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Seven Dragons RP

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Hi, this is my first RP ever online. I’m only asking for 5-6 people to sign up, I don’t want a lot of confusion. Here are the rules:


No Power playing, Godmoding, Chat Speak, Leet, etc.

Keep flaws in your characters, and make them realistic.

Low swearing.

Keep everything PG 14.

Minimum of 4 sentences per post.

Respect each other. Negative behavior (OoC) is not acceptable.

Please use proper spelling and decent grammar.

Character sheets will be posted in an OoC thread.

A limit of 1 character per player.

You are not allowed to state what the other characters are doing; only they can control their characters, unless they ask you to.

You may not advance the plot in your own way, this is a set story, but you may have side stories if you wish, but please keep to the main.



The plot:


A small group of people picked by Cordella, the great mage of Ovsalia, must find the only seven Dragons in Ovsalia. They were told that they had to get tears from each Dragon in order to save the queen from an unknown disease she recently acquired. Cordella called each person all from different places in the country, talking to each of them separately. No one knows they're in a group to find these tears, but they'll know soon enough.


No one really knew the queen; she was just placed as the queen since the king married her. Her name is Almadell, and her king's name is Aloin. Almadell is a half elf, so everyone was puzzled as to why Aloin, who is completely human, would marry such a being. Half-blood to them was bad blood; it was like mutation. Whenever she went out though, she was always kind to people, even the poor who sit there and beg. She has healing powers, so that's why she leaves the castle; to go heal her people. Recently she has caught a disease though, one neither she nor anyone can cure. They even brought the great mage Cordella to heal her, but she said she had no power to do so. However she did say she knew a way. Cordella has always been mysterious, no one knows her past. All they know is that when Cordella came to Ovsalia, she saved their lives.







The Velain forest belongs to the Elves, since they helped with getting rid of some monsters in other lands so that the Humans could live in those lands.


Athalia belongs to unknown creatures; no one dares venture to Athalia due to no one in known history coming back from there.


The Delthian Desert is a desert where no one ventures, due to people getting lost all the time. Delthia is a trading town; they trade with other towns to survive on the edge of the Delthian Desert. They live there because they are making equipment to get in and out of the desert.


The Dethian Mountains belong to the Dwarves and other creatures like Goblins and Orcs. The Dwarves don't mind the nasty creatures seeing as they are underground most of the time. They come to trade with the humans at Dethia sometimes. Dethia is not a very large town. It's right by the Dethian Mountains.


Colleen is the capital. It is where the king and queen live. It's a large place with lots of people. There are plenty of thieves there, stealing from people, but there are also plenty of mercenaries. The mercenaries however don't do much about crime there, and so it continues to grow.


Kitan is a small village, very peaceful, and is actually where the great mage Cordella lives. Although she doesn't live in the town, she lives on the outskirts. Calla is the same as Kitan. Ketolin is a quiet town, a little bigger than Calla and Kitan, but still not many people.


Cordella was named after the great mage Cordella. At first it was Caslain but she saved that town from an incurable curse from a Cordam (the creatures that take people’s lives and give them; it is said that if you see a Cordam, you'll not live another ten days).


Verlain is kind of small town, but about one fourth the size of the capital. Not many Humans live there, it's mainly populated by Elves who wish to not be in the forest.


Sovlain is about one third the size of the capital. This is including the dock though. It's a small kind of market place, not as much crime there as there is in the capital. The dock is the main docks of the country so many people use it. It is quite large, about as big as the town Kitan.



Creatures you may encounter:


Orcs: A greenish ugly looking creature, about one head taller than the average Human, uses swords mostly but some are trained in archery, aren’t very smart, quarrel over food most of the time, have no mercy on prisoners, like to kill. Usually roam in the Dethian Mountains and the Velain Forest.


Goblins: A little smarter than Orcs but not by that much, brownish little creatures about the same size as a Drawf, are better at using slings and spears than anything else, mind their own business but will kill if they think they see an enemy and won’t wait to see if they are a friend. Usually roam in the Dethian Mountains and the Cordelain Forest.


Jakell: A horribly nasty creature, one of the worst there is. Is twice the size of the average Human, black unworldly fur, red evil eyes, long sharp claws on its front feet, walks on four legs. No one is sure of its intelligence; they just know to stay away from these beasts. It’ll kill you if it sees you, hears you or smells you, no matter what. The only way to prevent it from seeing you, hearing you or smelling you is to wear an amulet made purely of Cordam bone. This is why no one has lived from a Jakell, because you can’t kill a Cordam. They only roam Athalia, but very rarely come to other places. No one has been known to penetrate its skin.


Trolls: Large grey ugly beasts about two and a half the size of a Human, not smart at all, have no form of speech, use their fists to kill, is very strong, has hard skin. Usually found in the Dethian Mountains, and on the edges of forests.


Dragons: Large scaly creatures of all kinds of colors. Scales are very hard to pierce, but all Dragons have an open spot somewhere on them. Can come in all kinds of looks, like horns on their heads and tails. Most have wings, but only for gliding. Almost all of them breathe fire, but no one can tell which ones do. Are very intelligent, and have a form of speech. They like to take treasure and hide it, but don’t very much like to terrorize towns and people. No one knows where they can be found, for everyone thought they were extinct.


Spiders: Smallish creatures about the size of a Dwarf, with eight legs and eight beady eyes. Kind of hairy, make a sticky web from their backside to trap their prey. Some are venomous. Usually found in forests.


Cordam: A creature, very similar in looks to the Jakell except without the claws. Is the basic controller of life and death, cannot be killed unless by a Jakell. Someone may take a Jakell claw though and kill it. It is said that if you see a Cordam you'll die in ten days or less. Usually roams Athalia, but leaves to do what it was made for.




It's in the early ages of Ovsalia, about 400 to 600 years since people settled here. A war started shortly after they settled here. They were defenseless against the opposite country, known as Alkida. They had no troops, no supplies, no good weapons, and no good armor. It was hopeless; they would all die there and then. Then, a girl called Cordella came. They knew she was not of this world, but they thought she might help in some way. At that time there was who they thought to be a great mage, Gorgon. When Cordella came she killed Gorgon. No one knew how, but they saw his dead body when she told them. She told them not to bother with Alkida and that they would leave them alone now. Everyone was confused but they listened to her nonetheless. There have been no wars since, but people speak of a war with the nearby country Akadia.



