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Warriors: Reign of Fear

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((it's fine happy.gif and it looks like you'll have to pm TMD (aka TwilightMoonDragon) to let her know that you posted a form in the ooc thread and maybe also send her your form as well))

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((I'm just going to make Whitetree the temporary name for Pepperpaw's mentor, but I'd like for her to have a player's cat be her mentor))


Froststar stirred in her sleep, tossing and turning and messing up her nest of feathers and moss. Eventually bits of light falling into the den woke her from the vague nightmares caused by thinking too hard about The Clan right before she fell asleep. After shaking the bits of moss out of her pelt, she trotted out of the leader's den and into the sunlight. The sun had just barely risen; time to send out the dawn patrol. Maybe she would send out some hunting patrols and then go and lead the dawn patrol, or maybe she would lead a hunting patrol. She had to at least do something.


Looking around camp, she decided to go on the dawn patrol with Pepperpaw, Whitetree, and Flightpath. "Pepperpaw, Whitetree, Flightpath," she said in a clear voice. "Can you all come on the dawn patrol? I'll be leading it today." Froststar's deputy would organize the hunting patrols.


"Yep," Whitetree replied and walked over, with Pepperpaw right behind him.


"Wait for me!" mewed Flightpath excitedly.


"Okay. Let's go," said Froststar as she walked out of camp. "We'll be starting with the RiverClan border."



Pepperpaw followed Froststar and Whitetree out of camp, very excited, although her face didn't show it. Maybe they would see the rogues again, and learn why they were there, and what they were trying to accomplish. It was unlikely, though. Any cats who knew when and where the Gatherings were would probably know that the real clans would be on the lookout for them. Still, they might learn something, and border patrols were fun even without rogues in the forest. You could see right into enemy territory.


Pepperpaw breathed in the scent of pines. Nope. She couldn't smell any traces of the rogues, although they could still be in ShadowClan territory, and they would definitely be back.


((I didn't know which clans were adjacent to each other... I'll edit if Shadowclan isn't beside RiverClan))





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