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Which of Your Dragon's Names Amuses You?

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Oxford Coma.

Just...Oxford Coma. xd.png And he's a vampy so it's a pun!

Ooh boy... we can all go home, naming has officially come to an end. laugh.gif


Seriously, though, that's awesome. I'm jealous of that pun! Well done. (Also, lineaged vampires, aw yeah, go!)

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Ooh boy... we can all go home, naming has officially come to an end. laugh.gif


Seriously, though, that's awesome. I'm jealous of that pun! Well done. (Also, lineaged vampires, aw yeah, go!)

Ahaha, thanks~ Going to get a grammar-themed range of vampies once I get more of them xd.png


On topic: I might have mentioned her already, but Fairy Princess Hellhound xd.png (WARNING: Lineage link is huge.)

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One of my new graves is named "Last Minute Seafood Flying".


Why, you ask?


Because a friend was sending me a note from her phone, talking about gendertrading one of her graves, before it grew up. And said, "There's sure to be some last minute seafood flying around." Phone autocorrect made my day..

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Stromboli, that.. that is just PERFECT. *wipes away tear*


Mine are probably Cheekbones here - kind of Sherlock lineaged, I still can't believe I got "Cheekbones"...


Drac'O Lantern because dragon and Halloween puns for a Pumpkin, what better! biggrin.gif


In Bread for a very inbred red stripe, Veloci Raptor, and Oh The 1RONy - whose code was (1RON).


But my possible favourite is Paleoweltshmerz, my only dino - whose name means "the theory that dinosaurs died out of sheer boredom."

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This one is funny because of her parents, so the credit goes mostly to the breeder, not me. laugh.gif


My dragon is Obviously A Real Woman, and you'll know why if you look at her parents' codes. But only look if you're 18 years or older! ohmy.gifxd.png

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I named an entire family of Magis in the cookie-jar rhyme (Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? etc.) and one of my Graves is now proudly called "Life Ghouls." xd.png

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My favourite this Halloween was a Marrow I got with the code V2iEW - so I named him Tomb with a View xd.png


Other personal favourites include my frozen vamp - Fangs for the Memory, a balloon descended from Penk - 99 Penk Balloons and a bluna - Bluefin Tuna.

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I named one of my Splits "Somebody dumped uranium on me" because he looks like something that would happen after a nuclear fallout. tongue.gif


My female Split (and Uranium's mate) is called "MulTiamat"... this is a dual pun because "multi" goes for her two heads, and Tiamat is a draconic chaos goddess from Mesopotamia. X''''D


My Cheese is "The Dragon That Fears Only Mice". Think about it. It's made of cheese.


I also love "Lady Lag-a-Lot", my Geode - I got her during a Lagmonster attack and she survived the ordeal. xd.png I was really surprised that I actually managed to get that name back in 2009.


My Grave and Bronze Tinsel will make for a morbid lineage. What with them being called "Enter My Dark Tomb huhuhu" and "But Mommy I'm Scared of the Dark".


One of my other male Graves is "Goddammit I Broke The Mic Again". xd.png It's a meme within the anime fandom - Toshiyuki Morikawa (a voice actor) broke his mic twice while screaming "Voltekka!" for Tekkaman Blade. So now, each time Morikawa pulls off a spectacularly loud and/or screamy line, somebody comments "There goes another mic!"


"Z'Nearly inappropriate code"... because his code is "zhit".


"Pinky the Caveman" because his code is "ugh4".


"A Bat Sat in a Cat's Hat" (my Soulpeace) is an old rhyme I thought up years ago. ;P


And then there's my Scottish Sweetling "Sweetheart McPink".


EDIT: Forgot "My Great-Great Grandpa Is Nasty", a Bronze Tinsel. ;P Yeah, he comes from that f-word lineage.

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My daydream 'I IS FLOATING WHEE' never fails to get a laugh out of me.


I'm Not That Edward is also pretty hilarious (seeing as he's a vampire dragon.....named Edward....)