Races, classes, instruments, etc.:



Races you may choose from:


Elf: A human like being with long point tipped ears, a little shorter than the standard human, has sight that enables them to see far, has stamina that allows them to run farther than other creatures but not necessarily faster, able to speak Elvish & Human, able to see in the dark. If an Elvin mage, may choose one the magical powers: Healing, light (able to cast a light in an unlit room to see) or understanding (able to read runes and other writing). Usually lives in the town of Verain or Velain forest.


Human: The standard. Usually lives anywhere but Delthia, Dethia and Verain.


Dwarf: Half the size of a standard human, bearded if male, they make great armor and weaponry, has good strength, not too fast seeing as they don't have very long legs, able to see in the dark. Usually lives in the Dethian Mountains.


Halfing: A little smaller than Dwarves, hairy feet, jolly almost all the time, even in bad situations, aren't good fighters, but are good thieves. Usually live in the hills by Ketolin and Verain.



Classes you may choose from:


Ranger: A person who is skilled in using tracking and other wilderness skills to hunt down their enemies.


Archer: A person who is skilled in using the bow and arrow.


Swordsman: A person who is skilled in using the sword, more agile than the knight on the horse.


Knight: A person on a horse who is skilled using the sword, lance, spear and mace.


Mage: A person who uses magic and has little to no skill in any weaponry.



Instruments you may choose from:


Basically whatever, just keep it simple, and no made up instruments.



So, if you’d like to sign up, just say so and I’ll put your name down here:


1: Takaya-Cordelain

2: Lore Master

3: LadyNatasha

4: evangeline5432

5: Silver Voices




Just fill this out:



[b]Hair color/Style:[/b] 
[b]Eye color:[/b]
[b]Skin Color:[/b]
[b]Other: [/b]



Here is mine:


Name: Takaya Cordelain

Gender: F

Age: 15

Race: Half elf half human

Hair color/Style: Blonde with light brown streaks, in a ponytail to just below the shoulder blades

Eye color: Hazel

Skin Color: Light tan

Clothes: Dark brown pants, light brown short sleeved shirt & knee length brown boots

Personality: Nice, not easily fooled, smart, quick thinking & brave

Weapons: Bow & arrow

Class: Ranger

Instrument: None

Background: Unknown



If you want a different class or race or other than let me know and maybe you are able to have it. And if you’d like to post a link to a picture of your character then be my guest.


So, sign up!

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Even though I don't have all the places filled in, I'm starting this RP. happy.gif




Takaya was sitting on a rock by the side of the road. She had received a letter from Cordella, the great mage of Ovsalia the day before and had set out to meet her. The letter read, "Dear Takaya, I know you don't know me but I know you. I want you to see me at some point when you’re ready. It's about a dangerous mission that I wish for you to go on for the queen. She is in peril and I need you to help. Follow the road out of your village and wait by the first large rock you see. I'll be there soon.


Cordella, great mage of Ovsalia"


Takaya had been waiting all day; she had arrived here last night. She didn't know whether to leave or to stay, it was a hard decision. But she was going to wait a little longer, and then she'd leave. She wondered what this mission would hold, and what kind of peril the queen was in. Soon, it would all be clear though.




Cordella had sent out a letter to each person she deemed worthy to help the queen. Right now she was off to see Cyrus Lon. She was to tell him all about this mission. She had sent him a letter saying, "Dear Cyrus, I know you don't know me but I know you. I want you to see me at some point when you’re ready. It's about a dangerous mission that I wish for you to go on for the queen. She is in peril and I need you to help. Follow the road out of your home and wait by the large tree that you'll see beside the road. I'll be there soon.


Cordella, great mage of Ovsalia"


She was on her way to where Cyrus would possibly be waiting, she just needed to get her bag and she'd be off. And as soon as she reached over to get it, she grabbed it and vanished.

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"M'lord Kallak? Your noble parents await you at the table; dinner is being served."


The maid's voice was slightly slurred and unclear, making her sound much older than she actually was. But there was an unmistakable waver to it as she spoke, as though her mind was constantly searching for the right words to say. Indeed, it was; she was the newest maid in the large house and had never been a maid before. The odd-jobs she had worked before she came to work for the Nat'hau family had all involved work with animals and clean-up of garbage. Those were the jobs that no one wanted, the jobs that were left to the orphaned, homeless, uneducated or shamed.


No one wanted a woman whose face was disfigured due to a childhood accident. Her parents hadn't been able to get her a husband (at least not a decent one; in Colleen all kinds of men lurked) and had given up on getting her to speak clearly with a crooked jaw. Eventually they had given up on her overall and had sent her away with a few coins in her pocket and a loaf of bread. Kallak had been climbing trees when he first saw her, crying next to a well after someone stolen her only shoes. Kallak had greeted her and asked her questions, which she had quietly and shyly answered. When he realized her situation he had immediately and impulsively offered her a job. His parents had been horrified when Kallak had first told them, for none of their current servants were disfigured in any way. But Kallak was hotheaded and persistent, and eventually his parents gave in and gave Mahlia a position doing indoor work. Mahlia worked hard for the family and earned her place, and Kallak found she was a wonderful artist. She had received some subtle teasing from Kallak's "twin-aged" brother for a day, but when Kallak found out... he solved that problem.


Which was why he was having problems now.


"Thank you Mahlia, tell them I'll be there in a minute."


His human parents were quite tired of him beating up his human siblings, and his human siblings hated how easily and quickly he moved and how he was always 'justified' in inflicting 'discipline' on them. Kallak himself was tired of living in luxury with soft-handed parents and snobby siblings. He knew that his five years of living in Colleen were coming to an end; he would soon no longer be welcomed by his adoptive family. In fact, he probably hadn't been welcome for the last seven months, but neither of his parents had the guts or heart to tell him to leave. He was stubborn, but he would never stay when asked to leave. Likewise, he would not leave his parents unless they asked him to, for he felt he was more useful as a protector than any of their guards. But now...


Kallak read the letter in his hand once more. A summons from the Great Mage... and for me, specifically. This is not something to be taken lightly. Indeed, if she needs me I must go. He smiled and stood, tucking the letter into his robe as he headed out of his elaborate bedroom to join his parents. Yes, it was time to say goodbye to his human parents. Danger awaited Kallak, and he couldn't wait to face it.

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"Dear Cyrus, I know you don't know me but I know you. I want you to see me at some point when you’re ready. It's about a dangerous mission that I wish for you to go on for the queen. She is in peril and I need you to help. Follow the road out of your home and wait by the large tree that you'll see beside the road. I'll be there soon.


