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Hetalia: Your Destiny OOC

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This is the OOC for the RP, Hetalia: Your Destiny. If you need to find the actual RP, here's a link: Link.


Here you put your character forms, questions relating to the RP, etc. You do not put down un-relating things on here or user/user fights. Just things relating to this.

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H Weblo, got the PM. Just wanna let you know that i can't post regularly but I will soon! Starting monday i'll post much more. BTW, i can't quite remember who I took as characters. Refresh my memory?

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Hi, I'd like to join this RP but don't exactly know where to sign up. I'd like to RP England/Romano. If you want a little sample of my RPing I'd be happy to give you some! wink.gif

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@FallenAngel- Okay. Your charries are: America, France.


@Frost- You can have both! Just use the link in the first post to find the application and post it here. You can put a sample, but you don't have too, even though it would be nice to have a feel of how you RP. If you do make a sample, it could just be a paragraph of about 5 to 6 sentences.


BTW, has anyone seen HetaOni? I recently got obsessed with it and was thinking of basing something off of it, but I just wanted to know if anyone else has seen it.

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Okaay~ Here we go!


Username: Frostagin

Country/Island/OC name: Officially 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland', known to the others as England, Britain, or UK.

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Personality: Is supposedly a gentleman, but on the inside is very punk. Tends to be grumpy towards America. He was once a pirate. Sees fairies and other magical things, but nobody believes him. Has 'bad' taste in food. He also feels terrible on the 4th of July.

Appearance (likes pics the most): Tada~:England

Good Traits: Is a very nice person if you get to know him.

Bad Traits: Drinks too much for his own good. Has a potty mouth.

Enemies: France, France, and France.

Allies: America (although it's not very obvious), Japan

Likes: magic, punk rock, a good whiskey/whatever

Dislikes: when people say he's a liar, France



Oh Gallifrey I was so tempted to start crossing over with Doctor Who and say that he actually believes in aliens but doesn't tell anyone because there is no way everyone else is going to believe that he was actually attacked by Daleks once.


Username: Frostagin

Country/Island/OC name: South Italy, known to the others as Romano

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Personality: Is nice to women, but tends to be unfriendly to boys. He appears tougher than Italy, but really is just as cowardly. He tends to be clumsy, but is a surprisingly good pickpocket. He tends to curse.

Appearance (likes pics the most): Link because big image: Romano

Good Traits: Loves his brother

Bad Traits: Jealous of his brother because he got all the special talents, curses a lot

Enemies: Germany, France, England, etc.

Allies: Italy

Likes: tomatoes

Dislikes: potatoes, Germany

History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Italy andhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italy


HetaOni is soooo depressing. I stopped watching it because it made me sad that Ita-chan... well, you'll see. Also the aliens oddly remind me of the Silence from that one episode of Doctor Who where The Doctor makes Nixon paranoid. (It's true!)

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Omigosh! Doctor Who avatar! I loved those episodes.

Username: pudding

Country/Island/OC name: Canada

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Personality: Canada is the Luigi to America’s Mario, constantly being forgotten and ignored simply because of America’s presence. Although it annoys him a bit that he is basically invisible, Canada is a cheerful sort of guy who prefers to do things non-violently. He gets what he wants by asking nicely instead of shooting bullets but also tends to be rather shy. It takes a lot to get him angry and even more to actually get him to do something about his anger. He isn’t very outgoing but enjoys helping people and the animals that are native to his area, especially badgers and polar bears. His house is almost always full of wild animals that he lets inside when it gets too cold or the animals that migrate around and happen to stop in his country. Due to the fact he is always overshadowed by America, Canada ends up consulting the animals he lives with for help but always forgets their names.

Appearance: Canada!

Good Traits: Smart, reliable, courageous, caring.

Bad Traits: Bad memory when it comes to names, can go on mini-rants, easily scared, shy.

Enemies: Britain and America’s enemies. Usually, other nations do not notice him enough to actually be enemies with him.

Allies: USA! Also, France, members of NATO

Likes: Maple Syrup, hockey, snow

Dislikes: The fact almost every nation forgets about him

History: History!


