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Dove Pins OOC

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This is the OOC for this thread. Link


Character sheets


"Dove Children" Character sheet:
Character name:
Limit ((What Limit is to your power?)):
Past Life:


Student Character Sheet:
Character Name:
Age: (Between 11-13)
Past Life:




1. No swearing or romance between anyone, period. The children are only 11-13 ok?

2. Thoughts should be used in Italics, speak "should be with quotation marks", and OOC chat (should be in marks like this), [this], or ((this)).

3. No Gary-Sues/Mary-Sues or anti Gary-Sues/Mary-Sues

4. No violence between characters, there is no reason to and plus, you will need the rest of the role players for they need each other in the future.

5. Character sheets shall be posted in the OOC thread. (Here)

6. Follow DC rules and Role play rules

7. Be nice to each other please

8. Only human, nothing else when creation of your character

9. One "Dove Child" per role player except for Chasilin, Thegreenrobby, and Evangeline5432

10. I shall control all the npcs. If I can't do it I'll have some of the role players play as them if they want to.

11. Put "Dove pins are epic" in your other section in your character sheet if you read everything.

12. Have Fun!!!!!! biggrin.gif


Dove children, Students, character sheets


Dove children

1. Rachel- PeachSapling

2. Robert (Robby)- Thegreenrobby

3. Sawyer- Shadow_claw

4. Ianthe- Fractional Pi Day

5. Marie- Chasilin

6. Angel- Silver_Voices

7. Adriana- Evangeline5432

8. Jax- WinterWhisperz

9. Micah- Chasilin

10. Elayna- Evangeline5432

11. Skyne- Thegreenrobby




1. Katniss- dangershy

2. Derek- Silver_Voices


Character sheets


Dove Children


Username: PeachSapling

Character name: Rachel

Gender: Female

Looks: She has dark brown, long hair that goes halfway between her waist and shoulder. She has on a tan dress that has some rips here and there. She also hates wearing shoes unless she has to.

Power: She can make plants grow with a single touch of her finger.

Likes: Plants, books (When she can read), kindness

Dislikes: Fire, darkness, things that are mean

Personality: Very kind to her friends/classmates, sometimes shy around other people, very curious about unknown things.

Past Life: She lived a small house in the village with her 2 older brothers that always pick on her for being the only girl in the house because her new mother died when she was 3 years old. She has a special fond for planting things and has been planting since she was 4.


Username: Thegreenrobby

Character name: Robert (Robby) Morris

Gender: Male

Looks: about 5'5, Robby is generally tall for his age. His light blue eyes contrast his dark blonde (Almost brown) hair. He has a fair-sized scar on his knee caused by a childhood rough-housing accident, though he refuses to talk about it.

Power: Telekenesis (Can lift objects of varying sizes, larger ones possible upon more practice)

Likes: Goofing off, chatting with friends, designing/building machines or other devices.

Dislikes: Cinnamon, Snooty people, waiting (For ANYTHING!)

Personality: Robby is an intelligent child. He excels in both math and reading, however, he has little care for manners. This often can get him in trouble, and he has trouble making friends due to this. Otherwise, he is not a troublemaker. His intelligence often leads him to create. He takes pleasure in showing off his work, in whatever form it may be. Art, design, even his math work, he likes to show off. If he comes up with a new way to do something, you will hear about it.

Robby is full of energy and easily excitable. He almost dances when he is anxious or excited. His quirkiness can be hard to get used to, and just about impossible to understand. However, he is a great and caring friend if you can get around it.

Past Life: Robby was treated quite well as a small child. He always got his hands on the latest of technology of the day. You could say he was spoiled.


Username: Fractional Pi Day

Character name: Ianthe

Gender: Female

Looks: Mousy brown, shoulder-length hair and big grayish-brown eyes. A little short for her age.

Power: Intangibility/phasing through solid objects

Likes: Patterns, nature, drawing, problems that require thinking

Dislikes: Loud people, people who are convinced that they are right about everything, sudden movements

Personality: Ianthe is a little awkward when it comes to conversation. She often trips over her words or forgets to explain key things, and sometimes spaces out in the middle of a conversation before blurting out something completely unrelated. She’s a little shy around most people, and has trouble remembering the details of things she’s not interested in. A lot of the other kids think she’s a weird little girl. She doesn’t mind much, preferring to watch than to participate in activities anyway, but sometimes does get a little lonely.

Past Life: She was adopted by a nice couple and has a younger brother and an older sister. None of the siblings really paid much attention to each other and preferred to talk to their own friends. She often went off on her own to explore just beyond the village when no one was paying attention.


