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-Sky's Rambling Writings-

Constructive criticism would be appreciated.


A lot of my works are random, spontaneous, and not to mention, horrible. But bear with me because I'll probably post a lot of my stories. And I'll probably ask you guys about things I should write because I have a boring life and I'm not inspired easily! laugh.gif



Tis a somewhat random paragraph about an orange!


Suzie, exhaustedly, picked up an orange from off the granite bar. Its spherical shape fit comfortably in her hands. Solid, just as she preferred. The deep orange color portrayed by the fruit seemed almost a shade lighter in the dim rays of the sun from the window. She could also distinguish faint lines that had been punctured by Suzie's rather prominent nails. Slowly, she peeled back the orange's skin. It conformed to her will each time she pulled a layer back, each time she played with it. The skin was soft and easy to manipulate. She could simply bruise or crush the peelings with force, with effort. As she peeled the last section off, she marveled at its inner layer, its inner shell. Suzie squeezed it softly, producing a soft squelch. Orange juice splattered over the table. She silently told herself she would clean it up later. Tenderly, she pulled it to her nose and enveloped the zesty, citrus smell. It reminded her of the breakfast she didn't have to eat this morning. Now drawn by the entergetic smell, she took a small bite of the unique fruit... A sweet flavor flood throughout her mouth, only to be followed by a rather acid after-taste. She took the orange away from her mouth and silently wondered something, something rather weird... Why had she consumed ten minutes of her life observing an orange perspicaciously?


-The Party House-

Our English teacher told us to write a scary story and this came in mind. You may notice that this story has also been incorporated in one of my roleplays, The Cabin.


Vibrant lights flashed in her brilliant green eyes as she twirled around in a buoyant fashion. Her petite, flexible figure caught the eyes of many handsome boys who all looked well in their college years. "Hey beautiful, come over here for a moment!" Cecelia Wilder turned around to see Zane Jackson, the muscular quarterback with bronze, curly hair and eyes blue enough to melt any girl's heart. The quarterback leaned against a refreshments table, wearing a crooked grin. Several girls eyed him with obvious envy and lust. "I would only do this for you, ya know." she yelled, sauntering over to him. Her words came out slurred, bit she really didn't care. Half of the kids were already on the floor, unconscious.


She tried to pirouette into Zane's outstretched arms, but stumbled on a loose board. He caught her with a laugh and then pulled her tightly to her chest. His smooth fingers played with her wavy auburn hair.


"Zane buddy, want somethin' to drink?" Reggie Johnson, the running back for Heather High, stumbled over to them. There were two bottles in his extremely calloused hands.

"Shoot yeah! Give me that other one too for my lady friend!" Zane replied, taking the bottles unceremoniously. The running back, not the slightest bit offended, shook his head and laughed. "There's some hardcore stuff in that beer. Do ya think an impish girl like her could withstand it?" Cecelia glared at the muscular black boy, indignant at his drunken teasing.


"I bet I could down two of those bottles if I wanted to." She shouted before grabbing one of the bottles out of the quarterback's hand/ She tipped it down her throat and a warm, gingery substance flooded into her mouth. She swallowed and raised her hands in triumph. Two husky looking boys picked her up and started to run her around the room. She laughed gleefully though her moment of euphoria was long gone. Black sports began to hinder her vision and nausea was starting to settle in. She tried to scream for them sto stop, but the boys didn't hear her over the shouts and yells over others. She tried to holler over them once more, but to no avail. The only memory she had before blacking out was that of Zane laughing.


Cecelia awoke to the sound of whooshing wind. A chill settled over her body as she balled up into a fetal position. Why didn't one of the kids close the window or turn off the air conditioner? With tremendous effort, she sat up and glanced around. Nothing seemed like she remembered it. Instead of the pristine walls of the party house, there were ugly wooden walls which seemed ready to collapse at any given moment. The smell of urine drifting off from the pipes in the far corner of the wall proved her point. The floor was nothing but damp, rotten wood. It too smelled of urine. This was definitely not the party house.


