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Originating in some forgotten forest, the story of several dozen dragons had ventured across Europe until it finally ceased in the distant land of Nova Scotia. Before the end of the previous story, a hoard of demons had ravaged what the dragons called the Dragon Training Grounds, or Grounds for short.

The Grounds was simple, yet complex. It consisted of a castle, a lake, numerous caverns and ruins underneath the ground, and a forest forbidden to every resident except for its caretaker.


Years later, the dragons who had been driven to Nova Scotia returned with revenge in their hearts. However, the demons were still there and ambushed them. A simple spell from the demon's leader knocked every one of them unconscious. The dragons were tossed into a pit of sap that was soon crystallized by another spell. The group was still alive, however, their bodies were now dormant, trapping their souls inside them. Each dragon was buried in a single masloeum-like cavern below the castle- out of sight, out of mind. The dormant dragons still lie in wait for their release, speaking to each other through telepathy. They hope that someone new will be seen through their mind's eye. They wait for another voice to speak with them. They wait.



Two hundred years have passed and the demons have long since returned to their plane of hell. The dragons in amber wait for someone to free them. And the Grounds is deteriorating, because the current occupants are unable to keep it alive.


The Steampunk Age is alive and well and many Europeans want dragon hide as their leather, and the ores that are naturally found in dragons for their metals. Many colonies of the beasts have given up hope of redemption and let themselves be slaughtered. Dragon population is dwindling. They need help.


The dragons at the Grounds want this to stop, but the human race has grown so large so fast, there is no where else for them to hide. They are a parasitic species that threatens the survival of the large beasts. The invasions on the Grounds so far have been stopped, but the dragons grow weary and the magical barriers that surround the entirety of the Dagon Training Grounds fade more and more with each passing day. More and more humans race to the Grounds at the thought of coin in their pocket and capture the inhabitants. The lizards would have lost hope, but the frail Guardian of Nature that was their oracle spoke of a prophecy before she too was dragged off and killed.


"There, 'neath the earth


Sleeps the few that await rebirth.


They are dormant, barred from time.


Frozen fast, during their prime.


Wake them quick, before you pass,


And these dark times will not last~"


So far, the dragons have no idea what to make of this prophecy, but they are sure that they will find the answers within the large leather-bound book that rests in the old library of the castle. It is entitled:

"History of the Dragon Training Grounds.

Sgarr Fether

Feralo Fallel

Keisha Jericho





There was room for more names on the cover, but none of the blanks were filled in, possibly explained by the scorch marks that scar the surface of the ancient tome. The book contains the history of the Grounds ever since the beginning of Medieval times -800 AD-, yet all the current librarian has uncovered that has any relevance to the prophecy is that a small group had fled for Nova Scotia in the midst of a fiery demon attack, but returned a few years later only to be defeated and buried in the caverns. (This information had been hastily written by what was a different handwriting than the caretakers who had written the final entries, signed by a baby dragon who called herself Niomi. they assumed that this was the same hatchling who had been written about during Feralo’s entries; the dead sister of another dragon.)


The frightened and weary inhabitants of the Dragon Training Grounds hope to uncover more clues from the ruins of the main castle; they haven't touched it, as demonic power still resides in certain areas. But they are now mustering up courage to go and collect any artifacts they can find, such as eggs shells, molted scales of hybrid dragons, a lock of blue fur, a can of sparkly goo that decorated scales, and the many portraits and books that were housed in the enchanted library.




Will they uncover the message behind this prophecy? Or will they succumb to the humans? Only time will tell.




You are a human. You can be a hunter/housewife/aeronaut... whatever the hay you want to be (except super saiyan. That's just be wierd. o>o). You live in the Steampunk era, which means... AIR POLLUTION! YAY! Kidding, it means blimps, blade wings, cyborgs, and tiny top hats. You are somehow related to the hunting of the dragons; be you the hunter who harvest them, the blacksmith who uses their hide and bones to make things steampunk-y, or the itty bitty children who watch in wonder and horror as the cart of dead dragons that have been harvested rolls past every day. Let your imagination run wild with this one.

Just promise me, stay Steampunk. Here's some links for your convienence:


Group shot of typical steam-dress

Ladies' dress 1

Ladies' dress 2

Invention - Steampunk 'car'



user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Ruins of the Main Castle

Where the dragons up until Keisha's reign were housed. It was able to house over five-hundred dragons. Each room had a walk-in closet, a dresser, vanity, two-dragon bed, and a very intricate rug. Magical name plates were also affixed to each door. The castle opened into a grand main hall. A large door on the left opened into the ballroom where Christmas celebrations, birthday parties, dates, and masquerades were held. If you walked out of the ballroom's back door, you would find yourself in a hallway of rooms. If you walked out of the ballroom's door that was near the mantle, you would find yourself in a fine diningroom. Behind the dining room was the kitchen.

Now head back to the main hall.

The door on the right led into the library, which is a mess, but still intact, the walls around it still stand with the help of magic spells.

Now go back to the main hall and head up the grandiose staircases right in front of you.

The main hall continued into three staircases. The left one led into the West Wing(mainly bedrooms, but there were gardens on the roofs of towers and large rooms where one could train their skills. The West Wing is located above the ballroom), the right one led to the East Wing(same thing as West, located above the library), the middle one led to a cartographer's lab on the second floor, an armory on the third, a large indoor garden on the fourth, and a huge balcony on the fifth. The castle had a total of twenty-eight stories. The castle is currently in ruins, with no trace of its former glory save for the library. The medical area was a small stone building located to the castle's immidiate right. It could house a dozen injured dragons plus the medic and her apprentice.


Faerie Garden

Just as its name says; a garden full of faeries. The garden is lush, owning a plethora of many European flowers. Tiny sprites of pastel-colors flit about this garden in happiness, blissfully unaware of the chaos that reigns beyond their pretty little garden. They don't mind it when dragons visit their garden, they enjoy it, save for the dark faeries that live beneath the dead rosebush. The rosebush is in the farthest corner of the garden and the faeries that live underneath it prefer seclusion and will attack dragons that come too close.


Apple Tree

Planted by a hatchling and given its enchantment by her euphoria, the Apple Tree always bears enough fruit to keep the omnivorous dragons fed. Yes, the tree is that big. Yet lately, its fruit has turned rotten, its bark is peeling, and for the first time in the tree's life, its leaves are falling. The Apple Tree is dying because of the discord that ravages the land. Its roots aren't fed by water; they are fed by harmony.



"Oh look a pond how pretty... Wait; did you say something about coral? Starfish? Cyda, you pull my leg! There's no such thing as a sea in a lake! See for yourself? Okaayy..."

The Pond is normal on the surface. You look at the water, you see freshwater fish and little debris, normal right? Wrong. The Pond may look normal on the surface, but once you dive down about seven feet, it spreads out to reveal what you would normally see on a coastal shelf. Saltwater fish are found here and the water gets an estuary taste. Your imagination can fill in the rest, just think 'Small Ocean'. There are countless caverns that have air pockets in them near the bottom. Happy treasure hunting. wink.gif


Forbidden Forest

Stay out of it, that's all you need to know. The day is perilous, the night is perilous. Stay within the barriers. If you really want to know what's in there, ask the dragons in the amber.


Hunting Forest

Since the dragons don't dare leave the safety of the Grounds, they hunt in the forest near the new castle. It is full of game so the dragons can't really go hungry unless they overhunt. The current caretaker logs every kill made in a small scroll, this way they can make sure that they don't go over their monthly limit of game that they're allowed to take from the forest. Animals under two years aren't allowed as food, pregnant animals aren't allowed as food, mothers seen yearlings aren't allowed, strong, well-bred male animals aren't allowed as food.



A sad replication of the first castle. No more than a glorified fort. Library? Nah, bookshelf. Medical area? Nope, a tent in the back. Ball room? Kitchen? Uh, no, hallway and cast-iron pot. You get the gist.



A dragon-sized tunnel that travels underneath the barrier. This allows dragons to go freely back and forth between the Grounds and outside of the Grounds. Humans have not nor will ever find this entrance unless the barrier fades completely, as a spell conceals the entrance. Of course, most dragons choose just to fly out the top unless they lack wings. Unfortunately, humans have found that the barrier is only a circle around the Grounds, not a full sphere. The rich hunters and adventurers use their blimps and flying machines to ambush and corner the dragons by flying over the exposed top and shooting from there.



  • No god-modding
  • No powerplaying
  • Put "Eggs? Scrambled please." in the Powers section of your sheet.
  • The dragons in the balls of amber are to be played by their same owner who played them in New Beginnings. If they do not want their character, that character will deteriorate until death inside their amber.
  • No killing other characters unless their player gave you permission.
  • PG-13 rating of course. No excessive gore (i.e. explicit torture, torture rooms, overly gory deaths ect) or sexual themes. In New Beginnings, it got really steamy at some points, probably more so than was allowed. But if your dragon and another dragon want to have a clutch timeskip until the laying of the egg.
  • I think that's it. Have fun and put "Tacos" beside the first passcode in your form.
  • Oh, and PM your form to me.
  • Stay steampunk. Good god, stay steampunk. I cannot stress this enough.
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Dragon sheet

[B]Character name:[/B]
[B]Appearance:[/B] (anything special? Leave blank if they look like the sprite)
[B]Mate and Offspring:[/B] (Put N/A if they have none.)
[B]Other:[/B] (put likes and dislikes here if needed)


Human sheet

[B]Character Name:[/B]
[B]Partner and Children:[/B] (put N/A if they have none.)
[B]Other:[/B] (put likes and dislikes here if needed)




Username: Doomkaiser.

