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Hearts of Ice- Taking applications!

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Warning! This roleplay contains mild grimdark elements (war, death, physical violence, etc) and an alternate/fanmade canon for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. While there's nothing graphic, and certainly not nothing along the lines of 'Cupcakes', this isn't all rainbows and sunshine, there's going to be serious misery. This is just a warning to anyone looking to join this, in case you like your ponies pure and happy. Nothing wrong with that of course, this just just doesn't have the happiest of plots and I don't want anyone saying they weren't warned!




It was beautiful. Truly, utterly beautiful. Order finally removed, allowing the brilliance of chaos to shine through. Day and night coming and going of their own accord, the land moving as it willed, growing as it pleased. Or didn't. Laws of nature removed, allowing the impossible to be as easy and natural as breathing. My gift to the world, and what a gift it was! Endless food and drink, the gift of flight to the wingless... why, even the feeble and elderly could dance and caper about like young fillies again.


And I? Why, I just enjoyed it. Being a statue for a thousand years or more puts a new perspective on things. I simply let my magic loose on the world, and once I had taken care of that little pest problem, I let it do as it wished, while I enjoyed being free.


Ah, but you all know the story after that. They broke my spell. Sealed me away once again, and I sit in the Canterlot sculpture garden once more. This attack however, was... incomplete. See, that's the beauty of the Elements. So very powerful, but even one weak link, and they are only half as strong. Even if it was barely a crack in the chain, it was enough. I am not utterly powerless! I can still think, I can plan. I can even extend some small magic into the world.


Of course, I know better than to try and directly break the Elements again. No, I learned my lesson then, and besides, it's far beyond my current power. But I can do something. I can... create. I can bring back things ponies believe only to be a myth, thought gone since before even my time!


And then? Why, I haven't thought that far ahead. It's never as much fun... we'll just wait and see.




Discord is little more than a memory to Equestria, his brief reign just another story to tell young colts and fillies during Nightmare Night. Even Celestia and Luna have begun to relax, no longer posting a guard to watch the statue every day. Even if they still kept one there though, they would never know what went on within the statue.


A god can never be killed, never truly removed from existence. At best, all one can do is force him to sleep, and in sleep, gods can dream. In his imprisonment, Discord dreams of terrible things. He no longer thinks of simply overthrowing Celestia and the Elements; he'd given them their chance. Now, he dreams of a world at war, tearing itself apart only to be cloaked in ice, ripe for destruction and rebirth as he sees fit.


The idea came to him on Hearth's Warming Eve, when the howling wind sparked a long-forgotten memory to life. Beasts of wind and ice, things even he wasn't sure existed, but that was when he was alive and had to keep his attention divided between a thousand things. This time he could be patient. He reached out to these creatures, finding that they too were forced to the fringes of existence, kept alive only by the occasional feud between ponies, not enough to sustain them for much longer. So a deal was hatched- in return for allowing the Windigoes to return to power, they would obey Discord.


That night, using the magic he still had, Discord gave the Windigoes the power to possess living ponies. Not just any ponies, only those bound by fear, who harbored grudges and refused to forgive. It was these cracks that allowed the Windigoes to slip in, and slowly eat away at a pony's mind and sanity until they became as cold and heartless as a Windigo themselves.


To the rest of the world, they might appear unchanged; maybe a bit less vibrant than usual, a bit quicker to snap and fall into argument. As time goes on though, they become... corrupted. Incapable of kindness, laughter, loyalty, generosity or honesty. Pegasi find flight difficult, earth ponies find the ground seems to frost underneath their hooves, unicorns lose their magic. If it becomes worse, even their very cutie marks begin to fade; or in the case of very young possessed ponies, never appear at all.


Worse still... some say the Princesses have been acting oddly. Luna has left Canterlot entirely, while Celestia locks herself in her chambers unless there are duties she must attend to. And the sun, bright as ever, does not seem to shine as warmly over Equestria.




With the help of Discord, a number of Windigoes have taken over the body of various ponies- including at least one of the Elements of Harmony and one of the Princesses. Rather than simply feeding off of hatred, they now create it by making a pony lose his or her very sanity. They do this by preying on some specific flaw- a major fear, a grudge they refuse to let go of, or some past failing they can't forgive themselves for, until they begin taking it out on others and losing sight of who they truly were.


