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The years he had existed had to be counted by the thousands. Yet Delucin looked like a boy not more than seven years.


He prefered the innocence, the hope, the joy inherent in a child, as well as the way they looked at the world. They weren't so slow to accept love or to trust. Things were much clearer for a child, adults tended to muddle things with doubt and insecurities.


He sometimes wondered if Vayne would be as harthearted had he ever bothered to shed the form of the mature warrior and see the world through the eyes of a child.


The inner sanctum of the temple of Dawn was beautiful. The walls shimmered like pearls, the fabrics seemed to be woven of golden sunlight, silver moonshine and diamond starlight. They hadn't lost a bit of their luster in all the millenia.

Yet they brought Delucin no joy, for this temple was his prison. He longed to be out there to spread happyness and hope and love, knowing that while he sat trapped here, injustly imprisoned because of Vayne's foul shemes, humans suffered and died, starved, were beaten, cried out from fear and despair and lonlyness.


It was enough to drive anyone to despair. But it wasn't in Delucins nature to give in to such dark emotions and so he had thaught himself to play the flute and sing, whiling away the endless years by giving himself to the music that dwelled in his soul.


And so when the first seal of his temple was broken he did not notice because he was too lost in song. But the day came when the second seal was broken and he realized that the bonds on his power had loosened. Yet he could not rejoice for he sensed that whatever had been responsible, it had also opened seals in the temple of Dusk. Vayne, his nemesis, his dark counterpart was free to walk among the humans once more and spread his poison.


And thus the darkness in the human hearts would grow and misery would swell, destroying the few good things left in the world. His song died and crystalclear tears fell from his eyes - not for himself but for the world.


For one moment Delucin truly felt like a helpless little boy, knowing it was just a matter of time until the darkness swallowed everything. And there was no strong father, no loving mother, who would come to comfort him.


Trying to comfort himself he instinctively reached for the form of his older self. The adult warrior of the light - and his power responded.

Sudden hope - so much more natural to him then his former mood burned away his tears. If his powers had been restored that much, he might be able to awaken the latent powers of the light in humans and turn them into his champions.


True Vayne could do the same, but it needed just a tiny candle to chase darkness from a whole room.


He just needed a human of pure heart. That was important, because once he had granted powers he couldn't take them away again. There had been Warriors of the Light who had abused their powers before.


One human of pure heart, one person, who was willing to fight the rising darkness, to preserve goodness in the hearts of mankind.

And maybe, maybe he'd even find someone who had not lost the ability to dream. Someone who could help him build a world without tears and misery. A world that was worth living in.


Delucin returned to his childform and began singing in his sweet, clear voice again:

"The sun is sinking and clouds cover the sky. There won't be stars nor moon this night. Let us catch the last sunbeams and fashion a light. A bright light, fed with the love that illuminates our souls..."

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The new layout of the strange buildings was confusing at first, but Vayne eventually managed to get the hang of it. Someone had had the clever idea of labeling the streets and some of the buildings, which must make places easier to find in the large village.


He could have cut his journey shorter by simply phasing through anything that stood in his way, but Vayne had the impression that people had not seen magic for a long time. No point in causing a scene and letting the brat know his whereabouts, not when he was so weak.


Vayne stopped outside of a fancy looking building dubbed 'Police Station'. The heart he had been searching for was inside. Cautiously he entered through the door way, made of that same transparent material so many of the other buildings had, and ventured further inside.


Many of the people here all seemed to be wearing similar blue clothes. Was it their clan markings or something? They seemed to have taken some prisoners as two of the clan members were dragging a man in different clothing through a door at the other end of the vast entry hall. He didn't seem very happy. Kept going on about his 'rights'. Nonetheless, this seemed like a good place to find a suitable warrior.


Again, no one was paying Vayne much attention, although a woman sitting behind a large slab of stone did glance briefly at him. Vayne entered another doorway and found some stairs, the presence of the heart he wanted getting closer with each one he climbed.


After a few minutes Vayne figured he had found the right floor and entered another doorway. It was quieter here and only one person was about. Vayne took one look at him, sitting at some kind of desk, and knew he was the one he wanted.


He quickly crossed the floor and stopped just before the man, his shadow falling across the potential warrior.


"Found you."

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Estarinuta was just finishing his work. It had been a busy week for him during the week, there had been a violent robbery midweek which had resulted in the owner of the house being murdered so he had had to devote a lot of time to investigating that.