Character name: James.

Sex: Male.

Age: 21

Ethnicity: Caucasian.

Occupation: Hunter

Appearance: Here

Personality: He isn't a trusting person, but if you get to know him, he'll risk his life to help you.

Possessions: A tomahawk which is a relic from his ancestors.

History: He was born and raised in Sevilla, Spain, but moved to Scotland when was 14, so he knows Spanish and English.

Partner and children: N/A

Other: Password Approved.


Username: Doomkaiser

Character name: Akula

Sex: Male

Age: 117

Personality: Not the shyest person in the world, but he can be at times.

Appearance: He's a Deep Sea dragon hatchling.

Powers: He is able to fire lightning at enemies if his rage is unleashed.

History:He had managed to sneak into the grounds when he was escaping from the humans.

His parents were killed by humans while they were trying to escape.

Mate and Offspring: None

Other: Password Approved.


Username: Doomkaiser

Character name: Doom

Sex: Male

Age: About 400 years old, it's not much, but it's what he was

Personality: He's your typical black dragon, if a bit crazy and at times, stupid.

Appearance: A black DC dragon.

Powers: He can shapeshift into an eagle or a horse.

History: He is one of the dragons encased in amber.

Mate and Offspring: Mate: Keisha Jericho. Offspring: Cynder and Roran.

Other: Password Approved.


Username: Doomkaiser.

Character name: Argorok.

Sex: Male.

Age: 5348

Breed and Stage: Black, Adult.

Appearance: Appearence

Personality: Evil, ruthless.

Powers: Powers darkness.

History: He used to be the king of a great empire, it's capital in the great city of Skopje, Macedonia. He was killed by Doom and his two friends.

Mate and Offspring: Son: Doom.

Other: Password Approved.


Lato Dato

Username: lato_Dato

Character name: Vayli Seleene

Sex: Female (though can be mistaken for male at a glance, especially since male fey are blue.)

Age:About fifty years old, give or take a decade.

Breed and Stage: She is a fully grown Fey/Solar/Starcore

Appearance: A small, light blue cat like wyvern with frilled indigo wings. Her scales seem to glow from within. She has orange magical orbs on her forehead and at within her tail, which generally glow brighter than the rest of herself. She has blue horns which turn orange at the tips. Indigo feathers run from between her horns, down her spine and eventually tapers out at the tail. She has dark, sunset red eyes which stand out dramatically from her scales.

Personality:She is a joyful and carefree spirit. She is often scornful towards those who grow overconfident, becoming openly hostile if in a bad mood or at a bad predisposition to the person at hand. She takes great joy in magic, as does she with flying, and gains joy when she sees a particularly good stunt pulled off effectively.

Powers:She can absorb magic used and mix it with other types of magic, creating a new end product. If short on magic, can gather the background magic of the area she is in, but it is normally lackluster compared to the amount of magic she can gather from other sources

History:At birth, was considered a weakling by most of her litter mates, and constantly made fun of due to her lack of any magic to speak of, being in a magically orientated clan. She surprised many when, later on in her life, she easily bested many who had mocked her in magical combat, seeing their overconfidence in their own abilities as weakness. She sat at a comfortable spot in the clan's structure until she decided to go defend the grounds with Greilac, and thus escape the tedious bickering and posturing of her clan members. She was soon forced to flee with the others to Nova Scotia, where she swiftly yet grudgingly settled down with the clan there, seeing an fresh return to the bickering and posturing of the past. When those she had traveled with got together to organize revenge on the demons, she was all for it; anything to get back to what she considered paradise on earth.


Her entrapment within the amber has not changed her much - though she can seem bitter about it at times, she hides it well, unlike Greilac.

Mate and Offspring: None.

Other: Password Approved.


Username: Lato_Dato

Character name: Greilac Canterweather

Sex: Female

Age: Three Hundred and seventy

Breed and Stage: Chrome Dragon, adult

Appearance: A giant, mean lean, metal coated Barny the dinosaur. Only not pink; silver.

Personality:She has a boundless energy and strong will to live. She strongly envies those who fly, and attempts to make up for her species's inherent lack of wings by attempting to excel in every other physical areas. However, her intense focus on physical prowess leaves her less than stellar with magic, leaving her with no ability there whatsoever. She has a gruff, abrupt approach to sociability, and has a tepid approach to those who put on airs and graces about what they have managed to accomplish. Is highly claustrophobic, and hates the feeling of being trapped.

Powers: Being originally created to predict the weather and keep the time, she has a sixth sense about what weather there is going to be over the next few days. She also has an excellent mind as to the time, and how long something takes; as you can guess, this came to be a mixed blessing when it came to be being trapped in amber for over two hundred years, with nothing to do but count the seconds to perfection...

History:Brought to life by a curious dragon practicing it's magic, Greilac grew up in a rough and tumble clan which focused upon the darker areas of magic. She never really fit in; The structure of the clan called for speedy, swift magic users, not slow, lumbering titans. And thus she was grateful when an opportunity to escape presented itself - she lunged at the opportunity, and soon found herself protecting the grounds from the monsters of the Forbidden Forest, with her friend, Vaeli. She stayed there, as did Vaeli, until the demons attacked, at which point she fled to Nova Scotia with all the other sensible dragons. She was not happy with island living, suffice to say, and leapt at the chance to go back to the grounds.


Suffice to say, she has not handled being trapped in amber well. She is irritable and often snaps at those who attempt to contact her through telepathy.

Mate and Offspring: None

Other: Password Approved.



Character name:Dvaors Skyrimshoes

Sex: Male

Age: One hundred and fifty

Breed and Stage: Adult hybrid between Obsidian and Jinx dragon.

Appearance: He has sharp, black scales covering his entire body, with the exception of his golden mane. He has a slenderer face and build compared to most Obsidian dragons, but still has the distinguishing leg spikes and nose horn. His tale ends in a sharp blade, with a golden rectangle in the center.

Personality:Since he is unused to clan structures, he is often seen as nervous in a group, not wanting to tread on the toes of a delicate situation. Though even as he is nervous in a group, he seems to almost prefer it for the safety it offers. He has a morbid yet bright sense of humor, and a wary outlook on life especially when humans are concerned.

Powers:Most of his magic is focused upon manipulating the mind of a subject; rampant fear, cutting doubt, each are tools he uses against his opponent without mercy. Along with this, if a subject is weak enough in the mind, with some effort, he can take a semblance of control, allowing him to tweak their actions to his favor. He can cast limited battle magics, but these tend to tire him out swiftly.

History:Born and raised on the mountains overlooking The Grounds, he was not raised in a clan structure like many other dragons. He was the only one who survived in his clutch, so he garnered much attention from his parents. He soon became sick of it - when he grew in his wings, he decided to leave and attempt to forge his own path. Managing to evade his parents, he survived for eighty years in the wild until the humans found him. He nearly didn't survive the encounter; if it wasn't for another dragon coming along and getting him out of trouble, he wouldn't have made it. He was led back to the grounds by this dragon, and after his close brush with death, didn't much feel like leaving safety anytime soon...

Mate and Offspring: None

Other: Password Approved.



Character name: Fiyara Shiverscales

Sex: Female

Age: Two Hundred and Three

Breed and Stage: Adult Ice dragon

Appearance: Her coloration can be best described as frosty; her scales a light purple blue to compliment her ice clear underbelly color, she has startlingly clear icicles growing all along her back, stopping just a little ways behind the base of her wings. The spear at the end of her tail is shaped like a crescent moon, deadly sharp and surprisingly difficult to chip or break.

Personality: An incredibly blunt dragon, she has an icy, cutting humor at the best of times. When not being humorous or blunt, she has a dully cheerful approach to things, almost as though she believes in her heart everything's going to go to pot anyways and she must salvage what she can.

Powers: She is deathly proficient with ice magic, yet can occasionally be seen casting other types of magic outside of her perceived 'specialty'.

History: To Be RP'd

Mate and Offspring: To be RP'd

Other: Password Approved.



Username: Laurarockstar.

Character name: Moonlight

Sex: Female.

Personality: To be RP'd.

Powers: Powerful healer.

History: To be RP'd.

Mate and Offspring: Naw, but her parents were Whitw X Moonstone.

Breed: Moonstone

Stage: Young hatchling.

Other: Password Approved.



Username: Cyda Luva83

Character name: Fusion (Maria Hontaria Juarez) Fall

Sex: female

Age: 37 in human years

Breed and Stage: Purple dorsal - adult

Appearance: Like an average dorsal, except that she has a large scar that runs across the brow of her right eye and the scales on her right cheekbone are a darker shade of grey and arranged in the shape of a hackberry leaf. Reference Sheet

Personality: Currently fully sane. No mental problems of any kind except occasional extreme paranoia. Cares for her family, even though it is broken and shattered. She is a kind dragon, loves hatchlings. Fusion has devastating attacks in battle, having defeated the King of Darkness with her two comrades several years ago. Though she has immense fury at times, it is easy to calm her down. She's a sucker for sentimental moments and lovey-dovey stuff even though at most times the dorsal dragon prefers to be alone.

Powers: Fire Fury and Ice Fury. (think The Legend of Spyro, look it up on youtube.) Also able to shapeshift.

History: Oh lord... where the hell do I start?

Mate and Offspring: Arget the vampire is her mate, her only blood child is Niomi, a silver/dorsal cross.

Other: Freed from the amber.


