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Which of Your Dragon's Names Amuses You?

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~ "Gallell" (BROTHAAAH!)

My two Tinsels named "Reg had the ball at" & "the top of the key"


~ "I am a bee"

~ "Floating Block of Ice"

My two Blunas named "Everybody Knows Me" & "My Name Cornbread"

My three Ridgewings named "Oh you know him mo - ooaaaaAAHH", "EVERYBODY KNOWS HOW" & "TO TALK LIKE BUBS."

My two Chickens named "and there was a mammoth" & "in the air with me." You know what you did, TDC. <3


All of my Whiptails.


And my latest addition to the silly-named dragons, "Dave Cragon." People of the IRC should get this.


I like to name my dragons after Homestar Runner quotes. :L

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I juts named a ridgewing, "I'm Your Biggest Fan-wing". tongue.gif

Get it? biggrin.gif Fan-wing? laugh.gif Because it's a fan of someone. And it has fan wings? xd.png

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404 Dragon Not Found |D Balloon with 404 in the code. Edited by Painter

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My cheese dragons tend to amuse me.


Ricotta Montalban, Ricky Ricotta, and Robert Goudalet.



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Well, I have a few - I think "Milk's Favorite Cookie" is amusing, along with "Funniest Joke in the World" the paper dragon biggrin.gif

The next two aren't on my scroll, but if you get the reference - I thought Mycroft Holmes (Ice Dragon) bred with The British Government was hilarious. tongue.gif

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All of my favorite names are the ones I gave my Pillows. Oh, God. I know it's horribly vain, but I crack up every time I see them xd.png

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Oh my.. where to begin. All my Terraes with tree pun names- Shake That Ash, Spruce Willis, etc. I have Vampires named That Sparkly Guy Was Delicious and Gary Oldman. One of my Albino pairs- http://dragcave.net/lineage/RVrQE A cookie if you get the reference. wink.gif A great percentage of my scroll is made up of stuff like that to amuse myself. xd.png

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Most of the names that I have are generally serious or given for certain reasons. The ones, though, that I currently find amusing within my group are Jillius Ceasar (Ceasar's genderbend, lol), Oldbag (Phoenix Wright reference and her code being HagOH influenced that one), Mr.DyslexicCEO (his code (ImCoe) was the deciding factor), and Pushboradin' Dorkface (he was originally ThorneAnderson, but once after I looked at his children's lineages, I found out that he was a very distant Dorkface (and that there were at least two dragons with swear codes for names); his name came from an inside joke within my basketball team using the word "Pushboard" as a swearword on various occasions).

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Well Mint for a Yulebuck

Eyecandy for a Sweetling

Zero Accountability and Zero Strategy for an Albino pair

Deadline Fodda for, well, deadline fodda


I also have a series of names for my Dinos: Alastair, Archibald, Dudley, Harrison, and Roland the Booted Dinos

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Grin Grim - Undercover Janitor.


This lady was my first vampire and I promised the person who gave it to me to give it a silly name. It's essentially the only intentionally silly name on my scroll. (It's also an awesome lineage full of other silly names!)

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I have a number of daft names on my scroll (I'm very fond of my Borg Mints, f'rinstance). This has got to be a favourite, though. Cookie to anyone who gets the reference! smile.gif


I also have such gems as:


Trouble With Stairs (female Nocturne)

Almost Jesus (Water Walker)

Fuzzy Logic (Pillow)


I LOVE Black Adder biggrin.gif




P Lowtalk (pillow who will one day get the matching description)

L Jott CB (a spring dragon, that reminded me too much of the dragon in 'Pete's dragon' known in Germany as 'Elliott das Schmunzelmonster')

Buffy & Summer Glau (both summer seasonals)

Red Buttler & Will (red stripes)

Cyano de Bergerac (blue stripe)

Purple Heart (purple)

Tan Ja & Tan Gerine (tan ridgewings)

Penk's not dead (silver tinsel from Penk)

Hermie Phroditos (ungendered split)

Adam All Hallow & Eve All Hallow (my bone marrows)

Rudolpho Valentino 2 (for a Sweetling)


And a cople of hidden associations like naming my white stripes after the members of the band or some such.


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Every time I pass my chicken named Poledancer - even after all these years- I still lol. What was I thinking? xd.png

Also, remember that commercial for Flapjack on CN? The one where the Barber goes "Mmmm... yes." Over and over? I was listening to that while trying to name my magi Mmm Yes

I also lol at my two dragons Soylent Greene and IS PEOPLE.

Also Fire Penguin Disco Panda


You're a Hotdog But

You Better Not Try to Hurt Her

Frank Furter

Eat My Bubbles and Kiss My Splash

My dinos are also pretty hysterical, but they're supposed to be.

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Where to even start with my amusing dragon names?

10th Gen Bronze (bronze tinsel)

Crinkle (chicken)

all my paper dragons are named after story genres like Science Fiction Novel (and Novella for a frozen hatchie)

Chris Crinkle (winter magi)

My Little Pygmy

Pumpkin Pumpkin






I've been having *fun* naming my guardians of late.

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Probably my new Pink pair. the male is named Maternalistic, and the female is named Paternalistic. It just amuses me. ^^

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I use more serious names for my dragons, but my frozen chicken Peach Fuzz amuses me.

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This xd.png


Also this and this. But the first one is my favorite

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I have a number of daft names on my scroll (I'm very fond of my Borg Mints, f'rinstance).  This has got to be a favourite, though.  Cookie to anyone who gets the reference! smile.gif

I rather like your mint names, too, and managed to continue the theme with this one. biggrin.gif

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Here are some of the names on my scroll that I particularly love:


Descendant of the F Bomb - for a bronze tinsel.


Son of a Wolley Sheep- Pillow

Ramallamadingdong sheep-pillow

Sheep of Doom -pillow


CB Has Eighten - for a vamp based of his code HAs8


Frozen Goldfish R Delicious.


I am Not the Daddy - CB white with code of dA5Ds


Sam and Ella - for a split (Samonella)


I need a Cigarette - for a hellfire with a long lineage. I kept if for the code alone http://dragcave.net/lineage/onFAg


Have Paper Need Pen - Paper dragon.

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A few of my favorites:


My bad writing dragons: a pink named Rouge Angle of Satin, and her mate, a pillow named How Do I Used Tense. Their descendents are Beige Prose, Writer on Board, Cliffhanger Copout, and Kudzu Plot.


Some papers: Unfolding Drama, This Message Will Self Destruct, and Snoozepaper.


Some cheeses: icanhascheezdragon, Horace in Tartan, and Goblins Love Gouda


And a green named I Wanted That Name.

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