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Character Sheets (Accepted character sheets are in the original DNA Dragons topic):


Member name:


Character name:


Species: (Human, dragon, or DNA Dragon?)


Personality: (What cause are you fighting for?)


What your character looks like: (I would like full sentences for this.)




If your character is a human, are they a Dragon Rider?:




 Member name:

Character name:



What your character looks like:


Dragon Rider?:





1. No godmodding or floodposting.


2. No Mary Sue's or Gary Stu's.


3. No swearing.


4. No Tinsels or Guardians of Nature.


5. ((OOC chat should be written like this)) "As opposed to story chat being written like this," said TSparkle123.


6. Use correct spelling and grammar, it hurts my brain when you use text-speak.


7. No one-liners, this is a semi-lit RP.


8. The password is your favorite Rare Egg if you were born in the months January-June. If you were born in the months July-December, the password is your favorite Halloween Egg.


9. Have fun! Or I might have to sick Cerberus on you.



This is first come, first serve, I'm only accepting 20-25 character sheets. Also, the first people to join a cause get a special advantage!




You are a human, dragon, or DNA Dragon who wants to either free the slaves or keep them. You will fight for one of these causes:


Save the Slaves!- You want to free the DNA Dragon slaves. This cause can be dragon, DNA Dragon, or human.


Keep the Slaves!- You don't want the DNA Dragons free. To you, they are valuable workers. This is only human.


Keep Your Pampered Life!- You are one of Garmasor's main military leaders. If the DNA Dragons are freed, your awesome life of riches and coolness is over! This is exclusively human.


Leave Life Alone!- You are a human who isn't really interested in participating in the war, but you don't really want to free your slaves either. So, you decide to hide, but how long do you think you will be able to run with your DNA Dragons?


Stay a Slave!- You are a DNA Dragon who doesn't know a life not being a slave. You kinda like it. (You can also work with a human who is in "Leave Life Alone!")


Flee to Home!- You are a DNA Dragon who didn't want to come back to the main country in the first place. Your goal is to get back to the place your colony was centered.


Protect Your Friends!- You are a Dragon Rider who has DNA Dragon friends in one of the colonies. You hide them in your home, but how long can you keep this up?


Help Garmasor's Army!- You want DNA Dragons to stay slaves, so you join the army. This can be dragon or human.


Weaken the Military Building!- You want to help the DNA Dragons free their friends, but you know they can't get in while the military building is still this strong. Your goal is to get the characters fighting for the "Save the Slaves!" cause into the military building. You can be dragon, DNA Dragon, or human. DNA Dragons and dragons cannot just say something like: Shinga used her amazing dragon/DNA Dragon abilities to destroy the wall! The walls are made of a super strong metal that will bring you to your knees.


Co-sheet approver(s)= RainDash and Celebi112

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I sure hope so. Still waiting for at least one more char sheet before we start, I also have to make a couple for myself as characters that are required. Winter, would you play Helga for me?

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because of this:

Helga became a DNA Dragon in hopes that the power she was given would help her destroy the mountain


im thinking of mixing her with a pebble dragon, because she would have known of the dragons abilities because of this:

years of this relationship with dragons

they would have known of the different things the dragons can do, and in the pebble dragons description it says this:

..have power over the earth. They are capable of launching boulders at high speeds, and can cause earthquakes by slamming down into the ground.


i was looking for the strongest dragon because it says she became the most powerful dna dragon, but cant find the description.....anyways, what do you think?

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Member name: WinterWhisperz

Character name: Helga

Species: DNA Pebble Dragon

Personality: STAY A SLAVE!!!!! Helga is respectful towards her master Garmasor as well as her fellow slaves, tho she is a bit harsh towards the members of the movement to free them for their ignorance. She loves her life and views the relationship between a master and their slave as that of a family. She is still bent on destroying Mount Helga.

What your character looks like: This is what she looks like with a set of vibrant green wings and tail, when she uses her Geokinesis her eyes glow red, her nails have a red tint

Powers: Geokinesis, flying, fire breathing and turning her fingers and toes into claws

Dragon Rider?: No

Password:Shadow walker



((someone playing a purple DNA Dragon should totally use this picture!!!!!))

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thank you, and what one?


and if theres anything that you would like me to change, just say something, and out of curiosity, will you be playing Garmasor?

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Both of your pics are pretty awesome. wink.gif

I am playing Garmasor, I have some plans for him that I'm not disclosing yet. ninja.gif

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