Of course that wasn't what he really did. in fact it had been him who had killed the homeowner and then he made it look like a robbery using his expertiese as a forensic investigator. he had been hired to kill the home owner, his real occupation was a hired assassin. He was just finishing off his preliminary forensics report to hand to his boss tomorrow when he was disturbed by someone.


Estarinuta looked up to see what appeared to be a teenage boy standing infront of him. He couldn't have been more than 16.


"Excuse me? Who are you, and what do you want? If you are here to report a crime you need to head back downstairs to the front desk."

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"I am Vayne" replied the Avatar. "And it is you that I want. I have followed the scent of darkness in your heart."


His eyes never left the man's face and he seemed to be studying it, drinking in every detail. Yes. This man would do nicely.


"I offer you power. Power beyond anything you have ever dreamed of. All you need to do is swear your alliegiance to me and me alone."


Before either of them could say anything more a man in the clan's blue clothing entered the room and began to speak to Vayne's potential warrior. Annoyed at the interruption Vayne half turned around and thrust out his hand in the newcomer's direction, who stopped dead and blinked in confusion.


"Odd" he muttered to himself. "I could have sworn Est was sitting there just now. He must have left."


Shaking his head the man in blue left and went back down the stairs. Vayne returned his attention to the warrior.


"Power. To use however you wish."

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While he was singing Delucien tried to reach out to the humans using his telepathy. To his disappointment he couldn't reach out of the temple. If he had a warrior... he was certain he'd be able to communicate with them even outside the walls of his prison. But first he had to find one.


On the bright side there were people inside the temple already. He could feel their minds. They didn't get far. The temple protected itself from intruders, turning them away back to the entrance without them even noticing it had done so.


There were some hearts that seemed to hold kindness or love, but he wouldn't, couldn't settle for the next best thing. Vayne was out there and he'd hunt his warriors mercilessly. If he figured out Delucien was still trapped he'd kill his warrior and make sure no one, who dared venture into his temple would come out alive again. Vayne had always had an easy time finding murderous scum to do his bidding.


A pure heart. Someone with courage and brains. Someone who would not just accept his blessings but find other warriors and bring them to him. Someone who could command them in his place, so they did not accidentally betray themself.


There. There. A woman. Pain had touched her, had left it's mark on her. He could feel it with every step she took. Yet it had not broken her or even bended her bright spirit.


'Come to me.' he whispered into her mind. 'Please come to me. I need you. The world needs you.


The temple wouldn't be able to keep her away from the sanctum. Not when he was leading her.

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Estarinuta sat at his desk watching his colleague leave his office. he wasnt annoyed at what this apparent kid had done, he never really got on with that particular colleague anyway.


"hmm tempting.."


Est could certainly use power like that. It would help him a great deal with his work. His real work of course not his cover job.


"..and why would you offer me this power? And what do you mean the scent of darkness?"


Est slowly reached under his desk to where he kept his daggers when he was in his office. However tempting an offer this kid made he might be dangerous so Est needed to be ready to defend himself.

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"A war is about to happen. A war that will change the fate of this world. I need allies who are prepared to do what is necessary to win. I can see the darkness in your heart and it tells me that you have what I need."


Vayne had seen the man's small movement under his desk and guessed that he was reaching for something. With the speed of an expert swordsman Vayne reached down through the desk and snatched at where the calculated object might be, his fingers closing around his prizes. He leaned back up and pulled them through the desk before leaving the daggers on the desktop. His eyes never left the man's face the entire time.


"You have knowledge of weapons. Yet another trait of use. What is your name?"


((Edit: Curse you typo fairy!))

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Est sat there surprised at how quickly this 'Vayne' had moved. How thought about what he had said for a moment. then made his decision.


"Yes i have knowledge of weapons, i need to in my line of work. you see i work here merely as a cover for my real job. i am an assassin, working here helps my cover up my kills. I am always ready to do what is nessecary to serve my better needs and i get the feeling that allying myself with you will serve my better needs. consider me an ally. My name is Estarinuta"


Est stood up. He took the daggers from his desk and put them in the harness under his trench coat.


"Now, who do you need me to kill?"

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"My enemies of course" said Vayne, satisfied that Est had agreed to follow him. "They will reveal themselves in time, but first we must prepare ourselves. Come with me to the Temple of Dusk, where the bulk of my power lies dormant. There I will be able to transfer some of it to you and I will explain what you need to know."


He turned away and began to walk towards the door before pausing.


"One thing you should know. Do not let this form deceive you. I am no mere youth."


((Going home. Hopefully post later.))

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"ok, lead the way. i am eager to join. i feel this is going to be the start of something verey interesting"


Est started to follow Vayne out of his office. just as he was about to leave he turned and looked about his office.