They also use their new forms to spread rumors of Celestia being a tyrant and a liar, rumors that she sealed Luna away for trying to set up a new democratic regime, rather than trying to take full control as the most-known story goes. Through this, they hope to spark an all-out war between those who support one sister or the other, until Discord can emerge and strike down whatever survivors there may be.


As I've been revising this, I've hit on a way to help ensure we reach the major plot points, as well as have plenty of smaller stuff in the middle. Think of the plot points outlined here as the beginnings/ends to a season, with any mini-plots being along the lines of the episodes of the show- largely self-contained, but with enough referencing of things in the past/foreshadowing to remain connected. For ease of tracking, the current major and minor plot points will be listed under 'Current Events'.


Major plot points:

  • Luna arrives in Ponyville, personality changes begin to crop up in affected ponies.
  • Celestia begins imposing harsher laws to quell dissent that has appeared.
  • Luna begins gathering forces, sensing an approaching conflict with Celestia, not wanting to be caught unaware or unprepared.
  • War begins between the Solar Empire and the Lunar Republic.
  • Discord.
  • ? Well, I don't know how it might end, myself. There's a few ways it can go.
I'm aware this might not have come out quite as I intended, but you're welcome to ask any questions ^^ And of course, members are always welcome to PM me with thoughts on mini-plots.





  • No Godmodding, Powerplaying, or Sues/Stus of any form. While I'm allowing for more tragic backstories on OCs, don't go overboard. Keep language the level it is in the show- i.e. no actual swearing, period. (However, 'swears' as used in the show- hay, horseapples, (pony)feathers- are completely fine). Romance and violence should also be kept at PG-13 or lower.

Literate. This means I expect you to have have at least one good, 4-6 sentence paragraph per character whenever you post. Proper spelling and grammar is also a requirement.

No machine gun posting- if any two or three people get beyond 10 posts without anyone else, they need to stop until other players have gotten back in.

Character sheets must be PM'd to me for approval.

Currently, every member is limited to three characters. This may increase or decrease as we go.

As mentioned above, Windigo possessed ponies may lose or never even earn their Cutie Marks. However, if a possessed character responds to friendship offered by others, and/or overcomes their fear/grudge/whatever allowed the Windigo to take hold in the first place, they can break the creature's hold. In a young pony, this can result in them earning a cutie mark; in adult ones that lost theirs, they regain it (though it may be slightly different than before).

Rules are subject to change, but this should be the bulk of it. Again, if there are any questions, just ask.



Character sheets:


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Age:[/b] (Foal, young adult *mane 6*, adult *around the age of the Cakes*, elderly)
[b]Species:[/b] (Note: Luna ad Celestia are the ONLY alicorns allowed. Any other alicorns will immediately get the Sue stamp and be denied.)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Pictures are allowed, but they must be linked and supplemented with a written description. You're also welcome to give completely written descriptions.)
[b]Cutie Mark/Special Talent:[/b] (leave blank on foals)
[b]Personality:[/b] (Please include if they are possessed or not here.)
[b]History:[/b] (in the case of any main characters, this can be left blank/'shown in the show'. For background characters like Derpy, Lyra, etc, they require at least a paragraph (preferably more) of history, as do all OCs.)
[b]Pet:[/b] (Entirely optional, not every pony will or should have a pet. PLEASE, keep animals limited to reasonable, seen-in-show creatures (e.g. dogs, cats, frogs... phoenixes will be a case by case basis, you better have a good reason for it other than 'it's cool/pony earned its loyalty/Celestia has one so why shouldn't I!')
[b]Other:[/b] (Anything that doesn't fit above.)
[b]Sample:[/b] (A two to four paragraph example of how you rp, just so I can ensure you're up to standard. If you want one of the main six/Luna, use your sample to show me how well you can play them.)[/size]

Edited by Dr. Paine

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A small but busy town, Ponyville always seems to have something going on. For the most part, the town is dominated by residential areas, though there is a sizable area devoted to the marketplace, where you can find anything from fresh fruits and vegetables to hoof-made soaps. Other notable areas are the local bakery, Sugarcube Corner; Rarity's Carousel Boutique; the Books and Branches library; a bowling alley, and the Quill and Davenport sofa/quills shop. In the center of town is the Town Hall, often used for important occasions. This is our current location.