Username: Chasilin

Character name: Evelynn-Marie Roy de Rives ((Marie))

Gender: Female

Looks: She's not spectacularly beautiful or very hard on the eyes, she's very naturally pretty in her own way. She's got a heart shaped face frammed with cherrybrown hair cut back and flipped out until her shoulders where it falls straight and unlayered until her lower back. She has forest green eyes that are encircled in a blue-green ring of solid color. Marie is about 5'5" and has very long limbs, she's very skinny but her curves aren't lacking by much despite that. She's very much average in everything, appearance wise. She generally wears a soft brown sundress that comes off one shoulder and dips beneath the other, she wears leggings that are striped in an alteration between black and green and she wears brown boots that hike up her calves to just beneath her knee. On her arms she has brown cloth gloves that go up to just beneath her shoulder, there are no finger holes apart for the thumbs. She wears a golden necklace that had an emerald on the end encompassed by bronze vines which loop over the chain. Her earrings are simple emerald studs and she's got a matching ring on her right index finger. These articles of jewelry belonged to Elizah, who had gotten them passed down from generations of her family because her ancestor was a child born by an affair with a King thus the name 'Roy', and so the jewels were passed on to Marie; she never takes them off.

Power: The ability to communicate to all living things including mute or deaf human beings or those that speak a different language. For such a socially inept person, her ability is quite confounding but since the deepest thing held in her heart is the want to communicate efficiently it became her power and it's quite a useful one. One of the creepy things though, is having the power to communicate beyond the corporeal realm, yep, ghosts. ((Will come in handy if anyone dies prematurely x3)

Limit: There is no real limit apart from being unable to communicate to something that can not communicate in some form or another or if it is not some kind of life form.

Likes: Animals, being immersed in nature, reading books about animals or basically anything she takes an interest to. She enjoys learning new ways to heal and tend to animals and ways to make them happy. She loves to wear brown, earthy colors or colors that are inconspicuous like tans and blacks.

Dislikes: Arrogance, impatience (though she can be herself sometimes) hypocracy, animal abuse, nature abuse, animal extinction or the over abuse of food production. She also doesn't like being the center of attention or being touched by anything but animals and plants.

Personality: She's quiet and to herself though she's got some unexpectedly strong points. She's unafraid to stand up for something she feels strongly for and she's honest to a fault; it gets her in trouble quite often. She's especially shy around people her own age but she can handle children and adults far better. She is terrible at taking the intiative and has to be asked/told/invited to do something before she does it. Otherwise she'll keep her personal wants to herself. She's not selfish openly but she has selfish thoughts, when she does, she mental beats herself for it. She does this whenever she thinks anything that's negative. Since she doesn't like to think about things and prefers to live in the moment than think about the past or the future she's often caught staring at nothing, lost in an empty void of absorbing what's around her. She could stay like this for hours and not a single thought will cross her mind. She prefers quiet places to loud noisy ones, she's claustrophobic but is good at working through crowds efficiently. She's a hard worker and a likes to keep things neat for a while before giving up and letting things be as they may. She's extremely contradictive.

Past Life: She lived on a large farm surrounded by livestock who loved a good conversation during chore time. She was always eager to help on the farm and the lovely elderly couple who took care of her doted on her. They were a happy family but once Elizah passed away, Rodger was never the same...he soon passed away but not before naming her heir to his livings and sending her off to the school to learn to be a princess. She'd always been their princess and Elizah had dreamed of being able to send Marie there, but she passed away before then. Now, the ranch is manned by temp workers who live in it and keep it tended while she is away.


Username: Silver_Voices

Character name: Angel

Gender: Female

Looks: Image Long, blond hair and green eyes. Pretty short for a 12 year old, 4'7. She fashioned her dove pin into a hair piece, and she wears it every day.

Power: Flame generation/control.

Likes: She just loves fire, watching it and feeling it's warmth. It's the only thing that will calm her down.

Dislikes: She hates the cold and water. Some people fear what's in the water, but she fears the water itself. She also hates being limited. If you give her a limit, she'll try everything she can to get past it, just because it's there. That's something that gets her into trouble a lot.

Personality: She's a big bundle of fun crazy energy. She's always doing something, never once sitting still. Very outspoken and cheerful. She's naturally sweet and caring, but can be very fierce when angered. She'll fight for what she wants, and won't roll over and die until she gets it.

Past Life: When she was taken in by her 'parents', they already had five children under their roof. She was practically raised by her 'siblings'. She, in turn, help raise her four younger siblings. She has nine siblings total, her being the tenth. The oldest is 23, and the youngest is not even a year old. Though she wasn't born into the large family, and she doesn't look anything like them, she is very much a part of it. In fact, they fight for her attention.


