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I have been wanting to start a thread where there can be talk of recent in-the-news art stuff in general. I looked and couldn't find a thread like this in this section. Also, I was unsure if it would be better suited here or in the general discussion thread.


Anyways, for the start off post, I wanted to share this really exciting article I found on the national geographics website about a lost da Vinci mural which some experts believe they have found hidden behind a wall of another famous mural. The da Vinci piece is believed to be The Battle of Anghiari, which has only been glimpsed through other artist reproductions.


There's some political conflict going on, so the investigation has currently been halted.


As well, I wanted to show this really inspirational work that a sculptor is working on in the Caribbean to help the local reefs. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/20...photos-science/

Art is usually used as a form of communication, so I find it awesome that he has found a way to use it for more than just that.

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This isn't about art, but it seems Thomas Kinkade has died. I for one don't believe the "world has lost a great artist" but an entrepreneur. He found a way to appeal to the masses and profit from it. Sure he seemed to have done some nice things, but I will only remember him from his massive production line of "assistants" who did a bulk of his work for him.

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