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DNH's Art Workshop.

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I really need to practice more but I'm not feeling too inspired at the moment, so it would be great to get a boost for it. I will be taking request about anything, although the thing I mostly need to practice is humans.


I won't take Dragon Cave dragon request.

I'm sorry, guys, but I don't want to go about asking the sprite's creators for permission to make fanart out of them, and I don't find it fair to use them freely without permission, specially since some of them might be a bit touchy about their art which is absolutely reasonable.




I want;

I want it in this form;



1. Krystalsharz (done)

2. Dargan

3. Kila

4. Verridith.


Examples of my art; (cope with me, I'm awfully bad)

Black Horse Courier

Among Shadows Cover Art

Border Collie

Request Art.


I don't need any payment, but I would be grateful if any of you wants to donate some bred eggs I need.

To be more exact, I'm looking for;

2 second gen white with yulebuck.

2 second gen white with 09 valentines.

2 second gen white with holly.

2 second gen white with alt sweetling.


And a stairstep, 2 breeds, from all the tinsel lines I yet don't have, which I believe are in my profile tongue.gif.


If you've read until here, I thank you.



1. Krystalsharz

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Requester; krystalsharz

I want; humans you need practice with? So I would like Kabuto Yakushi


Signature glasses adjustment

I want it in this form;

If you look up a few more pictures of him, then you can get a better idea of his movements and such. Maybe him looking smug while adjusting his glasses.


If this is twoo hard, then let me know and I'll change my request

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Requester; Dargan

I want; My character Movich http://tropaion.webs.com/Characters/Movich.htm and here is his accepted ref that I made using a generator on dA <33 Wyndbain saved me there.

I want it in this form; http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/970...3-1600-1200.jpg

In a pose similar to that, but you are free to make edits as you want.


Thank you so much <33


- Savage aka Dargan

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Requester; Kila

I want; a drawing of my character Brianna, because I'm currently unable to draw

I want it in this form; Something tribal and rather feral, feel free to take liberties with pose and whatnot.


A detailed description can be found here: http://kilaicious.webs.com/brianna.htm and I'll happily provide more reference pictures if needed. Here's a rough color for her skin and hair, and here's a crappy bust that I messed up on.


I'll also donate a 2nd gen. cordial egg to you as thanks for taking my request...if you take it xd.png; (or Sav's, 'cause she's a friend of mine).


Thanks DNH!

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Oooh, love that Aurora pic <3


Requester; Verridith

I want; Draw Talos! :3

http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/6078/5talosref.jpg <-- a ref created by a dragon creator; however, please note all markings are NOT correct. After more pics, details on markings will be given.


http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs46/f/2009/205...y_Verridith.jpg <-- ref I drew of him as a young dragon/fledgling; his adult ref is above. HOWEVER, markings in this one are more correct.


Baby art:




Colors! XD

Okay. His base color is a light gold, shaded like this. His dark gold markings are colored like this. He's a metallic, so make him shiny! :3 His wing web is more off-white, creamy, like this, though his fluffy fur is more white in coloration. His wings shade a bit darker near the web's edges, and his belly plates are the same shade as his wings, NOT his mane.


His anatomy is much liikkeee... this:

http://th04.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2009/357/e/b/ebbad3262ac9cbbc5fac8ba1a60768d1.jpg OH WAIT NO, kinda like that epic shiny dragon Shinerai; strong hind legs, though still lean and built for speed. Note that while not drawn (because I fail and I haven't made him an updated ref in FOREVER) his wing webbing extends well past his hind legs.



His armkings (<-- that was too funny a typo to erase) markings and features are very correct on the hatchling ref I drew. However, take the striping off of the adult ref and apply it to your drawing, as well as the floofy fur on his wrists, ankles, and hindlegs. ^^

I want it in this form; Playful from the side or flying. :3 I do want to see him somewhat profile, though XD


Note: ...do you livestream? U:






And... yes, apparently I do ramble when I'm sleepy. ;__; FORGIVE ME. I are perfectionist.


/slinks off to bed

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I'll squeeze you in, Verridith smile.gif


I'm closing request for the time being, not to overburden myself. ^^


Edit; No, I don't livestream. I'm too shy about painting in presence of people tongue.gif.

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Sorry for the delay, guys. My tablet broke down and I had to buy a new one (took the chance to get a Wacom Intuos). It arrived yesterday so I guess by end of week I'll have Krystal's request. smile.gif


Edit; Ghah! Having issues with pressure in Photoshop CS3. Seems to be a common problem with my new Wacom Intuos 4. I'll see if I can fix it sometime around today, or I'll have to search for PS latest version, see if it works.

So far, all the fixes I've tried have not worked, but the trial in Wacom properties does work.


I'm so sorry guys, but this is completely out of my control.

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Ok, fixed the darned thing!


I gave up on tweaking the drivers and simply went this morning first hour to get PS CS4 and it works. So I'll continue with Krystal's request which should be done in a couple of days biggrin.gif

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Just so you guys know, I've been working on the request, I'm just insanely slow and I'm putting all my effort into trying to create a masterpiece, and not something rushed and ugly. I could post a screenshot to show the insanely ammount of detail and work I'm putting into it, but it'd ruin the surprise.


Hope the result was worth the wait. smile.gif

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Take as much time as you need c: I'll be eagerly awaiting, and I'm sure that I'll be squeeing with delight when you post the finished product <3

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Let me try that again




one more time




Apparently there is no word to describe just how much I love that picture...



I was not expecting a background like that... it was amazing

and Kabuto was well done. Kudos!


I now have a new desktop background.

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I'm glad you liked it! ^^ Specially since the background was a heck to draw at times xd.png.


You're^very welcome. ^^

It was really fun to work on,

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That is amazing!!! Tell me when ur open so I can request something. I need a picture from you.

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Bumping so it doesn't get deleted.


Sorry I've been so busy haven't had time to get anywhere near my pencils. Hopefully by tuesday next week I'll be free again from packing up stuff and can relax a bit. It's a shame, I've got so many projects delayed because days don't have 48 hours. tongue.gif


Will get around, promise.

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Bumping again. Background colors are proving waaay too complicated *sigh*, but I'm working on it.


And I got a new puppy so my time is growing small.


Got the other two sketched out. tongue.gif

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