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kooploop sig shop

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I can design a few and set up the hyperlink with a title if any one wants this to be done.

I can also set up the hyperlink that you put in the sig with any picture and link if one does not know how. (I don't have to make it to hyperlink it).



1.I'm human I don't work in no time not to say I'm slow

2.You can always post but please dont complain about the time if you feel needed you can bump your request.

3.I am not the best at designing from scratch but once you tell me what you want i can take it and put it in if you give me the correct description.

4.Thank you for reading these few rules you may now post>


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Yeah WTF!?!?!

Kooloops probably a faker!

Hes probably never done any signature thingys in his life!

He just linked it too that to try and get away!


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