Username: evangeline5432

Character name: Adriana

Gender: Female

Looks: Image

Power: Dark Manipulation-The ability to take the darkness around her and manipulate it to her will. Sometimes it might be to effect a person or sometimes just to condense it and will it to take form.

Likes: She likes to draw and spend her time alone thinking. Darkness.

Dislikes: Loud people.

Personality: She is quiet, very rarely talking. Smart but a tad rebellious. Patient but has a temper. Shy to those she doesn't know.

Past Life: Fill in later


Username: Shadow_claw

Character name: Sawyer

Gender: F

Looks: She is tall and lean, but also muscular. Sawyer has long, dark brown hair, and very fair skin. Her eyes are a starting silver/

Power: Can turn into any animal.

Likes: animals, nature, loves reading, sleeping in, sunset, sunrise, laughing, jokes, and playing games.

Dislikes: poaching, hunting for sport, killing for no reason, bullies, cold nights, mean people, etc. .

Personality: Sawyer has really no sense of pain(for most of the time). Sawyer normally takes things seriously. She is sarcastic and sometimes a bit snappy to people. Sawyer has a short fuse, and is very aggressive when animals are harmed.

Past Life: Sawyer was adopted by an older man who lived in the woods, and raised there. He died just months ago, and she is alone, but willing to move on.


Username: WinterWhisperz

Character name: Jaxon, but goes by Jax

Gender: Male

Looks: Short shaggy dark brown hair and blazing blue eyes, slightly muscular build, has a strap of leather wrapped around his wrist that he carries the dove pin on, has oddly cool skin

Power: hydrokinesis

Limit: he doesn't know he has an ability yet, figured any strange happenings would have just been part of the unpredictable nature of water, but after these strange events, he ends up very fatigued, this will probably lessen as he gets better, but he doesn't understand how unlimited water is, and therefore limits himself.

Likes: Swimming, people, drawing, animals, nature, being around water and being cold, loves stormy weather

Dislikes: Not getting what he wants, school, boring people (teachers)

Personality: A wild card, loves being around people and being the center of attention, not really bothered by much, just wants to have a good time, but is a good guy deep down, and is surprisingly responsible when he wants to be

Past Life: Taken from the river by a relatively young couple, who was very open with him about where he came from. They were the 'parents' that were friends and he was their 'practice child, and he prepared them for their other children that came a few years after he was taken in. A boy and a girl, and the girl hated Jax. She made sure he knew it too, and tho they never admitted it, their parents favored their daughter, and Jax would end up in trouble for the things the girl would do, so Jax started sneaking out, often accompanied by his brother, to the very river Jax was pulled from, they'd spend hours playing there, and it became the place to be all up until their parents learned of this school for princes and princesses, and there was no doubt in their mind that he was going, as much as he hated the thought.



Character name: Micah (no last name known but called Mystery Micah)

Gender: Male

Looks: Looks (The purple is Aubergine)

Power: His power is extreme speed, he can move faster than one millionth of a second giving the illusion that he can become invisible. His natural reflexes are already top notch and he rarely uses his powers except for when absolutely necessary. He prefers to rely on his own strengths when ever possible but even he knows that sometimes it isn't enough.

Limit: Moving too quickly for too long burns out his shoes far too quickly so he often goes barefooted and his body is accustomed to the immense speed. However, if he moves too quickly or in one space too long there is a fat chance he could damage his surroundings. Moving faster than one millionth of a second in a small area causes the air to heat up from the friction of molecules and can cause static electricity, this hurts him more than anything else due to the sword he often wields whenever using his power.

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown but it's also a general feel you get from him that he's best left undisturbed and is hard to approach.

Personality: Strong, silent type, mysterious and a loner with random acts of kindness revealing his personally honor code which he strictly abides by and a hidden side that spontaneously reveals itself when triggered by different things. Chivalrous and honor bound but ruthless and best left with his feathers unruffled. He hides his dove pin because it's extremely immaculate and gets extremely irritated just from the sight of it but even so he feels an odd attachment to it and has never gotten rid of it.

Past Life: He has no recollection of his history, since he was the age of 6 he's lived and struggled to survive off of left overs and droppings from food wastes. He fought hard until he was 8 when life became easier. He was accepted into a poor foster care and he ate and lived there but he slept outside on the roof most times and practiced sword fighting having seen it once between two men in a town once in passing. When he came to be close to 15 the man, husband to the foster care owner, gave him a real blade, it was a fine specimen and Micah has never let it leave his side since the old man passed away from a robbery gone wrong. He has incredible reflexes and is a truly deadly force, he moves gracefully and it only seems to enhance how frightening he can be but he's about as smart book-wise as a tree stump. He's got common sense and street smarts but little more than that and he has little interest in becoming a prince but was sent off to learn manners and properly study since he'd become even more recluse since the old man died and the foster woman couldn't bear it anymore.