"yes, verey interesting indeed. but how and for whom is yet to be seen. i will enjoy this i think."


he switched the lights off, closed the door, locked it then followed Vayne out the building.

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Zatch Vanguard had thought he'd seen a boy come from out of the temple, however he was distracted by one of the archeologists, talking about some sort of orbs being placed inside of the temple, how they worked somewhat like keys because each one only fit in certain spots. Once placed, they couldn't be removed either.


When Zatch turned back tot he temple, there wasn't a trace of the boy ever being there. He wondered if it was just his imagination.


"Oi, so when's everyone going to be gone tonight?" Zatch asked the head of the excavation.


"Probably about 7. You'll have a long guard duty tonight." The man in charge replied.


"Okay then. I can deal with that." Zatched turned away and grinned, his eyes almost steaming with greedy pleasure that he might be able to find something inside of the temple.

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Vayne led Est out of the Police Station and back towards the Temple of Dusk. There were just as many people there as when he had left, including some kind of guard that Vayne had not been sure if they had seen him or not. His illusion powers were so weak now that they needed to be directed rather than a blanket effect.


"Stay close to me" he told Est as cast an illusion over those they passed as the entered the Temple. Nobody would have seen them go by.


A couple of men were excitedly talking about the walls and the unusal stone they were made of. They seemed impressed by the fact that it was nothing they had seen before. Vayne was not surprised. It wasn't from this world.


After about half an hour of leaving the Police Station Vayne stepped back inside the inner sanctum, far from any prying eyes. The Temple of Dusk was not the shiny and bright Temple of Dawn. The stone here was dark and created deep shadows. There were no torches, but light was emitted by strange greenish veins than pulsed along the walls and floor. The ceiling could not been seen in the darkness.


There were no fabrics or fancy wall hangings in here. A single throne lay at the top of some stairs in the centre of the room, forged of the same dark stone as the rest of the Temple. The throne was surrounded by a moat, containing a dark bubbling liquid that was certainly not water, with a small bridge that allowed passage in front.


Vayne crossed the small bridge and sat in his throne of dark stone, staring through the greenish light at Est.


"This Temple has been my prison for several millenia. I do not know how many. Long ago I was sealed in here and the brat was placed in one of his own. We had different views about our place in this world, which naturally led us to battle. Our war escalated to the point where forces beyond any human understanding chose to lock us away. Now that we have been freed by your race I have no doubt that our battle will continue. You, who have agreed to serve me, will help me locate the rest of the orbs that bind my power, so that I may regain my strength and end this war once and for all."


As Vayne spoke something odd was happening to Est's shadow, behind its owner's back. It rose from the floor and up through the greenish light, becoming more solid as it gained height. By the time Vayne had finished speaking it was as if a second Est was standing behind him, painted black from head to toe.


With speed no human possessed the shadow drew back its arm and proceed to stab Est through the back, the tips of its shadowy but solid fingers piercing his heart. The shadow hissed in its owner's ear as the power of the Temple flowed through it and into Est, granting him the power he sought. The process complete the shadow sank back to the floor and resumed its true nature.


Vayne watched the only thing with interest. It had been a long time since he last witnessed the transference of power.


"You are now more than any human who exists" he said softly. "How does it feel?"


((I hope you don't mind how I played this out Shric. If there is anything you don't like let me know and I'll edit.


Also, don't forget that as well as your selected powers Est will have increased strength, speed, agility and regeneration, but not as much as someone who has a 'greater' power.))

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Zatch shuddered as a chill went down his spine. A few of the torches at the entrace of the temple went out from a gust of wind that originated from inside the temple.


"Strange..." Zatch said as he struck a match to relight one of the torches. "There isn't another opening to this place yet."


He then proceeded to relight a few of the torches. He kept one for himself and decided to explore the ruins a little.


"Tsk, tsk... they really should have more guards here..." Zatch grinned evilly. "Such a shame that they really trust me, of all people. I'm surprised they haven't hired another guard yet for night duty..." He continued down the winding tunnels of the temple. The markings along the wall were much different than those at the entrance. He then saw one of the orbs that the archeologists had been talking about. It surely looked worth a lot.


"No one bothered to lock it up? Such a shame..." Zatch put his hands on it and tugged, but it didn't budge. "What the hell?" He tugged at it harder, still nothing, which surprised him because he wasn't exactly weak. "Come on! I want my money's worth! I didn't take this stupid job just to... get... NOTHING!" He kept pulling but the orb didn't move a milimeter. He then pulled out his sword and tried to cut it off of it's resting place. After about 5 minutes of trying, he gave up. He sat down panting. "What... the... hell... is... that... thing..." he breathed heavily.