Sweet Apple Acres:

Located southwest of Ponyville. Run by the resident branch of the Apple family, Sweet Apple Acres is the sole provider of apples to Ponyville. They also create delicious treats, and once a week will sell them in the marketplace. Seasonal products include high-quality apple cider and various Zap Apple products. the most notable of which being Zap Apple jam. Somewhere in the orchard is a clubhouse used by the Cutie Mark Crusaders.


The Everfree Forest:

Located west of Ponyville, the Everfree Forest has been long feared by town residents. It simply isn't natural- there, clouds move on their own, plants grow without being tended to, even animals care for themselves. Many terrible creatures live in the forest, including a dragon, a cockatrice, an Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, and timberwolves. The only intelligent creatures to live in the forest are a large sea serpent and a zebra named Zecora.



Home of the pegasi, Cloudsdale is home to the annual Best Young Flier's competition, as well as several flight schools and camps, which occasionally accept griffin students. The city also provides all necessary weather to Equestria. In the weather factory, one can find ponies creating clouds, hoof-crafting snowflakes, and refining rainbows. Curiously though, no one knows exactly what goes on in the Rainbow Factory itself...



Populated mostly by unicorns, Canterlot is the place to be for high society. Nearly all the latest fashions and fads come from there, as well as celebrities like Hoity Toity and Photo Finish. It is also the location of the royal castle, home to Princess Celestia- and until recently, Princess Luna.


More locations will be added if needed.


Current events:


Hear ye, hear ye! Her royal highness, Princess Luna, has announced she will be taking up residence in Ponyville! In light of her appearance on Nightmare Night, she has stated she must reconnect with her subjects, and can think of no better way to do this than to live among her subjects. She has not disclosed just where she will be living. Resident party planner Pinkie Pie has already announced plans for a welcoming party to be held at the next full moon, and is requesting any and all assistance to set it up.



Available major characters:

  • Princess Luna
  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Spike (only allowed dragon, please modify form as necessary.)
  • Applejack
  • Rarity
  • Fluttershy
  • Big Macintosh
  • Applebloom
  • Sweetie Belle
  • Scootaloo


Character listing:

Characters marked with * are Windigo-possessed, but this is NOT known in game. This is just to keep track of who's possessed and who's not.

  • Princess Celestia* (Dr. Paine)
  • Pinkie Pie* (Dr. Paine)
  • Brassy Cogheart* (Ruins)
  • Star Chaser (Dr. Paine)
  • Rainbow Dash (Stromzone)
  • Razzle Dazzle* (satyr76)
  • Doctor Whooves (Kjakings)
We will begin once we have two more characters, including Princess Luna! Edited by Dr. Paine

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Character Sheets.


Username: Dr. Paine

Character Name: Princess Celestia

Age: Ancient/immortal

Gender: Female

Species: Alicorn

Appearance: Taller than most ponies, with large wings and a long, rather sharp-looking horn. Coat is pure white, dark purple eyes. Mane is nebulous looking, and streaked blue, seafoam-green, blue-violet, and pink. Wears a gold crown and collar, each set with a purple gem, and has golden horseshoes.

Cutie Mark/Special Talent: A flaring sun; special talent is raising the sun/creating the day.

Personality: An ancient being, Celestia has nevertheless retained the playful spirit one might expect to find in a younger mare. Fond of pranks and the occasional crashed party to break the monotony, Celestia does her best to maintain a friendly, approachable image over the centuries of her rule. That said, she will not suffer foolishness- the shame of personally offending or otherwise upsetting the very ruler of Equestria often does more to punish the offender than Celestia herself could do, but the rare punishments are often quite harsh. Celestia still harbors enormous guilt over what had to be done to her sister, and often spends many nights wondering if she couldn't have done something different, tried a little harder to simply save Luna. This guilt and self-doubt has allowed a Windigo to seep into her mind, and the effects have been rather immediate- already, Celestia has grown withdrawn and quicker to judge, and rarely even answers the letters sent by her student, Twilight Sparkle.