A swooping sensation in her stomach ailed her as she stood up. The feeling brought back the memory of a swiftly spiraling rollercoaster. The only difference was that she wasn't even moving. She took a small step and the feeling intensified. Stupid equilibrium. Stupid shack. Most likely, she had been sprawled out on that awful floor all night. She remained still for a moment and the dizzying feeling settled down. She took another step and the feeling returend. Why had she drank so much last night? Why had she let Reggie's whimsical taughts get to her? She chanced another movement and sighed with relief. The nausea had finally vanished. Her egotistic mind congratulated itself vainly. "I thought you would never wake up." She turned around to see a thin, hooded figure leaning on the doorway. His quiet voice frightened her even though he hadn't said anything threatening, yet. "W-who are y-you?" she asked, backing up slowly.


Her complexion, usually fair, was now a sickly white. "I am a mere representation of your worst phobias. But you can call me Lucifer if that pleases you." he replied, unmoving. Cecelia felt her skin, if possible, go even paler. Don't let this jerk scare you... Just be your usual vivacious and defiant self. "Lucifer, what kind of name is that?" she asked mockingly, her voice high and shrill. The hooded man moved towards her with graceful, fluid movements. She eyed him cautiously. "Don't be afraid... I won't hurt you... For now..."


With the speed of a striking cobra, Lucifer lunged towards her and picked her up. Cecela tried to scream, but he had a spidery hand over her mouth. Underneath his hood, she could see a sliver of his mouth. It was curved up in a sardonic smile. That smile would probably haunt her the rest of her life, if she lived of course. The psycho (as she had now labeled him) carried her into the next room. He had amazing strength for such a small body. This room was identicle to the other with the exception of two things. There were mounds of petite looking bones scattered all over the floor and a menacing looking chair stood in the middle of them. She felt herself go limp in his arms.


When she awoke form her faint, Cecelia saw that she was strapped in the sinister chair. Even its ebony color reminded her of something evil. Lucifer stood next to her chair, eyeing her intensely. He was no longer hooded. Her kidnapper was pale, but no unhandsomely so. His dark brown hair was wavy and short, but it went well with his palled complexion. He looked like he was in his early twenties. Weird. She had expected her abductor to be ugly, not someome mildly cute. If the man hadn't proved himself to be absolutely demented, she would have given him her number. "Open your mouth." Lucifer said, his coal black eyes piercing her. When she refused, he said it again. This time with much more force. "I said, OPEN YOUR MOUTH!"


She obliged and he stuck a white patch on her tongure. The bitter taste lingered for a few moments, but then it vanished along with the patch. "What did you give me?" she demanded, hoping that the white patch wouldn't result in her untimely death.


"It's Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, a hallucinogenic drug." He then left the room, leaving her alone with a pile of bones. The deliriums began five minutes later. The first was of her dead parents and brother. They all had died in a car wreck, leaving her to live with her crazily strict grandmother. Their bodies were mangled and covered in blood. Her mother's sweet face seemed distorted and angry. Tears fell down her face in an increasingly alarming rate. Then the hallucination changed and she saw Xavier, her old, deceased boyfriend. His golden locks bounced merrily as he walked towards her. He came close enough for her to smell his peppermint cologne. She screamed when his crystalline blue eyes turned blood red. The delusion transformed again, and she saw several girls standing before her.


There was a pretty brunette whose hair was matted with blood. A blond girl with pale skin followed. Her eyes had been gouged out. Cecelia uttered a low moan as more mangle, injured girls followed. All of them had fatal injuries. She thought it couldn't get any worse, but she was wrong. So wrong. A thin figure rose out of the wooden floor. Her hair was auburn and fierce, her skin pale and white. There were no other words for her except for beautiful. The only unsightly thing about her was that there was a huge, gaping hole in the right side of her chest, right where her heart should be. Poor girl... Those were her thoughts until she realized that the rather alluring girl was her. Cecelia. She whimpered, frightened of her doppelganger. What had she done to deserve this? "Join us..." they murmured. "Join us... Let him kill you... There is no hiding, no running..." She screamed once more and the girls suddenly vanished. Their words echoed in her mind. "Join us... Join us... There is no hiding, no tunning... Let him kill you..." That's when a flying arrow imaled itself into her chest.


