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I've seen games about songs, (dragon) names, countries etc, but I've checked all the Forum Games section and haven't found one about movies or tv series.


It's very easy:


The first person posts the title of a movie or a tv series and the next person has to post one that starts with the last letter of the first.


If the title has "The" in it, the first letter will be "T" or the next word. Example: The Rock would be for letters "T" or "R".


If the title starts or ends with a number (example: 24), it will still count but you have to write it in letters.



Person 1: Finding Forrester

Person 2: The Rock

Person 3: ...



I'll start:

Doctor Who

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Well, since there is no post starting with O...


Only Fools and Horses. (Never heard of it. Sounds interesting.)

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