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((no seems fine by me fortune))


Estarinuta staggered in shock. he was not expecting to have his own shadow stab him in the back. yet somehow it felt ok, it felt right. Est felt more alive now than he had at any previous time in his life.


Est decided to test his new powers. He first wrapped himself in shadows. then he manipulted the metal in his daggers with his mind so that the daggers flew out their sheathes in their harness and floated in front of him. Est grabbed the daggers out of the air, then looked at vayne.


"it feels good."

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Rhia Avon


The sun was sinking into the sky outside, and Rhia watched the glowing orb turn from yellow to orange to a bloody red as it disappeared below the horizon. She sighed, and closed the curtains. It had been a long, long day, and Rhia wanted to lose herself in the fantasy world of video games and books. However, Rhia had already exhausted her extra spending money on more books, which she had already finished. Bored, Rhia flicked out her butterfly knife from her pocket and expertly flipped it around until the blade was facing up, like a regular knife. She had learned how to wield the butterfly knife from a friend of hers. Despite how flimsy it looked, the blade was real and Rhia knew exactly where to stab it. She had studied the human anatomy as part of her online college courses. Who knew that the human body had so many weaknesses? Rhia sighed, and then pocketed the knife again. She felt nervous, her body full of energy she couldn't explain. Why was she nervous? Rhia's eyes turned toward the gaming console next to the television. Maybe a round of violent video games would ease her nerves. But as Rhia turned towards the console, she changed her mind. Maybe a walk? Dismissing the idea, Rhia turned towards her fridge and opened it. She gave a low curse. Ah, guess I have to go to the supermarket after all. I'm out of food. Shutting the fridge door, Rhia pulled on a black sweater as she searched the book-strewn room for the keys to her apartment. She pocketed the keys, and then head out the door. A few minutes later she was walking slowly in the darkened street, silently reciting all the things she needed to buy.

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Riley slumped into the supermarket in Wallace still with blood on his knuckles from the fight he had just gotten into with another kid from his school. A bruise was already forming on his cheek where he had gotten hit but it was a small price to pay for getting the money the kid owed him. Now he was on his way into the supermarket as the sun went down to get himself something to drink and eat. He grabbed a Dr. Pepper along with some small candy that he could shoplift and than headed for the cashier so that it didn't look like he was shoplifting as he paid for the soda. He was smart enough to realize they could suspect him if he didn't buy anything. He than walked out of the supermarkey and picked a bench to sit at while he enjoyed his candy and soda while darkness started tot cover the town while the last colored clouds from the sun disappeared.

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((Your char got into a fight at school on Sunnday? tongue.gif))


Natalya picked up another arrow and notched it in the bow. She lined it up with the target's bullseye then let go. The arrow went flying toward the target but burried itself in the outside ring. "Shoot! At least it hit the target this time..." she muttered.


She heard the sound of arrow flying through the air and a second later one appeared in the target. This one was dead center.

"How do you do that?" she looked over at her dad.

"Practice. Come on, try again." Natalya tested the wind then picked up yet another arrow. The girl repeated the steps she had earlier. Her dad called out a couple suggestions and she adjusted her position accordingly.


Moments later she released the arrow and it went flying.

"Much better." her dad said. The arrow had burried itself into the middle ring of the target. Natalya tried to hide a yawn but her dad noticed.

"Let's take a break." Natalya nodded wearily. She helped her dad put the stuff away then headed inside...

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((It was a kid from school, he wasn't at school at the time.))

((Aah. Got it.

Second form sent Fortuna. :3))

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Vayne smirked and got to his feet to slowly approach his new warrior.


"It will feel better as I grow stronger, trust me. Once I have regained my full strength and dealt with the brat, there will be nothing you can not do."


As he drew closer to Est he felt a disturbance in the Temple. Someone was trying to remove an orb. What foolishness. He turned away from Est and closed his eyes, facing the direction of the disturbance and breathing in deeply. After a moment he opened his eyes again and smiled darkly.


"It seems we have another candidate for our ranks. Let us go and introduce ourselves."

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Adriana had just gotten off her shift so she was walking down the hall when she overheard voices in Est office. There was the voice of someone she didn't recognize but she payed no attention. However when a detective((or whoever he was)) walked in then out a minute later saying something about Est not being in his office Adriana raised an eyebrow. She paused at the soda machine and got herself a drink. Minutes later Est and someone else walked out. Warning bells set off in her head.

She would be keeping a closer eye on Est from now on...


