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The Novus Cycle

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user posted imageThe Novus Cycle


HT-H coming online. Triggering awakening sequence. Conscious brain patterns detected. Administering nutrients. Reviving subject- ERROR 001010. Unable to identify. Starting pre-recorded message.

-{Ehem. Yes. This is Captain Aislein, on board the Spawn-ship HT-Hellkite. The year is 9431 of the Quandrant Calendar. If you are hearing this message, that means the entire balance of the galaxy has changed. I will explain the past events to you, in case of loss of memory while in the Spawning-Pods. The ship you are in is the HT-Hellkite. You are currently in the 00D3ST region of the Universe, also known as the Novus System. In this system there are six planets: Kor, Icarus, Mylac, Traxus, Nyannar, and Ordaina, all orbiting around a central sun.


Kor is a planet of fire and metal, with 90% of the planet's surface covered with active volcanoes. It is the manufacturing planet, and it provides all the ships and hovercraft for the entire system.

Icarus is an urban planet. No plant life grows naturally there, but there are specially crafted greenhouses that feed the population. Most of the cities are in ruins from a constant civil war, but the planet is an easy access point for trading so businesses are still running.

Mylac is a planet made up of millions of naturally formed ridges and mountains, covered with greenery. The whole planet is a lush rainforest, full of exotic life. Mist covers the entire planet.

Traxus is a desert planet, filled with biomes from extreme desert to savannah and light forests. The planet is also filled with rich minerals needed to create special weapons and ships, so there is a mining business going on there as well.

Nyannar is a strange, unexplored planet. It is a living planet, made of organic material surrounding a core of molten metal. Explorations on the planet usually end in the death of the explorers. However, there are valuable resources on Nyannar that have yet to be tapped.

Ordaina is a frozen planet, and never thaws. The temperature is always extremely low, and there is barely any plant life. However, certain features in the atmosphere create a certain type of gas, which can be turned into valuable fuel for spacecraft.



Now, each of these planets have a native species. All of them speak individual languages, but every planet knows the tongue of 'Common', which allows trades to be made and other such matters that require communication between species. I will give you the basic facts you'll need to know.



Inhabitants of the planet Kor, where they were adapted to withstand the extreme temperatures and harsh air. Gyro were able to live inside of the molten rock, which made them useful blacksmiths and manufacturers. Gyro also have talents in crafting weapons and manipulating metal. They possessed great strength, and usually have rough attitudes to other species.



Inhabitants of the planet Icarus. This intelligent species had the leading edge in all scientific research, and what they built is extremely high tech. However, Arun had a hierarchical society, with one major leader. The petty social squabbles and such have led to assassinations and finally civil war. The Arun were on the verge of totally war against themselves. Arun possessed great intelligence, as well as agility. They were usually cool and collected, mostly preferring to use barbs and taunts instead of the gun or blade.



Inhabitants of Mylac. Ream were a savage, unrestrained species that worships the art of hunting. Leadership was decided with trials of strength, wisdom, and leadership skills, since it took a good deal to be able to lead a pack of Ream in a hunt. They respected strength, and encouraged trade with other planets. Ream possessed great dexterity and speed, and proudly displayed their power around other species. They got offended easily because they viewed every aspect of the world with a serious attitude.



Inhabitants of Traxus. Ix were desert-dwellers, able to survive in even the most harshest of climates. They were the only ones able to locate mineral sources thanks to their equipment, which was unusable by other species. Ix lived in small, simple communities that work by giving everyone a responsibility. Ix possessed great strength, but they were quite simple-minded. Ix were usually calm and gentle, but they would get extremely dangerous when provoked into a rage.



Inhabitants of Nyannar. Were able to become invisible at will. -ERROR: No other data is available on this species-



Inhabitants of Ordaina. The Eldrazi have developed a plate armor that is harder than diamond and produces a unique type of radiation, which heats the body quickly and steadily. This radiation kept them alive on the surface of the sub-zero planet. The fangs on their chest were used to ward off enemies and break apart large ice chunks. Eldrazi possessed great endurance and strength. Eldrazi were enigmatic, preferring to remain silent and observe. They could 'connect' their mind to another life-form and communicate without having to speak.



Now that I have filled you in with all the details about the system, I'll explain why you are here. In the earlier years before 9431, it was the Golden Age of the Novus System. Trade was flourishing, each species was thriving, and life was getting better all the time. Even Nyannar was affected by this 'Golden Age', and for once the Shriik revealed themselves. But enough about that. What happened was a calamity. Just in one sun cycle {That would be about three 'days'}, all of the empires collapsed, defeated by -ERROR: Unable to retrieve data-. This shadowy threat had just come out of nowhere. There was no communication, no way to do anything. All was chaos. And then, there was a meeting of five of the six worlds. They decided to take the DNA of each species and implant them into a Spawn-Ship, which would drift until each subject was ready to be 'born' into the world. This 'council' wanted a completely united team, with no racial stereotypes and beliefs to bar their trust. This team would combat the darkness of the enemy, and rebuild the empires for each of their planets. This was done with all haste, and the DNA was planted on a Spawn-Ship. You are one of these 'soldiers' I have just described. Shortly after this message ends, you will fully awaken, and then the training will begin. This is Captain Aislein, signing off.}



You were one of the subjects grown on the Spawn-Ship HT-Hellkite, for unknown reasons. You are one of the six species, just entering the world and learning how to control your body. During your incubation period, the knowledge about the world was inserted into your brain, filling up the missing years of memory that should have been your childhood. You will begin to train on the HT-Hellkite, and learn what has happened since the pre-recorded message. Then it is up to you to decide what to do. There will be multiple plot lines so that characters who don't want to participate in certain events can make progress somewhere else.


