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A Prison for Hatchlings

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((Sun's settin' over the mountains right about.... now.))


Song watched the last rays of light melt away, letting the stars come out with their gentle glow. She watched blankly as they shyly revealed themselves to the earth below. They flickered gently and with a minor-but-noticeably white glow. When the sun rises, where do all the stars go? Song thought, rolling over and watching the lazy clouds drift through the endless sky. The last of the light was dimming away slowly, dying again to be brought back in the morning. For just a second everything was absolutely silent to the small White. In this small fraction of nothingness she felt her eyelids beginning to get heavy and rolled back over before surrendering to sleep. The very last rays of light glimmered on the horizon before sinking again for the new night.

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((Sorry I've been inactive. I read the last few pages, so I think I'm good))


Skye slipped back into the cave. She was still very worried that Klutz wasn't back. If the humans had caught him again... No! she thought angerly. She refused to let herself think like that. Letting out a soft sigh, she curled up near the entrance of the cave to watch the stars emerge from the black blanket above.




Spyro climbed onto the bank and shook himself dry. Flapping his wings to dry them, he gazed up at the sky. He watched as it turned slowly from azure to black and as the stars twinkled into view. He knew he had to get back to the hatchlings, so he ran back to the cave as quickly. The massive horse dragon made sure to slow down before he got too close to cave so he wouldn't alarm anyone.

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Ocius had found a spot to lay down. He was almost asleep when a purple dragon that looked like a horse entered the area. He stayed quiet and still, unsure if he should confront this new dragon or not.

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Klutz watched as the light skies faded into night, only the light of the magic walls breaking the fading black.

"Dad, what makes the stars come out at night?" he asked, turning to his father, which he deemed as wise and all-knowing.

His father chuckled at the question. "Even I do not know. The control of stars is even beyond the power of magic."

Powered by Magic? Klutz thought as he mis-interpreted his father's words. "Cool." His mind put another question out to his father. "When I was escaping from the lab, I got a message from you. How come I couldn't talk to you?"

You mean like this? his father respond, without moving his lips.

Klutz nodded.

"That would be because you hadn't bonded with me. You see, you can only talk with each other like that if they mean something important to you."

"But you are my father! You mean a lot to me!"

"Ah, but this is because you never bonded with me. You didn't know what I looked like, acted like, or if I was injured, or if I even existed; any of that. You only could hear a voice. I, on the other hand, found a cave to protect you, built a rock nest for you, helped your mother lay you, and protected you to the best of my capability. You could call it instinct."

"But now that I know you, I can do it?"

"You know it."

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As the horizon began to bleed, as if by instinct, a young and dormant vampire dragon was aroused by the blooming, crimson flower just outside.


Lifting her head Isthsalas found herself still laying atop the mass of dirt where she'd buried the creature she'd caught the night before. With the sun relinquishing it's throne, the moon snuck up from behind the clouds to overthrow it. It was she who honored and lived for the Moon, the vampiress who currently...was trying not to blush from a gurgling stomach.


Stretching her stiff limbs the young dragon found that, while sleeping, her wing had healed quite a bit and the regeneration was slow going but sure. Digging up the remains of her prey she swallowed each drop she could muster from it's soiled veins and tossed the dried flesh and muscle to the side with disdain. Isthalas had quite easily noticed that the dragons...most of them anyway, were missing.


Without a clue as to what she had missed Isthalas doggedly padded towards the entrance of the cave when it struck her. Amongst those missing, Klutz was one of them! Oh, she wanted to find him, she needed to, perhaps for her sake more than his but alas, she shut herself down hard.


He didn't need her...right? She was just a bother to him...surely.


Isthalas sighed, she was getting nowhere at all.

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Klutz pondered for a second about the mind-talking thing. You can only use the power with people who mean something important to you? He thought back to when Isthalas first spoke with him about the power. I must mean something important to her! He grinned at the thought, but then his grin faded away as soon as he came to a realization.

"Oh no!" he exclaimed in a panic."The others are going to be worried sick!"

"Others?" his dad questioned.

"When I escaped, I wasn't the only one to escape. There was a group of other hatchlings who escaped, an ice and a vampire and a daydream, just to mention a few, and more adult dragons who have been taking care of us!"

His father put his head down as he took in this information. "I'll try to find a way to contact them."

However, it would still be a while before he could make it to the rest of the group, Sleep was taking him over quickly in the small hatchling's body. His eyes started to droop. "Hey, do you think that..." he made a big yawn. "That you can lower these walls? I think I..." he couldn't finish. He fell asleep standing. His father, shaking his head, picked up Klutz by his nose, and led him to the nest of rocks for a bed.

"Tomorrow." he whispered. "Tomorrow, we will get you to your friends."

(There. Just enough time for you guys to go into complete panic. xd.png )

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