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The Wings of the Changeling

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The Wings of the Changeling


In the final days of the First Era, back before the written history of the dragons, a being of great and terrible power rose from deep beneath the valley of Vyrmgard. The land, a massive valley ringed by the Mountains of Ascension, was tossed into despair when the being - calling itself the "Changeling" - swept across the skies, bringing with it an eternal night. With the sun no longer shining, plants and animals began to die. Shortages of food and water threw Vyrmgard into chaos, turning the once lush and peaceful valley into a war zone.


The peat marshes of the south began to burn with dragonfire when the fighting escalated, filling the area and the surrounding woodlands with deadly amounts of methane gas and thick grey smoke, rendering it uninhabitable.


The eastern territory, once a thriving forest, has become petrified from the warring of stone dragons. It now stands, forever entombed in rock, serving as an eerie reminder of what was. Now, the stone dragons continue their fighting deep within, but even further into the stony forest, one can find dragons of a darker nature.


The plains of the west were the first to go, and turned into a massive desert that is slowly expanding, the sands traveling with the changing winds.


The northern territory, once a grand kingdom at the base of the tallest mountain, now stands divided by its own draconic citizens. The territory was split into the Eastern and Western halves. The constant fighting has been hiding another battle, one that could mean the end of Vyrmgard should either side emerge victorious.


My name is Asoryll. It is now the turning of the Second Era, and my homeland is eating itself alive. My mission: to bring together the strongest and most clever of the dragons and seek out the Tablets of Balance. They once rested at the top of Mount Ascension, for which the range was named. They were what held together the very fabric of our being, and when the eternal night fell, they were scattered across the land. It is rumored that if the Tablets were joined together once again, that the night would finally give way to the dawn. If it is true, then the Changeling will surely reveal itself, and the real war will begin...






1) Follow the rules or you will be rejected from the game and your character killed off.


2) Do not kill another character without the owner's consent.


3) No godmodding. Period.


4) Do not advance the story without permission. This helps prevent people from lagging behind the rest of us. This is an RP that will require teamwork, rather than people going off on their own merry way. If we must wait a day for somebody to post in order for us to go on, so be it.


5) Be respectful of other people. It's just common courtesy.


6) Please use proper English and writing skills. If you don't speak English as a first language, try your best. This is a story, not a cellphone text.


7) Abide by the rules of the site. This means keeping it PG-13. No swearing, no posting links to naughty sites, etc, etc.


8) Absolutely NO Gary- or Mary-Sues. This means your character cannot be a perfect one-shot-kill assassin or the most beautiful in all the land.


If you read and understood these rules, write "My name is <enter screenname here>, and I agree to abide by the RP rules." at the bottom of your character sheet.


The Map:


user posted image


Character Sheet Requirements: (Please remove everything in parenthesis.)


Owner (your screenname):

Character Name:

Age (I would prefer all dragons to be at least Mature.  Hatchlings are not recommended for this RP.  Ages are like this:  Hatchling = 0-10 years.  Adolescent or Winged Hatchling = 11-50 years.  Mature = 51-150 years.  Adult = 151-400 years.  Great Wyrm = 401-650 years.  Elder = 651-800 years.  Ancient = 801+):


Breed (Try to stick to common dragons or semi-rare.  No Guardians of Nature, Golds or Legendary Trios.  There is a reason for this, which you will find out in-game.):

Homeland (This is entirely up to you.  You can be from the Petrified Forest, the Southlands, the Deserted Plains, the Northeast Kingdom, or the Northwest Kingdom.):

Bio (This is where your creative juices can flow.  You can have anything from a hermit of the Petrified Forest to a battle-scarred Mercenary.  Just stay away from Mary-Sues and Gary-Sues.  Also include how you learned that Asoryll was building the group.):





A Brief History:


Before the appearance of the Changeling, everything was well-balanced and peaceful. Prey was plentiful, dragons freely interacted with each other, and never needed to fight among themselves. Great glittering cities, built from the very stone of the mountains, were rising up all around Vyrmgard. It was a time of peace and prosperity for all.


