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Needing Help for Lineage Project

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So it seems I posted in the wrong section but I was nudged over here, so hopefully I am in the right place this time. Learning these boards isn't very easy! But I am getting there slowly but surely. Anyways here was my original post!


Edit: So I have been nudged to yet another area. So hopefully now my request is in the right spot. However I am excited to have found the place where I can set up my own art studio for Avatars and Signatures which is what I love to design.



So I have started a new Lineage Project. It is my first and I am really hoping that it turns out to be a good one. I have a certain style when it comes to what I make with graphics and I was hoping to try and get a few different styles added to my button/banner list in my Project.


The Project is called Project Failure.. it is based around continuing the lineages of Tinsel-Fails with other Tinsel-Fails.


Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=132742


I have one button and one banner made up so far. I would be truly thankful for anything that anyone has to offer and I would proudly display the artists names giving them proper credit for what they have done for the Project.


Thank you in Advance! I can't wait to see what is created from all the amazing artists here at dragcave.




Not an Art Request but just a General Request!


Oh since I don't want to double post here in the help section. If someone knows a good amount about starting up Lineage Projects I would be eternally grateful for any sort of mentoring that someone could give me on helping me get my Project off the ground. Still being somewhat new here, I did my best.. and I'm pretty sure if I had someone with some experience giving me some advice it would help me greatly. Again, any help offered in this department would be credited appropriately.


Thank you!

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I'll give it a go. I have no requests night now, so I'll do one or two for you for free. Edited by KrystalSharz

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