Cecelia blinked once or twice as the realization of her being alive sunk in. She should have died. The arrow had sunk into her chest right? Her hands cautiously made their way to where she thought the arrow had hit her... It wasn't there. A huge grin stretched across her face. It had been a hallucination, just a hallucination! She looked around, expecting to see the rotten walls of the shack, but instead, she found herself staring at the unspoiled walls of the party house. The room was desolate and empty, but it was still the party house nevertheless. She hadn't been to the shack at all! It had been some sort of weird nightmare! She began to jump up and down with victory, but stopped abruptly. A cold chill settled on her heart and she spun around, her head pounding. Lucifer stood there, his black cloak swaying due to some strong, invisible wind. His lips curled up into a triumphant smile. Cecelia screamed as blackness overtook her.



Here's a work I did a few years ago... I've never finished it though. xd.png


-Chapter 1-


“Look at me Mommy!” Kate looked up from the newspaper to see that her son, Jack, was on his toy rocking horse. His cowboy hat hung lopsidedly on his head and a leather gun holster hung limply to his side. His toes barely skinned the fresh grass. “I see you honey! Are you gonna catch some cows for me?” she asked, unable to keep herself from grinning. Jack did the same and brushed a few strands of his curly black hair out of his face. “Yeah, I’m gonna catch a big cow, like the one Daddy brought home!”


She smiled and remembered the injured calf Kevin had brought home. He was a veterinarian and sometimes he brought sick creatures home so he could treat them. “How about we go inside and get something to snack on? I bet after riding that horse, you’ve worked up an appetite!” she said, standing up and crossing over to Jack. He held out his hands in such a manner that she automatically knew that he wanted to be picked up. She obliged and scooped him into his arms. “Know how much I love you?” she asked him, staring into his brilliant green eyes. He smiled and held out his arms. “This much!” He shouted before hugging her tightly. She laughed and hugged Jack back. “That much and more.” She whispered to him before carrying him inside. He giggled and gave her a peck on the cheek. “I love you more Mommy!”


Kate sat him down in his seat before moving towards the kitchen. Its wooden floor and crimson walls reminded her of the kitchen her mother once had. “Mommy, I want chicken!” Jack’s eager voice reached her ears and she snapped out of thoughts. “Do you want the dinosaur shaped chicken or the animal shaped chicken?” she asked, opening the freezer. It was full of junk food. “Dinosaur chicken pwease!” It always made her laugh to hear the way he said ‘please’. “Alright buddy, dinosaur chicken it is!” She pulled out the packaged dinosaur chicken meal and stuck it in the microwave. Then with the press of a few buttons, it started to heat up. “Alright, just wait a few moments and they should be done.” She said, before glancing at the clock. It was about three o’ clock. Kevin should be home soon. Ring…Ring…Ring.


She dashed over to the telephone and looked at the caller ID. It was from her husband. She picked it up with eagerness. “Hey honey, are you almost done?” she asked him, hoping he’d be home soon. It was their special movie night. “I’m sorry, but I’ll be late tonight. A man just dropped off his severely injured bulldog. It apparently had been run over while the owner wasn't looking. I’ll have to amputate its leg in order to keep infection from spreading.” She felt disappointment and weariness surge through her. He had never missed a movie night. She tried to force cheeriness back into her voice. “Alright, see you when you get home.” She said, hoping that she sounded at least a bit happy. Kevin hesitated for a moment before speaking. “I love you Kate!” Then, he hung up.