Username: pudding

Country/Island/OC name: Prussia

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Personality: Prussia is a jerk. He always has been and probably always will be, seeing as he isn’t trying to change now that he doesn’t officially exist. Despite the fact he constantly aggravates his brother, Germany, Prussia is actually a semi-caring guy and gets concerned about Germany’s well being when he doesn’t act himself. When he isn’t tormenting his brother or drinking beer, Prussia is busy picking on the surrounding nations, especially Austria or admiring himself in a mirror. Prussia is extremely full of himself and probably the most narcissistic person in the world, despite technically not existing. The fact Prussia no longer exists is actually a sore spot for the ex-nation and he tends to get grouchy when it is mentioned. Prussia is also a prankster and enjoys doing classical jokes like drawing on people’s faces while they sleep, but also enjoys setting up more complicated pranks that usually end up with him getting beaten up.

Appearance (likes picks the most): Prussia!

Good Traits: Can be helpful(Rarely and only when he feels like it), doesn’t fight anymore (Much too lazy)

Bad Traits: Bossy, narcissistic, braggy, annoying.

Enemies: Practically all the nations hate him but

Allies: Germany, Germany’s allies

Likes: Beer, tormenting nations… beer

Dislikes: The fact he doesn’t officially exist anymore, drinks without alcohol in them, Hungary beating him up all the time.

History: History!

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All accepted~


I've seen all of the HetaOni episodes! It was sad, I agree, but now I'm obsessed with it!

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Username: UchihaAce

Country/Island/OC name: Japan

Age: Physically in the early twenties

Gender: Male

Personality: Japan is calm and speaks in a low tone, trying to keep himself out of trouble. He analysis the situation and setting fully before selecting something appropriate to say, and tries perhaps too hard to remain polite. Careful and calculative, sometimes he can be too serious and can come off as cold to some. He isn't very energetic, though in the inside he is curious and observant. He does many things one would not expect from someone professional when no-one else is around. Sometimes he will like to try new things, but he can be reluctant to take big steps too quickly in that area. While he is very smart, the way he speaks can come across as almost cryptic at times, with him saying one thing and meaning something completely different. He dislikes it when things get too loud. Almost always, he will agree with whatever America happens to be saying, no matter how illogical it may seem to be. He likes video games and observing the changing of the seasons. When he becomes upset, he drowns it at home by talking to himself and becoming silently frustrated. Rarely, however, will this ever show on the surface. It is quite difficult to get him to raise his voice. Some things that he is very passionate about, however, he will respond to in a bold way.

Appearance (likes pics the most): Japan

Good Traits: He is smart and tedious, and quite a hard worker. He has many skills and many friends, and can get along well with people easily since he comes across as quiet and polite. He has a very rich culture and history that goes back for quite some time. While he finds all his actions normal, some of the things he does can be perceived as quite strange by foreigners unused to the way he works and runs things.

Bad Traits: He has a weakness for salty foods and cute things. Sometimes, when he does a bad thing, he refuses to acknowledge it and goes on pretending that it never happened. He can become incredibly stubborn at times and when he does, can become almost impossible to deal with. Once he is sure of something, it will take a lot to change his mind.

Enemies: Russia, North Korea

Allies: America, most of the UN, and he is trying to gain closer relations to China, South Korea, Australia, and most of southeastern Asia these days

Likes: The changing of the seasons, homemade food, video games, technology, observing nature, being a tourist in other places, anime, manga, music

Dislikes: Places that are overly loud, being told to change things he has already completed, being late to meetings, food that looks like it will kill a person, people who are constantly picking fights

History: History!


And if you need a sample thing, then can I just use the last post I made in the other Hetalia RP? Since it pretty much shows my writing style anyway and it's roughly the same, only different character, of course:


((Sure, Ice. How should we go about it?))

user posted image

America's response was perhaps a bit too curt for his liking. Still, it wasn't like he should argue with America of all people. So he had gotten all of this information from spies alone? Spies? That sounded insane! He had to have had an entire armada of spies for this amount of knowledge! Silently impressed, South Korea continued to run after America, before entering a room after his blond-haired ally and dark-haired older brother.