In the northern region, animals like mountain goats, elk, mountain lions, bears and caribou roamed the snowy tundra further up the mountains. They provided most of the food for the masses living in the region.


In the west, herds of wild horses thundered across the plains. Other animals, like bison and buffalo, traveled throughout the central plains, in an area that was once home to the largest lake in Vyrmgard - Lake Sunshimmer. Large game foul and rabbits also made their homes here, and it was for this reason that many dragons laid their eggs and developed their families in the plains.


In the east, the lush forests were home to any number of deer, bears, birds and rabbits. Many species of dragons built their homes and cities here, choosing to live high in the massive trees rather than on the ground.


The marshes were full of life, primarily comprised of frogs, lizards, snakes, fish, and alligators. The peat was harvested from all around to provide easy-burning fuel to warm homes. Not many dragons chose to live in this area due to having few food choices, but water-going dragons enjoyed the murky depths of this land's many lakes and wetlands.


The entirety of Vyrmgard is protected by the Mountains of Ascension, which keep the massive valley hidden away from the outside world. Rarely did outsiders find this lush oasis nestled among the rocky, dangerous crags of the mountains. It was within the tallest of these mountains that the nine Tablets of Balance were kept. In a crystal cave, near the top of Mount Ascension, the Tablets were housed and protected by a special group of nine dragons, known as the Guradians of Balance. However, upon the coming of the eternal night, these dragons mysteriously disappeared, and the Tablets were scattered throughout the mountains. This marked the end of the First Era, and it was in this time that dragons began to record their history. Their beautiful, peaceful civilization had fallen at the wings of the Changeling.




The Plot


The main storyline is as follows.


Asoryll gathers his group of followers without telling them his true identity. It should be sensed by at least one dragon that he is hiding something from the rest of the group. He explains why he has called together these dragons, and they start discussing where they should begin looking for the nine Tablets of Balance.


Once a location has been agreed upon, the journey starts. Various things may steer them off course or distract them, but in the end, they will all arrive at the first location. Whether or not the first Tablet is there is up to me and the map that I have on-hand with the Tablet locations marked.


I will also be playing as the Changeling and his Wings. (Do not ask to be a part of the Wings of the Changling. If I see that you have good RP skills, I will send you a PM with a request and the main guidelines for you.) The goal of these characters is to make life as hard as possible for the group. If you don't like challenges, then this is not the story for you. The Changeling will find out about what the group is doing, and will try to make things difficult, even going so far as to possibly move the Tablets or make them appear to be something they are not. However, it is not within the Changeling's power to physically touch the Tablets. Only our heroes can do so.


Once the first Tablet has been found, the group should discuss where to go next. This should happen once each Tablet is found, and will chart the path of our protagonists around Vyrmgard. The main goal is, of course, to find all nine of the Tablets and bring them to the crystal cave where they once resided. This will trigger an event, which will in turn bring about the furious Changeling. This is where things will get really hairy. The outcome of the battle is up to the heroes. If they can work together as a team (which by this point, should be easy), then the battle will be long, but victorious. If they are constantly bickering (which is entirely possible, due to clashing personalities and emotions like fear, stress or anger), then the battle could be lost and the Changeling leaves to recuperate and gather his own army. As an RP, the choice is ours to determine the outcome of various things that will be thrown our way.


The story will only end when victory has been accomplished and the balance of the world reestablished. This does not mean that when the Changeling is defeated, everything is fine and dandy. The group will then need to go out and attempt to cease the warring in the North. If they can stop it, the rest of Vyrmgard will soon follow suit. Asoryll will be re-anointed as king of the Northern Throne, and then the story comes to a peaceful end.




For continuity's sake, this is my character sheet, in case you need some kind of reference.