Username: Thegreenrobby

Character name: Skyne Nopree

Gender: Male

Looks: Very tall for his age, about 5'6. His eyes are a low green, with a hint of hazel. His hair is reddish, with streaks of brown.

Power: Can reverse time, but only minor events. Only he will remember reversing time, unless he touches someone when he activates that power. The longer he spends using this power, rewinding, the more ill effects come upon him.

<5 seconds: No effect.

5-15 seconds: Coughs, last about a minute.

15-20 seconds: Stomach cramps.

20-30 seconds: That... vomity feeling, will likely actually vomit. Hair starts to turn grey.

30+: Fatal effects. May actually die.

Using this power multiple times in a row may also stack the time.

Likes: All things fair, sweet foods.

Dislikes: Dis-advantages, vegetables that aren't corn.

Personality: Skyne is a 'Stickler,' so to speak. He is always the one to follow the rules. He is a joke-cracker, and likes to poke fun at various things. He smiles a lot.

Past Life: His parents raised him like any other generic child. They taught him one simple guideline to life:

"Follow the rules of your leaders, but have fun when there are none."

He knows nothing of the Dove Pin set story.


Username: Evangeline5432

Character name: Elayna Whalen

Gender: Female

Looks: With White Hair

Power: Light Manipulation: Can absorb the light energy around her and manipulate. This usually results in healing herself or someone. Or even manipulating it into a solid object.

Limit: Absorbing too much energy or using her ability will result in a nosebleed or worse. She can not absorb energy for long otherwise it would kill her.

Likes: Would be RP'd

Dislikes: Silence

Personality: Is talkative

Past Life: Will be RP'd




Username: dangershy

Character Name: Katniss Kaidy

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Looks: Tall, about five foot seven. She has reddish-brown hair that drops down to her waist, usually in a braid. She is most commonly seen in a very simple outfit, usually a nice tee-shirt and some pants, since she doesn't really like being all fancied-up. Her skin is a light tan shade and her eyes are a shining and truthful shade of blue, almost teal colored.

Likes: Being alone, quiet places, books, writing, drawing.

Dislikes: Being in noisy places, people who are mean, (like the teachers tongue.gif) tall people.

Personality: She has a very mild temper and hardly ever gets angry, and when she is angry, she has no idea what to do with it, usually taking out something to squeeze that won't shatter into a million pieces. She is also a very caring person who will do anything for the people who can befriend her.

Past Life: Sort of like her personality; she basically stayed in her room and avoided people, and when she went outside people would see her as weird and she'd be cast out of any games. She has led a quiet life of loneliness, basically.

Other: She's extremely claustrophobic, arachnephobic, batophobic, and astraphobic. (Fear of enclosed spaces, fear of spiders, fear of heights, and fear of thunder and lightning.)


Username: Silver_Voices

Character Name: Derek

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Looks: Image Longish, brown hair, usually unkept and messy. Large brown eyes. 5'2.

Likes: Derek likes practical things. He likes to keep things plain and not too intricate. Also, thinking things through and analizing situations. He likes to try to figure out what will happen next.

Dislikes: When something happens that he doesn't expect. He hates it when he's wrong.

Personality: Derek is the level headed type, the one who keeps everything calm and organized. He looks at the situation, analizes it, then acts.

Past Life: Derek was only one when his family took in Angel. He played with her a lot growing up. They are the closest in age of all their siblings. They grew up together and got into all sorts of mischief, and Angel's natural cuteness usually got them out of trouble. Though, sometimes things got out of hand when Angel brought in her love of fire. After a close encounter with a house fire they almost caused, Derek finally matured and grew up. He laughs at Angel's antics, but never participates, and also advises her on what is going 'too far'. Because they were so close, Angel made a crude replica of her dove pin and gave it to him. He keeps it on the arm strap of his bag.

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Yay, OOC thread!


Guys, why are you using OCC and OOC interchangeably? It's supposed to be OOC, for Out Of Character. Where'd the other thing come from?


Also bluh so many girl dove children. I feel like making a male student char to balance it out, but it honestly won't help :\

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Oh, by the way, I read through the thread before I joined, and I was baffled by the math you guys laid down. I'm in 10th grade and 16 years old, so that's pretty sad. So, kudos to you who understand math! Yay!


Soo, should we post our Character forms here?

