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My Art Thread

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Hey there! ^^ I am Anquatic, also known as DjMan12545 and, more recently, SilverCaratKatzen. So if you've ever seen my deviantART, you've probably seen my art, right?


Well, here, on the DC Forums, I'm also opening up a little commissions shop. Here are a few examples of my work:


My deviantART; Here.


ALSO, my signature banners for Mossy Eggs, the DragCave Wiki, the If It Has a Face, It Has a Name oath, and Old Cave are made by ME! I can indeed make banners for you, FOR FREE.


So, if you're interested, please ask for a commission below! ^^ Price list (of eggs and hatchlings) below.


user posted image

A shaded dragon head. Kind of a spiky guy.

user posted image

Another shaded dragon head. This one is like a fairy dragon.

user posted image

Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Copyright: Lauren Faust).

user posted image

A puppy and a kitten~

user posted image

A chibi dark fox.

user posted image

A chibi fox.

user posted image

The front of a cockatiel.

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1. Please be polite. It doesn't matter why or what you're doing on this, just please be polite.

2. Don't steal my art. That's bad. Bad bad bad.

3. If it's YOUR free commish, of course you can use it! I'd prefer to be credited, but as long as you're not saying someone else made it.

4. Use the commission form. That's why it's there. Requests without that will be ignored.

5. Feel free to critique, whether it's your request or not. ^^


Finished and WIPs

(the little commission bag shows the progress on it. it'll be animated when the commission is finished and the requester is satisfied.)

user posted image Krystalsharz - Black wolf

user posted image xWoodsyx - Winged wolf


If you'd like to request a commission, please use the following form:


[SIZE=7][color=purple]I would like to request a commission, please![/SIZE][/color]
Forum name:
What is it:
Extra details/Other:


What I'm Willing to Draw/Make/Help Out With For You;


-Small Sprites

-Animals (mainly in my own style)

-Detailed dragon heads


-Anthros (I have a friend who's quite good with these; PM me if you're interested in seeing some of her work)


-Humans (I'm less skilled with these)

-Trees and plants

-Request anyways!


Different 'Levels'

-Simple sketch


-Inked/linearted (with sketch underneath, without/with a touch of colour)

-Inked/linearted (without/with a touch of colour)

-Detailed inked/linearted

-Detailed penciled inked/linearted (shaded with pencil)

-Flat coloured sketch

-Flat coloured inked/linearted

-Shaded, coloured sketch

-Shaded, coloured inked/linearted

-Detailed shaded, coloured, inked/linearted


The Process, Simplified

1. I receive the commission. I might do a bit of research on it.

2. I start sketching out a few pose ideas if it hasn't been specified.

3. I grab a fresh sheet of white paper/I open up a new canvas on MS Paint.

4. I start with a rough pencil sketch/a simple rough digital sketch.

5. I ink/lineart it if it looks good.

6. I give it colours, markings, etc.

7. I shade and/or highlight.

8. I add details.

9. I add text.

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xWoodsyx; Since I'm not completely sure about the character Gurgi, I'll try the winged wolf. ^^ I wouldn't want it to be unlike himself.

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UPDATE: KrystalSharz, I'm almost done colouring. biggrin.gif I should be able to get it up tomorrow. ^^ I think it's looking quite spiffy.


For a short little word preview: I think of the wolf as a male. xd.png My own opinion. He's in a lying-down pose, on his belly. His head is up, his nose pointed down. He's looking at the viewer in a very judging, almost challenging (possibly seductive) way. His forelimbs are crossed, the right paw over the crook of the left elbow. He has fiery swirls, which are mostly red with fading to a bit of orange, then yellow. He is outlined in yellow with a touch of orange, which is supposed to give him a sort of extra effect that I'm not sure how to describe it, really. X3 He is on fire, surrounded by flames. The fire glows. His claws are red. His pads and nose are slate. His eyes are supposed to look a little like actual embers, a grey-ish at the edges with orange and then yellow in the middle. Hope you enjoy him when he's up. wink.gif

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Haha, thanks. C: Alright, I uploaded it on deviantART and I'll edit when it's on Tinypic. ^^ Since it's rectangular (from the scanner), I'll be cropping it ASAP.




EDIT; Okay, it SHOULD be transparent here. If not, GIMP is unhelpful... I shrunk it down, too. xd.png It was a huge image before (which is still on the deviantART if you want it).


user posted image


EDIT5; I'm just wasting these edits on updates. xd.png Removing the others.

Edited by Anquatic

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Oh it's soo cool looking! Thanks so much! I'll be coming back for sure! Edited by KrystalSharz

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I would like to request a commission, please!

Forum name: kittygrl

What is it: almost me ( i has hikaru hitachiins hair, hazel eyes) i would like to have large to medium sized kitty ears, but a head shot is fine, i want a new Avi.

Level: er..

Text: none~

Extra details/Other: be creative, i wont tell you much, because i wanna see what you some up wit

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Oh, level is mentioned above. Like, do you want it as a sketch, lineart, flat colour, etc. The 'lower' the level is, the faster you'll receive your request. ^^


Omai. Humans are hard but uh I'll try. xd.png But yeah, accepted.

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shaded n colored plz, oh it can be anthro too. which ever you prefer actually

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xWoodsyx; I'm done your wolf! I'm sorry it took so long. I just lost the inspiration to draw most 'normal' animals recently. I've really only been drawing dragons and odd things. Anyways, find your image, link below:




I can make the background transparent if necessary.


kittygrl; Stick around. I'm working on your request, haha. Sorry for this question, but you said what you wanted was to look like yourself? So are you, er, a male or female? I should've asked sooner, but I assumed you just wanted a male like the character you said your hair was like. I drew a guy, but if you want me to make it a female, I'll do some editing to the sketch.

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I would like to request a commission, please!

Forum name: WinterOsprey

What is it: Brown and purple dragoness called Summer

Level: Shaded, coloured inked/linearted

Text: None thanks!

Extra details/Other: I will breed anything and everything on my scroll that you'd like xd.png


And references, these are important tongue.gif




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I would like to request a commission, please!

Forum name: Snowytoshi

What is it: Can I have a black bunny and a black and white polka dotted bunny?

Level:The highest one

Text: Toshi and Paige: My Darlings

Extra details/Other: Please make them as cute as can be, but not touching eachother.

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