History: ? All we know is that at some point over a thousand years ago, she and Luna were born and overthrew Discord, eventually becoming co-monarchs of Equestria and responsible for the day and night. A thousand years ago, Luna was infected by some evil force and tried to rebel against Celestia, leading to Celestia imprisoning her on the moon and taking over entirely. With Luna's return, the co-monarchy has been restored.

Pet: Philomena, a (presumably) female phoenix. Shares Celestia's enjoyment of practical jokes.

Other: N/A


Username: Dr. Paine

Character Name: Pinkamina Diane 'Pinkie' Pie.

Age: Young adult

Gender: Female

Species: Earth pony.

Appearance: An average sized earth pony mare, with a bright pink coat and extremely poofy magenta mane and tail. Rather large, bright blue eyes.

Cutie Mark/Special Talent: Three balloons (one yellow with two blue on either side); special talent is making others happy- usually through throwing parties.

Personality: Incredibly cheerful and nearly always similing, Pinkie Pie truly embodies the element of Laughter. She is extremely fond of practical jokes, even if they sometimes backfire and wind up with her being the one pranked- as long as nopony is hurt and someone smiles, it's a win! Pinkie has a rather incredible memory, having memorized the birthdays and several facts about every pony in town, usually within a day or two of their arrival.

That said, Pinkie can be... insecure, sometimes. If she fails to make friends a pony (or donkey or griffin, as the occasion may call for), she can and usually will go to extreme lengths in order to change that, with varied success. If she feels she's failed at this- as she believes her entire purpose in life is to make others happy- she can easily fall into a deep depression, where she quite literally loses most of her color and bounce, not to mention prone to delusions and outright hallucinations. Another point of interest in Pinkie Pie's personality is that she did not entirely agree with sealing Discord away- if it had been the only option, she would have supported it entirely, but she believed there might have been a way to befriend him. It is this lingering regret, coupled with her rather fragile emotional state, that has allowed a Windigo to possess Pinkie, though it has yet to really take hold.

History: Grew up on a rock farm until she saw Rainbow Dash's first Sonic Rainboom, which led to her discovering her talent for parties and cheering up others. Eventually moved to Ponyville and took up residence with Mr. and Mrs. Cake, working in the sweet shop and planning many parties in town.

Pet: A small, toothless alligator named Gummy.

Other: Despite being an earth pony, Pinkie Pie can do... strange things. She occasionally seems to pull objects out of nowhere, can contort herself into positions that would rightly kill any other pony, and appear nearly anywhere- this includes, but is not limited to, underneath bricks; in sponge buckets, and even inside mirrors. Nopony has any idea how she is capable of this, nor do any really wish to know- they simply pass it off as her being, well, Pinkie Pie. Often bounces along instead of walking.


Username: Ruins


Character Name: Brassy Cogheart


Age: Young Adult


Gender: Female


Species: Earth Pony


Appearance: Brassy is smaller than your average mare and slightly more well-padded that she'd like around the middle; by contrast, her limbs are skinny and "as weak as a foal's", to quote Brassy's own self-depreciating opinion. Her coat is an ambiguous ginger-blonde, somewhere between yellow and orange, while her short, choppy mane is a bright, violent pink. This is due to the liberal application of mane dye- she is in fact a natural ash blonde, a secret that she hides jealously as she finds the colour very dull. Her eyes are a light green, surrounded with long eyelashes, and she wears red-rimmed glasses when she can be bothered to. Brassy is usually seen wearing the following: a house-key necklace, a bracelet made from linked wooden squares inscribed with runes, and two rings in her left ear.


Cutie Mark/Special Talent: A green heart inside a grey cog; making and fixing machinery, especially clocks.


Personality: Brassy is often said to have more in common with the machines she fixes, and in a way it's true. She finds other ponies baffling and even distressing at times; their illogical, unpredictable ways clash harshly with her 'customers', the gadgets they bring to her to be repaired. After all, there's only so many ways a machine can break and they never resist her ministrations- but a pony can have so many different ways to snap, and sometimes the most broken wildly resist any attempts to fix them. Their emotions are unpredictable, changing like the wind, and unlike chemicals no combination of feelings ever achieves the same result twice. So, even though she wishes for friendship, Brassy often finds herself at the edge of the crowd. She is always the one who never quite fits in, who's jokes fall flat more often than they raise a laugh. The one who's just a little too mad or a little too solemn for the occasion. The butt of jokes, the bullied outcast, the Billy No-Mates.

