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DC HUNGER GAMES Lineage Project

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Could I join?


The Reaping


My Chosen Tributes:

District One: Lune the Purple and Nyte the Royal Blue

District Two: Kella the Spotted Greenwing and Zethilus the Vine/Dark Green

District Three: Resvinn the Lumina and Tsaa the Black Tea

District Four: Ani the Harvest and Qrezil the Golden Wyvern

District Five: Kera the Imperial Fleshcrowne and Felvus the Canopy

District Six: Iria the Ember and Cevene the Flamingo Wyvern

District Seven Shana the Swallowtail and Rinn the Blacktip

District Eight: Saverq the Brimstone and Nyevell the Turpentine

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After weeks of refusing all forms of physical contact, D1 Craftsman and D2 Peacekeeper have finally battled it out, producing Craftsman III as the winner xd.png Phew, I was beginning to wonder whether the entire Second Games would be finished before the third round of the First Games, but let's hope things go smoothly from here.

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I'm putting the names of my lineage dragons up in my profile under interests. I'm nearly done with my first batch. I had to completely remodel it since my gray dragons won't produce.

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I would like to join biggrin.gif


user posted image

Forum Name: _smoczyca_


My chosen Tributes:

District 1: Red Kylven Vanyali x Royal Crimson Rydira Vanyali

District 2: Flamingo Shyok Vanyali x Black Tea Asalia Vanyali

District 3: Tri-Horn Sevholt Vanyali x Nhiostrife Tekhpia Vanyali

District 4: Bleeding Moon Deriter Vanyali x Tidal Eldigrana Vanyali

District 5: Gold-Horned Tangar Valholen Vanyali x Canopy Thalia Vanyali

District 6: Imperial Fleshcrown Iluwen Vanyali x Pillow Auna Vanyali

District 7: White Yarkiel Vanyali x Lumina Renrea Vanyali

District 8: Turpentine Nydenen Vanyali x Black Chetya Vanyali


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user posted image

Forum Name: Mirhana

Victor's Name: Victor I - Shrimp

Breed: Black Capped Teimarr

Lineage Link: click!

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Welcome to WolfParadise & _smoczyca_ smile.gif


Big congrats to Mirhana on your victor!!





On a personal note:

Finally have bread all my 3rd gens for my 2nd DCHG smile.gif

Heres to hoping they co-operate when breeding lol


Nydilalle II D1 & Thutina II D2 - Nydilalle III D1

Lectrisa II D3 & Milaine II D4 - EGG

Prue II D5 & Genna II D6 - EGG

Amelia II D7 & Hagak II D8 - EGG

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Knox and Josh refused to battle each other. -.- I tried to breed another Knox or Josh, no luck.


Then I tried to breed all of my first battle winners, no luck, they were all male expect one. So, need to make them fight each other. Again.



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Genna from District 6 goes through to round 4 smile.gif - EGG



Looks like I will be re-breeding the other round 3 due to refusals :/

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Merp, not a good day for battling >.<

D1 Nyte II and D2 Kella II refuse to battle eachother, D5 tributes refuse, D7 refuses aswell.

While that's going on, it appears that Nyevell of District 8 is proceeding to the next round.

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Welcome to Zerhai biggrin.gif



TY! have all my tributes now!


oooh i forgot i was egg locked and i lost my first egg from my d1.... arg...... oh well....


ok have my 2nd gen from my d2 pair: 2nd gen from d2 pair


next one: d3 Raya II

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Finally got all 2nd gens. Got only one refusal (in District 3) but I quickly replaced one of the Tributes. Now I'm hoping that there won't be any more problems ;p


District 1: Kylven Vanyali vs. Rydira Vanyali, Rydria wins!

Distrct 2: Shyok Vanyali vs. Asalia Vanyali, Shyok wins!

District 3: Sevholt Vanyali vs. Tekhipa Vanyali, Tekhipa wins!

District 4: Deriter Vanyali vs. Eldigrana Vanyali, Eldigrana wins!

District 5: Valholen Vanyali vs. Thalia Vanyali, Valholen wins!

District 6: Iluwen Vanyali vs. Auna Vanyali, Iluwen wins!

District 7: Yarkiel Vanyali vs. Renrea Vanyali, Renrea wins!

District 8: Nydenen Vanyali vs. Chatya Vanyali, Nydenen wins!