Owner: kronosdragon


Character Name: Asoryll


Age: Ancient


Sex: Male


Breed: Red


Homeland: Northeast Kingdom


Bio: Asoryll was (and still is) the rightful heir to the Northern Throne. However, when the Changeling appeared, all hell broke loose and an assassin attempted to take his life during the chaos. Said assassin nearly succeeded, and Asoryll had to fake his own death in order to escape. Out of fear of being attacked again, Asoryll never returned to the Northern Kingdom, and this caused a split between the two biggest rivals within his High Council - H'roth the Champion and Delyssa of the Frost. These two were always at eat each-other's throats, and when their king went missing, this gave them the opportunity to wrestle for power. Without a king to unite them, the kingdom was split in half.


For many years, Asoryll watched as all of Vyrmgard began to crumble and fall into chaos. Everywhere he went, dragons were fighting over scraps of food or hunting grounds. His peaceful home had degenerated into a barbaric battleground, and all because of this Changeling. And what's worse, are the rumors that the Changeling has a secret band of followers, but no one knew what they called themselves, until Asoryll discovered a document left behind in a cave talking about the Wings of the Changeling. Upon finding this, he decided to finally take matters into his own claws. He set out to find the strongest and most clever dragons around who were willing to help him put a stop to this once and for all.


NOTE: I'm only allowing a limited number of people to join, to avoid too much conflict and lagging characters. I will accept no more than 10 characters, with one character per person.




Current Characters:


[1] Asoryll - kronosdragon

[2] Beryl - FireKitty

[3] Dharsii - Drakossozh

[4] Phayne - TotallyDrow

[5] Tyra Glacier - Tyra-Ice

[6] Peri - Fractional Pi Day

[7] Lacrymossin - CydaLuva83

[8] Ther'ull - Shapeshifting dragon Cyrus



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Hi! I'll be helping you get this along to approval. First a few questions:

1. What is the prey like in the northwest and northeast territories?

2. Are the seasons just like our normal seasons?

3. What kind of lives did dragons once live? As in, did they make themselves beautiful huge buildings to live in or did they always sleep under the stars? Were there clans or organizations that should be noted, or laws? Since most of this would be gone, it might just be nice to add this somewhere in the history so that RPers know what society used to be like (in case they have older dragons which would have experienced such things).


And on to critique:


The peat marshes of the south began to burn with dragonfire, filling the area and the surrounding woodlands with deadly amounts of methane gas and thick grey smoke, rendering it uninhabitable.

Did this happen because of war, the night, or some other unknown reason? If the third option you don't have to explain, but if there is some known reason it began to burn with dragonfire, then you should state it.


The eastern territory, once a thriving forest, has become petrified from the warring of stone dragons. It now stands, forever entombed in rock, serving as an eerie reminder of what was.
Do stone dragons still live/fight there? It's not clear to me here whether or not they do.


Split into the Eastern and Western halves, constant fighting has been hiding another battle, one that could mean the end of Vyrmgard should either side emerge victorious.
Since the subject is 'constant fighting', putting "Split into the Eastern and Western halves" at the start of the sentence makes no sense. Perhaps find a way to add that onto the previous sentence or put it in a sentence of its own.


It is rumored that if the Tablets were joined together once again, that the night would finally give way to the dawn. If it is true, then the Changeling will surely reveal itself, and the real war would begin...

Out of curiosity, do the dragons know if there are a certain number of Tablets? If so, you may want to state how many there were somewhere. ~~ Change "real war would begin" to "real war will begin" to match verb tenses.


Character Sheet Requirements: (Please remove everything in brackets.)

I believe you should have "everything in parenthesis" here because you use parenthesis in the character sheet.


Very nice grammar-wise! Post again when you're done with this and I'll look over it again. :3

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Actually, you're supposed to just edit the stuff I suggested onto your original post. smile.gif The edit button should be in the top right corner of any post you make. By 'post again when you're done' I meant just inform me that you've made the changes. :3 If you have any questions on how to do things feel free to ask. ^^ I should be able to get more critique to this tonight or tomorrow.

