a great effort to get her to talk on her own. She follows orders well out of habit. She often seems cold and detached, but beneath the very thin layer of her mask, she's a very sad and lonely girl, like a child. But that is to be expected having only lived four years. If you happen to stumble upon her when she is quiet and still, you just might hear the sound of someone crying, as if weeping for a lost loved one.


History: 03491 was created in a lab. They built up her body from scratch and gave her life and her ability. They implanted in her the basics right off, speech, movement, understanding, that kind of thing. Then they put in her the skills of a soldier and the abilities of an assassin and controlled her in such a way so she would do exactly as they ordered. And so their killer was born.


That was four years ago. From then on she went around killing whoever they wanted dead. But at one time, close to the present, she was so injured after attacking one target that she was on the brink of death, so she was taken into a hospital. She was treated by a young doctor, whom she thought was so very kind and careful. He made small talk with her, and she talked about her experiences and killings like it was no big deal. He became curious and very concerned for her. He called the authorities and they started watched over her for the doctor's sake, but planned to take her to the prison as soon as she healed. He and she talked a lot after that, and he explained why what she was doing was wrong. He said that the people she killed were good people, who hadn't done anything to deserve death. Also that these people had families who loved them and would miss them. He continued to give a new explanation every time they spoke, and she eventually understood. She cried for an hour or two and promised him that she would never kill another person.


She had stayed at the hospital for about three weeks now and had grown very close to the doctor. But the organization that created her came to the hospital and took her away again. They were able to regain control of her and ordered her to kill the doctor. She did. When she came to her senses, she found herself standing over his body with a bloody knife in her hand. She got away from the scene with his body and cried over him for at least a whole day before the lab retrieved her. Then, seeing that the mind control over her was weakening, the lab placed in her an irrepressible want to kill.


However, this backfired on them when she escaped her laboratory room and attacked whoever she could get her hands on. The building was put on lock down, so she wasn't able to get out of the building. Unfortunately, neither could any one else. She killed everyone in the building, then, finding no one else to satisfy her ravenous want for a slaughter, drove her knife through her own chest, killing herself. Now that she is dead, she no longer has a need to kill.


Regrets: She regrets killing the doctor above all, but she also regrets the deaths of everyone she’s ever killed.


Weapon: 1) A sharp knife, it’s sheath strapped to her thigh. 2) She doesn’t often use it, but she can create a fiery sword which can cut and set things on fire.


Skills/Abilities: 03491 is able to shift and half-shift into a phoenix. <This> is how she looks shifted and <This> is how she looks half-shifted. She normally went into her half-shifted form for assassinations and completely shifted for getaways.


Other: *They read everything!*



Username: Gator


Name: Fallion


Age: Around 30


Gender: Male


Species: Human


Origin: Own character, Earth.


Looks: Fallion is a relatively tall man at 6'1". He is sleek-built and well proportioned. His arms extend about three-quarters down the upper half of his leg, and his legs, instead of being the rough two feet length for a man his height, are about three and a quarter, with his torso only being about one and a three quarters feet tall. He appears to be fair-muscled, but not overly; he's more stringy than bulky. From shoulder to shoulder, he is about one and a half feet long.

For the most part, Fallion keeps himself shrouded in a dark bluish cape, underneath which he wears dark linen pants, black boots, and a long-sleeved black shirt. He also keeps his fingers gloved -old habits, one might say.

Perhaps more curious than the man's clothing is his face itself. To describe it simply, it looks like a mask one might use as a blank to decorate for a masquerade party, or perhaps even an unfinished mime's mask. However, it moves. His white face is, indeed, made of skin. The lips can part, the eyes that are completely black can blink. He has no hair, no eyelashes, nothing. His face is simply what one might associate with a "default face," or perhaps a face left unfinished. All of his skin is like this, or rather, is this porcelain white. The rest of his skin, however, shows marks and scars, has pores, and looks human.