There are three of each species: Two female and one male. You may only play one character unless you prove to me that you are capable of handling more.


Useful Information and Terms:

Spawn-Ship: A ship specially designed for creating life or healing wounds. Think of it as a hospital and science lab rolled into one ship. This ship has no weapons or other offensive abilities, but instead has stealth equipment such as a cloaking device. Everything is run by an Artificial Intelligence implanted in the main computer. Spawning creatures takes about five years.


Day Span: In Earth terms, the span of a day in the Novus System is roughly 17 hours, and a 'week' is nine days. A 'month' is three weeks, and a 'year' consists of 47 'weeks'.



-{This is a semi-lit./lit. roleplay. I want two paragraphs consisting of 8-10 sentences. Important: All posts must have proper spelling and grammar. Your post will be ignored if it does not fulfill my requirements.

-{No chat-speak, baby-speak, or any other kind of speak. Use the English language to it's fullest.

-{No flaming, swearing, or evading the censor.

-{No double-posting.

-{All OOC posts must be in double brackets: {{ [[ (( )) ]] }}

-{If you are inactive for a week without giving me a valid reason, I will put your character in storage. If you are inactive for two weeks, the form will be deleted.

-{No machine-gunning {Where two players post back and forth for an entire page}.

-{PM me the character forms. Attempting to post them here will result in the forms being ignored.

-{No god-modding or power-play

-{ I am the person in charge here, and I reserve the right to change the rules. Breaking my rules will get you a warning. Two warnings is all I will give you, and then I will kick you out.


Character Forms:


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] {At least give me a basic idea of how they act}
[b]Distinction:[/b] {Using the basic images of each species, is there any differences in your character? Different skin tone, markings, etc.?}

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Character Slots


-Slot 1:

-Slot 2:

-Slot 3:


-Slot 1:

-Slot 2:

-Slot 3:


-Slot 1: Female Reserved by Darkshadow

-Slot 2:

-Slot 3:


-Slot 1:

-Slot 2:

-Slot 3:


-Slot 1: Male Reserved by Darkshadow

-Slot 2:

-Slot 3:


-Slot 1:

-Slot 2:

-Slot 3:



Accepted Character Sheets

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HT-Hellkite Layout

Ship's Outward Appearance

The HT-Hellkite is a Spawn Ship, which means that the ship's purpose is to carry living cargo in cryotanks. In this case, the HT-Hellkite carries 18 specially designed cryotanks that are designed to create creatures instead of preserving them. It also carries 32 regular cryotanks which contain the crew of the HT-Hellkite, including Captain Aislein. The cryotanks are programmed to awaken the crew once the lifesigns of the special cryotanks are active.

The HT-Hellkite has no major weapons systems, but has a special cloaking device which removes it from any sort of radar.

Crew Members: Every crew member has a rank, which specifies what they do on the HT-Hellkite.

Captain: The captain of the ship. The captain makes all important decisions in piloting the ship, and makes sure everyone is being civil and obeying the rules. It is the captain's duty to make the rules, and to hand out punishment to the rule-breakers. The captain also wants to keep the crew loyal to himself, in case of mutiny. The captain is also in charge of the guards.

Pilot: The crew members who are in charge of piloting the ship. They have complete knowledge of the dangers of the 00D3ST region, and how to navigate every danger. They also know how to command the Artificial Intelligence in order to pick a destination. There are four pilots in charge of the HT-Hellkite.

Medic: The crew members who are in charge of keeping all life aboard the HT-Hellkite healthy, including the creatures who will be 'born' inside the cryotanks. The medics all know the anatomic functions of all species, as well as most common diseases that affect all species. The medics are equipped with special machinery that will help diagnose any symptoms from a large database gathered by the 'council' before the HT-Hellkite was sent into space. The medics are the people to go to if there are any injuries. There are seven medics on the HT-Hellkite.

Gardeners: The crew members that run the bio-pods on the HT-Hellkite. The HT-Hellkite grows its own food so that the ship does not need to resupply while in space. The Artificial Intelligence manages the systems keeping the bio-pods in check, but the Gardeners are needed to harvest and process the food evenly, and make sure the livestock is healthy. They are also in charge of preparing meals for all crew and the new 'born' creatures. There are three gardeners on the HT-Hellkite.

Guards: The crew members who are in charge of security. The guards make sure that nothing bad happens to the crew, and to make sure that the crew do not mutiny against the captain, or try to harm each other. This includes the creatures as well. There are five guards on the HT-Hellkite.

Mechanics: The crew members who make sure the HT-Hellkite remains operational when the Artificial Intelligence is not in control. They are vital to the survival of the ship. They make sure all machinery is up and running, and are periodically woken up every three months to check on the systems. They also make sure the A.I. does not try to overexceed or go rogue and kill all organics aboard the ship. There are ten mechanics on the HT-Hellkite.

Basic Layout of the HT-Hellkite

There are also bio-pods, which are in the lower part of the ship.


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Well, then, approved! Have fun roleplaying. smile.gif

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could you reserve a shriik for me please


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