Cordella, great mage of Ovsalia"


To the great mage, a little inn near the Ovslia-Akadia border was his 'home.' It was true he had spent the night there, but the service was utter crap. The owner kept an eye on him all night, the small amount of other guests avoided him like the plague, and the place had the most watered down ale he had in ages. He was almost considering returning to Akadia when a letter arrived for him. The owner of the Inn didn't say a word, only that it arrived in the middle of the night.


When Cyrus was done reading the letter, he crumbled it up and threw it into the nearby fireplace, watching it burn to ashes. The owner merely glared at him... again. He had just finished a bowl of stew and some baked bread before reading the letter


"I swear if she's as naive as I believe..." Muttered Cyrus with a dark tone, before moving away from his seat to the counter. He plopped a bag of gold onto the table, a very, very tiny fraction of what he earned during the five years in Akadia. He didn't say a word as he left the Inn, pulling his green and black hood over his head. With the sun slowly rising, he began to make his way down the road, further into Ovslia. He kept an eye out for a large tree beside the road, but he had a feeling it would take awhile. "This job better be damn-well worth it." He grumbled as he looked ahead. Now that he thought about it, the job might be a simple one. It could be as simple as an escort mission, and nobody expects a mage whose trained with using Charkrams. Still, the sooner he got there, the soon he could hear the 'great mage' out.

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Jonathan crept through the trees int he forest, keeping just out of sight from the road. He had his cloak on and hood up. Someone was going to die. A carriage slowly proceeded down the path. It didn't look too fancy, but he knew who was inside. Yes, and now that it was coming closer he could see the condemned man through the window. He pulled out a pure white arrow from his quiver, and strung it on his bow. Stroking the feathers with his thumb, he pulled it back, touching the corner of his mouth. "This is for the little girl who will not loose her father." He waited a moment, then let it fly, striking the man in the chest, instantly killing him. He nodded curtly, pleased with the completed assassination. He turned and saw Flame, looking down the hill at the carriage as it continued to roll, the driver unaware of what just happened.

"What happens next?"

Flame blinked at the driver, never making eye contact with Jonathan. "Your time?"

He waved it off. "Whatever necessary."

Flame reached out and put a heavy hand on his shoulder. Jonathan swayed on his feet, suddenly dizzy. At least it isn't like the first time... I almost didn't ever do it again.

"The next person's misdeeds will kill a child by setting his house on fire while he is trapped inside." Pausing, he glanced at the bow in Jonathan's hand. "But, you do realize that today is the day, don't you?"

Jonathan's head jerked up, but Flame still was avoiding eye to eye contact. "The letter?"

"The whole sha-bang."

Jonathan didn't bother to respond, instead dashing quickly up the hill through the trees. He had to get back to his house and get the letter.

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After twenty or so minutes of walking, Cyrus noticed a tree on the left side of the road. He kept the same pace and walked down the road. Once he reached the tree, he got off the road and sat down, underneath the shade of the tree. It had gotten rather windy, which was a nice touch if today was going to be a hot day. "She probably won't be here for awhile... I wonder if being away has weakened my connection to the mana here... " thought Cyrus with a bit of uncertainty. As he closed his eyes, he listened to the leaves as they rustled, the wind as it passed by his body. Various sized wisps of dark green mana began to leave his body, he was attempting to see if he could enter into the 'Aether', the source of all mana... at least, that's what he remembered from his childhood lessons. He was taught that all mages had the power to project themselves into the Aether, but it was forbidden to do so without protection, an experienced mage and a very good reason why you needed to. He knew he was experienced enough to handle himself. After fifteen seconds... something happened.


It was like a dam broke inside of him, and all the water was washing through his body. He opened his eyes, which were entirely covered in a dark green color. His hands were glowing the same color. The risk with attempting to enter into the Aether was that you could easily get overwhelmed... and lose control of your magic. There were theories that a mage could channel themselves into the Aether enough to retain themselves, yet have increased power for their spells. Cyrus quickly realized the error in his mistake, the mana was different then in Akadia. He channeled his magic to the wind, which became a windstorm. After thirty seconds, the windstorm died down as Cyrus returned to normal.


He wasn't ready.


He was a bit frustrated he let that happened to him, and with a sigh he sat back down underneath the tree. The wind rustled the leaves once more, in a calm and gentle breeze.

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Ariana tapped a finger on the half empty cup of ale she had in her hand. It had been a long day, she had just completed her contract after about three days of tracking down some thief, and now she was relaxing at a tavern located in the city of Colleen. Taverns were one of the best places to hear gossip, after all. And gossip usually led to a possible job as well as keeping one informed. That and you could usually get a half decent flagon of ale for cheap. However, today there seemed to be nothing of value and so she quickly finished her drink and stood to leave.


The young elf made her way to the nearby stables and readied her horse for the long journey ahead. When Ariana finished, she walked the horse out of the stables, Then just as she mounted up a young human boy ran past. Ariana sized him up with one glance. His clothes were tattered, his face was dirty, and he wore no shoes. That, along with a few other thing told her that he was undoubtedly a street rat. She decided to ignore him as the boy, if he was smart, would not mess with her. The Elvin woman was just about the urge her horse into a trot when a quiet voice called out her name. She shifted in her saddle and looked back. There seemed to be no one there except for the boy. Surely he hadn't just said her name?


"Ranger Arigonia?" the street rat called again. Ariana's gaze came to rest on the kid with slight surprise.


"How do you know my name?" she asked.


"Ariana Arigonia?" he tilted his head, not answering her question.


"What is it?"


"You're her then?"


"Yes, yes! What is it?" she asked with slight exasperation. The boy walked over cautiously, eyeing her word nervously.


"A letter for you, Miss." he reached into his shirt and pulled out a rather worn piece of paper. She reached out and took it. Without wasting anytime she brought the seal and read the contents quickly. A few seconds later she looked down at the kid.


"Who gave you this?" she asked. The boy simply smiled mischievously and bolted. Any other day Ariana would have chased after the boy but this letter changed things; one did not just ignore a summons from a powerful mage. She read the letter again before stashing it away. Ariana leaned forward and patted the horses neck.

"It seems there has been a change of plans, boy."

With that the horse took off into a canter and they were soon off to the meeting place.


((Yay for long posts. xP


LadyNatasha, do you wish for Kallak and Ariana to have the same meeting place?))

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((they certainly could :3 That'd be fun.))