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Hello kronos! I'm Moonbeam22 and I'll be doing some critiquing of your roleplay. smile.gif


The territory was split into the Eastern and Western halves, and the constant fighting has been hiding another battle, one that could mean the end of Vyrmgard should either side emerge victorious.


Run on sentence. Try: The territory was split into the Eastern and Western halves. The constant fighting has been hiding another battle, one that could mean the end of Vyrmgard should either side emerge victorious.



Asoryll was - and still is - the rightful heir to the Northern Throne.


Put -and still is- like:

This: (and still is)

Or this: ,and still is,



However, when the Changeling appeared and all hell broke loose, an assassin attempted to take his life during the chaos and nearly succeeded.


Put and and after the comma, or put a period after loose and capitalize an.



I'm not really seeing the plot in here. If it's there, try seperating it and giving it a title like this:


Edited by Moonbeam22

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Moonbeam's still in approver testing, so I don't believe anyone else can critique right now.

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Owner: FireKitty


Character Name: Beryl


Age: Elder


Sex: Female


Breed: Royal Blue


Homeland: Northeast Kingdom


Bio: Beryl was once a royal guard of the royal family during the First Era when peace reigned. She was the official guard of the royal family, or one of them at least. She enjoyed her job as a royal guard even though it required her to be quiet, stoic, and always at attention and almost never sleeping. She, unfortunately, was one of the guards on duty when the assassination attempt was tried on the heir of the throne. She was banished from the Northern Kingdom then when she failed to protect the heir to the throne, Asoryll, and she has been wandering around since, fighting only to defend herself and any food she may capture.


Soon, she learned about some dragon gathering the more clever and strongest of dragons via a rumor she heard when eavesdropping on some dragons in the Deserted Plains. When she learned about this, she had to find out what it was about. So, she has now set out to find this mysterious dragon. She wants to right the wrongs of her past, where she failed to save Asoryll. She's willing to find out what this gathering is about and if it's for the good of Vyrmguard, she's willing to help the dragon in charge of this group.


My name is FireKitty and I agree to abide by the RP rules.

Edited by FireKitty

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No matter how many times I have awakened to the night sky, part of me still expects the sun...


With a quiet yawn, a mass of crimson scales rose against the endless grey of the Petrified Forest. The trees, forever entombed in lifeless stone, no longer grew leaf or fruit as they once had. Thorny brambles and tough yellow grass were the only forms of abundant life in these ghostly woods.


Asoryll stood, stretching out the kinks in his back from sleeping on the hard ground. His entire body had become coated in rock dust, but he didn't shake it off. Rather, he let it be, knowing that it would make him less noticeable to the other, darker dragons in the area. After all, what sticks out like a sore thumb more so than a Red dragon in a grey forest?


His leather satchel still hung around his neck, as he had been using it as a makeshift pillow since the day he found it among the ruins of dead city. He would use it to carry the Tablets as he found them, but first, he would need to gather a group of followers...


He reached into his satchel and pulled out the only article of luxury he had in this world; a grey, hooded cape made from the fur of the mountain goats that once frequented his homeland. It was a scruffy thing, and ragged around the edges, but it was warm when the night was coldest and it blended in well with the surroundings. He liked to keep himself hidden, lest a Vampire or Shadow Walker wished to make a meal out of him.


Asoryll tossed the cape over his wings, his horns sticking out of the hole in the back of the hood as he pulled it over his face. His eyes glowed faintly in the shadows as he cast about, searching for danger before continuing on his way westward. More pleasant dragons resided in the desert, such as the lovely Nebulas who had set up a makeshift town in the ruins of an abandoned one. If he could get there, perhaps he could find out if anyone had come through looking to make a difference.

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Beryl grunted as she awoke in the town the Nebulas had set up. It was small, yet big enough to accommodate peaceful dragons that came through their town. She shook her head as she sat up from the dry grassy texture of the makeshift bed she was in. She gazed around through her silvery mask-like extrusion of her head. Some of the older dragons here had recognized her as a royal guard and shunned her because of her story, ignoring the fact that she had practically given up her life because of what she did. But, upon hearing that a dragon was gathering many like her, clever and strong, she wanted to see what this was about.


