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Did KBS die?


btw: Chicogal, why didn't Rain respond to the fact a new guy appeared next to her?

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Because I typed my post from what I remembered reading a couple of days back and didn't bother to read any other posts as I assumed they wouldn't relate to m character. She glanced at him, though.

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Username: Shadowwolf6

Char Name: Linota

Species: Lycan

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Abilities: Can shape-shift into a wolf. In wolf form she has pure white fur.

Weapons: A silver bow with a rough leather grip and arrows.

Picture/Description: Very pale skin, which mainly comes from her white fur as a wolf. She has white hair, fitting her wolfish traits, with two white, snowy wolfish ears. Her eyes are a startling blue, even in wolf form. Her lips are pale and her canines are longer then normal humans, another lycan trait. Her arms are fairly stong and are barely shown with what she normally wears; a white jacket, with a hood, and tattered blue denim jeans. She's fairly thin with well defined hips.

Personality: Linota is picky with her friends and will only choose ones she thinks will help her later in life. She likes her personal space and will get very snappy with anyone invading it without permission from her. Most of the time Linota will let everyone else do their thing if they let her do her thing.

Bio: Linota led a rather normal life, considering she was a lycan. She normally wore a hat or some sort of hood to conceal her ears and never really talked to anyone, just got on with school work. Recently, that all changed when someone saw her without a hood. She was forced to go to the battle school.

Student or Trainer: Student


Height: 5'8"

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Blue


Hope I did everything right...

Just a question, how often do lycan's transform?

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And lycans transform on will, making them different than traditional werewolves.

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Ok, just checking.

I'll make a post of her walking into the grounds, then?

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That's fine, although in the story Vamp's currently guiding a group of new students to the arena, so she could also be there.

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