Fallion, though, is able to change the way his face appears. Because he seems to have a default face of sorts, he can concentrate and allow another face of his own imagination to take over. He cannot, however, replicate the face of another. If he does wish to look like a normal human, he can change his skin pigment, develop "real" eyes and look completely normal save for one thing -his irises are always black as well as his pupils, and he always remains both male and bald.



Fallion is a curious creature. An outsider could see him as strong, arrogant, but calculative. He doesn't always do things that make sense, and doesn't always explain it either. He is not unfriendly, but he certainly doesn't seem the type to go out and be the first one to talk. He seems crafty, sly, and weaselly, not someone to be trusted.

Truly, he is as slick and untrustworthy as he seems, but he feels far more remorse than an outsider might think. He's rather psychotic, definitely something... off about him.



Fallion was born Fallion Tansey Aidair. He went into the foster care system after his parents' death in a car accident, which happened on his sixth birthday as they were going to get him cake. Obviously this traumatized him and he quickly sank into depression, holding upon himself that it was he whom caused his parents' death after sending them out for cake. None of his relatives were able to take him in, and so he was sent away to another family that offered to foster him.

Fallion was not, indeed, happy with this arrangement. He ran away several times, each time sitting upon his parents' graves which were in a graveyard not far away from the house where he currently lived. When they took him back, they took him kicking and screaming; he would often tear at the ground trying to claw to his parents to get away from the people taking him away.

Soon he was moved to another family farther away from his parent's gravestones. He rarely was allowed out of his room alone, which had no windows so he couldn't get out. Thus instead of running away, he resorted to suicide. This also failed to work, and the foster parents tried to get closer to him, soothe him, and didn't let him in a room alone.

He finally stopped with the attempts, though he had the scars to show it.

The one thing that troubled his foster parents was that he didn't seem capable of recognizing himself. When he looked into a mirror, he didn't see the face looking back at him as his. He could tell you his hands were his, his chest was, his legs were. But not his face. It simply was not him, he would insist.

At the age of twenty, he started his life of crime. He pick pocketed a pretty young woman, took her cash and then, when she noticed, took her in an alleyway and slit her throat. The body was found, but there was nothing that pointed to any definite person. She was found to be killed, you see, with a common kitchen knife that one might use to slice tomatoes. No fingerprints on it, no nothing. There was no evidence to point to anyone.

For several years after this, he continued, killing people, stealing, and thieving. Something changed, though. He made a mistake. He became cocky. He left a clue behind, you see. Not on purpose, no, but the velvety cape of his caught upon a chair in a schoolhouse and left a bit of it behind. He had been there, you see, to murder the teacher whom had taught -and teased- him as a child. He didn't realize that there was detention, and so had to kill the children too, lest they bear witness to his crime and point the police to him.

But this act of killing was not one driven by greed, but emotion. Paired with the rare fabric his cape was made with, they easily narrowed down the students the man had with those who bought the fabric and those who could've done such a thing. He was captured and put on death row.



Fallion regrets his act of killing, as it was killing that ruined him in the first place. He has already died, but he wishes to make up for all those he killed -and then some- by killing serial killers and those who wish death upon others.


Weapon: Fallion has two different blades, one long ridged one and one short and curved.


Skills/Abilities: As stated before, Fallion does not associate a face with himself. Thus he can change the head on his body to look like most anything, because he doesn't actually associate it with himself. To him it is more like drawing a face on the canvas that sits atop his shoulders rather than actually changing his own.


Other: *They read everything!*



Username: Fortune86


Name: Odette


Age: 20


Gender: Female


Species: Human/Fae Hybrid


Origin: Original Character


Looks: Odette - Small and slight of build she has little physical power. She has a quickness to her that she inherited from her mother, making her a hard target to hit via normal means. Odette has two strange marks on her back, as though something used to be there...


Personality: To be RP'd


History: Odette and her brother Ingway were raised in the fairy realm by their mother until their tenth birthday. At that time it was deemed too dangerous for them to reside there much longer, as many fae consider half breeds vermin, and the two of them were transported to a human world.

