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Velvotg's art!

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I need practice doing drawing and I can never think of anything to draw! So please request something I will draw it for you. There is no need for payment for my drawings, but I may take awhile to do them.


deviantART : link


248-794-403 offline


IMPORTANT: If you request a DC dragon please check the artist permission topic and fill in the second part of the request form. This is so I know whether I need to ask permission to create art for you. You can check who sprited what here. Artist credits can also be found at the bottom of each dragons page. If I have to ask permission to draw a particular dragon, it might take awhile.


Request form:


[b]I would like a drawing![/b]

Username: (your username duh!) 
What would you like me to draw: (dragon, human, dog ect..)
how many figures are there? (maximum of 3)
What is/are the character/s doing?:
Mood of the peice: 
Type of picture:(coloured, black and white ect...)
Background?(I can do transparency): 
Other:(any other information you need to tell me)

[b]If you are requesting a DC dragon:[/b]
Do I need to ask permission?:


I do most of my drawings digitaly, but I can do sketches in pencil. I will try to draw anything. Just don't except super quality for some difficult drawings, I am doing this for practice.


I am going to have 3 slots open for requests normally, but I might sometimes make 4 slots for requests.








Waiting for an opening: (pleas don't ask to be put on this list while requests are closed)


no one, great!


Examples of my work:


user posted image


budgie dragon!


Balance dragons Link to dragon request


My dragon request: Dexterous dragon!

Link to dragon request


Please look at my completed requests for more examples of my work.


Freebies:(Art that anyone can use!)

user posted image


Completed requests:






FlowerOwl:Barn owl

Tigerra79:Huggling dragons

ReileeRizzle:Boy and his dragon

626lavaheart:Fat Terrea

sarahfish89:Artic fox

Mikki:Pillow dragons

krystalsharz:White tiger

Penguin_adu6oo:A penguin and a nebula

Dragongirl10188:White and a pillow

Yellowrabbit:A vine and a yellow rabbit

FlowerOwl:Dragon stamp

Mikki:A giraffe and a turtle riding a nebula

Kila:OC character

arya10:A cat and a sunstone

angelicdemise:Yin Yang dragons

sharlykng:Rae (OC thunder)

Mikki:Electrum dragon

Ulalena:A golden dragon with two cats

Verridith:Adair (OC gryphon) Adair redone

rainpeltstar: Rain (OC cat)

MinRimmon:Royal blue and a wizard

kittygrl:lotus dragon

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Oh, I love the two examples you gave of your art!!


I would like a drawing!


Username: FieryIsis

What would you like me to draw: A phoenix

how many figures are there? 1

What is/are the character/s doing?: Rising/Flying upwards

Mood of the peice: bright, fiery, hopeful?, joyful!

Type of picture: coloured, of course!!

reference: erm, no reference.. leaving it open to you! just very colourful, please! (i love the bright colours of the budgie dragon!)

Size: Its for my signature, with a link to my scroll, so not too big!

Other: if you don't like this idea, please don't do it.. I'd hate you working on something that doesn't interest you!



Thank you! smile.gif

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I might request something later.... Also do the

 [/ CODE] thing with the format. Im on my phone and its impossible to copy without the CODE.... 

Nice examples though

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@FieryIsis: Of coarse I will do your drawing. Is there any particular size limit for your sig? I am kind of new at this so I would love it if you gave me some size dimensions. I will make a full size drawing and then make a sig sized drawing.


@pinkieseb: thanks for the info as I said to FieryIsis I am new to this!


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Username: WinterOsprey

What would you like me to draw: Dragon

how many figures are there?: One

What is/are the character/s doing?: Trotting around, being proud and vain.

Mood of the peice: Lots of vanity! Arrogance is good.

Type of picture: Coloured please :>

Reference: Aurea

Size: Whatever suits you smile.gif

Other: Will breed anything on my scroll for you!

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Great Velvotg!! As for size, what about 150px tall, and however wide you need to make it? Is that ok? But, this is just a guide for you, as you asked, not exact at all!! (edit: I was just looking at the dimensions of Pinkieseb's sig! If you need exact dimensions from me, you could go with that. But as I'm asking for one character, I guess it would be narrower...)


Thank you!


Oh, as for payment, I know you didn't ask, but I'd love to give you something! What about a CB hatchie? Or an even gen red hatchie? I'm obsessed with reds and can breed them. Otherwise, my scroll is new, so I've not got a lot to offer to breed for you...But if you see anything on it, just ask! smile.gif

Edited by FieryIsis

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Username: Pinkieseb

What would you like me to draw: Do you think you could do a T-Rex with its baby....

how many figures are there?: 2?

What is/are the character/s doing?: Just standing there looking at something off the page.

Mood of the peice: Happy, Cartoonish

Type of picture: Colored. But a transparent background.

reference: None, If you really want one im sure i could find one....

Size: Theres some nebulas in my signature, I want it the same size as those.

Other: Go look on my Scroll And id happily breed you anything.



YAY, Last Spot!!!

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user posted image


here is the full size version. I still havn't made a sig sized version yet.



I thought I would upload the white background version and see which one you liked better.

user posted image

Edited by velvotg

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Wow, I LOVE it!!! I love everything about it!! Your work is amazing, and you were so quick too!! biggrin.gif


Ok, calming down... I like the white background version better! smile.gif


Is it possible to have it with a transparent background? So that in my sig its just the phoenix, without a white rectangle around it? If not, that's ok too! The white is great!


Thanks so much!!

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sure I can do transparency. Here you go!

user posted image


and sig sized, is this how big you want it? I can make it smaller if you like.

user posted image 300 X 212 px


I am glad you like my picture.


@ WinterOsprey: I have started your picture, but I was wondering how many primary wing feathers Aurea has?


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You don't have to give me anything. my payment is the enjoyment I got from drawig the phoenix! (that sounded so corny). Right so challenge complete! One request spot is now open.


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Cant wait for mine!

Your AWESOME at this....

I wish i was, I suck at all living things.

I draw cars though.......

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@ WinterOsprey: Thanks, I am having a lot of fun drawing your dragon. I am nearly finished the linework so I will get it up soon! Also I saw the comp on your dA and I drew a picture of Lavender and my budgie dragon, I'll post that soon as well. BONUS!


Thanks everybody for all your nice comments!

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Oh my days! They are so pretty!


Could I get one? Pretty please?


Username: Chiaki

What would you like me to draw: Eurasian otter

how many figures are there? 1

What is/are the character/s doing?: having fun/being cute/inquisitive

Mood of the piece: cute, funny

Type of picture: coloured

Reference: google it tongue.gif

Size: I'd like it so it could fit next to the banner in my sig

Other: maybe have the whole body in it (ie. not just the head)

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@ WinterOsprey:

How is this? I kept the shading faint because I didn't want make her look too dark. I tried to match the reference as close as I could but I didn't get it completly accurate. I put on a transparent background, but I can put in something else if you want.

user posted image




Here is a picture of WinterOsprey's character Lavender and my budgie dragon!

user posted image

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Awww, awwww!! <3 Oh my goodness those are both so brilliant! Thank you!


Anything you want bred on my scroll, it's yours!

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