Yawning, she walked out of the makeshift house and glanced around, seeing that most of the dragons were avoiding her area, though the younger ones seemed to care less. She shook her head and decided she would travel east to the Petrified Forest to try and find this dragon. Maybe he... or she... was heading here. She walked to the edge of the town, thanking the guarding Nebula as she passed by though they just ignored her.


She shook her head and continued on the road, soon entering the Petrified Forest where the road ended, even though it was barely seen to begin with. She looked around and grumbled, shaking her head and pulling out her own cloak, which was with the royal colors of the once in reign family. She pulled it on and padded through the Petrified Forest, making sure she kept close to the area where the path was that led to the Nebula's town.

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Phayne spent several day's scouring the lands for any information regarding this mysterious dragon rumoured to be gathering the best of the best for a quest. Every now and then he would pick up some useful information which aided him in his search, however the mysterious dragon always seemed to elude him. The problem with rumours in this land is that they always tend to be exaggerated or the information manipulated to make the rumour seem more fantasy then reality. Therefore knowing what was fact and what was fiction was vital.


Phayne however could not leave this up to chance, such an opportunity to establish himself as someone of importance was something he couldn't pass over. If what he had heard about this dragon and his quest was true, then the reward after succeeding must be well worth the effort. The dragon's motives were of no real importance to Phayne, whether this quest be taken for nobal reason's or for evil purposes meant nothing to the mercenary, as long as it could elevate his status in the world he was willing to take the risk.


Phayne landed next to the northern most lake within the Deserted Plains, he needed a chance to rest and go through all the intel he had already gathered, looking for any clue's that may aide him in figuring out the direction this dragon was heading, or any discrepencies that may lead him in the wrong direction.



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Asoryll picked his way through the thorns and snags of the forest floor. He looked up when the sky suddenly opened up over head. The petrified leaves of the canopy gave way to the endless night. In the middle of the large clearing was a small dragon village, completely overtaken by stone and thorns. He sighed at the sad sight, knowing that at one point, this eerie little ghost town was once thriving with life. Now, it stands forever as a shadow of what was.


He couldn't have been that far from the outer edges of the forest, judging by the fact that this village was built on the ground with an old dirt road trailing around its northern outskirts. The remains of cobblestones poked up at off angles through the dirt in various places.


As much as he wanted to explore the area for any food, he knew that these dead buildings harbored more than restless spirits. At times, these abandoned villages were home to starving and territorial Stone dragons, as well as Shadow Walkers that lurked in the darkest alleys. While it was tempting to poke his nose in places it didn't belong, he knew from past experiences that it could turn into a decision he would regret if these buildings weren't as empty as they seemed. So, with a heavy mind, he plodded along the road leading to the outskirts of the forest and toward the bridge that crossed over into the Deserted Plains.

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Beryl continued on her way through the Petrified Forest, looking around every once in a while as she heard a few snorts here and there. She growled and stood still, only to have Shadow Walkers appear, three of them. They growled at her and she lowered her head to the ground, glowering at them but she spoke peacefully. "I have no quarrel with you. I wish to find the one who is gathering the most clever and strong dragons in the land," she said to them.


They looked at each other and all three of them gave off cackling laughs. They looked back at her, their eyes narrowed. "Oh really now? The last one who said that is now dead. And not by our hands either... or maybe it was," one of them said, grinning. Another spoke. "Maybe we should behead you! After all, I recognize you. You have a rich price on your head for letting Asoryll die!" the one cackled. Beryl flinched at this but glared at them.


"I may have failed my duty but I will not fail Vyrmguard. I plan on finding out what this dragon wants. If it's to save Vyrmguard, I will help, if not..." she said but was cut off by the shadow walkers. "Silence! We are taking the price on your head!" the last one said and leaped at her. Growling out in surprise, Beryl jumped back away and turned around, kicking the Shadow Walker in the head. She hissed as another jumped onto her back and she bucked, throwing the Shadow Walker off before it could get a foot hold.