Let round 3 begin! biggrin.gif

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Gonna keep using this post until someone else posts in the thread!


got a refusal between my 2 d5's so i am going to have a pair of 'volunteers' from that district to replace them!


Here they are:

Rarity CB D5 Dra'axi and Ice CB D5 Dra'axi


and they refuse as well....... omg......


(i'll go back and rename all these again so they are not part of the lineage later)


and pair 3 for district 5:

Joe CB D5 Dra'axi and Lise CB D5 Dra'axi


finally a pair didn't refuse.....

Joe II D5 Dra'axi



so here are my 2nd gens:

Eme II D1 Dra'axi m

Fardi II D2 Dra'axi m

Raya II D3 Dra'axi f

Auros II D4 Dra'axi f

Lise II D5 Dra'axi f

Purna II D6 Dra'axi f

Kiso II D7 Dra'axi m

Moro II D8 Dra'axi m

Sessh II D9 Dra'axi m

Allanna II D10 Dra'axi f

Layla II D11 Dra'axi f

Pyna II D12 Dra'axi m


district 11 refused so as soon as i have another egg spot available i'll be having another set of 'volunteers', and my district 1 pair will be breedable in about 3 days!


I added in my 2nd gen dis11 from the new volunteers, now just have to wait for my dis1s to be breedable again...... (2 more days)


just waiting till dis1 can breed again, then I will be working on the next generation (well as soon as d3 and d4 are adults i will be breeding them!)


heheh well will have to rearrange the pairs for this upcoming breeding and hope that i have equal males and females so i don't have to breed the cbs again.... and i have to remember to influence the d1 egg male....


so far my tentative breeding pairs for the next round are as such:

2&3 (successful)

4&7 (didn't refuse but no egg yet)

1&5 (successful)

6&9 (successful)

8&10 (successful)

11&12 successful)


ok patience is over! my d1s didn't produce an egg.... gonna try another pair and if they don't produce i'll wait again.... or try another pair again....


the third pair of d1 finally gave me an egg so now to move on: (the first 3 that produce an egg get their proper gender, the 2nd 3 get whatever is required)


The cannon booms, Raya has fallen!

Fardi III D2 Dra'axi Brute Dragon (influenced male)


The cannon booms, Purna has fallen!

Sessh III D9 Dra'axi Pillow Dragon (influenced male)


The cannon booms Moro has fallen!

Allanna III D10 Dra'axi Olive Dragon (influenced female)


The cannon booms Pyna has fallen!

aLayla III D11 Dra'axi Gold-horned Tangars (influenced female)


The cannon booms Eme has fallen!

Lise III D5 Dra'axi Blacktipped (influenced female)


i guess the last egg will be influenced male no matter what it is!


while waiting for the last egg of gen 3 I can probably start breeding gen 4


pairings for gen 4: (tentative)




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arg sorry for the double post, i just realized that i was only supposed to have 8 districts arg! now to change things a bit..... either just rebreed


my 3rd gens for the redo:

Fardi III D2 Dra'axi (2,3)


Lise III D5 Dra'axi (1,5)


Purna III D6 Dra'axi (6,8) (influenced female)


districts which still need to be bred with having to redo slightly.....

4, 7


the only other way to fix it is to breed at least 2 more extra districts...


kinda unsure what to do..... (not able to rebreed anything as of yet....)


rebred auros from d4(gen2) cause the current one is having issues breeding..... tried to also rebreed dis7 as well but they weren't interested in each other..... i'll keep working on it


though fardi and lise will be bred as soon as she grows up! that will be my first 4th gen.....so 1/2 of the lineage will be done! (as long as they produce an egg that is and don't refuse....)


and fardi and lise refuse each other..... i guess if i will have to breed them with others......

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fardi refused to kill both females...... arg...... *goes to rebreed something* and got the wrong breed for the 1/5 pairing but oh well im just going to go with it! new 3rd gen



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We have all winners of round 3!


Rydria vs. Shyok, Rydria wins!

Tekhipa vs. Eldigrana, Eldigrana wins!

Valholen vs. Iluwen, Valholen wins!

Renrea vs. Nydenen, Renrea wins!


Now let round 4, the semifinals, begins!

Tried for the first winner of semifinals, but Valholen and Renrea weren't in the mood to fight.

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