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Anybody here on Dreamwidth?

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I was curious whether there's any overlap between DragCave users and Dreamwidth users, and figured I'd just come and ask and find out!


We have a trading community and several clicking communities over on DW; at least a couple of the members always offer dragons for trade there first, to give fellow fans the best chance, so if you're on DW swing by and join!


The mod there is very willing to breed things for newbies, and from what I've seen everyone's very nice! biggrin.gif (So all you nice forum people would fit right in!)



If you are on Dreamwidth, are you involved in a fandom? Which one? (I'm a huge BBC 'Sherlock' fan!)



EDIT: I'm such a dork, I forgot to link!


trading and discussion (lineages, breed questions, etc.) comm -- Dragoncavers


clicking comms -- Dragonspam, Dragcave

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