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Oh, by the way, I read through the thread before I joined, and I was baffled by the math you guys laid down. I'm in 10th grade and 16 years old, so that's pretty sad. So, kudos to you who understand math! Yay!


Soo, should we post our Character forms here?

Well, we just did the math to see what the odds where to see if there are equally boy and girl characters. (I'm 12 and in 7th grade, BTW.)

Yeah. Post your forms here.

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Fourteen and ninth for me. Those odds are plummeting really fast, by the way. I think the odds of male/female characters appearing were never really even. More girls roleplay, it seems. If people stop joining later on, will we be allowed to make more dove children to fill in the gaps? This unbalanced ratio is getting really terrible.


Do we really need to post the char sheets? They're already in the first post anywaaaay. //I'msolazy

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Fourteen and ninth for me. Those odds are plummeting really fast, by the way. I think the odds of male/female characters appearing were never really even. More girls roleplay, it seems. If people stop joining later on, will we be allowed to make more dove children to fill in the gaps? This unbalanced ratio is getting really terrible.


Do we really need to post the char sheets? They're already in the first post anywaaaay. //I'msolazy

Only if you are first joining.

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Ehehe... PeachSapling... I just realized... I don't think Angel and Rachel are going to get along very well xd.png

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When Adriana's abilities become active, I would be curious as to what she has to do to get sent to the basement. tongue.gif


It would be an interesting way to have her discover what she can do.

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Come on, their powers are based on their personalities/likes. People who intensely dislike each other was always going to happen. Wouldn't Adriana dislike Angel too, considering that fire is pretty much anti-darkness?


Also we should reaaaally move the story forward. It's been six days and the first class hasn't even actually started.

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Sorry to double post. I just wanted to say two things.

1. Please actually use the OOC (ahem, thank you, Pie, er, I mean... FPD) thread, you guys. It makes things a lot easier. And that's why it's here after all.


2. I was going to say what Pie said on the main thread. Can we time skip to the end of this class? Unless someone has something they want to do in the middle. Then we could time skip to then.

Edited by Silver_Voices

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Circumference divided by diameter is not the same thing as delicious snackAAAAAASDHVJKdrdyithblTYPEWRITERTYPEWRITERTYPEWRITER


Actually, the reason that I don't use the OOC (that's two Os and one C, for Out Of Character >:T) is that no one else seems to use it for serious RP-related questions. Self-fulfilling prophecy, huh.

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Kay, Vang. :3


Ohh, pretty biggrin.gif





What do I call y'all anyway?


I am so deeply amused by this part of the RP.


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Sorry, Fractional Pi Day... What would you rather me say?


You can just call me Silver, or whatever.


The OOC will be used more for serious stuff later in the RP. At least, that's what I've always seen. When people require something to happen but it relies on the other people... It usually gets picked up pretty quickly.

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Just call meh Peach. I can surely let it slide that PeachSapling is a long username. xd.png Just don't call me Sapling. It's not that I don't like it, just that it's a bit weird. I can't wait for later parts of the school day. That will surely be interesting. I dunno what I'll actually use in those parts. xd.png Any suggestions?

Edited by PeachSapling

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Just call meh Peach. I can surely let it slide that PeachSapling is a long username. xd.png Just don't call me Grace. It's not that I don't like it, just that it's a bit weird. I can't wait for later parts of the school day. That will surely be interesting. I dunno what I'll actually use in those parts. xd.png Any suggestions?

Well, I dunno what unknown evil we are supposedly fighting.


You can just call me Robby. On other forums, some people call me 'Greenie' so I'm okay with that, too.

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Pi. Without the E. Or Six/'6 if you'd like(shortened form of another of my usernames). Honestly, I wasn't that mad about the Pie thing. It just ticked me off a bit, and I enjoy pretending to be a robot. (Did you know that "typewriter" is the longest English word that can be typed with one line of the QWERTY keyboard? Kind of appropriate, huh.)


Manners is next. Oh god.

Can we just skip some of the lessons? Or just RP out the beginnings of them. Let the kids talk about how terrible it was afterwards, during break/food. I can't wait until hand radio dove pins. Then we can chatter during class and no one else will notice or care.


Wait...break's not on the schedule. Is that a mistake?

Edited by Fractional Pi Day

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I'll call you Pi. smile.gif


Manners? Oh, goodness gracious... Let's just go through a few moments of it, but not the whole thing.

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Peach, would Adriana not know about her power?


If I understand correctly, it would start to awaken when she meets the others but does she actually have to meet them?


Also, what if they all got sent to the basement on the first day or something? That would be a great way for them all to meet...

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