Username: Cyda Luva83

Character name: Arget

Sex: male

Age: about 39 in human years

Breed and Stage: a vampire silver - adult

Appearance: His once lusterous silver scales are now mottled and a dirty bronze colour (a shiny-brownish-orangish colour) His fangs are very long, they overlap his bottom lip. Arget's once light-blue mane is now tattered, brown and falling out in places

Personality: Once very animalistic and running on instinct, Arget has regained a small amount of his sanity, being able to hold conversations for a few minutes at a time. He is still very unstable.

Powers: To be able to sustain himself on animal blood. Has increased strength in moonlight, the sunlight weakens him and burns his scales.

History: to be RP'd

Mate and Offspring: Fusion is his mate and his blood daughter is Niomi.

Other: Imprisoned in the fort.


Username: Cyda Luva83

Character name: Spyro

Sex: male

Age: 21 in human years

Breed and Stage: sunset - young adult

Appearance: like a normal sunset

Personality: Very caring for his family, but very vicious on the battle field. Not much else.

Powers: Fire breath

History: To be RP'd

Mate and Offspring: His mate is Cynder and his blood daughter is Elena. His adopted mother is Fusion

Other: Freed from the amber.


Username: Cyda Luva83

Character name: Garinka

Sex: female

Age: 94 in human years

Breed and Stage: white dragon - deceased

Appearance: Imagine a white dragon. Good. Now imagine that white dragon but veeerrryyy old.

Personality: She's very mellow, very quiet, very loving. Her goal to be at peace with the earth around her has led her to meditate often and this has let her advance in her healing powers.

Powers: A powerful healer, Garinka was the Ground's accomplished medic before they all fled to Nova Scotia. She still retains some of her restorating powers, but they are fading.

History: To be RP'd

Mate and Offspring: Her mate was Feralo (former caretaker of the Grounds)

Other: In the amber, ready to die. Feralo has already died, his body now lies preserved in the amber. Dead.


Username: Cyda Luva83

Character name: Grublin

Sex: male

Age: 19 in human years

Breed and Stage: green dragon - adult

Appearance: Grublin looks like a normal green dragon. He's very thin, though. And because of his job as an excavator, he carries around a large satchel that is slung over his shoulder. His build is not masculine at all, sporting light bones and sharp angles. Farengar teases him with the fact that Grublin is a twink.

Personality: Grublin is an odd dragon, he's very childlike at times, but almost as mature as elder at other times. He's also looking for love if he can find it, but it's not easy, seeing as how he spends all his time in the ruins; digging, searching, dodging traps left by the demons.

Powers: He has a very good telepathic sense. He's able to speak telepathically at a greater distance than most dragons.

History: He was born and raised in the Grounds, but his mom and dad had been hunted by the time he was hatched. Grublin basically was raised by the Grounds, being taught things by everyone. Like the old saying 'It takes a village to raise a child.'

Mate and Offspring: None.

Other: Might be gay, still looking into it. Oh Grublinnnnnnn~



Character name: Farengar

Sex: male

Age: 34 in human years

Breed and Stage: magi - young adult

Appearance: Wears a black cloak over his orange scales, wields a wooden staff in his tail.

Personality:In general, Farengar is friendly and polite, but perhaps a bit -if unintentionally- condescending. He is the archetypical absent-minded professor, being far more focused on abstract thought and scientific curiosity than practical interpersonal communication or common sense. he likes to tease Grublin about being too feminine, saying the green dragon spends too much time around Lydia.

Powers: Able to cast spikes of ice, bolts of flame, and charges of electricity through his staff.

History: To be RP'd

Mate and Offspring: nope

Other: Oh yeah.


Username: CydaLuva83

Character name: Sgt. Ellen Wafer Squalls III

Sex: female

Age: 27

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Occupation: hunter

Appearance: Here

Personality: Sgt. Ellen is very short with those below her social class. She was raised a spoiled brat under her aeronaut father and her heiress mother. Ellen hunts dragons for fun since her family already has too much money for their own good.

Possessions: A vast plethora of petty things that she doesn't really need, but her favorite items are her new rifle and her dragon skin coat.

History: Ellen was born into a privileged family. Their property is vast, extending over 200 acres of land. her family owns a floating house above it. The land below it is used for dragon farming. Four adult dragons make eggs and then her family raises the hatchlings for slaughter. One day as a little girl of 5, she was playing around with one of the hatchlings, the hatchling knocked her over and the mother became defensive of her young. The mother dragon took Ellen's stuffed toy and torched it, singing Ellen in the process. Ever since then, Ellen has hated dragons and hunted them on her father's airship.

Partner and children: She's got her eye on a certain aeronaut...

Other: Don't **** with Ellen.




Username: Krissi2197

Character name: Roran

Sex: Male

Age: Not too old, around 100 years old

Breed and Stage: Alt Black, Adult

Appearance: Roran looks like a regular Alt Black, but his eyes are a lighter shade of green than normal.

Personality: Roran's pretty laid back most of the time. He doesn't like meeting new dragons, which shows his shy side. He tends to avoid confrontations with anybody besides his parents, Keisha and Doom, and spends most of his time either flying around or swimming in the lake.

Powers: He hasn't found his special power yet.

History: Roran was born in the grounds. He has lived there his entire life, even after he met his mate.

Mate and Offspring: (if there are any) His mate is Niomi, a Silver dragon. He has two offspring, Nixon and Niro, two silverbellied dragons.

Other: Password Approved.


Username: Krissi2197

Character name: Keisha

Sex: Female

Age: Around 120 Years Old

Breed and Stage: Guardian Dragon, Adult

Appearance: She looks like any other Guardian Dragon around there. Her eyes are a deep brown, but one thing that separates her from the other Guardian Dragons are the flame markings on her forehead, and the flame markings running down her back and tail.

Personality: Keisha is a pretty happy bubbly dragon most of the time. She's an adult, but she'll always be a hatchling at heart. She cares about her friends, children, and mate, Doom, and she will try to kill anybody who tries to hurt them in any way. If you piss her off enough, she goes into a blind rage, not being able to control anything she does.

Powers: Fire breathing. She gets her energy from the sun, so she tends to try and save her energy when it's dark outside.

History: Keisha has been in the Training Grounds since she was a small hatchling. She met her current friends and mate there. She was brought there by Fusion and Doom after her mother, Cara, had been killed. Keisha grew day by day, and eventually became the new Guardian of the Grounds.

Mate and Offspring: (if there are any) Her mate is a Black Dragon, Doom. She has three kids, two daughters, one son. Roran, Cynder, and Sunny.

Other: Password Approved.


Username: Krissi2197

Character name: Nixon

Sex: Male

Age: A Young Adult

Breed and Stage: Silverbelly Dragon

Appearance: See link above.

Personality: Nixon can be a bit of a goof at most, if not all times. He's a hatchling at heart and is always willing to have fun. His energetic personality is something he gets from his parents, Roran and Niomi.

Powers: Like his parents, Nixon hasn't found his power yet.

History: Not much history to say. Nixon was born and raised in the grounds. His parents are Roran and Niomi. He is still young, and has a lot of life to live.

Mate and Offspring: His mate is Cruzora, a black dragon. He has no offspring yet, but he wishes to have a family.

Other: Password Approved.



Username: Dragonshard123

Character name: Shard

Sex: Male

Age: 256

Breed and Stage: Coastal Waverunner

Appearance: Normal

Personality: A loner but will stick with others when required

Powers: Chameleon (Blending in with his surroundings)

History: Shard's parents were slain by knights in their coastal castle home. Afterward he fled before the knights could find him and he reached the Grounds.

Mate and Offspring: No

Other: Password Approved.



Username: Ælex

Character name: Varaug

Sex: Male

Age: 281

Breed and Stage: Adult Magi

Appearance: Varaug’s scales have started taking odd patterns since the beginning of his experimentation with the forbidden arts, other than that he bares no unique features, other than his red eyes.

Personality: Talkative, calm, collected, but uneasy. Varaug’s constantly under pressure, worried about the future, worried about the preset, at times ,even about the past… All he wants is the best for himself and his friends, and seeks to provide it. But sometimes it’s just not possible.

Powers: A multitude of magical attacks of varying potency.

When severely injured he flies into a fit of unholy rage, where a multitude of anatomical changes occur in him, his senses are blotted out and adrenaline rushes through his body, replacing all common sense with an urge to slice and maim what ever had provoked him into a pile of bloodied mush. He is quite vulnerable in this state as he lets all his guard down.

History: Varaug the Magi, one of the sons of Valakas the Unholy. An ancient mystic dragon gone very bad, and ages since killed. He was taken into early tutorship by an elder of his species in the grounds and taught the basics of magic before his time. During his training, he met a multitude of others of his species and made many’a friends. One in particular, Fiyara, an unusual of species female with unknown origins had become his best friend, and in a way, his muse for further homing his abilities. In her companionship he met up with several others that joined in their reclusive ring of friendship. As the years went by and their little group faced danger after danger, be that out of necessity or just sheer bad judgment, through each other, they endured, and only grew closer and closer as friends.

Eventually Var developed strong emotions for Fiyara, his closest of friends. However, their relationship had always taken postponing after postponing due to all the trouble they kept getting into. Eventually, they lost their home due to the demon attack, and departed for Nova Scotia. Little did they know that some time later they would be returning, burning for a costly vengeance, and destined for centuries of dormancy…

Mate and Offspring: None

Other: Password Approved.


Username: Ælex

Character name: Ashur

Sex: Male

Age: 299

Breed and Stage: Grey Adult

Appearance: He’s much like any other adult grey, though his scales have darkened from the prolonged dormancy. He bears numerous scares along the length of his body and face. His front left claw seems sickly and ill, its talons green and laced with a powerful neurotoxin. The entire limb is numb. From his sustained injuries during the ambush, Ashur now lacks his right eye.