"Goodbye, father. Goodbye, mother. Goodbye, Reyn. Goodbye, Mahlia. Please write me." The last statement was directed specifically at Mahlia; at the moment, Kallak didn't care if any of his other family members ever spoke to him again. It had become quite normal for him to get into fierce discussions with his parents and/or siblings at least twice a week at meals, and that had happened at dinner that day. The conversations were even more frustrating because, in Kallak's eyes, his parents didn't see reason; if they didn't want to agree with him, they'd simply be silent or tell him it didn't matter, that anyone or everyone was right. It had especially frustrated Kallak that day, when he thought his parents would be proud that Cordella sent him a summons.


They weren't, and Reyn (thankfully the ONLY sibling who was home) didn't make it any better.


Now Kallak was at the door, inwardly fighting to keep himself from giving his parents one last word of his fury before heading out the door. Instead he concentrated on Mahlia's twisted smile until the door closed behind him. He walked silently out to the stable, led his already-saddled bay mare out and out the gates, and mounted her right there in the city. He took a deep breath. The mare snorted and danced, sensing his tension. She knew what he was about to do.


"Zchyyk Foro'va Y'senti'ah!" With the last sound Kallak dug his heels into the mare and she bolted forward, straight down the middle of the street. Freedom at last! Kallak rode her hard through the streets, rebelliously ignoring the cries of other riders as he whizzed carelessly past them and towards the gates that would allow him freedom from Colleen. Three minutes later he was out of the city and on his way down the road, having slowed his mare to a walk.


"Now," he said pleasantly, ignoring others who might have been about, "the letter said to meet by the lake about four miles outside the gates. If we ride at this pace we'll be there in good time, but if I let you run a bit perhaps we'll be early. Though... she wasn't specific about what time we were to be there. Oh well, no need to think on it too much. After all, can't she just appear anywhere in a poof of smoke? Sure she can. If she really needs us, she'll find us here. Now, what traveling songs do we know?"


~Some time later~


Kallak had arrived at the lake and tied his mare to a tree. He now sat on a rock, staring down at his reflection. Earlier he had been pacing, planning what he was going to say and the questions he would ask, but he realized how vainly human that was and had decided to improvise instead; still feeling unjustified, he wished to be less like his human parents and more like his Vhythem ancestors. He had waited a while more and grown impatient, and so he had discarded his shoes. The water had been cool and tempting, and after a while he had discarded his plain white riding shirt and had dived a few times into the water, enjoying the blessing of a whole and powerful body. He had swam around and played his penny-whistle, then tried playing it underwater (which didn't work), then had stalked to the water's edge and frightened his horse half to death by leaping out at her and screaming like a maniac.


Yes, he was bored, naturally very impatient by nature. And he was quite certain no one was present. But most of all, he was simply enjoying not being restricted by nobility. Acting like an idiot was included in the list of things a noble was not allowed to do at any time.


However, his filly had been so scared that she had practically jerked her head out of her bridle, and so Kallak had decided not to frighten her again. All the while he had kept half an eye on his weapons, strapped securely to her saddle... except for his spear, which he sent nose-diving into the water while he swam and then retrieved as he came ashore. For a minute after swimming he had wanted to simply lay on the rocks and soak up the sun, but then clouds had passed over and the area had become somewhat colder than before. Thus he had chosen to put back on his shirt and sit on a rock, staring at the bottom of the lake as though watching a fascinating fish. But his mind was far away, thinking of things far away...

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Ariana was no expert on the city of Colleen, but she knew enough to get around and now she used that knowledge to find this lake the letter spoke of. As they rode Ariana's soft musical voice broke through the silence. She had nearly run out of songs to sing when the lake came into view. As Ariana ended a rather sad song about two lovers she pulled her horse to a halt and gazed out over the lake. Under her cowl she frowned deeply when she caught sight of a saddled horse roaming near the lake. Patiently, she searched the area for its supposed rider. A moment later, sudden movement in the lake caught her attention and she spotted the young Vhythem. After a few minutes of watching and carefully considering her next move, she gently tapped her horse with her heel and the steed slowly and quietly advanced.


Ariana guided her horse to a different part of the lake. The Vhythem presented a problem but it was a small one. If the Mage was so powerful, she could deal with him. For now it was time get some food cooking. As soon as she reached her chosen spot she dismounted the horse and unsaddled him. Keeping a wary eye on the other that was at the lake, Ariana started to set up camp.

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She could have snuck up behind him and pushed him into the lake for all he was paying attention to. Fortunately the female elf didn't, and it was only by the nicker of his mare as she greeted the other horse that Kallak realized someone had arrived. He jumped to his feet, expecting Cordella. However, what he saw rather surprised him. The little elf was dressed like a ranger and certainly didn't look like a great mage. Now that Kallak thought of it, he had no idea what species Cordella was; he hadn't paid close attention to his history class. She could be a giant orc, for all he knew.


He studied the elf for a minute, staring openly at her and watching her movements. His face showed no expression except for caution. Vhythem and elves--Vhythem and any other species, really--didn't get along in general. It was rare to see a Vhythem outside of the desert, because the few who lived in the forest prided themselves with staying out of sight. Kallak's human parents had received much attention from other nobles when it was revealed they had adopted Kallak. They were rather honored by others for such an 'achievement' and for a year or so Kallak was a great curiosity. Vhythem also never traveled alone, at least not in the desert, for such a thing was considered foolish by all clans and was even outlawed by some clans. Of course, they hadn't fought in any great wars either so they weren't direct enemies of any nation. But they were a proud and independent people who wouldn't associate with 'weak 'humans or 'lowly' elves. Having been raised with humans for five years, Kallak had come to realize that respect wasn't owed to any species as a whole; only an individual could earn his or her respect, in his or her own way.


Kallak looked away from the elf and glanced at his horse. He wondered why the elf would set up camp so close to the capital. Why not just go in? He chewed on the thought for another minute before he finally couldn't take it any longer; he had to at least talk to her. He had grown impatient and edgy waiting for Cordella, and he decided perhaps a talk would get rid of that edge. He stood to his feet, spear resting lightly in his right hand parallel to his body.


"Ranger!" It was less a statement and more a greeting. He raised his left hand also in greeting, but his face was still void of expression. He imagined she was perhaps surprised to hear him speak the human language. "Greetings. Where do you come from, and where do you go?" A rough translation of a typical Vhythem greeting, one which he enjoyed using with random first-encounters. He wasn't sure what kind of answer to expect from a ranger, as he hadn't dealt with one for quite some time, and certainly not an elvish one.

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Suddenly, Cordella appeared where Cyrus sat waiting underneath the tree. She had just come from Sovlain, the main dock of the country. Her business had taken her longer than she expected, but nonetheless very important for her mission. She walked up to the young human ad stopped.