While Odette was able to integrate safely into human society and live a reasonably normal life, her brother was not so fortunate and went mad. He spent years locked away in a human asylum, occasionally breaking free to wreck havoc amongst the surrounding humans. In his most recent escape he tracked down and devoured Odette in an attempt to become a true faery, capable of once again living in the world of his mother.


Regrets: Odette had the chance to stop Ingway from devouring her, but out of love and pity for her brother she did not. Now because of the psychic link between them she is forced to continuously listen in on her brother's violent rampages in the world she left behind. Having been devoured by her brother, Odette's soul was spilt. Her human side is what now resides in the world of the Styx, while her brother has possession of her fae half, preventing her from moving on.


Weapon: None


Skills/Abilities: Telepathy ~ Odette has the ability to forge a telepathic link with humans or fay (or mixes of). This allows them to talk to one another via their thoughts, regardless of the distance between them. Odette can not read their minds, or vice versa, as only thoughts directed at the recipient can be ‘heard’.

((I'd be very much obliged if those who have forged a link with Odette put the thoughts they direct at her in bold italics, which will allow me to distinguish between normal thoughts and those aimed at her.))


Other: She has never heard of Lord Curze, but she does know about the Sea of Fate.




Username: Dr. Paine


Name: Adrian Shepard (though everyone just calls her Shepard).


Age: 32 at time of death.


Gender: Female.


Species: Technically speaking, human cyborg- she has been fitted with a number of mechanical implants, but their integration into her body is virtually invisible unless you're scanning for them.


Origin: Mass Effect. (Milky Way ME-123).


Looks: Standing at about 5'10, with a fairly strong build, it's clear from the start that Adrian Shepard is not one to mess with. Her skin is extremely pale (due to spending most of her life on spaceships/space stations, while she was often in full armor planetside), and riddled with scars, the freshest of which are very large, blotchy red burns on her arms, neck, and legs. Her hair is about shoulder length and dark brown, and her eyes are a similar color. Due to the circumstances surrounding her death, she is only dressed in the rather burned remains of the blue short and pants she wore under her armor and a badly damaged pair of boots.


Personality: In life, Adrian strove for peace whenever possible, even if it makes things harder on her in the long run. Still, she had her slip ups- if stressed (which in life, was quite often), she would not hesitate to shoot first or even throw someone out of a window if they got in her way. And if you harmed someone she loved... well, the last person who did that, she disemboweled.


Her personality grew colder and colder until the moment of her death, turning the once shining paragon of justice and mercy into a harbinger of death and rage. Her 'rebirth' may allow her a chance to go back to her old values- to offer a second chance to all but the worst of the worst with one hand, while preparing to strike with the other if they betray her trust.


Adrian also has an intense fear of death- indeed, this is the second time she has died, and winding up in the Sea of Fate will certainly provoke some... interesting thoughts.


History: So I've tried typing it all out, and it's going to take WAY to friggin' long. So here's the major points.


-Born and raised on spaceships and various stations, she never even touched the surface of a planet until she enlisted with the Human Systems Alliance, when she was 18.

-Had a truly incredible military career, including reaching the coveted N7 status in the Alliance (basically, grueling leadership and combat courses that also covered combat in alien terrains, as well as zero-g situations and frontline trauma care for humans and aliens alike), and becoming the first human Spectre (the sort of... best of the best, answering directly to the ruling Council, and being allowed to use any means she deemed necessary to accomplish a task she was given).

-Died once, was brought back to life through a 4-billion credit, two-year long project headed by the human-centric terrorist organization, Cerberus.

-Had a grand total of one relationship in her entire lifetime, with a drell named Thane.

-Made a habit out of doing the impossible. This included helping organize a cure for the krogan genophage, brokering peace between the quarians and the geth (a race of machines originally created by the quarians, who they eventually warred with once the inevitable 'does this unit have a soul' question cropped up), and stopping the destruction of all highly intelligent organic life at the hands of the Reapers- a race of sentient, immortal synthetic/organic constructs that routinely harvested the most intelligent races in the Milky Way, leaving the lower species to grow and develop over a 50,000 year cycle.

