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Presenting. The Doctor and Dragcave

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Act I



[The doctor is stooped under the console fixing something when a light turns on and beeps.

Doctor stands up and looks at flashing gizmo.]


Doctor [surprised]: Oooh. What’s this now?


[Gizmo continues to flash and the Doctor flips a couple of switches.]


Doctor: Let’s see what you have for me.


[Doctor walks over to the screen and a blurry image appears on the screen.]


Doctor: What? The Tardis doesn’t know what it is? Well, let’s go see what it is shall we?


[Doctor circles the console and sets about changing their course. He is nearly thrown off his feet when the Tardis lurches.]


Doctor: I’ve been meaning to check that...


[Doctor grins mischievously and grabs his brown coat, then proceeds to the doors and cautiously opens them.]


Act II



[A girl runs out of her cave and comes running across the plain. She stops in front of another girl. The Skywing dragon in back of her watches the exchange curiously. The first girl reaches into her bag and takes out an egg. The other woman greets her. She is also holding an egg and looks like she has been waiting a while.]


Eva: Sorry I'm late. Hope alerted me to a argument between Glock and Sheyc.


Raist: No problem. I haven’t been waiting for long.


[Evangeline smiles sheepishly]

Eva: I see you got my message. [Holds out egg]


Raist: Yes. And I have the egg you requested. [Holds out the egg]


[They exchange eggs and documents]


Eva: Good, good. Everything seems in order.


[They don’t notice but the Doctor is walking across the field with his sonic screwdriver hold out]


Raist: Nice to have done business with - [Doctor walks right by them] Hold on, who is that man?


Eva: I don’t know... It couldn’t be another trader, they know this is my land...


Doctor [greeting and smiling]: Could you tell me where I am?


Raist: The land of TJ. And who are you?


Doctor: Ooh, sorry. I’m the Doctor. [He grins and both look at him with raised eyebrows]


Eva: Right...? Well, what do you want on my land?


Doctor: Have you noticed something unusual recently, in the last few months?


[Guardian dragon flies overhead and lands behind the two girls.]


Eva: Beside you, no.


[Doctor glances at the dragons.]


Doctor: No, nothing like me. Something out of the normal. Probably not even alive, but with a lot of energy. Like a big glowing stone.


[both girls look blankly at him.]


Raist: In the land of TJ. Nothing is what most call normal...


[Doctor looks at the two girls. He is about to say something when something starts beeping in his pocket.]


Doctor: Ohh. I thought I'd lost that.


[Doctor looks surprised and takes something out of his pocket.]


[Evangeline and Raistlin look at him questioningly.]


[Doctor holds a device in his hand and twirls around until the beeping quickens. Then without a word he takes off running.]


Eva: What the....?


[Evangeline turns to the guardian in back of her.]


Evangeline: Fireheart, take this egg back to Hope. She can will know what to do with it.


[Fireheart nods his head then takes off. Raistlin turns to her skywing.]


Raist: Big Ears, take my egg back to the cave and keep an eye on it. I don’t think I will be back today.


[both girls glance at each other then run after the Doctor.]




Eva: Doctor!


Doctor [Looks over his shoulder and hesitates]: You used my name. [grins]


Raist: Wait for us! This land is more dangerous than it looks. You could use somebody who knows where they’re going.


Doctor [stops]: How rude of me. What are your names?


Raist: I’m Raistlin and this is Evangeline.


Eva [nods]: And you are Doctor...?


Doctor: Just the Doctor.


Eva [glances at Raist]: Is that even a proper name?


[both girls shrug and turn back to the Doctor]


Eva: Okay. So, Doctor, what are you doing here?


Doctor: My ship detected some mysterious energy source and I followed it, but I might have got the landing a bit wrong. A couple of weeks? Maybe a month? [Thinks] No, most definitely not a whole month. [Looks proud of his skill]


Eva: Alright. What do we have to do?


Doctor: Hold on, we? [looks at them with a curious expression] So you believe me?


Raist: Did you forget? This is the land of TJ. Anything is possible. So, where to now?


Doctor: [looking at device] This way. [Points to a nearby path.]


Eva: What are we looking for?


Doctor [scratches the back of his head]: Yes well, I have no clue. I only know it should be the size of a big stone and the energy it emits will be in the form of a light. Basically, a glowing stone.


Eva [sounding exasperated]: Well that only describes about half of the dragon eggs in dc...


Raist: Can your device point out the exact location? If it is in one of the caves, it is most likely hidden among dragon eggs.


Doctor [looks thoughtful]: It should. [he turns his attention back to the device.] It says it’s coming from that direction. [points to the plain where the wilderness is]


Eva: The wilderness? That could be dangerous.


Doctor [smiles]: How fast can you run?


Raist [smiles back]: Let’s find out, shall we?


Doctor [grins]: Allons-y! [Doctor takes off running and the girls follow]


Act IV


[All follow the directions of the device until they reach the dragons]


Eva [takes binoculars out of her pack]: Well, I can see a few dragons with eggs not too close to the rest. Is there any chance that your device points there? The only other dragon who is sitting on an egg is in the middle of the group.


Doctor [thoughtfully]: It seems to be pointing straight at the big dragon. [Points to a red dragon]


Eva [curses]: Oh Chiaki!


Doctor: What?


Eva: A red dragon. They are very protective of their young.


Raist: We’ll probably only get one chance to get out of there undetected.