"Cyrus, I am Cordella." She smiled. "Now, we don't have time for questions so I'll get right to it and then be off. I want you to go to Sovlain. I can't tell you anything about your mission here, and I can't tell you anything about it without the others. Yes, others. There are six other people whom I want to go on this mission with you. I know, you probably wanted me to tell you to go to Sovlain in the first place instead of waste time, but I needed you to trust it was me who sent the letter first. After all, if some random stranger told you to go to Sovlain would you do it? Maybe, but I couldn't take that chance. So, go to Sovlain, wait in the inn there and then when the others have arrived I'll let you all know. That's all, I have others waiting. Good luck!"


With that Cordella vanished, leaving Cyrus there with all the questions he had. She reappeared at the lake four miles north of Colleen. She appeared near Kallak's horse. She looked a little ways off to where Ariana was making her camp. Kallak seemed to have just started talking to the Elf.


"You can come here Ariana, as well as you Kallak."


She saw how both the Elf and the Vhythem were surprised to hear Cordella speak. She then started talking.


"Alright, I have no time for questions so I'll tell you all I can right here. I need you to go to Sovlain. But why not tell me to go there in the first place? Because I needed you to trust it was me who sent the letter first. After all, if some random stranger told you to go to Sovlain would you do it? Maybe, but I couldn't take that chance. Go to Sovlain, wait in the inn there and then when the others have arrived I'll let you all know. Others? Yes, there are five others whom I want to go on this mission with you. So, that's all, I'll see you in Sovlain."


She disappeared then, leaving the Elf and the Vhythem alone, pondering on what had just happened.

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Jonathan rode to his home in Sovlain as fast as he could. Before he got into the city he took off his cloak and bundled his bow and quiver in it. Everyone knew the white arrow was Phantom's signature... He couldn't be seen with it. When he reached it he dismounted his stallion and left him by the door, not bothering to tether him to the fence. He dashed through the front door and left it swinging on it's hinges, ignoring the calls of his parents. "I'm busy! I'll just be a moment!" He searched around the front room for the letter to no avail. Usually messages were placed on the small round table... Where was it? He ran from the small room to his even smaller bedroom, hoping someone had put it there. A quick glance proved that theory wrong.


He slowly came out and peeked around the corner to the kitchen. "Mother... Do you know if I got a..." His mother held the long sought-after letter up. His eyes widened and he stumbled towards her, tripping over his own feet as he tried to grab hold of the paper. She held it higher, over her head, tsking her tongue at him. "Now, before you can read this letter, which we already have, you're going to answer some questions." Jonathan dropped onto a chair nearby. He had been waiting for this moment for so long and it was delayed by his parent's nosiness. How typical. "Whaaat." He whined. "Well, you said you were out with your friends today..."

Oh. Crud.

"and we looked all over town for them when we got the letter." She waved it a little to emphasize her point. "You weren't with them. And they said they hadn't seen you all day." Jonathan sighed. "I decided to... take a hike. In the woods." His mother cocked an eyebrow at him. "You weren't looking for that Phantom again, were you?"


Jonathan held back a sour face. Of course, his own mother would be one of the people who thought Phantom was a dangerous murder. He had been caught around in the area of his last victim, and he had to make up an excuse. The best he had been able to come up with was that he wanted to find The Phantom. And his mother warned him to never go looking for him again. Coming back to the problem at hand, he shook his head. "No, I wasn't looking for him. I just needed a stroll." He reached out a hand. "Now, can I have the letter?" His mother sighed and placed the paper in his hand. "There you are. And good luck." Jonathan snatched it quickly and tore the seal open. He slowly read the text.


"Dear Jonathan,


I know you don't know me but I know you. I want you to see me at some point when you’re ready. It's about a dangerous mission that I wish for you to go on for the queen. She is in peril and I need you to help. Go to the dock and wait for me where the large ship is secured. I'll be there soon.


Cordella, great mage of Ovsalia"


Jonathan jumped up, grabbing his things and dashing out the still open door. "I have to go! I'll write and let you know what's going on!" He jumped up on his horse and rode towards the dock, trying to cover the white of his equipment with his cloak. Upon reaching it, he tied his horse to a post and sat on the end of the dock, his legs hanging over the edge. Looking around, he realized there weren't as many people as there usually was. Maybe the man in the carriage had been discovered. He sighed and leaned against a post. Yes, that was probably it. Well, all that there was left to do was wait.

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Cordella appeared at the Sovlain dock. There weren't as many people here as there usually was, but there was still quite a lot. She was looking for Jonathan Silver. He was one of the people she sent a letter to. She soon spoted him wating by the water where a large ship was secured. She walked up to him and smiled at him.


"Now, I don't have time for questions so I'll get right to it and then be off. I can't tell you anything about your mission here, and I can't tell you anything about it without the others. Yes, others. There are six other people whom I want to go on this mission with you. Since your already here in Sovlain it'll save you time, but you'll have to be patient and wait for the others to come. Wait in the inn here for them and myself. You don't have to wait now though, some of them are coming from Colleen so that'll take a while. In two weeks you should check. I'll be off now, see you then."


With that she left yet another person with the questions they might have had.

She appeared where Takaya sat waiting on the rock. Takaya jumped up, startled. Cordella smiled at her and Takaya was calm.


"I don't have time for questions so I'll get right to it and then be off. I want you to go to Sovlain. I can't tell you anything about your mission here, and I can't tell you anything about it without the others. Yes, others. There are six other people whom I want to go on this mission with you. I know, you probably wanted me to tell you to go to Sovlain in the first place instead of waste time, but I needed you to trust it was me who sent the letter first. After all, if some random stranger told you to go to Sovlain would you do it? Maybe, but I couldn't take that chance. So, go to Sovlain, wait in the inn there and then when the others have arrived I'll let you all know. Good luck!"




Takaya stared at the spot where Cordella had vanished. She couldn't believe it, she had to go all the way out to Sovlain! But she supposed it wasn't too far, considering it's directly across from the Kitan Dock, which makes it easy to travel here from there. And she had just met Cordella! The great mage of Ovsalia! She already had her things. She'll just go to Kitan Dock from here and then on to Sovlain. She grabbed her bag and started along the road to the dock. It wouldn't take too long, an hour at the most. So here started the journey she had been waiting for her whole life. Somehow right now she kind of wished she never wanted that. But what is done is done; you can't refuse to help the queen, let alone Cordella the great mage.