It's this feeling of not belonging- of otherness- that let the Windigo in. Lately, thanks to its influence, Brassy has found herself not caring whether the other ponies like her or not. Not caring what they said behind her back. She concentrates on fixing what they bring her, disregarding others to the extent that she would ignore a wounded stallion while she fixed his broken cart. Others had begun to talk, but Brassy doesn't care. In fact, she doesn't care about any of them- all of the silly, foalish fleshbags. Machines were the way forward. Machines never faltered, never made a mistake or allowed their emotions to cloud their clear sight. Machines were pure; the flesh was weak. And if they failed to see the future they way she did, well... They would have to be removed. For the good of the machines.


History: Brassy is the daughter of Steampunk Soul, a well-regarded stallion-about-Ponyville, possessor of great mechanical talent and a magnificent moustache; she followed in her father's hoofsteps from her early foalhood, learning to tinker with cogs and screwdrivers almost before she could talk. Her mother, Energy Star, was an up-and-coming dancer, touring Equestria and performing wherever she could get an appointment. Although her parents would be parted for months on end her mother worked and her father raised Brassy, they still had a great bond between them; it happened that this marriage was just the one to suit their different personalities, with their time together seeming so much better because of the time they spent apart.

That was until a landslide swept through a mountain town one night, claiming the lives of Energy Star and much of her audience. The tragedy shook the once-close family to the core and, instead of coming together in their time of grief, they found themselves drifting apart. Steampunk Soul locked himself in his workshop, barely even seeing his growing daughter and leaving her to be raised by her aunt; when he passed away himself barely years later, he had exchanged only a handful of sentences with her since the accident. Brassy Cogheart locked her feelings away in her heart, shutting herself away from others as she threw herself into learning her family trade. When she gained her cutie mark it was assumed it showed her talent for machines- perhaps what it really symbolised was that her only real love was cold, hard and made of metal.


Pet: A rat, Tinker; he used to be Brassy's favourite, but he's looking a bit unloved now.


Other: She likes anything sweet, and is a incurable daydreamer.


Username: Dr. Paine


Character Name: Star Chaser


Age: Young adult


Gender: Female


Species: Unicorn


Appearance: A rather large but lanky unicorn mare, with a dark charcoal gray coat. Her mane and tail are fairly short and mostly black, with streaks of goldenrod- which happens to be the same color as her eyes. Unlike most mares, Star has unshorn fetlocks, giving the fur around her hooves a rather feathery look. Her left hind leg is rather crooked looking, and she tends to walk with a bit of a limp.


Cutie Mark/Special Talent: A meteorite surrounded by three stars. Her special talent is astronomy, mainly the study of meteorites that have fallen to earth.

Personality: Highly curious and always pushing the boundaries of what she's capable of, Star is a bit... reckless. It's often joked that she is a unicorn in a pegasus' body, and she's more than inclined to agree. She can become fairly competitive, even if it's just competing against herself, and often loses days of sleep to some great new idea or spell she's come across. These bursts of energy are often followed by periods of listlessness or near depression as the rush leaves her, but Star has taught herself to cope with these periods by just remembering to relax during a particularly energetic time, and spending the down periods simply indulging in whatever makes her happy.


History: Star was born in Cloudsdale, to a pair of pegasi named Starry Skies and Comet Chaser. It was quite a start to the two when they saw their little filly had a horn rather than wings, but they were more concerned with the fact that she likely wouldn't be able to even remain in her bed. They quickly made arrangements to live in Canterlot, finding jobs at the observatory. This led to the family maintaining a nocturnal lifestyle, with work and play taking place at night, leaving sleep for the daylight hours. Star Chaser never attended school with other foals, instead, she was taught by private tutors who could fit into her... unusual lifestyle.


Star Chaser was often brought along to the observatory in the evenings, usually keeping to the grounds rather than running around the building itself- not that she minded, it allowed her to exercise her love of running, or otherwise just observe the sky on her own. Her favorite times were when they arrived early enough and she was able to watch the moon rise, and it was her dearest wish to one day be present as Luna herself raised the moon. It was one such night that Star Chaser noticed a bright streak of light, and the filly immediately began to chase after it. Star wasn't sure how long or how far she ran, but it was dawn when she finally came to a stop, right in front of a large, crater. The young unicorn slowly approached it and found a large, faintly warm stone buried in the earth. She spent most of the morning digging it up, and proudly presented her findings to her parents once they'd finally found her. There was some debate on just what to do, though- while she had scared the life out of her parents, her little chase and discovery had caused Star's cutie mark to appear.