Personality: Reclusive and calm, Ashur takes pride in merely having peace about him. He treats everyone with as much respect as they give him and tries his best not to upset that balance. Battle-hardened, he’s not afraid to get hurt, but that does not mean he is looking to do so. The weight of the past has severely darkened his views on things on a global scale, so he tends to be a tad negative about many things. He values every friend he has, however, he always puts his family above all else.

Powers: Ashur has been through a lot. He’s endured fire and frost, lightning and even death’s grasp itself. He’s attained a particular sturdiness in the form of resistance against most types of magical attacks. Offensively, he has experience in his race’s stereotypical weather control abilities. Physically, he’s of average offensive prowess.

History: Ashur’s tale had started about three centuries ago. He was an abandoned hatchling, fending for itself in its early childhood, until he came across the grounds. There he befriended many others of his species and started his personal development. Along the way, he met one particular neotropical female by the name of Aster. Their bond as friends soon bloomed into a lifetime relationship, and eventually, yielded an offspring. By that time, Ashur had faced a multitude of horrors, but none as great as the demon invasion. Unprepared, his mind was tapped-into and his body forced into sabotaging the castle’s defenses, thus aiding in sealing the rest of his clan's fate. After fleeing with his mate and son, only then did he see some time of peace in Nova Scotia. But that didn’t last. Driven by a hunger for revenge, his clan had decided to fly back and take the fight to the demonic scum. A grave mistake. The last thing he remembered was a stone wall collapsing on top of him, and his mate’s shriek of horror.

Mate and Offspring:

Mate: Aster – Female Neotropical

Offspring: Raiden – Male Neotropical

Other: Password Approved.


Username: Ælex

Name: Raiden

Gender: Male

Type/Breed:  Neotropical

Power: Raiden possesses an uncanny influence over the turn of events. He, in effect, unwillingly and sporadically causes random strokes of fortune or misfortune around himself. A passive trait he could never explain. It is as if chaos and order are constantly having a struggle around Raiden. He also has limited experience in the use of magic and healing, and there is a tendency for his spells to backfire or simply fizzle out, as well as overload and cause more havoc or healing than intended.

Personality: He tends to be reclusive, valuing the time he spends with himself above that of with strangers or other dragons he hardly knows. At times he’d choose to avoid even his friends for some solitude. This has unfortunately lead to the habit of talking to himself out loud. That does not make him shy, however. Raiden tends to be very outspoken in a group and will voice his opinion if he feels the need. He is not aggressive and leans towards avoiding confrontation if possible. His calm demeanor makes for a steady and analytic mind, making him tactful, resourceful and witty.

Appearance: Cosmetically, he shares his father’s scale-color, but has his mother’s yellow stripes across his back, typical for a neotropical. Anatomically he looks like a normal male neotropical, save for his slightly larger wings, a trait picked up from his father.

Age/Stage: 203 y. o. / Adult

History: Raiden was born and raised until mid-childhood in the grounds by his mother, Aster, and his father, Ashur. He led a quiet childhood up until the demonic invasion. When he and the inhabitants of the castle retreated to Nova Scotia, he was still far too young to even understand just what exactly had happened. Clueless, he was unaware of the demon invasion up until his father volunteered to take part in the attempt to recover their home. And when Ashur never came back… well, that is to be revealed later.

Extra: Password Approved.


Carnivorous M.

Username: Carnivorous M.

Character Name: Makrida

Sex: Female, usually

Age: Late thirties to early forties in human years; precise age unknown

Breed and Stage: Alt black (we think) adult

Appearance: Just slightly over a quarter of the size of an average black dragon, Makrida is a strange specimen indeed. She has very large, webbed ears that extend down her jaw, short, stubby horns, a black headfrill that seems almost as though it would belong on a magi, large, oddly-shaped wings, and huge green eyes. She adamantly insists that she is an alt black, and not some other obscure species. At all times, she wears a necklace of black leather, on which the only decorations are a small, glowing emerald and a small gold-flecked, blue-green stone that, while it doesn’t seem particularly magical, she protects with her life.

Personality: Childish and sarcastic, Makrida loves to make wisecracks, act silly, and generally embarrass those around her (bonus points if ‘those around her’ includes Vhirn). She once had a bit of a cowardly streak, but she has outgrown it since. Her last few years before being trapped mellowed her considerably; she managed to fight through her grief over leaving Darieto and so many of her friends behind, emerging on the other side as a strong, mature friend and mother. Her imprisonment has mellowed her further, and she feels peaceful in that she gave her children a good start.

Powers: She is good at destructive magic, especially fire, electricity, and ice, and she is also able to transfer life force from one being to another (this last she will only use under the direst circumstances, however). The green stone on her necklace suppresses another rather odd power: she changes genders every time she is awake at sunrise or sunset. The only other dragons who know about this power are Doom and Fusion; not even her mate and hatchlinghood friend, Vhirn, knows. She herself has forgotten it, having worn the necklace since she was a small hatchling. Finally, although she would call it more of a curse than a power, a creature of darkness has lived inside of her since before she hatched, trying to find its way out during moments of emotional turmoil. When it surfaces, it transforms her into a humanoid with flowing, shadowy hair, armor black as night, and a wicked black greatsword, and it then proceeds to go on a rampage. Over the course of her life, she has learned how to suppress it so that she almost never has to think about it; but during her long imprisonment, it has begun to exert itself more and more, and it is looking for any way into the world that it can find…

History: Makrida was adopted and hatched by a sorceress named Carnie, along with her nestmates Vhirn, Nanachu Raande, and Lunic Mania. After a while, however, Makrida realized her strange gender-bending curse; worried that Carnie would think she was a freak and disown her, she ran away into the wild, eventually finding the Grounds. There she was taken in by Doom and Fusion;

before long, they found the hatchling Keisha, and she lived happily with her new family for a while. During an adventure involving an evil wizard and a sarcastic purple hatchling, she discovered a pygmy egg in the underground lake. With no idea who its parents were or how it got there, she decided to raise it as her own, and she called her new son Darieto. A few months later, Vhirn came to the Grounds looking for her; he ended up staying, and after much fighting the two became mates and had a daughter, Evanin. Years and many adventures later, the tragedy of Midsummer’s Eve drove the dragons to Nova Scotia. While there, she had four more children, whom she was quite protective of after having lost Darieto. Several years later, she joined the small army meant to take back the Grounds, and was trapped in amber along with everyone else. She’s spent most of her time since then trying to keep Vhirn alive; on occasion, she re-establishes contact with the others for a short while. She has mostly resigned herself to her fate, convincing herself that the world will continue just fine without them, but she still hides a small glimmer of hope that they will one day be free again.

Mate and Offspring: Her mate is Vhirn. Darieto is her adopted son, and Evanin is her oldest biological child. Fezore, Fermiral, Torrmin, and Makivir were all born after the move to Nova Scotia; Fezore has a son, and Makivir has a son and grandson.

Other: In case you couldn’t tell reading over the sheet, she’s one of the dragons trapped in amber. Also, OH YEEEAAAAAH!


Username: Carnivorous M.

Character Name: Vhirn


Age: Early forties in human years; precise age unknown.

Breed and Stage: Adult skywing.

Appearance: More or less like any other skywing, with a few subtle differences. He is particularly large for his breed, and his ears flourish at the ends a bit more than most. After spending much of his life with more ground-dwelling dragons than his own species, his wings are quite muscular and more well-suited than average for walking about. He is also covered with a number of thin, white scars, barely noticeable against his scales, from the fateful battle of Midsummer’s Eve.

Personality: In the old days, Vhirn was known for being stiff and formal and having little tolerance for silliness. Other dragons—especially Makrida—would make it a habit to bother and prank him as much as possible, either because they wanted him to loosen up or just because it was so darn funny. Having a daughter softened him up quite a bit, and Evanin had him wrapped around her claw from an early age. In the intervening years, he had become a loving mate and father and a loyal defender of the Grounds—and later, the Nova Scotia settlement—when the ill-fated expedition to the Grounds took place. In the amber, he is nearly comatose; mostly, though, he seems to be at peace with his fate, and mainly just happy that he can be with his mate and daughter.

Powers: Not many to speak of. Vhirn is unusual among dragonkind, let alone the inhabitants of the Grounds, in that he has almost no magic at all. He has the use of telepathy, although it is fairly weak and doesn’t extend far, and it’s possible that he has very slight control over wind magic; other than that, nothing, as far as anyone’s been able to tell. However, he makes up for it with great strength, keen intelligence, and incredible flying speed and endurance.

History: Vhirn was adopted, hatched, and raised by the sorceress Carnie, along with his nestmates Makrida, Nanachu Raande, and Lunic Mania. He fought bitterly with Makrida when they were hatchlings, and it wasn’t until she ran away that he realized he missed her terribly. Almost a year later, he set out to find her, which he finally did at the Grounds. When he got there he saw that she was as irritating as ever, and they spent quite a while bickering and fighting. It wasn’t for another few months that they finally resolved their differences, more or less, and became mates. It wasn’t until Evanin was born that he began to be a bit nicer and open up more to the dragons around him, and in the process finally make some friends. He was one of the force fighting bravely outside the walls during the Battle of Midsummer’s Eve, where he earned his scars. Although not quite as torn as Makrida, who loved her adopted son as if he were her own, he was still deeply grieved when they had to leave Darieto behind. Over the next few years, he fathered four more children and became a major strategist for the settlement, constantly arguing in favor of taking back the Grounds. In the ill-fated battle, he was trapped along with Makrida, Evanin, Hantomei, and his other friends. Due to his lack of magic to preserve his mind and body from the ravages of time, he has slipped into a comatose state; his mate and daughter keep him alive and keep him from aging too quickly, but it’s getting harder and harder as they, too, succumb to the darkness. He hardly even remembers anymore what it was like to be free, but he is at peace with his eventual death. …Or is he?