Almost instantly, a wall of heat met his frostbitten cheeks, a somewhat pleasant sensation after having to wander for hours around the streets of Moscow. The low hum of several whirring fans made his lank charcoal hair waft in the wind, causing a movement in the otherwise thick heated room. As he walked past the many computers following America and Japan into the center of the room, it became all too clear what was creating such intense heat in the room. Just from walking past, the heat could be felt radiating from each and every computer like a bonfire, towers whirring ad beeping beneath monitors and a screen lit here and there aside from the vast majority set in a resting sort of mode. The sight alone was enough to make South Korea's eyes widen slightly; just how long were all of these poor computers running, to generate such an intense artificial heat wave that the Russian soldiers would have needed to bring in so many fans? The fans alone were frightening him worse than the fact that he and his two allies were playing spy in a distant land during a time of war; due to the common fear of fan death in his country, electric fans had always managed to spook him quite badly.

His head snapped back to glance at Japan as the shorter man asked if he should go disarm the cameras in the Russian military base yet. America rejected his proposal, saying that they would have a better chance of fighting anyone off if someone were to enter the room. South Korea's Soul hair curl bobbed at that, it's expression one of indignation.

"But if we're in such an important room, he should definitely go and disarm the cameras, right?" Korea muttered, frowning lightly. His words faded away as soon as America sat down in front of the master computer, muttering that it needed a password.

At that statement, a wide, crooked grin spread across South Korea's lips, the Asian country nodding slowly and moving closer to the computer; this was his area of expertise, after all. He briefly wondered if this computer could handle a download of StarCraft before shaking it off and forcing his mind to snap back onto the topic at hand, that being getting through the password. His fingers sliding across the keyboard, Korea teasingly stroked several keys, punching down several commands one after the other after several error responses came up before shrugging and suddenly typing in a quick phrase, giggling softly,

"Hey, if this is Russia-ssi's military base, the password's probably something stupid like vodka, right?" He asked as he typed in the Slavic's favorite alcoholic drink into the password box. "This'll show those Commies, once we're done and we have all their war plans... Payback for the Korean War for me, ne? Maybe I can piss off North Korea too, if I'm lucky~"

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Thank you. I'll post right away.


Also, would I be allowed to make a North Korea as well? He is honestly my favorite character to play as in the other RP, so I was hoping I could make another for here, too. XD


EDIT: Oh, I'd forgotten that we needed to state a decent reason to take OCs. Well, I know the country of North Korea pretty well - I mean, as well as one can know a place like that - so I figure that I would be able to play an at least accurate depiction of the nation.

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Is Germany taken as well..? I'll make the forms now. Because where Ace goes, I go. xd.png


Username: TMD

Country/Island/OC name: Russia

Age: Looks to be around really late teen/early twenties.

Gender: Male.

Personality: Russia is extremely unstable and dangerous. He is borderline sadist, which is why no one really wants to be around him. Though, in addition to this forming list of bad traits, he is extremely cunning and sly, though seems to be more of a foolish brute with no brains. On the other hand, he is extremely loyal and friendly to people he likes, especially family, and won't let anyone hurt them. He sometimes prefers to be by himself, with one. For a Christian, he sure turns to the dark powers a lot.

Appearance (likes pics the most): Russia is extremely tall. He is 6'5 with broad shoulders and a large build, which adds to his intimidating personality. He has long flowing hair that is usually tied up in a braid or low ponytail. His eyes are a dashing green color, which seem to be highly vigilant and innocent.

Good Traits: Loyal, intellegent, strong, fierce, protective.

Bad Traits: Sort of a playboy really, has some bloodlust, easily offended, arrogant, can be overly protective, doesn't listen to those around him.

Enemies: America, Britain, and the rest of the filthy Capitalists.

Allies: Communists such as North Korea, China, etc.

Likes: Vodka, drinking, getting wasted, sleeping around, sleeping, training, showing off, North Korea (and other Asians except for Japan), rum, gin, whiskey, food. (If you want something from Russia, get him through his stomach.)

Dislikes: Japan, people who don't listen to him, soft/sweet liquor, America.

History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russia (Wiki here!)



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@TMD- Accepted. You can have Germany too, but try not to have all of the same charries from your other RP.

