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Dragon Breeder's Cave!

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Short Introduction:


The Dragon Breeders Cave (DBC) is a small, active community of Dragon Cave enthusiasts.

The site has been in existence for over three years, formerly known as the "Dragon Swamp".

We have a self-serve Hatchery and ER which are tended daily by our staff.

Contests for a variety of dragons, including uncommon and rare dragons, are sponsored by our members and run on a weekly basis.

We have a request center where our members give away their breedings and unwanted catches.

Caves (Mini Forums) are offered to active members to showcase their dragons, lineages, and other adoptables.




A full and active forum where members can communicate about both DC and Non-DC topics, including personal messaging capabilities hosted by the site.

To ensure the enjoyment of all our members, certain restrictions are placed on new members while they become familiar with the site, our rules and code of conduct. Further details are available during membership registration.

DBC Chat Rooms are available for members’ use, as well as a variety of DBC Themes to customize your experience of the site.

“Mentor” program available for players new to the DC world, or for veteran players who have been absent for a while and want some help with all the new DC features.

Self-serve hatcheries for Non-DC adoptables.

Members are able to nominate their “special” dragons monthly to be featured on the main site page for the duration of the month.

A fully customizable profile comes standard with membership, and members can create personalized forum signatures to include banners, pictures, artwork, even showcase growing adoptables!

An arcade with a variety of on-line games available, with monthly contests for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

A wide selection of standard and animated “smilies” for use in signatures, PM’s, and forum posts – many for holidays and special occasions.

DBC’s infamous Member Caves are available by request to members who meet certain minimum requirements. Each cave is fully customizable, and is run and controlled by the member.


Recent Additions:


We have recently added a Public Hatchery, which can be accessed and utilized without the need to register for DBC membership.

DBC provides members with access to a full “DC Spoiler” List, as well as a full “Biomes” List.

The DBC Request Center has recently been revamped and expanded as a special perk for our active members.



All this and much, much more is available with membership into The DBC!

Visitors are always encouraged, and new members are warmly welcomed!


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None could have said it better! <3 The site looks fantastic and the community is more than great!

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Lots of contests going on, and more fun planned. It's a great community, or you can always just lurk around, or hole yourself up in your own cave and organizing your breeding records. First forum based DC fan site I ever used, and the only one I've stuck with after 4 years. wub.gif


ETA: We also added a board for German speaking dragon-lovers recently.

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Thread cleaned per fan site owner's request.

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I tried to register for the site, but it kept telling me that I was putting the letters of the capca in wrong, so after 4 tries, I gave up. :/

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Sorry you have had problems MedievalMystic don't forget with the capture you can click it to get a much easier pile of letters to enter i would try again it is a very good site

And Lots of contests going on, and more fun planned. It's a great community, biggrin.gif

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I just joined this community and so far? It's been awesome! The people are helpful and welcoming. I got plenty of help with catching the new releases. After I met some basic requirements (being a member for a few days, a certain post count) they gave me a 'cave'. My own forum board where I can post things and keep track of my dragons and breeding projects. Over all? Best forum experience I've had in a while.

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I'm glad you've joined, Dustpuppy and Butakami (or rejoined in your case). And thank you for the kind feedback. And, yes, the cave's are fabulous! I'd be utterly lost without mine, since I have zero patience for spreadsheets. Hope you two stick around. smile.gif

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