Mate and Offspring: His mate is Makrida. Darieto is his sort-of adopted son, and Evanin is his oldest biological child. His other four children, Fezore, Fermiral, Torrmin, and Makivir, were all born after the migration.

Other: He’s one of the dragonsicles. Also, AWWWWWW YEEEAAAAH!


Username: Carnivorous M.

Character Name: Evanin

Sex: Female

Age: In human years, mid-to-late-twenties; precise age unknown.

Breed and Stage: Adult skywing.

Appearance: In shape, Evanin is a slender, graceful skywing, the only real difference being that her ears are flourished at the ends much like her father’s. Her coloring, however, is much different. When she was a hatchling, her scales were a shade of blue so dark as to be nearly black, with nearly-white highlights on her forehead, ears, wings, stomach, and tail; as she grew older, the coloring slowly reversed from dark to light, and vice versa. Now she has scales that, although darker than those of most skywings, are not anywhere near black, and her highlights are now a much darker blue than the rest of her body.

Personality: By nature her parents are, respectively, stiff and officious and an immature little troll; Evanin combines the best and worst of both. She is quite intelligent and good with magic, and a good leader as well, but she is also pretty well spoiled, bossy, and used to getting her own way. This, combined with her spending her whole life on the Grounds, which are anything but normal, makes her appear cheerful, carefree, and apparently oblivious to the odd goings-on around her. She got somewhat better over the years, especially after her favorite dragon to boss around, Hantomei, finally stood up to her; she still has a bit of a spoiled streak, however. She loves her family dearly, and she misses her adopted older brother far more than she lets on. She still lives with a desperate hope that they will be freed, and that she will be able to see the child that hatched from the egg she and Hantomei left behind.

Powers: As stated, she is intelligent and good with magic, and has a way of bossing others around without them objecting too much to it. Although her ability to do so has been greatly sapped by both being trapped in amber for so long and using so much of her power to keep her father alive, when in the world outside she has a strong link with the frightening, vicious two-headed dragon, Fractured Trinity, who protects her with its life.

History: Evanin was born at the Grounds to Makrida and Vhirn; practically from the moment she hatched, she was doted on by everyone around her. She spent most of her growing-up dragging Darieto around with her, and Hantomei once Darieto started disappearing for days at a time. Over the years, she formed a close bond with Hantomei, as well as making friends with the odd wyvern Hellcat and the two-headed dragon Fractured Trinity. Her own personal bodyguards delighted her, and they went on many adventures; one day, however, something changed. She found a magi hatchling of indeterminate gender, living in a network of underground tunnels. Although this hatchling, Szabaru, was worryingly intelligent and well-spoken for its age, planted seeds of doubt in her mind against her friends and family, and generally seemed to be not quite right, it was charming and it gave her someone to talk to, and she counted it as her best friend. Things went on this way for almost a year, until the Battle of Midsummer’s Eve and the migration. During the migration, she and Hantomei came to realize their feelings for each other, and they were among the first few mated pairs to undergo the Ceremony of Joining in Nova Scotia. She was mostly busy helping to build the settlement and bossing around her new siblings for the next few years, but she found time now and then to grieve for her older brother and her best friend, who had been left behind and likely killed. When the decision was made to retake the Grounds, she volunteered to go, if only to find her brother and her friend. She and Hantomei left behind their first egg, reasoning that they would be able to come back and raise it when the Grounds were retaken. Then the Calcification happened, and she has been filled with grief and horror at her failure to take care of her child ever since. She desperately wants to escape, and find her little one, to see what has become of him or her.

Mate and Offspring: Her mate is Hantomei. Her son is Aramie, although she doesn’t know this; Aramie’s daughter is Graysheart, his granddaughter is Graysnoon, and his great-granddaughter-and-son are Mercienth Nainin and Kervadi Nainin.

Other: She’s been amberfied. Also, OOHHWWW YEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH


Username: Carnivorous M.

Character Name: Hantomei

Sex: Male

Age: In human years, late twenties; precise age unknown.

Breed and Stage: Adult albino.

Appearance: More or less like any other albino. He has large, ungainly claws, his wings are a bit weak, he has several nasty, faded scars in various places, and he is quite wiry and long-limbed. His eyes glow with a silvery light in the moonlight, although it’s hard to notice unless you’re looking for it.

Personality: Long-suffering and a bit wary of strangers, Hantomei takes a bit more of a cautious approach to the world than most (or at least more than most in the days before humans began driving dragons to extinction). His logical, analytical mind sizes up the world around him, and he is not at all shy of backing away when the situation calls for it. He’s been called a coward, a nitpick, and a killjoy for this habit, but it’s how he deals with life and he won’t do something stupid just because someone else tells him to. Evanin brings out the caustic, sarcastic side in him, although she barely seems to notice or care.

Powers: At first glance, nothing special. He has slightly more powerful telepathy than average, and he’s decent at magic, although he has to learn a spell thoroughly before he can really use it and as such learning spells takes a while. He has a bit of a sixth sense for danger, although it’s less anything magical and more common sense and long fear of the world around him than anything else. However, on nights where the moon is strong, he seems to gain an edge from the moonlight; his mind works faster, he’s stronger, more agile, and runs faster, he can use more magic more effectively, and his sense for danger hones itself to borderline precognition. Of course, by default the effects are only slight; it’s taken him years of training to properly utilize the gift of moonlight, and even then he doesn’t think he’s reached his full potential.

History: Hantomei was found as an abandoned egg by an underground dragon breeding/fighting ring based in a nearby city. He was kept in a kennel for most of his hatchlinghood, packed in with other young dragons and only let out occasionally to fight or train. In the end, he wasn’t vicious enough for them, and the ‘training’ only made him retreat into himself, so they put him into a shipment of similar cast-offs to sell to wizards for experimentation. The ship was caught in a storm, allowing him and most of the other cargo to escape; to this day, he doesn’t know what became of most of them. He himself couldn’t fly very well, having been shut up most of his life, so he held onto a piece of driftwood that carried him to shore close by the Grounds. Hungry, weak, and half-drowned, he found his way there and was taken in by the inhabitants. After he had just about recovered, he met Evanin, who, oblivious to his traumatic upbringing, picked him up in tow and proceeded to drag him around as her companion. Although annoyed for a while, he eventually warmed up to her, and even fell in love. He was upset to see that she was growing distant from everyone else, and he was trying to find a way to repair the gap when the Battle of Midsummer’s Eve happened. They finally became mates during the migration, and they became two of the group of leaders of the community; and, eventually, they had an egg. Before the egg could hatch, however, the retaking of the Grounds was put into motion. He and Evanin went with everyone else, and were trapped. His grief at not being able to see his child grow up, as well as the stifling loneliness of their prison and the first-hand view of his oldest friends slowly descending into insanity, has slowly brought out the old bitterness in his soul. Only Evanin’s presence, and the need to be strong for her, has kept him from utterly retreating into himself.

Mate and Offspring: His mate is Evanin. His son is Aramie, although he doesn’t know this; Aramie has a daughter named Graysheart, a granddaughter named Graysnoon, and a great-granddaughter-and-son named Mercienth Nainin and Kervadi Nainin, respectively.

Other: He’s part of the Amber Conga Line. Also, OHHH YEEAAAAAAAAAH


Username: Carnivorous M.

Character Name: Graysnoon

Sex: Female

Age: 108 years; mid-twenties, in human years.

Breed and Stage: Adult gray.

Appearance: More or less like any other gray dragon, with the main exception that her eyes a pale, piercing blue. She has a slender, almost gaunt, look to her, but she is fairly beautiful nonetheless. She has put four small marks in the palm of each paw: a black dot, surrounded by a white circle, with two smaller dots, one black and one white, to either side. These marks represent her, her mate, and her two children.

Personality: Thoughtful, calm, and analytical, not much gets past her searching eyes. She is deeply interested in the lore of the Grounds, and is part of the dedicated team of archaeologists working on the project. She is a loving mother with a bit of an artistic bent, but she has a very dry sense of humor; and, while she doesn’t often show outward agitation, one who knows her well can see the toll taken by the stress of searching the ruins, of keeping her crew safe, and of worrying over her children and when the humans are going to come and take them away and kill them.

Powers: Like any other gray dragon, she possesses a bit of power over and a good deal of knowledge of the weather; other than that, her main tools are her concentration, her problem-solving intellect, and her quick mind.

History: Unlike her mother, Graysheart, who was part of the group that migrated back from Nova Scotia, Graysnoon was born and raised on the New Grounds. She has spent her life in the shadow of the ancient legends of the Grounds, swearing she could hear here and there the whispers of those long gone. From a very young age, she displayed a keen interest in the history of her home, and as soon as she was deemed old enough and capable enough, she began her career exploring the old castle. Said career was thrown slightly off-kilter when she met Peraia Nainin fifty years ago, and thrown off even further when she had Mercienth and Kervadi about forty years ago; but she has done a fairly good job since of balancing her family and the lifelong calling that has always drawn her back to the ruins. She is extremely excited at the discovery of the dragons trapped in amber; she is also worried, however, that their minds may not have held up over the years and that they may be dangerous.

Mate and Offspring: Her mate is Peraia Nainin. Her children are Mercienth Nainin and Kervadi Nainin.



Username: Carnivorous M.