[Without another word they creep closer.]

[Another dragon starts to get close and the red dragon snarls and chases off the dragon.]


Doctor: That’s funny, the device is telling me that the energy source is coming from that direction. [points at egg.] Correction, that is the energy source.


[Girls groan.]


Raist [sarcastic]: Of course it is. When has anything ever been that easy.


Eva: Wait a second. [reaches into her pack and pulls out another egg]


Raist: Good grief, do you have the kitchen sink in there too?


Eva: Someone gave it to me as a gift last year. Funny woman named River said I would need it one day. It’s quite handy. I was going to give this egg to someone but it seems we could use it now.


Doctor [looking at the bag suspiciously]: Bigger on the inside? Useful.


[Evangeline nods]


Doctor: Someone is going to have to distract the dragon.


[both girls share a knowing look then they stare at the Doctor]


Doctor: Is someone behind me? [Looks behind him, sees no one and then understands] Ah, you mean me. But you see, I have to operate this device and let me tell you, it is quite complex. Not even the man who built it knew how to use it properly. Great guy; met him on the way to Clom. Had to hitch a ride because... [stops when he notices both girls are glaring at him].


Eva: Us two are familiar with dragon eggs. We will need to handle the swap.


[Raistlin nods in agreement]


Doctor [knows they have a point]: Fine...Be ready for the signal.


Raist: What’s the signal?


[Doctor runs off...Minutes later a herd of dragon run past. The red dragon gets up and snaps at them]


Eva: Do you suppose?


Raist [laughs]: This is the least subtle signal I’ve ever seen. We better hurry!


[both girls run up behind the dragon. Raistlin grabs the “egg” and Evangeline replaces it. They both take off running]


[Doctor comes running up]

Doctor: You got it?


Raist [holds out egg]: You don’t know what it is, do you?


Doctor [takes a deep breath]: Not a clue. I will have to get it back to the Tardis.


Eva: What?


Doctor [looking as if he has done this many times before]: My ship, T-A-R-D-I-S: Time And Relative Dimension In Space.


[both girls look slightly puzzled.]


Doctor: Anyway, good job. The dragon didn’t even notice.


[They hear a angry roar]


Raist: Are you sure?


Eva: You had to, didn’t you?


[They look over their shoulders and see the red dragon has discovered the swap and is pawing at the earth angrily.]


Eva: We should probably run.


Raist: Great idea! l don’t like the alternative.


Doctor [grinning]: Back to the Tardis. Run!


[They run for their lives with the red dragon close at their heels.]


Act V




Raist: It’s closed! Doctor, what are you waiting for? She’s getting closer!


[The Doctor takes the key and opens the door]


[They all stumble in]


Raist [not having noticed how big the inside is]: It’s wood and the dragon chasing us is a Fire dragon. Doctor, are you- [Notices the room and looks confused.]


Eva: Whhhattt?!


Raist: What....?


Eva: It’s...um..bigger inside...?


Doctor: Really? Hadn’t noticed.


[The Tardis lurches]


Raist: Are we safe here?


Doctor: Perfectly. I have the shield up. [holds out hand] The egg please?


[Raistlin hands over the “egg”]


[Doctor takes it and places it on the console. He attaches wires to it and looks at the screen where some analysis results are showing.]


Doctor: Ahh, the Judoon have been looking for this. I wonder why.


Eva and Raist: Explanation. Now.


Doctor: Judoon. Mercenary Extraterrestrial rhinos. Actually, it would be easier if I showed you.


[The Tardis has stopped lurching. Both girls look at the Doctor.]


Doctor [looks at screen]: Seems our friend is gone...[He says to no one in particular]


Eva: Come with you where?


Doctor: To see all of time and space, where else? Anywhere and any time in the universe [grins].


[both girls look at each other.]


Raist: What about our dragons?


Doctor: Did I mention this is a time machine? I can take you back to this moment exactly. [He mutters] Give or take a few minutes. [He was sure that had one of his past assistants heard that they would have disagreed but these two weren’t to know]


[They both look at him with disbelief]


Doctor: Evangeline, open up your bag and toss me a banana.


[Evangeline looks in her bag and pulls out a banana. She is surprised that he knew about it.]


Eva: So? Raistlin gave it to me yesterday.


Raist [confused]: I didn’t see you yesterday?


Doctor: You did or, more accurately, you will.


[both girls share a look]


Doctor [grins and takes out his sonic screwdriver. Flipping it into the air once he points it at the Tardis door and it unlocks the door from the inside] So, what’ll it be? Back home or come with me?


Raist: What should we expect?


Doctor [looks amused]: A whole lot of running and plenty of adventures.


[both girl look at each other and answer at the same time with a grin]: We’ll go with you!


Doctor: Right then. [He flips a few switches and the Tardis starts to hum.]


[There is a sudden knock at the door.]


Doctor: Was there someone else? [He walks over to the door and opens it cautiously]


[Chiaki is standing there looking at them with a confused expression]


Doctor [smiling]: Oh, hello. How can I help you?


Chiaki: Sorry, I’m a bit lost. Can you direct me to the Chiaki Says thread? I have evil to spread...[evil grin]


The End!...for now...

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This is rather good reading material xd.png Keep it up!

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Oh you made my night! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Question: Um, which Doctor is this? I imagined the 10th at first, then I saw the 11th more...

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Lol, thanks. We had fun writing it. :3


We wrote it based on the tenth. xd.png

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