As she put down the phone, the microwave beeped, indicating that the chicken was ready. She crossed back over to the microwave and pulled the tray out. It smelled wonderful. “Are you hungry Jack?” she asked, turning to her son. The tray then fell out of her hands with a loud bang. Jack was on the floor, twitching, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.


-Chapter 2-


Kevin Wilson wanted nothing more than to be with his family, Kate and Jack. But that was nigh impossible at the moment as the bulldog, he and a team of technicians had been operating on, was now flat lining. He shook his head and stepped back as two nurses stepped up to try and suction out the blood. It just kept coming. He pushed them gently aside and shook his head. The dog couldn’t be saved. “But Dr. Wilson, if we just…” One of the techs spoke up nervously. He obviously wasn't experienced with death.

“No, the dog can’t be saved.” To prove his point, a final beeping sound from a nearby machine caused most of his assistants to jump. He alone didn’t. “Dr. Jones, would you mind stitching him up for me? Nurses, prepare the body to be buried. And if someone could, please notify the owner of the bulldog.” His commandments sent everyone into a frenzy. Kevin surveyed the scene before he pulled off his gloves and threw them in the garbage can. The mask upon his face got the same treatment.


“Dr. Wilson, are you about to leave?” Sandra, a receptionist here approached him as he exited the operation room. She looked at him sympathetically, but he didn’t know why. “Yes, what’s wrong?” Kevin asked feeling a bit of anticipation. The girl shuffled her feet and stared at the ground. “Your wife called about a dozen times while you were in surgery. She said something about Jack having a seizure. An ambulance was going to pick them up…” Kevin didn’t hear another word; he was already running towards his car.




Kate nearly uttered a scream as a group of doctors put Jack on a gurney and took him away from her. His face was pale and clammy, his body seemed unnaturally still. She sobbed out in the parking lot until a kind faced nurse led her inside. “Ma’am, I’m going to need you to sign some papers.” She took the clipboard from the nurse and held it with shaky hands. It fell down to the floor. She tried to pick it up, but her hands were still unstable. The nurse, looking weary, picked it up and put it on a desk.


“S-sorry.” She managed to say before sitting in one of the ER’s stiff chairs. The nurse sat down next to her and extended her hand. Kate took it, glad for company. “I’m Deidra. If you need anything, just let me know.” The kind woman ruffled her dark hair slightly before standing up again. “I-is my son going to be o-okay?” she said, wiping away tears with the back of her hand. The nurse smiled sadly. “That depends on God, but I’ll go check on him if you wish.” Kate nodded as Deidra left and then began to mull over the words just spoken to her.


Her parents, who were Christians, Pentecostals to be exact, had been the only people who had ever asked her to pray to God or come to church. None of her close friends had even uttered His name. She didn’t really care, but Kate found it quite disconcerting that a total stranger would be the one to bring up the topic. “Kate!”


She looked up to see Kevin running over to her, still wearing his navy scrubs. She ran over to him and gave him a long hug, full of tears. When he finally released her, tears had filled his eyes also. “Is Jack going to be alright?” he asked. Kate was grateful that he didn’t ask about what had happened. Somewhere deep inside her, she could tell that the whole thing was probably her fault. She hadn’t been paying attention to Jack… “I d-don’t know yet. A kind nurse had just gone to check before you came.”



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Really interesting stories! You should continue some of them.

Also, you horror story? It needs more details. I wasn't really... feeling it. If you get what I mean.

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That's a really sad story sad.gif

It made me kept on reading on and on, cannot stop xd.png


Are you talking about the Untitled one? If so, yes, it is sort of sad...



Really interesting stories! You should continue some of them.

Also, you horror story? It needs more details. I wasn't really... feeling it. If you get what I mean.


Hmm.. Yes, I get what you mean... I think I'll refrain from doing much to it yet as I would like some more feedback on it. Thanks for the help! biggrin.gif

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