Character Name: Peraia Nainin

Sex: Male

Age: 124; mid-twenties in human years.

Breed and Stage: Adult pink.

Appearance: He looks about like any other pink dragon, although his eyes are a slightly bigger, brighter blue than average. His bone and wing structure, although delicate, is a bit stronger than that of other pink dragons, and his scales are beautifully shiny. The main difference to mark him apart from another male pink dragon are the markings made in the palms of his paws: a small white dot, surrounded by a black circle, with two smaller dots, one black and one white, to either side. These markings represent him, his mate, and his children.

Personality: Playful and clever, Peraia is a charming fellow indeed. One can usually find him by following the sound of good-natured teasing. He is a loving mate and father; he does most of the hunting, and takes care of Mercienth and Kervadi when their mother is at one of the dig sites. He loves Graysnoon dearly, but sometimes he feels a bit hurt that she is more interested in long-dead dragons than she does in her family. He has learned to buckle up a bit, though, and on occasion he accompanies her to the ruins.

Powers: Peraia doesn’t really have many powers to speak of. He has a great deal of charm, and an ability to talk most anyone into anything and smooth over most any trouble, and he’s quite clever; however, he hasn’t really trained his reflexes very well to handle the dangers of the ruins, and although healthy he is only slightly less fragile than the rest of his kind. Therefore, he mostly devotes himself to keeping the community together, and to raising his rambunctious children.

History: Peraia spent most of his life in a forest with his clan, until the advent of humans forced them to move. They wandered a long way, eventually finding the Grounds; here, Peraia and Graysnoon met, and became friends. They stayed there for a year, in relative safety, until a human raiding party attacked the settlement. Although no one was killed (none of the dragons, at least—the humans were a different story altogether), the incident scared the clan of pink dragons enough that they decided to move on. Only one stayed: Peraia Nainin, who had fallen in love with Graysnoon. The two of them underwent the Joining Ceremony the next day, and ten years later Mercienth and Kervadi were born. Although he misses his clan, he has found a home at the Grounds, and he has devoted all of his energy to making sure that his home will be there for many years to come. (And, of course, to making sure that his children don’t accidentally kill themselves during a prank.)

Mate and Offspring: His mate is Graysnoon. His children are Mercienth Nainin and Kervadi Nainin.

Other: He’ll be a fairly minor character for a while yet. Also, OH YEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH.


Username: Carnivorous M.

Character Name: Alonzo

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown, since he doesn’t seem keen on telling anyone, but in human years he seems to be in his mid-twenties.

Breed and Stage: Breed unknown; he claims to be an obscure breed from far away, although he’s been close-mouthed about the actual name of his species. He’s an adult, anyway.

Appearance: Large and graceful-looking, with scales of a striking shade of purple, golden horns and claws and spines and wings, shining amber eyes, a beautiful lavender mane running from head to tailtip, and iridescent flecks in a rainbow of colors shimmering across his scales in the light. A human would say that he looks beautiful, majestic, even; to the eye of a dragon, however, something about him is not quite right, and he even looks downright unsettling.

Personality: Alonzo gives the impression of a person with a cold, proud, I-give-exactly-a-damn-and-a-half-what-you-think-of-me bearing trying very, very hard to be polite and blend in. He can often be seen making or about to make a snide, condescending, sarcastic comment, only to bite his tongue partway through. That’s about as much as anyone can tell of his personality, however, because he is silent whenever he can be and, by all appearances, is absolutely terrified of the other dragons.

Powers: He is very large and strong, and he looks as though he could be a good fighter, flyer, and runner. For some reason, though, he is extremely clumsy, barely able to walk, let alone fight or fly, and he seems to barely know his own strength. He has a great deal of magical power, as anyone can sense, and that at least he seems to know how to use. He relies on it almost solely to protect and hunt for himself. When not tripping over himself or hiding from the others, he displays a keen wit and a talent for analysis.     

History: No one really knows anything about Alonzo. He just showed up one day, running from a group of hunters (a plight which quickly earned him the alliance of the other dragons). As far as anyone can tell, he is a strange, strange fellow indeed. He hides from the other dragons, is of no species they recognize, is as clumsy as a hatchling, and shudders at raw meat. He seems to be quite intrigued by the Grounds and the dragons trapped there, however.

Mate and Offspring: None. Frankly, he seems a bit disturbed by the idea.

Other: This guy has a secret, and I bet you can tell what it is. :3 Also, OOHHHHH YEAAAAAHHHHH


Username: Carnivorous M.

Character Name: Mercienth Nainin

Sex: Male

Age: 43; late teens, in human years.

Breed and Stage: Pink dragon, just out of hatchlinghood.

Appearance: More or less the same as any other pink dragon, although his scales have a distinctly gray tint to them, he seems to be less fragile than his father and sister, and he’s inherited his mother’s eyes.

Personality: Of the two, Mercienth is a bit more excitable than his sister. He comes up with most of the pranks, and he pulls off the more physical aspects of them more often than not. He is loud and boisterous, with a bit of a penchant for trouble, and injuries barely faze him at all. While not exactly stupid—the elaborate pranks he’s pulled off disprove that— he’s definitely the least thoughtful and analytical of his family, charging into just about anything and dragging Kervadi along with him. That said, he loves his little sister more than anything and always does his best to make sure she doesn’t get hurt (although his methods are a bit unorthodox; it’s a miracle neither of them has been badly injured before now).

Powers: Other than the weather-knowledge and slight weather-powers inherited from Graysnoon, he doesn’t have many powers to speak of save for determination, a talent for trickery, and the sheer dumbassitude displayed by teenage boys everywhere.

History: Not much to tell. He was born in the New Grounds forty-three years ago, and he’s spent his life learning how to hunt and play pranks. He seems to be interested in the adventure of exploring the ruins, but he doesn’t feel the call to them the same way his mother does. His life goal, at this point, is to do at least one truly badass thing before he dies.

Mate and Offspring: None, although not for lack of flirting.



Username: Carnivorous M.

Character Name: Kervadi Nainin

Sex: Female

Age: 39; mid-to-late teens, in human years.

Breed and Stage: Pink dragon, still a bit of a hatchling.

Appearance: Small and weak, with dull pink scales and big blue eyes like her father’s. She looks fragile, but she can take a surprising amount of force. Her wings, however, are still growing in and they are very delicate (not to mention uncomfortable; she can often be seen scratching at them).

Personality: Kervadi is much more reserved than her brother; although she seems to enjoy pulling pranks and walking around, she is perfectly happy sitting in one place for hours on end. She is very quiet, and on occasion will ask those around her to be quiet, too, so she can hear the voices. She sometimes seems content, and other times so sad that she will simply curl up and cry in the lap of anyone who will take her.

Powers: She has uncanny foreknowledge of weather, although she has no power over the winds; in fact, that seemed to be just about her only power until recently. She can barely even telepath, and anyone who tries to use telepathy with her will only get a swirl of half-heard voices and memories. Since the discovery of the trapped dragons, some have started to wonder whether her ‘voices’ are something entirely other than madness.

History: Since she was very small, the other inhabitants of the Grounds have noticed that little Kervadi was strange indeed. She would hardly ever talk with anyone, and she could barely telepath at all; so most learned to just leave her alone, and humor her moods. On the occasions that she’s been willing to talk, she mostly talks about the voices in her head. Some days she says that they’re hopeful, some days that they’re sad, some days that they’re angry, some days that they’re asleep. She never, though, says that they’re happy. The other dragons thought that she was a bit touched in the head until the discovery of the dragons trapped in the amber. Some have started to wonder whether it’s their voices she’s been hearing all of this time, with no way to answer them. This theory is supported by the fact that she acts as though she knows the dragons, even though she’s never seen them before in her life.  

Mate and Offspring: None, and it’s uncertain whether she will ever have any.

Other: She’s a little nutters, she is. Also, OOOHHHH YEAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Edited by CYDA LUVA83

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Username: Dragonhatchling

Character name: Cruzora

Sex: Female

Age: Young adult

Breed and Stage: Alt Black, Adult (not alt black of DC, she is called an Alt because she looked different from her family)

Appearance: Typical Western style body and has black horns and spikes.  She has two larger spikes on her snout and then the spikes proceed to run the length of her back, starting out small only getting larger toward the middle only to get smaller toward the end of her tail.  Her wings are slightly larger than normal and she has a barbed tail-tip with three sets of larger spikes, two on each that curve slightly in the direction of the end of her tail and two on top of her tail that do the same.  Her also have spikes where each "finger" end.

Personality: loves to cause trouble, is very intelligent and inquisitive and will stop at nothing to go on an adventure and loves to fly for the heck of it. She often stays suspicious of anyone she doesn't know well.  When fighting, Cruzora has a habit of going into "battle rage" and blocking everything out but the targets attacking her.  Often times she doesn't remember what happened in those times.

Powers: She can see like it is daytime in the dark and can control shadows (most commonly she disappears only to show up behind someone to yell in their ear).  She can breathe a black fire that looks like it is shadows, though it really is fire.

History: Cruzora doesn't like to talk of her family much, only ever talking a little about it with Nixon once she met him.  Her parents were normal blacks, having been from a line of "pure blacks" and continued to follow that tradition with their children.  She had three brothers, all who were normal blacks and loved by their parents.  Cruzora was the first in a very long line of family who turned out to be an Alt.  Hated by her parents, she was cast out after hatching and had to fight her way to survive.  Living on her own only made her more angry at the world and she eventually killed her parents and her brothers, coming to live in the vast extent of caves the family owned.