-Died upon ending the Reaper War, though her method of doing so wound up killing all synthetic life in the galaxy- including the now self-aware geth, and an AI named EDI.


Regrets: (SPOILERS FOR MASS EFFECT 3. And if you hate the endings, deal with it, I'm going with it.) Destroying all synthetic life in the galaxy, after she had done what was once thought impossible and made peace between the geth and other organic races. She also deeply regrets the countless lives lost during the Reaper War, especially those of close friends Legion, Mordin Solus, and Thane Krios.


Weapon: None.


Skills/Abilities: If allowed? Adrian is a Vanguard. She has been trained in the use of biotic abilities- basically telekinetic abilities that are moderately common in her home universe. Adrian is trained to use Pull (exactly what it says on the tin- she can pull an enemy into the air) and Charge (using her biotics to enhance her speed and strength, she can charge into an enemy with incredible force, knocking them back and even killing weaker ones. However, this leaves her vulnerable to anything else in the area, and is extremely draining on her.)


Other: *They read everything!*

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I've sent my form in to Ruins, but I have a horrible cold at the moment that will affect when I can make my opening post (if accepted). It's also month end at work so I'm going to be fairly busy until May.

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Yes. Yes, it is. smile.gif


We few, we happy few, we band of lunatics brothers. And sisters, too.

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D'aaaw, thanks. Gotta use that English A-level for something! wink.gif


And you're pretty awesome as well. I think I picked from the creme de la creme of DC RPers here. laugh.gif


Also, the ship. It is like the TARDIS- sort of intelligent and aware. Hence why a man from the far future who's never even seen a sailing ship before can... sail. This is important somehow, and totally not me realising that he shouldn't be able to sail at all. (Also, sails. How do they work?)

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Sounds neat xd.png


I've also just realized how entertaining it will be if Curze introduces himself as 'Primarch'... that's also a term used in the ME 'verse for high-ranking turian political leaders xd.png


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Cuuuuuuuuuuuulture clashes ahoy! He's is gonna FLIP if she calls him a 'xenos'. laugh.gif


A quick scribble of the Sea of Fate:

user posted image

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Ooh, pretty. For some reason, I pictured it really dark, like this. I don't know why. xd.png


Oh, I haven't posted yet cuz I'm waiting on Fortune.

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I can understand why.


...Hmm. Doesn't she have a cold/lots to do? user posted image

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I dunno. *shrugs* But that's why I've been holding off. Because I really can't do anything without her.

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If you're questioning the name when Adrian introduced herself to Cruze... that was a derp by me, I forgot to mention in her form that she's got 'the second/II' in her name xd.png Her dad was just kind of pompous that way.

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Curze isn't, anyway- he's too busy going RAAAWR at her to question her name.


Good times, good times... Or not, as the case may be. laugh.gif

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xd.png Well, with Shepard just now calling him out... this should be fun. Especially mentioning how deep her relationships with aliens got. Hell, she even worships some of their gods!




My god, my Shepard is such a xenophile xd.png

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Curze: RAWWWR! KILL, TORTURE, MAIM, BURN. XENOS IS NASTY. I LIVED IN THE GHETTO, YO. WHOA, MOOD SWING AHOY! ...Who cares? I don't. I'm a human lump of rock, me. No heeearrt. ;___;

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Fallion does not like being asked what he is. Fallion is human. Fallion has always been human. Fallion, you see, just doesn't have a face.


Expect to see more flashbacks, sorry. DX They'll explain most everything about him -including why his default face looks like a blank mask.

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Curze is starting to wonder where exactly these people are coming from. biggrin.gif


He's not asking it spitefully or angrily- for once. To be honest, I think yelling at Shepard used up today's supply of emotion. The poor thing's burnt out.

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Bumping, and adding a basic map of the ship... (Basic, as the real thing's also full of... stuff.)


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