After about an hour’s journey Takaya reached the Kitan dock. She looked around, looking for a boat that could take her to Sovlain the fastest. She spotted a medium sized boat with many men going on and off taking boxes and barrels with them. She walked up to a man surveying the boat.


"Excuse me; are you the captain of this ship?"


"Yes I am. And what can I do for ya?" The man asked.


"I need a ride to Sovlain. Can you get me there?"


"Sure, as long as you can pay." The man rubbed his fingers back and forth on his right hand.


"I don't have money, but I can do some work." Takaya said hopefully.


"No deal. I only take money; I've got plenty of men for work."


Takaya, saddened by what the man said, continued to ask around for a boat. After all of them had rejected her she found it hopeless.


Now how will I help the queen? I can't even get to Sovlain!


She decided to sit by the boats and wait for someone to notice her and take her to Sovlain. Even if she stayed there all night.


[if no body signs up pretty soon I'll just add in NPCs (non player characters)]

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Jonathan sputtered as Cordella disappeared. Two weeks? "Two weeks?!" He repeated out loud. "That's... That's..."


"So long?"


Jonathan turned to see Whisper sitting on top of the post.


"So you're bored. And I'm bored."


"Hello, Whisper."


Whisper turned towards him, a little smile on her face. "Wanna do something?"


Jonathan smiled a little, and stood. "I have things to do. But you can come along."


She hopped off the post and interlaces her fingers through his. He looked around to make sure no one was watching, then squeezed her hand. He mounted the horse, then rode slowly as Whisper flew along side him. "We have to find this next person. I'm thinking we'll bypass the stream and catch them in a couple days when they're out hunting..." They struck up a quiet conversation as they headed back into the wilderness.

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Cordella appeared in her tower, where once Gorgon lived. She looked around for something. Finally after going through many drawers she pulled out a mirror. With the mirror she moved her hand gently across the glass. There appeared an image on a boy, about seventeen years of age with dark blue spiky hair. The boy looked startled at the mirror, and then regained his calm.


"I was just about to call you Cordella. What do you need me for?" The boy asked.


"Kyle, I want you to go to some people and give them a message for me. There are only a few, and you can use that Florin dust I gave you to get there. The letters I gave them are enchanted so that I'll know where they are when they touch them. I'll let you know where they are when they touches their letters."


"Understood. I'll get right to it."


Cordella moved her hand across the glass once more and put the mirror away. She said her enchantment and disappeared from her tower.




"Alright, so I'll just get that dust that's right here."


He opened a draw and found a small bag. He picked it up and opened it. It was full of silver sand that sparkled. He took a small pinch of it, closed his eyes thinking of the Sovlain dock, dropped it. It felt freezing cold for a second, and then he was at the dock.


Well not exactly where I wanted to be, but then again this sand has never been right with where I wanted to go.


Kyle looked around and saw a young girl with blond hair. She looked like she was waiting for something. He decided he'd go up to her. He walked up to her and she looked up at him.


"Hello there. Couldn't help but notice you looked like you needed something. Is there anything you need than I can help with?"




As the day came to an end she saw it hopeless to still wait here. She wouldn't be getting to Sovlain any time soon, so Cordella would have to be patient. Just then she saw a young man walking towards her. She still sat down, thinking he'd pass her by. When he stopped and said hello though she stood up.


"Well if you can get me to Sovlain somehow then that's all the help I need, otherwise you can't help."


The boy stared at her. She noticed he held a bag of weird silver sand. The boy noticed her looking at it, and smiled.


"Yeah, I can definately help you. Here, take some sand into your hand."


Takaya took some sand into her hand and looked strangely at the boy.


"Now, think of the place you want to be, basically just say the name of it, and drop the sand. I'll go with you in case you don't make it. Ready, go!"


Takaya thought of Sovlain and dropped the sand. She instantly felt a bitter cold. Her skin was freezing to the bone. She only felt that coldness for a second though. She appeared in Sovlain dock, exactly where she wanted to be. The boy appeared next to her and Takaya looked at him.


"Thank's for helping me. I'm sorry I don't have any money, but when my quest is over I'll repay you. Thanks again!"


She ran off into the crowd of the Sovlain dock. It was now the night and Takaya didn't want to go wandering around at night. So she decided to look for the nearest place to stay and stay there. She started wandering around then, looking for somewhere to stay.

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Even though Aiana felt its stare bore into her, she altogether decided to ignore the Vythem. She would take this chance to go hunting for diner.

Calmly, the woman took out her longbow in a nonthreatening manor and begun to restring it.


"Ranger!" A deep voice cut through the air and she knew immediately that it had been the Vhythem. She took a hand away from the bow and reached up to remove her cowl. Looking up, she glanced over in Kallak's dirrection.


"Greetings. Where do you come from, and where do you go?" the Vhythem's voice rang out again and it suddenly hit Ariana. He had spoken in the crude language of the humans. If she was surprised she didn't show it. Her expression stayed nuteral as she stood. After about a minute of silence, Ariana opened her mouth to respond when something caught her attention. A woman had appeared out of nowhere besides the Vyhthem's mare! Out of reflex, Ariana reached for her sword. She caught herself. This newcomer, this woman was a Mage. And not just any mage, it was Cordella herself. Of that there seemed to be no question.


"You can come here Ariana, as well as you Kallak."


Kallak. So the Vhythem's name was Kallak and it seemed he was here for the exact same reason. Regardless of the mage's words, she stayed where she was. Ariana had come here out of respect for the mage. Nothing more, nothing less. She listened quietly as Cordella continued.


At the end of Cordella's short speech she disappeared, giving Ariana no chance to ask questions. For the first time, the elf allowed emotion to show as a frown covered her face. Sovlain? That was no short trip. And for what? To save a queen that was not hers? This was no simple task that Cordella had asked of them and she felt that they had barely scratched the surface so far. Yet Cordella must have known this and she had sent Ariana one of the letters when it could have been any other being. Tons of people who would have willingly helped and Cordella had even bothered to consider Ariana. In that instant, she made had made her choice. The frown disappeared as quickly as it had come and she stooped down to pick up the bow. Ariana unstrung the weapon and whistled for her horse. The stallion ran over and she set the lowbow back on the saddle. Ariana looked over at Kallak. If she was to work along side of this Vhythem then she might as well make some effort to "befriend" him.

"What do you think? Shall we ride as far as we can before nightfall or shall we stay here for the night and start out bright and early tomorrow?"

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Takaya had finally decided she'd sleep by the ships. No theives would come to slit her throat there, there were still people moving about loading and unloading the ships. She she settled herself on the cold stone ground and fell asleep.