It was a long while before Cruzora met Nixon in her late teen years, on a flying adventure after nearly getting killed by an odd worm in her cave.  She'd recently broken a wing and lost her memory on how to fly, relying on Nixon to teach her again.  The loss of some of her memory also altered her personality, making her more enjoyable yet still suspicious of everyone.  Having stayed with Nixon for a while, the two realized they loved each other and became mates, soon after meeting Copper and Galant for a short while.

Cruzora often helped the odd pair of dragons in various fights, eventually helping Copper to stop being afraid of everything after he followed her around without realizing.  She once protected Copper from Galant when he had one of his mental breakdowns.

She was with Nixon when the attacks started, though after that she doesn't remember anything.

Mate and Offspring: Nixon (mate) and I think they were going to have children...

Other: She used to hate Copper, often going so far as to scare the crap out of the young dragon for her enjoyment.  Loves Nixon and is wary of Galant and his mental breakdowns.


Character name: Copper

Sex: Male

Age: Teenage years

Breed and Stage: Copper, Teenage

Appearance: Copper is a larger teenage dragon who has a typical Western style body with darker copper horns/spikes/arrowed tailtip and copper colored scales with amber eyes.  He has two sets of horns on his head, one set is larger and curves slightly with his headline while the second set is slightly smaller and more straight.  He has spikes ranging from extremely small to large starting at his nose small, getting larger going down his back and tapering off while going back to small to his tail.  He harbors one larger spike toward the end of his nose that is larger and curves eversoslightly inward toward his head that he uses often as a weapon.  His tail has a sharpened arrow-tip on the end. His wings also have a spike that ends on each "finger".

Personality: Copper is still wary of Cruzora, though he rarely lets her see it.  He has learned from both the Alt Black and Galant that being afraid of everything isn't going to get him anywhere and constantly tries his best to be brave.  He is extremely hard to gain trust and is often angry at everything unfamiliar.

Powers: Copper can call upon his gem in his necklace to give him powers over his stamina and the temperature.  Naturally, Copper can control copper metals and sometimes the ground itself, as well as breathe fire and lighting and a sometimes ice.  He's working on his ice-breathing ability currently.

History: Copper doesn't remember having parents.  He knows that he hatched to two other dragons who happened on chance to find him, running away soon after before finding out who they were.  Unknowingly he'd run into the Forbidden Forest, falling into a covered hole that was a long-forgotten entrance to Galant's home.  He stumbled through that vast underground cave for a while before running into Galant in one of his "breakdowns".  After having calmed the dragon by giving him a glowing mushroom he'd been searching for, the old red took the copper in and tried to help him find the Grounds again.  The two spent most of their lives together.  Galant gave Copper a necklace with a glowing blood-red gem set in gold that threads its way around the gem.

Many times Copper got into arguments with Galant, going so far as to leave the red and going off on his own.  He caused Cruzora much enjoyment in this time, running around and inside the castle away from her more often than actually figuring out where he was.  He'd met many other dragons during those times, though very few he ever saw again.

He went back to Galant when Galant had a breakdown and attacked both him, Cruzora and Nixon after the pair had come to his aid. Cruzora had been the root cause for him nearly committing suicide but with the help of Galant and some apologies from Cruzora, that was prevented.  Because of this, he got over his fear of Cruzora mostly.

He was there when the Grounds were being attacked after convincing Galant that staying in his caves was a bad idea.  The pair fought for all they had, which was never much, and soon fell into the same fate as the other dragons.

Mate and Offspring: none

Other: He lives in Galant's caves in the Forbidden Forest.


Character name: Galant

Sex: Male

Age: Ancient

Breed and Stage: Red, Ancient Adult

Appearance: follows the typical Red (of DC) look.  His right eye is red, his left eye is gold.  When both turn gold- RUN!! Don't ask, just run!

Personality: Galant is crazy (and possessed by his mind), which is an understatement.  Sometimes he is very wise and kind, other times he is completely blood thirsty and will kill at first smell.  He is said to have a dual-personality by Copper yet his "Gold-eyed" is far more dangerous.  According to Copper, this "Gold-eyed" personality is what 'possesses' his mind.  He is often found mumbling to his "other" yet when asked he will refuse to tell you who he was talking to.

Powers: Due to his unpredictability, his exact powers are unknown.

History: Galant was shunned from the Grounds at an early Teenage age.  He's lived in a vast cave system of the Forbidden Forest for all he can remember after that.  Because he has lived in the odd forest his personality changed dramatically and it made him crazy.  His cave was often lit by 'glowing mushrooms' that were never to be eaten.  More than once he has been tempted to eat them yet he never had.

Upon meeting Copper, Galant doesn't exactly remember the first meeting, just that the young dragon had showed up behind him holding a mushroom that he was missing.  He took the young dragon in, allowing him to live in his caves as if they were his own.  The copper found a necklace Galant used to once wear upon finding the large entrance out of his cave.  Seeing no need for it himself, Galant gave the necklace to the young hatchling before carrying the hatchling out of the vertical entrance/exit to his cave by flight.  They headed back to the Grounds soon after.

Galant felt shunned again after seeing Copper leave him once a recent fight had ended.  He returned to his caves in the Forbidden Forest for a while.  When Copper came back, Galant once again was in one of his 'breakdowns' and nearly killed Copper if it hadn't been for Cruzora and Nixon coming to his aid.  He was devastated by Copper's rash actions and thanks to Cruzora's apology, the youth's suicide had been prevented.

He was there when the fighting started at the Grounds, helping to fend off each attack with Copper at his side.

Mate and Offspring: none

Other: He occasionally has memory lapses and will mumble about what caused him to be shunned from the Grounds a lot during those times.



Username: Kokay

Character name: Carl Sanders

Sex: Male

Age: 28

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Occupation: Hunter

Appearance: Carl

Personality: At one point, Carl was a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He was full of smiles and nothing ever brought him down. Truthfully, he is still the same. But, now, he is slow to trust. He doesn't let down his emotional guard and finds that he prefers to move alone. But nothing seems to bring his spirits down still. He could be missing an arm and still be able to laugh and power through everything. He's incredibly talkative, to a fault. And, not particularly funny.

Possessions: Rocket Pack, Two Guns and This Pipe

History: Carl was born in England. Raised in England. And, killed dragons. His family had hunted dragons, and it became a favorite pass time, much like deer hunting. When he realized he could be paid for it, Carl instantly took interest.

Partner and children: N/A

Other: Password Accepted.



Username: Packgoater

Character name: Ettie Wraith Shalloe

Sex: Female

Age: 26

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Occupation: Surgeon

Appearance: Ettie

Personality: Ettie can be rather stubborn and set in her ways, even though she's rather young. She doesn't like to be submissive, but where respect is deserved. Ettie can lean towards being opinionated, but she's always eager to learn from those who senior her. She doesn't take well to being talked down to, and she's very strong-minded in that aspect. However, she enjoys helpful advice, so long as you say it to her as a peer, not her better. She's of the opinion that old and young, you can still learn new things, and that giving up is a show of weakness. She's often serious, but it's not rare to see her crack a joke or smile.

Possessions: Surgical tools

History: Ettie grew up in Wales with her mother, her father, and her older brother, Leo. Her mother and father were both prestigious in the medical field, and so naturally Ettie became drawn into the family business. Her older brother also went into medical sciences and became a neurologist, while she went on to become a surgeon. His strange fascination with the human mind honestly scared her and fascinated her at the same time, until he left the country on some study. He decided one of the other countries was for him, and so he moved over there. Though they exchanged letters, Ettie became rather lonely. Her mother retired from her practice and was able to spend time with her daughter, but Ettie really desired the same rivalry-type-companionship that she received from her brother.

Partner and children: N/A

Other: Password Accepted.



Username: EmotionalDragon

Character name: Celiowyn Aerobella Skydancer

Sex: Female

Age: ???/Ancient

Breed and Stage: An odd cross between a Black and a Skywing.

Appearance: A frail old skywing, scales as black as night, eyes like emeralds, and strangely enough, legs. Celiowyn literally looks like walking death. Her wings are torn and tattered, making her unable to fly. Over the years, she has amassed a collection of scars, along with one that slashed over her birthmark on her neck, blotting it out entirely. Her left eye has been scratched out by another dragon in a little territorial scuffle. Celiowyn looks like she would break just from a single touch. She is near the end of her days.

Personality: A weathered and worn old girl, she's wise as she looks, though very immature at times. She has a strong maternal instinct for all creatures of the Earth, Sky and Water. Celiowyn is very caring and would never strike when you're down. She fights fairly, but she tends to avoid all altercations.

Powers: She is so old and frail, she cannot use any of her powers anymore.

History: Celiowyn was one of the original dragons at the Grounds, friends with most of the dragons there. When the demons attacked, she absconded and started living up in a big mountain range, away from demons, dragons and humans alike. She stayed there for many a year, so long she couldn't count anymore. her health deteriorated over the years, leaving her a shell of her former self. Humans heard word of dragons in the mountains, and they traveled up, and found her lair. They attacked her, ripping her wings into shreds with their weapons. She fled, and has been wandering ever since, avoiding everyone at all costs. Once a year, she travels back to the Grounds, but never goes inside, or even goes close enough to see much.

Mate and Offspring: Tooooo many to count.

Other: Password Approved.


Username: EmotionalDragon

Character name: Post Mortem Rose (Nickname: Mortem) (Rose is her 'last' name, inherited from her Grandmother.)

Sex: Female

Age: Relatively young, so around 30 to 50 years old.

Breed and Stage: ALT Black, Adult.