Beryl backed up against a tree as the Shadow Walkers surrounded her. Perhaps, she thought, it wasn't such a good idea to wear the royal colors she once wore. Or maybe, she just wasn't meant to live after failing Asoryll. She sighed and glared at the Shadow Walkers. "I will not die! I WILL save Vyrmguard!" she yelled, lunging at one of the Shadow Walkers...

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The snarling and growling of dragons caught Asoryll's attention. Turning his head, he listened carefully.


There it was again. A quarrel, maybe?


Part of him just told him to move on and let them settle it themselves, but another part of him urged him to go check it out. He sighed, shaking his head and cursing his own curiosity. He turned around, following the sound back along the road. He spotted some poor fool being surrounded by three Shadow Walkers.


Hmm...That one looks a lot like one of the old palace guards.


Whatever the circumstance, he couldn't just stand idly by and let the Shadow Walkers kill whomever he wanted. He felt a grim smile stretch across his lips, baring his sharp teeth.


I'll deny them their meal this evening...


He smirked as he watched the Royal Blue lunge at one of the Shadow Walkers as the other two were rounding on her.


You foolish creature...You can't take on a Shadow Walker in its element, much less three. Our world is draped in the darkness that they thrive in.

Asoryll sauntered off a little ways, then began making a bunch of ruckus. He stomped his feet on the cold ground, making dust fly up around him. He took a deep breath and let out a loud, angry bellow, imitating a territorial Stone. He then looked to the north and belched a pillar of white-hot flames into the air. The result was a shadowy figure through the trees, concealed by dust and illuminated by fire.

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Beryl growled as the Shadow Walker disappeared from under her. Darn it! Where the... what was that? The sound of a ruckus and the territorial roar of a stone dragon reached her ears and the Shadow Walkers turned tail, running from the noise. However, curious, Beryl decided to approach it. Something told her this wasn't what it really was, and the shape of the shadow proved it. She crept in closer and saw what she had thought she had seen. It was a Fire dragon, much like Asoryll. She blinked and shook her head. No, Asoryll was dead.


She approached the Fire Dragon and gave a small smile. "Thanks for the help there," she said, sighing. "I would have probably been dead if you hadn't come along," she added, shaking her head. She looked at the Fire Dragon. "So, are you looking for any dragon in particular?" she asked, tilting her head. She decided that, for now, she would play it cool and not tell anyone what she was doing. She couldn't help but keep thinking about Asoryll with looking at this Fire Dragon. She wondered then if he was actually some sort of royal member that she just didn't recognize.

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A bone chilling wind whistled through the icy tundra, sending powdery snow flying in all directions. It howled eerily, echoing off the stone surfaces of the frozen mountains as if still carrying the cries and screams of the female dragons and hatchlings who'd been ripped away from their destroyed home so many years ago. A lone Winter dragoness stood in the deep snow, her violet eyes searching the barren, rocky caves before her. Memories rushed back to her, bringing back all the sorrow and emotion she'd felt the day it had all happened; the day the eastern army had invaded her village. Slowly, she advanced forward with cautious strides. Her deep purple eyes searched every nook and cranny of the stone caves, searching for a sign or indication of life even though she knew that everyone...everything was gone... She could still hear her father's mourning cry as she had been dragged away in chains of steel. Tyra!!! Please, don't take her away! You've already stolen my mate from me... You're taking the last thing I have left! Tyra, my precious daughter!!! Gritting her teeth, the Winter dragoness shook her head, trying to disperse the desolate cries of her father that continued to echo inside her head. Finally, the dragoness made it to the edge of the village remains and sat down in the snow, the wind swirling about her. She'd been helpless then, only a hatchling...but now she had a chance to fight back. Lifting her head high, she gazed out at the land before her, determined. She was Tyra Glacier, daughter of Dante Glacier, and she wasn't going to just stand by and let the lands of the dragons be destroyed or die out. She'd heard rumors of a group that was forming; some dragons who wanted to bring back peace and prosperity. This time, she wasn't going to be restrained; she was going to find these rumored dragons and make a difference.