Alright, just run off. Who is Cordella picking anyway? Whatever, I'll just go back home then and wait for Cordella to summon me again."


He pulled out his silver dust and took a small pinch. He thought of his home and dropped the sand. Instantly he felt the cold, but just as quick he was home. He looked around the small towm that was Kitan and started walking home.

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"So let me get this straight... some woman appears out of nowhere, tells you to go to Sovlain and then disappears without answering any of your questions?"


The sun was beginning to set for Cyrus, he had spent half the day walking to Verain before he merged with a larger road. An hour later, he came across a merchant's wagon that had a broken wheel. He helped the Elven merchants fixed their wagon, and offered them 100 gold for a lift to Verain. It was nice to put his feet up, after spending most of the day walking. He was talking with one of the younger elves, looked to be around 22 in human years, and had told him about how was coming back from Akadia after five years of mercenary work, and that he was Ovsailian by birth.


"Yep, I hoping this just isn't a dead end or a trick... I'm not well-liked in Ovsaila." Darkly laughed Cyrus, which made him wonder how clearly people remember his name. The elves were polite enough to not question him about that, and decided to leave that issue alone. "How long till we reach Verian?" Asked Cyrus to the elf driving the cart, who was way, way older then both him and the younger elf.


"Tomorrow night, Human." Gruffly replied the elf, turning his head ever so slightly to Cyrus, then turning it back to the road. With a small nod, he got himself comfy and began to rest, he was gonna need the strength if he wanted to make sure no bandits attacked during the night.

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After Kallak called out to the ranger, she lowered her hood. Like most elven females, she was very attractive... for an elf. Vhythem females were taller than elven females and of course had different skin coloring and cultural ideas of beauty, and even after five years living with humans Kallak wasn't sure what was supposed to be lovely and what was not. It was an odd topic for him that he preferred to avoid; anyway, physical strength and speed and grace were more important to him. Health was beautiful, weakness was unbearable.


He stared curiously at the elf's face. An awkward silence followed his questions, but he didn't break off the stare. What is she thinking of, I wonder? Finally she prepared to respond when suddenly there was a loud and terrified whinny from Kallak's mare. He spun around, spear aimed at the heart of the... Great Mage Cordella?! Kallak immediately and carefully stopped the momentum in his arm and lowered his spear.


"You can come here Ariana, as well as you Kallak."


Kallak was dumbfounded, caught off-guard. He had been waiting all day for Cordella to appear in a poof of smoke, but he allowed himself to be distracted for just a moment and that was when the mage appeared. Kallak looked from Cordella to 'Ariana' and back again, then took a step forward, carefully moving to his prancing mare while Cordella spoke. He calmed his mare and listened, finding no time to greet the talkative mage.


And just like that, Cordella was gone.


Sovlain? All the way to Sovlain?! Couldn't she just bring us with her in a poof of smoke? It's going to take at least a week to get there, if we don't run into any--that is, if I don't run into any trouble. Kallak glanced back at Ariana, but she was busy removing the string from her bow. He sighed quietly and checked his saddle. So Ariana, this elven Ranger, is coming with. Hmph, I hope it's not just the two of us. I don't think I could stand working with someone so boring as a range-- Kallak stopped the thought. Long ago he had decided not to stereotype intelligent beings, and he knew that now more than ever he would have to stick to his beliefs. Ariana could be anyone. There wasn't just one type of Ranger, after all.


As Kallak expected, Ariana's horse was well trained; it responded to her whistle command. He could respect that, and wondered if Ariana herself had trained the horse. It was a strong horse, larger and probably faster than Kallak's own filly. Probably older and more experienced as well, for Kallak's horse was hardly four. Kallak prepared to mount his horse and caught Ariana's eye.


"What do you think? Shall we ride as far as we can before nightfall or shall we stay here for the night and start out bright and early tomorrow?"


Kallak was silent a moment, rather surprised by the Ranger's words and her voice. He hadn't expected her to want to travel with him, but as he thought of it he realized it made sense. More people meant less danger in general, especially if the people knew how to use weapons. He narrowed his eye at her, thought not in an unfriendly way.


"I'm prepared to ride now," he said, "and considering the distance we must go and the lack of blessing the Great Mage left us with, plus the fact that apparently the Queen is having troubles and wants us, I think the sooner the better." At least he had less to pack on his horse--Ariana would notice he had no food or water packed--so his mare could possibly keep pace with the stallion at a light lope for a few hours. He stepped away from his mare. "If you have the energy,we should travel until nightfall and then some. As an elf you should have the stamina to travel that far naturally, and with your Ranger training you should have absolutely no problem. Your horse is strong and uninjured, I'm assuming, so he should be fine as well." He paused a moment, glancing at the camp Ariana had begun to set up.


"Do you need help packing up or can you do it in thirty seconds on your own?" His violet eyes had a spark of humor, but his voice carried a note of challenge. In truth he was simply growing very edgy and impatient. The day was almost over already and the ride was long, and they still had to plan the route which we can do while we ride.

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Ariana noticed that Kallak had almost throw this spear at the mage.

Neither of them had been paying attention! If Cordella had been an enemy both of them probably would have been dead. She cursed at herself for being so careless and told herself to be more observant. If she was going to travel with a species her kind trusted little, she would need to be twice as aware of that which went on around her.


The woman was not exactly thrilled about traveling with him but she knew that four was far better then two against certain dangers. Ariana waited silently for him to answer.


"I'm prepared to ride now," he said, "and considering the distance we must go and the lack of blessing the Great Mage left us with, plus the fact that apparently the Queen is having troubles and wants us, I think the sooner the better." Ariana nodded in agreement.


At the mention of her horse she shot a look at Castien. His overall appearance paled in comparison to the horses a knight or noble rode, and at a glance he didn't seem like much but Ariana knew different. Castien had been bred mainly for speed, endurance, relliance, and intellect. He would last far longer and travel much further then the adverage horse. Ariana looked thoughtfully at Kallak and his horse. Ariana knew the Vhythem's mare would not be able to keep up with her's and she had no wishes to be slowed down. Not only would they be delayed but it was dangerous. But, there was no way she'd leave him behind; not if they were both needed.


As he finished speaking, she glanced over at the small camp site.

"I can clean that up with a few seconds." she laughed softly and with skill that she'd perfected over the years, Ariana did exactly that. When the elf finished, she climbed a top Castien and looked over at Kallak.

