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The LMFAO Thread

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I'm probably angering you all with these, as critics call them, "hairy men". Or whatever.

But dim not gonna yap on how everyone hates them. And if that's what you wanted, look elsewhere.


Anyway, yeah.

I'm gonna go to the tour too.

Favorite songs-

Sorry for party rocking

Hot dog

With you


All night long

Best night

But I love them all. And I'm pretty sure I'm RedFoo's biggest fan here.

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They're fun to listen to. I've only ever listened to them on Pandora though, so I can't really say what're my favorite songs/albums.

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They make me laugh so hard and that's why I love them. Their style makes me burst into laughter the moment I see them, either Sky Blu or RedFoo, and their music makes me want to dance. A lot. And that's not a pleasant sight, so I do it only when I'm alone. tongue.gif

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