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Bold thing, this one...


Asoryll cleared his throat, keeping his head tilted down so that his face would not be revealed. As the dust cleared, an awkward silence filled the area. He was trying to think of the best way to approach her. She said something about looking for a dragon in particular.


"No. No dragon in particular. Rather, a group of dragons."


He lifted his head slightly, his glowing eyes making contact with hers.


"My name is Zarbeses. I'm looking to gather the strongest and most cunning dragons together, to unite our lands once again."

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Satisfied that he had gotten all of his fact's straight, Phayne lumbered over to the lake and dove inside, hoping to wash the sand off his scales. He had always hated that itching sensation of having sand wedged between scales, especially when he had to travel long distance's. Satisfied that he had gotten every last particle of sand off, he stepped out of the lake and looked down at a faded map of Wyrmgard.


From what he could tell, most of the recent rumor's originated from the east in the direction of the Petrified forest, which told Phayne that he had a better chance of finding this dragon if he flew east, over the burning marsh and into the Petrified forest. "The Petrified forest... great... just great. Out of all the places to reside in, why must one choose that accursed placed...."With a great flap of his wings, Phayne took off into the sky heading east. Hopefully he would find the answer's that he was looking for.

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As the wind continued to wail throughout the tall mountains, Tyra once again began wandering on. She was at home here in the icy wilderness but alas, she had to move on. Nothing was left for her here... She trudged though the tall snow drifts, searching for a sign that she was headed in the right direction.


Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks. Flicking her ears toward a soft noise, her keen eyes spotted a skinny mountain goat nibbling on the sparse remains of an ice tundra bush. It was all skin and bones, but it would sustain her for a few hours. Crouching behind a snow drift, the young Winter dragoness waited patiently for the right moment. Finally, there was a flash of teeth, a glint of claws, and a pained squeal from the goat, then silence. Tyra stood over her successful catch, a sigh escaping her lungs. It was barely any meat but it would have to do. She then quickly began to devour her prey, finishing it off in minutes.


When she had finished her meager meal, she looked up and surveyed the land. The rumors she'd heard while in the slave trade seemed to all circulate around the Petrified Forest. She shuddered, just thinking of traveling through the eerie stone wood.

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((O.o I forgot I had to cross the burning marsh xd.png We'll say she flew as fast as she could over the whole thing to the Petrified Forest x3))


Zarbeses huh? I... haven't heard that name at all... something's not right here... I don't think that's his real name, thought the ex-royal guard. But she played along with the Fire Dragon.


"Zarbeses? My name is Sumara. I used to be a royal guard of the Royal Family until.. well until Asoryll was killed. However, I have actually been looking for you. You're the one gathering the stronger and more clever dragons? Well, I'm here to join your group, seeing as it seems to be for the greater good," she told Zarbeses.


Sumara was actually the name of another Royal Blue royal guard. They had been good friends until Beryl was banished for letting the assassin get through. Since then, she had not seen Sumara but she figured Sumara was somewhere out there, living the same harsh life as her.

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Having lived among the frozen mountains until she had been taken away by the eastern army, she knew that a certain river flowed from deep into the mountains all the way to the outskirts of the deadly Petrified Forest. She decided the best way to reach that forbidden wood was to follow the river. With that thought, she shook the snow from her scales and trudged to the river. From there, she began her journey to the Petrified Forest, following the large, swift stream's every bend and curve.


She was quite thin, only able to survive on skinny fish and meager game that lived by the river but after a few days travel, the Petrified Forest rose up before her. The dark, gloom of the stone woods warned her to stay away. Go back....go back...! it seemed to cry. Gathering her courage, the winter Dragoness ventured silently a few feet into the eerie depths of the cursed forest, trying to decide whether she should begin her trek into the woods now or if she should wait until the following morning.

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Sumara...? She was one of...Hmm...