As she grew, Star Chaser's love for studying the sky only grew, and she began to envy her parents' ability to closely study the sky. Star began to research any means to allow her the same ability, eventually managing to master the cloud walking spell, but after a while, even that wasn't enough. She looked into spells to give non-pegasi wings. After a year of daily practice, the night came when Star finally managed to pull it off. She could barely believe it, and while she wasn't a fan of how they looked, she could fly! She immediately took off into the night sky, absolutely ecstatic over it. But the rush was too much- in her excitement, Star failed to take note of how delicate the wings were, and they broke when she accidentally ran into a cloud over the outskirts of Ponyville. The commotion attracted the attention of some nearby residents, but they were too late to catch her- Star Chaser crashed to the ground, badly damaging one of her legs in the process. While it eventually healed to where she could walk and even occasionally run, it was never quite the same.


Star has never attempted either the wing spell or the cloud walking spell since, content to remain on the ground. She took up residence in Ponyville after her leg healed, enjoying the friendly atmosphere and fantastic stargazing potential, and is now one of the premier astronomers in town. She occasionally gives lessons at the schoolhouse, and has become incredibly excited over hearing Princess Luna will be coming to live in the town.


Pet: They don't have names, but Star Chaser keeps a number of fireflies around her garden.


Other: Star Chaser often wears small, golden bands with little white wings around her hooves, as well as a dark blue cloak decorated with bright yellow stars.



Character Name:Rainbow Dash

Age: Young Adult


Species:Pegasus Pony.

Appearance:Rainbow Dash is a young and strong mare. Her body is coloured a light cyan-blue, with her mane and tail a bright variation of a rainbow (minus the colour indigo.) Her mane is anything but perfect, as she prefers to keep it fairly messy. (In case this description is not quite sufficient, here as an incredibly awesome picture!

Cutie Mark/Special Talent: Rainbow Dash's cutie mark is a red, blue and yellow lightning bolt, erecting from a puffy, white cloud. Her special talent is flying, or more specifically, stunt flying.

Personality: Rainbow Dash is a brave, yet arrogant mare. She is very helpful to those who need it, but occasionally places herself above others, as she is very high on herself, often complementing her own awesomeness. She is not easily frightened, and is very loyal to her friends, as she represents The Element of Loyalty, and was therefore able to withstand the Windigo that attempted to posses her, though she was unaware that one ever did.

History: (Seen in show. Not much is actually known about her past, except that she attended Flight School with Fluttershy as a filly)

Pet: Rainbow Dash owns a male pet Tortoise, named Tank. Tank has a strange magic-powered device that allows him to fly in the air, almost like a helicopter. He is kind and loving towards his owner.


Username: satyr76

Character Name: Razzle Dazzle

Age: Young adult

Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Appearance: She is a medium-sized unicorn, in both height and weight. Her coat is white. Her deep red mane is straight and long, similar to Pinkie Pie's when it is "deflated."Her tail is the same color, and similarly long and straight. Her horn is longer than most and ends in a sharp point.

Cutie Mark/Special Talent: A paintbrush with multicolored paint at the tip; painting

Personality: Dazzle is a creative and imaginative pony, always experimenting in her paintings. She enjoys trying new styles of painting, and has mastered several. She especially enjoys painting pictures of nature; her absolute favorite subjects are rainbows and the sky. While she is a generally friendly person, she prefers to keep to herself, especially when working on a painting. She is happy to paint things for friends as gifts. However, she has an immense fear of rejection, and is often very nervous when she presents a new painting to others. She sometimes attempts to please everyone when asked to paint something publicly, which often ends up pleasing no one. Her fear of rejection led to her being targeted by a Windigo, although its effects are not very noticeable yet.

History: She was born in Canterlot, but her parents moved the family to Ponyville soon after her birth, as they wanted her to grow up in a more diverse community. She was a rather average filly; nothing really stood out about her until she had been in school for a few years.

