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Dragon Classifications for a Possible Sorting Opt.

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I've noticed that many dragons have certain classifications, and i am going to list them here for anyone who thinks that a classification sorting option should be implemented. Please suggest more sub-classifications. Essentially each dragon would have a "class" and if they fall under a certain category in that "class" they would have a "sub-class." For example, a water dragon would be classified as Dragon: Sea Serpent.




Bold is a main classification.

Underline is a sub-classification.





Dragon -

A dragon has four legs/fins and may have wings. Some dragons do not have wings. Can possibly have more than four legs/fins or wings. Possibly can only have front legs and wings.


Four legs, two wings/back fins. (Ridgewingesque)


Four legs, no wings.


Four legs, no wings, long and sepentine.


Long and serpentine with four legs and a set of wings. (Ambrosialesque)


Four legs, no wings, stocky and more muscular than eastern. Often similar to westerns.


Same as others, but with more than one head.


Where one gender has wings, and the other doesnt.


Usually made out of an enchanted substance like fire or paper.

Sea Serpent-

Generally has fins instead of legs. Can have legs and fins. Those which meet the qualifications for other classifications, but are still dragons, often fall here.


Has only wings, but is still classified as a dragon. (Skywingesque)


Pygmy -

A dragon about the size of a medium sized dog or a cat. Has four legs, may have wings.


Wyvern -

Has wings instead of front legs and must have back legs.


Amphiptere -

Has no legs, only wings where its front legs should be.


An amphiptere with more than just one set of wings. Often feathered.


Wyrm -

Very serpentine, often has no limbs.


Long serpentine body with no limbs. Often has a feathered crest on its head.


Wyrm with only a pair of front legs.


Wyrm with a pair of front legs and a set of wings.


Drake -

Has two rear legs, with underdeveloped forelegs. Can have wings.


These are only what the classifications seem like to me and do not necessarily apply to every single dragon. I'd love suggestions for more classifications.

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If I may edit your list a bit plz? :3


Main types-

Western Dragon: Four legs, two wings.


Eastern Dragon: Four legs, no wings. Usually long and serpentine, often has whiskers and fur.


Wingless: Four legs, no wings. Not as long-bodied as an Eastern, often stocky and more muscular.


Wyrm: Wingless and legless. More like a snake than a dragon.


Amphithere: Legless, has wings.


Wyvern: Has one set of legs, and a pair of wings.


Lindwyrm: No wings, only one set of legs.


(tell me if I forgot any-)



DC Subtypes-

Pygmy: Smallest dragon breed.


Drake/Drak: -drake specifications here-



I like this idea. :3

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3rd post in The Ultimate Guide to Dragon Requests already has this information.


EDIT: Whoops. I thought you were just suggesting that the different breed clarifications be posted on the forum for reference.


As for a sorting option, I'm not interested. There are many breeds that could fall between categories, and couldn't be sorted properly.


However, I wouldn't mind species sorting (dragons, pygmies, two-headed, drakes, and unbreedables) as I find it a bit of a pain to move all of my two-headeds and unbreedables to the bottom of my scroll.

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Verridith- I like these, I will add them.


Aangs- My purpose of this is to suggest more classifications and expand on the ones that already exist.

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It's shown, yes, but a sorting option I do like - or a small section on the dragon information page telling what type of dragon it is if one doesn't have it in the name. (:

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I just want to clarify - are you making a suggestion for this to be a sorting option in the cave? If so, can you please make this clearer in your post? Otherwise, this does already exist in the link aangs posted. :3

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i was scared at first thinking you wwere suggesting it to limit breeding more but since its just a sort option iam all for it matching dragon would be nice

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Well, we have enough dragons that do not fit in these categories: Terraes, Skywings, Deep Seas, Waters, Blunas, Ridgewings, Sweetlings, Snow Angels...


Let's also have a look at the completed dragon requests list, and we'll find many more "strange" dragons: Aliens, Bichirs, Briars, Bubbles, Chi-Wings, Desert Bloom Lundwyrms, Double-Winged Dragons, Dwarf Waters, Ever-Flight Amphitheres, Fans, Flame Quetzals, Four-Wingeds, Garden Dragons (cabbage, carrot, leek, radish), Hydraulis "Amphitheres", Kangaroons, Kelpfin, Kites, Malaysians, Mana-Wings, Marines, Morgh-Eels, Migratory Wyverns, Mists, Red Sea Drocans, Sea Spinners, Spiders, Spiral Necked "Wyverns", Tailwings, Twin Royals, Whitewaters, Wildfires, Zmeys (and whatever else I missed/isn't completed yet...)


Hmm, I think you need to add sea serpents and some other aquatic type (aquatic quadrupedal?) anyway.

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I think "Terraes" would be difficult, simply because the males have vestigial wings and females don't. Maybe they could be the bridge between "Western" and "Wingless"? Ridgewings I think would fit in Winged Westerns, because they just have modified wings. Skywings would count as Amphipteres, I believe, and I don't think its too difficult to class the others. I do agree that another water grouping would be nice.


Now- I certainly haven't memorised all the dragons on the Completed List, but from what I recognise;

- Ever Flight Amphipteres would be...well, Amphipteres. As the conceptor, I can be pretty sure about this one. wink.gif

- Malaysians would be wingless Westerns?

- Gardens would be winged Westerns?

- Spiral-Necked Wyverns would be....wyverns? I don't see why not. They've got wings in the place of fore-limbs.


As for ones that are composed of an element or magic, like the Wildfires, I agree they're more difficult. In appearence they seem to look Western, so they could go there, or we could have an "Elemental/Magical" classification, or just "miscellanous" for ones that are weird.

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While that may be true, it would be nice to have a quick way to organize dragons by type. That is the purpose of this, to create classifications for the dragons on dragon cave, not to simply state the patterns they should follow from lore.

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