Appearance: A petite little ALT Black, Mortem is a little slip of a dragon. She looks like a general ALT Black, except she has a strip of blood red across the bridge of her nose, which coined her name. Her right back leg is crippled-- An incident with a human caused that. She can barely walk on it, and usually resorts to flying everywhere. Due to this, her wings are over-muscled, and her body is thin and frail. She is prone to sickness and usually in sneezing everywhere or her nose is running.

Personality: A shy character, she rarely speaks. Mortem is rather timid and bashful, and quite shy around people she does not know. She does not like it when people invade her personal space. For such a small dragon, she is quite odd tempered. She has a high tolerance level, though, she will not hesitate to harm if you push her buttons.

Powers: Mortem, despite her name, has a green thumb. She can communicate with plants easily, and make them grow, but growing them takes a toll on her, because she uses her own energy to make hem grow. She can also absorb energy and life from plants, refueling herself, but at the cost of the plant dying.

History: To be roleplayed. (AKA, I can't think of anything right now.)

Mate and Offspring:

Other: Also, Post Mortem is Blackened Rose's Granddaughter. Password Approved.



Name: Ayleth

Sex: female

Age: hatchie with wings

Breed: black

Appearance: Has white eyes, but she could see. Her claws were shorter then a normal dragons.

Powers: She can power swap with others, and it drains the life out of her. She can only switch two times per day or else she would die.

Other: She's allergic to deer.



Username Waterdragon123

Character Name: Sapphire Wind

Sex: Female

Age: 29 in human years Adult

Breed: Moonstone Dragon

Appearance: Normal ( remember that she is a girl so she is lighter)

Personality Clam, peaceful, kind, trusting, loyal, nervous a lot, intelligent

Powers: She gets energy from her tail like normal moonstones. Moonstones can glow in the night but she can really glow and light up the path willingly. Conjure light from the orb on her tail and can blind people and light the way.

History She was born under full moon with harsh light ans abandoned. Not knowing what to do she wandered around as a hatchling and got attacked by vampire dragons on Halloween but do not get bitten. Again on the same day of Halloween she got attacked bay a Zombie Dragon when she was only a mature hatchling. Then she was found by another moonstone dragon and was brought here by him and and she grew up here.

Mate/Offspring None

Other:  Does not like vampire and zombie dragons due to history. 

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Thanks Cyda!

If anyone could give me a recap as to the dragons states that were stuck in the amber and if any are still stuck, where they may be, that would be appreciated.


Krissi: Nixon needs to come back xd.png

All three of my draggies are gonna come back (Copper, Cruzora and even Galant)

I'll post later though...

Edited by Dragonhatchling

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Thanks Cyda! ('cept there's only one of my forms up there that I see... I sent in three that you accepted wink.gif )


If anyone could give me a recap as to the dragons states that were stuck in the amber and if any are still stuck, where they may be, that would be appreciated.


Krissi: Nixon needs to come back xd.png

All three of my draggies are gonna come back (Copper, Cruzora and even Galant)

I'll post later though...

I haven't sent in Nixon's character sheet yet, but I will sometime once I've got it all typed up.


They were just freed from the amber, I believe. :3

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I want to make an epical first post, but


I keep having writer's block SO BAD




On the other hand, reading the crappy vanity-publishing book that I got as a prize for winning my writer's group competition inspired me to write better things, so hopefully I should have my first post up soon. 8D



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I will I will I will! I dun think I'll be able to post tonight, though, 'cause my parents are going to be home soon and I won't have much unwatched chompie time after that. D:


Also I finally just got Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 after looking for it for years, and it's sucking away all my attention span. And so is Chancellor Cole, the adorable evil leprechaun-demon-thing. Things with mustaches should not be that freaking cute. o3o

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I'm pulling out of this chat. My chars no longer exists period.


Half of you I can tell hate my guts and I can take a hint. Plus the fact most of you can play a 'joke' of chasing me with perverted crap to my chat and trying to use excuses that your being kids and you where told to troll and expect me to take it like a joke.



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I'm pulling out of this chat. My chars no longer exists period.


Half of you I can tell hate my guts and I can take a hint. Plus the fact most of you can play a 'joke' of chasing me with perverted crap to my chat and trying to use excuses that your being kids and you where told to troll and expect me to take it like a joke.

Wow. You're such a dramaqueen... Really. We don't hate you. Making a joke doesn't mean we hate you. Stop taking things so seriously. Really.

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Mmm but Krissi, calling people names isn't helping either. Never does.


Now LLD, I'm not entirely sure what happened, as I've only read your piece on the matter without knowing anything was going on...


But guys, really? Even if this was all a joke... it obviously went to far. Calling people dramaqueens and making smart comments isn't going to help. Some people are sensitive and moreso than others. Doesn't make em any more a 'something' than the rest of us.


So LLD, sorry if I personally caused anything or if anyone was saying I was in on it... honestly I had no clue and if I would've known, I would have done something about such stupid childesh nonsense that doesn't need to be here.

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Don't worry Dragonhatchling, its not your fault.


I may rejoin but I'm very iffy on doing so. I don't really feel wanted in the community to be honest anymore here. But I'll speak with Cyda when she gets on. Everyones suddenly saying sorry or something.

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I'm sorry to hear that LLD. I hope that I did not personally do anything to make you drop out. It's quite awful to hear that someone is dropping out of an RP not because of RL, but because of the people in it. I honestly thought we were better than that on DC. Anyway, if you need anything, PM me.


On a side note, Cyda, I think that Gator and I will start aside from the blimp. Perhaps. You'll find out soon enough. xd.png We haven't decided yet.

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No its not your fault either Kokay. Only those mainly on the RP's chat that did the damage.

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I'm going to ignore the preceding comments for a moment, because they didn't in anyway involve me, and I'm not sure I want them to, from the sounds of it.


Anyways, I agree Koke. A surgeon on a blimp... not likely. xd.png

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LLD, I am extremely disappointed in you. I know you and you get upset far too easily, and I'm willing to bet you didn't just say you were uncomfortable and then leave and all the evil NBers followed you for no reason. You can be upset if you want, but don't go around trying to badmouth the rest of us on every site you go on and trying to win the sympathy of people who don't know what happened. If you're going to leave, leave, but I'm really tired of you being so condescending and taking yourself so seriously, and I'm not going to let you ruin the rest of our chance to rebuild an awesome story and have fun with friends we haven't talked to in a long, long time.


You had a bit of a claim to be upset, but now you're just acting like Zilla used to. If you're going to stay, drop the drama and stay. If you're going to leave, do it and let that be the end of it; don't try to use the Wounded Gazelle Gambit, because it's just immature.


Back on topic, my first post is almost done and I should be able to post it tonight. Now I just need to make a couple human character sheets.

Edited by Carnivorous M.

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Well, Carnivorous M, want to help Gator and I enter the RP? I mean, Carl has a right for showing up randomly in a battle against dragons. But, not a surgeon... xd.png Darn Gator and her medical obsessions...

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Sure! I might wait to do it in my second post, though, 'cause I've been trying to get my first post done juuuuust right for the past few days, and I finally got it and I'm worried that if I wait too much longer I'll never get it posted at all. xd.png


Let's see, let's see... I think I might intro a human character who's a bit of a cloud-cuckoolander on his first mission trying to get supplies for his blacksmith older brother. Is there any kind of character needed in specific to get stuff rollin'? I'll probably make my second human character based around that.

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Nah, we just need a good way to interact with someone other than just us two. xd.png And yes, please. I implore you to do it in your SECOND post. Wouldn't want to prolong the first post. xd.png I know you've been working on it for a while now!

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I have a rational reason for my medical obsessions, at least. Mother's a nurse. XP


Erm... what if my surgeon hunts dragons as a hobby? Eheheh...

Edited by Packgoater

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Well, Carnivorous M... Would you mind if Gator and I started our characters out? We can get them in a human place. Where there's lots of humans...

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Back on topic, my first post is almost done and I should be able to post it tonight. Now I just need to make a couple human character sheets.

Oh dear god... I feel as though this is going to be a giant ass text wall.


I can't wait to read it. xd.png

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Guys, I was thinking about what Cyda started here with the Steampunk humans as a nemesis to the dragon characters. At first I had my moments of doubt about it, what with how stand-offs between a dragon and a platoon of soldiers would be very short and very monotonous...


But then, I remembered something from New Beginnings, I liked sending my characters on so called "raids" against defenceless human villages just for the lulz. I've done... I think three at most, maybe four. But that's irrelevant.


What I am suggesting is, perhaps we could set these steampunk humans as a sort of obstacle towards achieving a certain goal. Perhaps food rations, artefacts, information, who knows! We could map out a few towns in the castle's vicinity and lead regular attacks against them.


Odds are we'll have much more to write about in such scenarios. Towns are are likely to be well defended and a successful raid would require strategy, not just a flashy show of prowess.


I've also got ideas for the reintroduction of some non-human enemies and sub-plots we could lead in relevance to those suggestions but those are currently irrelevant.


All I'm saying is, I suppose, we could have a short discussion about this once all the characters have settled in... The reason I am posting this here is, well...

It's gonna stay here to be read by whoever wants to read it. If I try on IM chat I'll likely never catch everyone online at the same time.

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I probably won't be on the chat hardly at all for a little while, because my mom is getting suspicious of me. If anyone needs to talk to me about plot details that are under wraps for the time being, drop me a line on deviantART if you have an account there. -thumbsup-


By the way, have the dragons broken out yet? If so, I may need to edit my post. It won't take too long after a small recap, but part of the reason it's taken me so long to post is that I've been trying and failing to catch up during the times when I'm not being monitored. Thanks! ^^


Edited by Carnivorous M.

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