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Favorite Breed Combinations!

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sunsang (m sunsong x f blusang)

watersong (m sunsong x f water horse)

OMG I'm in love with those. I must make a lineage NOW. wub.gif

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OMG I'm in love with those. I must make a lineage NOW. wub.gif

We should swap babies tongue.gif


I'm in lurve too. <3_<3 If you start an official lineage I'm hopping onboard.


I started :3

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How have I not seen this thread until now? 0_0


This is going to be tough to keep my list short. That is short, right?

Canopy x White Snow Angel

Sunsong x Horse

Sunsong x Purple

Albino x Balloon

Albino x Water

Horse x Water

Deepsea x Female Moonstone

Male Moonstone x Horse

Magi x Tangar

Nocturn x magma

Electric x Harvest

Sunstone x Pillow

Male Moonstone x Sunstone

Waterhorse x Terra

Marrow x Sunstone Look at that sexy red.~ <3

Gold Tinsel x Ribbondancer

Deepsea x Blusang

Bluna x Winter


When it comes to breed pairings I love playing with the colors. Also love coming up with combos for common and rarely used breeds.

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I really like this one for some reason


EDIT: I check my dragons for cool lineages, and this one would probably have to be my favorite: http://dragcave.net/lineage/gAopl


Gold X Sunsong Amphipteres!


I also almost had another cool one, but it failed because mine is the wrong gender >.<


Shadow Walker X Male Moonstone

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I tend to like rares paired with commons/uncommons that have a similar color scheme, or that have accenting colors; its not only beautiful, but it also makes continuing a linage much more accessible to people who may not have say, a metallic or a rarer dragon.


But for specific species, I like Reds and Heartseekers together. smile.gif

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Some of my loves (ladies first) biggrin.gif I'll likely add more as I go.


everything x Daydream and vice versa

Purple Ridgewing x Shallow Water (example)

Bright Pink x Skywing (example)

Pillow x Daydream (example)

Daydream x Cavern Lurker and vice versa (example and example)

Daydream x all Valentines but especially Rosebud x Daydream (example)

Rosebud x Magma (example)

Rosebud x Purple Ridgewing (example)

Rosebud x Purple (example)

Rosebud x Terrae (don't have one yet)

Pillow x Heartseeker (example)

Arsani x Albino (don't have one)

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