"Me and my horse can travel for a couple days without stopping for more then a few minutes. I know your mare would last for awhile, but she wouldn't be able to match Castien's pace forever." there was no pride or boastfulness in her tone. She'd made the statement because it was the honest truth and she was not the type to sugar coat matters to those she respected.

"I know a mage in Colleen. He owes me a couple favors and for a price we could get him to teleport us at least half way. That is if you're game."

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Kallak didn't seem impressed with how quickly Ariana could clean up her stuff, but he said nothing and only watched curiously. When Ariana mounted her horse, Kallak likewise swung aboard his little mare. She held still and looked back at him with excited eyes. She didn't like the pond area anymore and wanted to get going.


"Me and my horse can travel for a couple days without stopping for more then a few minutes. I know your mare would last for awhile, but she wouldn't be able to match Castien's pace forever." Kallak nodded impatiently; Ariana was stating the obvious. "I know a mage in Colleen. He owes me a couple favors and for a price we could get him to teleport us at least half way. That is if you're game."


Now Kallak raised a brow. Although he had earlier wished Cordella would have teleported them, he suddenly felt apprehensive. Truth be told, he didn't really like mages. Magic was something that some Vhythem were good at, but not Kallak. He had failed this schooling so terribly that his parents had given up on it and allowed him to train full-time with his spear and katanas. Because Kallak couldn't grasp magic and because typical Colleen mages were all too curious about Kallak's species, he had formed a stereotype against them. Fortunately he still held to his belief in the individual, and so he shrugged.


"Fine, so long as he isn't bothersome. Lead the way." He figured he had to trust the ranger in this case. She seemed trustworthy enough for the moment, and they really did have to hurry. He patted his mare's neck and prepared to move out.

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Ariana puased then lifted up her cowl and placed it on her head. Hidden by the shadow of her cowl, she looked at the Vhythem in amusement. The mage she knew was quite unique. Bothersom didn't quite fit. She decided not to say that though; finding another Mage on such short notice that would deal with them wasn't going to be easy...let alone cheap. Mar'rok at least would consider teleporting Kallak and herself.

"First we get there. Then we will worry about whether he's bothersome or not."


Ariana moved the reigns and urged her horse into a walk. Castian turned away from the pond and with a toss of his head he jogged away. As soon as Kallak's mare caught up, Ariana moved her heal to Castian's rump and they broke into a steady trot.

After awhile, the young elf started singing softly in the her native tongue. Her sweet voice broke through the silence of the vast empty field. She only stopped as they reached the dark woods.


They road for a couple more hours. For the most part their trip had been boring. Ariana had checked back on the other two more then once. She'd done her best to make sure the others could keep up and she'd stopped when it was needed. The sun had started to set as they reached the city gates. Since it was still day, they were able to enter with some ease. They road through the streets for a little while longer until they reached a house settlement. Ariana finally pulled her horse to a stop and glanced back at Vhythem.

"Mar'rok lives yonder. He my seem strange but please, whatever you do, don't insult him."

They road a bit farther then they came to a stop in front of a simple old log cabin. Ariana dismounted her horse.

"Wait here." she said then walked toward the door. She knocked several times before an old man came to answer. They talked for a few minutes then the man nodded and gestured for her to come inside. Ariana turned back and waved for Kallak to follow then she disappeared inside as well.

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((Sorry for double post))


Ariana brushed aside the blanket that hung from the ceiling in order to follow Mar'rok. The elf could see there were tons more blanket hanging up to separate rooms. She stood still for a moment as she waited for Kallak. When he arrived she stepped to her right and walked through the opening between two hanging blankets. Despite the cold chilly air outside, it was fairly warm in this part of the room. Right away, anyone who wondered why that was would see the fireplace with a fire set ablaze in its hearth. In front of it stood a make shift table. Mar'rok, who was sitting at the cluttered table, gestured for Ariana to join him. She stepped forward and sat down. There were some words exchanged and then she finally gave him the amount of money agreed for. Kallak arrived the man briefly studied the Vyhthem before disappearing behind one of the blankets. Ariana stood and walked over to stand in front of the fireplace while they waited. There was a loud crash and the sound of breaking glass. A few words were muttered but Ariana showed no signs of noticing.


They waited there for what seemed like hours.

Ariana was sitting against the wall 'resting her eyes' when the old man came running into the part of the room. Ariana was on her feet in a matter of seconds.

She looked expectantly at the man though one really couldn't tell as the shadow from her cowl was hiding most of her face.

Mar'rok didn't need any prompting.


"Come, come. It's dawn. I came teleport you four sure enough." he laughed sounding rather crazy then disappeared off behind a blanket. Ariana glanced at Kallak and waved for him to follow. Soon enough they were stepping outside, the darkness of night was just beginning to be driven away as the sun peeked out at the land below. Mar'rok was running around in the field beside his house doing something. The odd couple stood watching him for a second. Mar'rok noticed and he waved them over.

"Come! The dawn's light will be gone soon. Get your horses! Bring them over!" she voice carried over the wind making it sound slightly ancient. Ariana did as he asked.


"Stand there. In the middle." he said pointing to a spot in the field. As the four got there he nodded. Mar'rok looked in the direction of the sun and then took out some type of small locket device. he opened it up.

"A few more minutes. Now, neither of you have explosives on ya, right?" he studied the both of them.

"Good! Good," he said after a moment. "Wouldn't wanna see fireworks! Ha ha! Now I like fireworks but I don't think you two would appreciate them ver-" he stopped talking as a 'ping' rang out.

"Ah. It's time. Stay where you are. Dun move a muscle!"


He stepped back and started muttering under his breath. Ariana saw the four crystals, she had noticed earlier, light up. First the one pointing north, then the one pointing south, then east, and lastly west. A moment after the crystals had all started glowing the sun's rays started to creep over the ground. The rays fell across the crystals and the whole place lit up.

Kallak, keep your mind blank please." Ariana said rather calmly. She had her horse kneel down and then she got down on her own knees. The elf kept her own mind blank as well as it could mess with Mar'rok's incantation. Not a moment later the man finished speaking. He grinned madly. Nothing happened for a second and then Ariana felt a tingling sensation. It spread and then she felt her stomach lurch. The woman blinked...and then everything was peaceful and calm. Well, except the ringing in her ears.


Ariana stayed silent for a few minutes. She looked at her horse, his ears were standing straight up showing that there was no sign of anyone around.

Right. We should move out. We're about a day's ride away now." she said as she mounted her horse. She flicked the reigns and clicked her tongue and her horse moved into a trot.


((Time skip?))

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