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I was told through PM that I could play as North Korea.


Username: UchihaAce

Country/Island/OC name: North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Age: late teens

Gender: Male

Personality: Not very good. North Korea is generally very secretive and isolated. He's almost always in a foul mood over one thing or another and refuses to listen to anyone over anything. Instead of listening to everyone else's rules, he prefers to make his own. As a result, he is considered a rogue state and is one of the most violent countries in the world. He's a bit bomb-happy and childishly cruel at times, though compared to how he treats people, his treatment of animals is surprisingly very nice. Since his nation has faced crippling starvation amongst other serious issues for the past decade and a half, he's become brutally thin and refuses to spend money on anything. If you bring a snack to a meeting and it disappears, he probably ate it. He lies often, but he's a really bad liar. Despite being as violent and strong as he is, he's very childish and often throws fits when he doesn't get his way in something.

Appearance (likes pics the most): The only decent picture of him alone I could find

Good Traits: He's very strong, being the world's most militaristic nation, and he's very smart as well. He's crafty and inventive, able to make a lot out of a little. He actually does have a heart, shocking as it is, but it's near impossible that anyone would ever get to see it.

Bad Traits: Chances are, he hates you. 'Get out of my face or I'll nuke you' is his equivalent of good morning, along with various other threats. He's almost always wearing a military uniform and he's almost always irritated, for whatever reason. He's very overly violent and has many bad habits. Due to being a very poor but violent country, he does shady things like sell illicit drugs or occasionally human flesh on black markets for a bit of money. He's willing to do some pretty insane things for a bit of food. Then again, he isn't completely mentally there to begin with.

Enemies: EVERYONE.

Allies: Predominantly China, as he relies on China for nearly everything. Russia somewhat, but this has been going down since the USSR split up. Some Middle Eastern countries. Communists. His two biggest enemies, by far, are America and Japan.

Likes: Food, bombs, uniforms, the colour red, animals, flowers, money, gymnastics, music, rainbows, glass, anything that the Worker's Party and Dear Leader want him to like

Dislikes: Americans, foreigners in general, starvation, being invaded, being told not to do whatever he wants to do, Capitalists, labor camps, the internet - he has no idea what it is, but he hates it -, anything foreign, power outages, people who are too loud, people who are too quiet, people who criticize him, anything the Worker's Party and Dear Leader want him to dislike

History: Here!

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This looks awesome.


Can I reserve Estonia? I can also play Lithuania and Latvia if you really want.

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Why thank you!


Sure! I can reserve Estonia for you (He's better than everyone else/-shot)! However, maybe you could just play as two of the Baltics and leave one out so others who like them could play as one.

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This is the site where I got nearly all of my information. It's actually really helpful for the basics on all the characters if anyone needs any help.


Username: BlueApollo

Country/Island/OC name: Estonia

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: The "Baltic Honors Student", Estonia is very formal and business-like when he's around other countries. He is calm and logical in every aspect, but he relaxes when he's not in the public eye. He has avoided many a tricky situation with his powers of wit. He also is very good with computers, so he often spends his free time experimenting with different operating systems and network systems.

Appearance (likes pics the most): Click!

Good Traits: Intelligence, formal bearing, IT (Information Technology) prowess

Bad Traits: His formality can make him seem a little stuffy and nerdy at times.

Enemies: He's actually pretty neutral. That, and nobody really seems to care enough to be an enemy of him.

Allies: (I'm going to kinda guess on some of these) Russia (ish), Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland (there is evidence to support that a little bit in his profile in that link at the top of this post)

Likes: Computers, puzzles, anything with a sense of intelligence

Dislikes: Russia (O_o he's creepy, man), really stupid people

History: Click


I'm going to wait on Lithuania for a bit. He should be up within the next week or so! I'll leave Latvia up for the taking.

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The list of available characters is on the first page of the in character therread I believe. I'm positive we're still accepting as well! By the way, I LVOE your username. My name's Molly xd.png

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You should join! It's nice since we have many new charries open, so you can choos really whichever ones you want, but the list isn't updated as of late, so I think Canada and Prussia are taken too.

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