The fillies were given free time at the end of each day to do whatever they wanted. Dazzle was utterly bored. All of the cliques had already been formed, and she wasn't in any of them. She just stared out the window while the other fillies talked and colored. And then, she saw it. A perfect rainbow was in the center of the sky. Instinct took over. Not completely aware of what she was doing, she galloped over to some cans of paint and stuck her hooves in them. She hoofpainted all over one of the perfectly white walls of the classroom. By the time the teacher noticed, there was a perfect painting of a rainbow on the wall. Although she got in trouble, Dazzle earned her cutie mark.

Dazzle now lives in a small house in Ponyville, with a large shed nearby that she uses as a studio.

Pet: None



Username: Kjakings

Character Name: Doctor Whooves/The Doctor

Age: 907 (claimed. Real age unknown)

Gender: Male

Species: Earth Pony

Appearance: Here.

The Doctor often appears as a brown Earth Pony with a spiked mane and brown coat, along with his signature Hourglass Cutie Mark. When asked about other ponies with similar marks who seem different yet subtly similar to him… he doesn’t like to talk about it, and when asked his age he will (jokingly) claim 907.

Cutie Mark/Special Talent: His Cutie Mark is an hourglass, depicting his occupation as a scientist (although he claims he is simply ‘a Doctor of everything’). He is in the employ of Princess Celestia on a long-term project investigating the Everfree Forest and its peculiarity, and as a result has struck up something of a friendly rivalry with Zercora with regards to knowledge about it.

Personality: The Doctor is often sarcastic and arrogant, not hesitating to show his displeasure with and disdain for those he considers ‘beneath him.’ He believes he is the ultimate knowledge on everything, although if someone can truly best him they will have gained his eternal respect.

History: The Doctor and his family were part of a minority of Earth Ponies who moved into one of the poor areas of Canterlot. While his parents had well-paid jobs they lived in the poorer area so that The Doctor could go to one of the more prestigious private schools. As a foal he was often bullied by the unicorns from some of the richer families for being an earth Pony and living in the poor district, until one day he went with his parents to the market and heard Princess Celestia discussing the Everfree Forest incorrectly, he then proceeded to lecture her for a good twenty minutes on the subject. In the process, his cutie mark appeared on his flank. Princess Celestia immediately took an interest in him, took care of his tuition at the school until he was old enough to work for her, at which point she stationed him in Ponyville to further study the Everfree Forest.


Although he has yet to make any significant breaches in knowledge about the Everfree Forest he did make quite a stir when he showcased one of his pet projects – mechanical wings – at the Best Young Fliers’ competition in Cloudsdale. Although he lost the competition (and accidentally destroyed the prototype when he lost control) he received a special, unique award for his accomplishment from the Judges and gained some extra grant money from the Royal Treasury. With the aid (and, although he doesn’t like to admit it, supervision) of Zercora he has also been experimenting in alchemy and making occasional reports to Celestia.

Other: The mechanical wings thing was the only thing I could think of to explain his appearance in Cloudsdale; I don’t intend for it to make an appearance in the RP.

Edited by Dr. Paine

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Reserved- Moar character sheets/just in case.

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((Oh goodness me! Paine, you've really outdone yourself this time! I will definitely be joining, hopefully playing the roll of a certain Rainbow Pegasus smile.gif

I honestly can't wait. This looks like an RP to end many!))





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((Nobody wants to play Princess Luna? I would and all, but I haven't seen any of her episodes yet- I'm halfway through Sonic Rainboom right now...))

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(Darn. Hm.... well. Would anyone be willing to play Celestia, then? I'm perfectly fine taking on Luna instead, and Celestia's had far more screen time... xd.png)

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((I think I could play a tyrant a snappish, withdrawn princess with a heavy load of guilt, if you'd be willing to give me a chance- no acting required, I assure you. biggrin.gif ))

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((I could have a go at one of the two maybe...? I don't promise I'll be GOOD, but I'll give it my level best. Although of the two I think I'd prefer Luna - less screen time = more free reign to make her up as I go along.))

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(If you want Luna, Kja, feel free to give the application a shot smile.gif)

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((See this post? Guess what it is...IT'S NOT A BUMP!))

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