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Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2

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Team Fox ~


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@Raptor, I don't think you could unless you have some recent popular games. Generally they try to only give you a dollar or two for old games D:

You might check out their website to see if any games they have listed could be sold to get enough money for it. Otherwise you could wait until christmas. Someone could probably lend you a genesect via wi-fi if you just need it for pokedex completion.

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The problem is, I don't want to wait till Christmas because I'll probably have fights with my brother about it. Three of the games are DS games, one WII game, and two GBA games.

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Woo! beat the last gym leader!


But now I'm stuck. I can't find route 21. I'll probably find it, anyway.


My genesect is stronger than I thought. I bet the strongest of drayden's pokemon with it, and my genesect was around lv 39!

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I can't believe it,

my brother threatened to steal my White 2 version and start over!

When I tossed him the game I said "You'll never figure it out. If you can't do it in 24 hours you owe me $50."



Oh well, 2 gym badges. Flaafy and Oshawott.

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Team update:


Ben the Pignite~Lvl 33

Elle the Espeon~Lvl 33

Petunia the Lilligant~Lvl 34

Bruce the Crobat~Lvl 33

Boo the Frillish~Lvl 31


Just got out of Chargestone Cave.


I'm so underleveled. xd.png Hopefully I'll make up for it in Celestial Tower and Route 7.


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Team Update for me, too:

Dewott Lv. 17

Flaaffy Lv. 18

Timburr Lv. 18


Dream Team:








So, when can you get Volcarona?

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Dream Team whenever I get it:







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I'm currently trying to catch a Growlithe without the darn thing roaring me away in my game. happy.gif What would the best nature for it be? Anyone know?

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Definitely go with intimidate. Flash Fire is pretty useless because why would you be fighting a fire pokemon with a fire pokemon (disregarding that you can teach it a few ground type moves which are super effective against fire).



Woo, I beat the elite four last night and now I'm running around to the spots that you couldn't go to before beating them. Caught a Latios too! (There is one in the dream yard. I assume that White 2 gets latias.)


So my team is at level 63 now, still the same pokes at their final evolutions. I had a pretty awesome moveset for them fighting the elite four but I had to axe some of the moves for HM Moves so I could adventure. I'll get my dream set of moves back once I finish with adventure...

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Umm... Nightfox, Katt meant nature, not ability.

But yeah for abilities go for Intimidate. I'm not an expert on natures.

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*long day with a miserable abysmal physics test*


Nature is whatever stat you want to go up the best. Depending on whether you want to emphasize on physical attacks or special attacks I would go with Adamant (for physical attacks) or Modest (for special attacks)

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You can get Volcarona in Relic Castle, fairly early on. c:

Do you just need Surf and Strength? Or is there a certain number of gym badges you need?

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Nope, you just need to have gotten to driftveil city, use the relic passage which is south of the PWT building.


The volcarona is level 35 pre-elite four.



So I caught zekrom (I caught it on the first pokeball :'D) and kyurem (got lazy and used the masterball) and I did the fusion thing (both with zekrom and later with a traded reshiram). And it was pretty neat looking and it gets a cool moveset, but it's a completely useless function because it happens so late in the game (the catching of the two legendaries).


By then it's like, well I already have a set team, so why would I have this on my team. So now it's just sitting in my box (Fused because I can).



Oh well. I'm going around battling all the "strong" trainers now and doing the movies. When you use your own pokemon (successfully) in the movies you get a little star that pops up above them when you send them out for battle.

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Do you have a fire or flying type?

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Leavanny and Swadloon are weak to Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug, and Rock.


Zubat (Castelia Sewers), Timburr(has Rock Throw, Relic Passage)), Pidove (Floccesy Ranch), Growlithe(Virbank Complex), Sewaddle (Route 12 and 20), Grimer(Castelia Sewers), and Koffing (Virbank Complex) are all available when you get to Castelia, which give you many oppertunities.


Dwebble is weak to Water, Rock, and Steel.


Timburr (Relic Passage), Oshawott/Dewott (Starter), and Onix (Relic Passage) are all available when you get to Castelia. I may have missed a few, though.


Train at the Battle Company, Castelia Sewers (stock up on lots are repels), Relic Passage, and Route 4.


Hope I've helped tongue.gif


Edit: Added areas just for the heck of it.

Edited by Ultra

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Thanks! My team is composed of:


Lvl 26 Dewott

Lvl 21 Liepard

Lvl 19 Venipede

Lvl 18 Rattata

Lvl 16 Sunkern

Lvl 16 Woobat



In a storage box I also have:


Lvl 12 Magenit

Lvl 15 Zubat


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So if you completed the national dex in the game you memory link to, at Nuvema Town in the house that was your house for Black/White 1, the completion diplomas are sitting on their table in their room. It was kind of a cool little memo.


But, I'm kind of like, professor juniper, why do you need me to complete the national dex when it has already been done?



Though, I did complete the "viewed" portion of the unovadex to get the permit to go to the nature preserve and caught the shiny haxorus.

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Well, just finished the game, so I may as well post my current team, all Lv. 65:







Hydreigon (Finally!)


Though, I'm not even close to finishing the after game.

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