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...I loved getting the names for the latest Tinsel and Hellfire in this lineage. tongue.gif Not sure if anyone appreciates black humor, but oh well.

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Many of my dragons amuse me, but here are some top ones:


A cheese named Cheesy Romance Novel


A winter magi named I Get All The Ladies because a friend and I were talking about the sprite's misfortunate (or maybe fortunate) tail placement


A flamingo wyvern named Lawn Decoration


A harvest named I Am So So Very Hungry


A magma pair named Where Are The Ovenmitts and The Souffle Is On Fire


A ridgewing named Thundercatsup Hoooo


A silver named Too Bad I'm Poor


A tangar named Is That A Delicious Fruit Salad


A thunder named Pasta All Over Me


A whiptail named Like That Song By Devo



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At one point I was raising several pink dragons that kept maturing one after another... Looking at their names now, I obviously got bored naming them after a while.



- What a Coincidence

- Army of Male Pink Dragons

- Lord Buckethead Derby Eyes

- Screw Anatomy I'm Pink (An old Deviantart joke, not a jab at the spriter.. xd.png)

- Smug Calcifer

- Howl is Not Amused

- No One is Actually

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I have a lot of seriously named dragons, but then I also have all these:

— Overall Negativity

— Discolored Crab Puff

— Impatiently Frozen

— Moldy Potato

— Dot Dot Dot

— Inherit My Genes Ok

— Denial Dragon

— You should all be brown

— Guys I'm a Copper

— Abducted

— I'm a Queen now OK

— Absolutely Nonsensical

— Triumphant Trumpet

— Seriously Confused

— Mighty Fine Magma

— Table Lamp

— That Green Dragon

— My Name is Unique

— Smackadoo

— I have nothing to do with this

— Pointless Syllables

— Byanana

— Incubation Police

— Vibrant Skunk

— Sciffle Scoffle

— Sun Goes Up

— Death to Sun

— Sun Goes Down

— Thunder Thunder

— Crackle Crackle

— Gluttonous Creature

— Magis are Magic

— President Magi

— Hary Poter

— E-Motion

— Horsedog

— I can't swim ok

— Heavily Salted

— I have too many Blusangs

— Skin Cancer Dragon

— Sole of my Shoe

— Shimmerskinly

— Well isn't that cute

— I want to be a real dragon

— Elope Elope

— Escape Sign

— The Couch Potato

— That Pumpkin


This is what happens when you let the ADHD kid name dragons

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I named one of my nebula 'Amino Acid Metabolism' and the other 'Embryology' since these are the topics I'm revising when they hatch and that reminds me to go back to study... but then it seems quite unfair for them to have such nerdy names so I took them off afterwards

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...I just renamed my CB Copper "SOS SOS This Is An Annoying SOS" because its code was 6LSoS.


Another reason was a really catchy SMS I heard - a guy in chipmunk going "SMS SMS glassonviele (sp?) SMS lalalala~ Bwahahaha!"

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I bred these and they make me giggle like I'm ten.





Every once in awhile, I like to go back & revisit some of my dragons' offspring, and this morning I happened across this Pink that you own. It's name it pure awesomeness & I came close to spraying lemon tea outta my nose.


Thank you for making my Christmas morning a little merrier smile.gif

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My Winter Magi named Lord Butterbutt

My female Vampire named Ih8twilight

All my dragons named with Derpsack

My gold tinsel named Shiny Golden Wrapper Stealer

My mint named Minty Matthew

My Bleeding Moon named Should've been a guy with V8 (v8bro)

My Nhiostrife Wyvern named Ty's Left Foot

My white dorkface named Im such a Dorkface

My curled alt black hatchie named WHAAT

My shallow water named Wishing I was a Gyrados

My gold tinsel named The crazy dragons scroll

My Black Tea named You fail at standing up school

And my vampire named WHY AM I A VAMPIRE







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