"Well, I'd be glad to have a member of the Royal Guard with me. I am grateful that we've happened across each other. I only wish it was under better circumstances."


He looked around at the stony woods, then back to her.


"This place is not safe to speak in. When we reach the river, we may discuss the matter further. Maybe we will come across other dragons along the way."


Asoryll, now under the alias of Zarbeses, started back on the road westward.


"Come, and try to remain silent. You would do well to roll in some of that dust I kicked up, unless you'd like to attract the attention of those Shadow Walkers again," he said softly. "And keep up. I wait for no dragon."

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Beryl, now under the alias of Sumara, nodded at the wish of meeting under better circumstances. She had to agree with that. She looked around the stony woods as well while he did and she took off the royal garb she was wearing, placing it back in some bags that she wore around her neck, one bag on each side and strapped to her neck (like saddle bags basically). She shook herself and nodded at the need to roll in the dust he had kicked up. It would be itchy under her scales but she didn't care. She wanted to get through the Petrified Forest and return to the Nebula Town in the Deserted Plains.


She kicked up some of the dust and rolled in it before standing up and nodding to the dragon. "I can keep up. Let's get going to the river," she said softly, waiting for the Fire Dragon to lead the way. Something wasn't right about him though... he felt... off. As if he was someone else that was just covering himself up. Was this really the dragon that was gathering the strongest dragons of the land? Or was he fooling her? She couldn't tell but she had a sneaking suspicion that this dragon wasn't who he said he was.


She followed the road westward, following Zarbeses. Even if he wasn't who he said he was, she felt she could defend herself if the need arose... unless he was planning an ambush. She stayed on alert just in case it was just that. She kept a lookout, eyeing the area and listening in on it for any sign of an ambush.

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Shaking her head, Tyra turned around and withdrew from the creepy wood, heading back towards the river. "No, not now....I've been traveling 48 hours straight and I need to regain my strength," she stated aloud to herself. She coughed as the the smoke from the burning marshes irritated her lungs. Tyra wasn't used to the hot, stifling climate of the desert and it was beginning to its toll on her. Thankfully, she had the river and was able to cool herself off when she began to get too hot and dusty and the stone trees of the Petrified Forest offered some shelter from the sand carried by the hot wind.


When she reached the stream, she knelt down on the soft riverbank and slowly dipped her slender muzzle into the cool water. She then waded all the way in to the center of the river, the refreshing liquid cooling her scales which allowed them to refrost over. She was afterall a Winter dragon. "How much longer will it be until I find this strange dragon...?" she sighed to herself, "This hot climate definitely doesn't agree with me."

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Asoryll kept an eye on the royal blue. He was starting to register that something about her didn't exactly scream "Sumara" to him. Sumara had been the guard of his father before he died, and had become one of his personal guards when Asoryll took the throne. He knew the Sumara then, but perhaps the crumbling of their world had taken its toll on her. Either way, he made sure to keep watch over her. She was, after all, one of his charges now.


They moved through the forest, the stone trees passing by in a haze of grey. The starry sky was moonless this night, casting everything in a more sinister darkness.




Somewhere deep in the mountains, a shadowed shape slept in a dark cave. The blob of shadows shifted, never staying the same as it roiled in a state of half-consciousness.


Gleaming metal clattered on the floor of the cave as ten figures in black armor approached the mass of condensed shadows. Each figure was that of a dragon, and while their shapes were individual, they were all shrouded in the same shadowy substance as the creature snoring softly amid piles of treasures and magical trinkets.


The ten figures bowed before the sleeping mass. In a unified voice, they spoke.


"Your Wings arrive with news from afar."


The snoring continued, but a single tendril of darkness rose from the mass and stretched toward them, touching the lead dragon on the forehead. Flashes of memory transferred between the shadow and the dragon, telling more than the creature wished to know.


"Find them. Figure out what their plans are. If they are so bold as to defy me...kill them."


Without another word, three of the ten took off while the remaining seven stood idly by, as if they were emotionless statues to guard the thing.

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