After they left, she did as well. Her destination however was not the same as theirs. She had a job that would not be put off. It was a simple job, she would study her target in broad daylight and no one would be the wiser. The woman quickly got into her car and drove to the mail.

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Pain shot up Faye’s good leg, her knee throbbing from the impact of the fall, her walking cane having clattered to the floor just out of arm’s reach and the torch having blinked out. The tunnel was instantly pitch-black and forbidding, pressing in on her from all sides and tightening on her chest, making it hard to breath. Lying on the cool stone for a few seconds Faye closed her eyes, turning the yawning darkness that threatened to crush her into something so much simpler to deal with – she had simply closed her eyes. It wasn’t out of fear or ignorance of what was beyond her, but simply transmuting the emptiness into something that was much more manageable, something that could be overcome in short and simple steps.


That was how life went for the young cripple; taking the insurmountable and breaking it down into easy, simple steps that could be overcome one at a time. Like the phrase ‘you’ll never walk again;’ in and of itself, it was an impossibility, a seemingly-concrete fact when coming from a surgeon. And yet Faye had closed her eyes and broken it down into manageable chunks – her first and most immediate problem had been if she could even feel or move her foot. She could. Then she had to learn to put weight through it, and she’d managed that. Then it came to standing up, and she’d managed that to. Then taking a step. Then two steps. Then walking an entire metre.


And now, she could walk. At least, she could if she wasn’t face-down on the floor, knee throbbing from where she’d scrapped it on the hard rock, stick and torch somewhere in the darkness beyond her. Taking mental stock of her injuries she decided the first order of business was to get up off the ground, and then after that she would worry about finding a light-source. Getting her hands beneath her she pushed up onto her knees, breathing out against the pain and letting it flow through and past her, a momentary inconvenience that she relegated as unimportant. When you’d been hit by a car, a bruise became merely annoying.


Kneeling as if she was in a dojo Faye kept her eyes closed and reached around for her backpack. Having worked with the excavation team for a few weeks now she was beginning to learn, and one of the lessons was the importance of self-sufficiency. The excavations had barely scratched the surface in both main dig sites and so much remained unexplored that only a fool would wander off into the dig without anything more than a torch. The backpack contained a radio, spare batteries, provisions, a small first aid kit, PIPS, a coat should Faye’s jumper and jeans not be enough to stave off the cold, and – most important of all right now – glow sticks.


Settling the bag in front of her Faye unzipped it and reached inside, looking for the familiar tubular packets. Fingers seized two, and after a few more seconds of checking she withdrew the shorter of the pair – no need to break open the eight-hour lights if she only need a few seconds of light. Pulling out the short stick she pulled the wrapper off, took each end of the stick, and bent it until she could feel the small vial inside snap.


Giving the stick a vigorous shake Faye finally opened her eyes as a luminescent green glow filled the immediate surroundings. In the pitch-black of unlit tunnels Faye could see for quite a few metres, giving the rock an unearthly glow as she took stock of her surroundings. Her metal walking cane had landed only just out of reach, but the torch had ended up rolling quite far down the rough-hewn tunnel; had she tried to simply look for it in the dark it could have easily taken her hours. Crawling forward Faye took the cane in her hand and used it to carefully rise to her feet, bag back over her shoulders now as she used the glow stick to lead her to the torch.


It took a quick shake to get the torch to work again – evidently she’d jarred the circuits inside when she fell – and Faye spent a couple of minutes tying the glow stick to her wrist before carrying on in case the torch did decide to fail. With the green glow giving her enough light to see her immediate surroundings she could use the powerful yellow beam to pierce the gloom beyond, to lead her back to civilisation – or to show her the way ahead. What had started as a quick trip to check her readings from the latest analysis against the reality of the excavation site had turned into an expedition into the unknown, all thanks to a previously-undiscovered tunnel that had been rather conveniently located near the site where her analysis had been concentrated on.


By Faye’s scuffed watch it was now a half-hour since she’d started off down this tunnel and her ankle was starting to ache. A few painkillers would help, but Faye was concerned with the walk home later – it had been a long day after all, and she didn’t want to end up hobbling for hours in the dark, barely above a snail’s pace thanks to the injury. But for whatever reason – insatiable curiosity surely, she had too much to do in life to be bored and want a change of pace – she was compelled to see where this tunnel went. It could be glory, although Faye wasn’t exactly looking for her name on the map here – more than likely she didn’t want to report a new tunnel without knowing where it would end up.


It didn’t take long to find the end of this tunnel however; a massive set of double doors were literally around the corner from where Faye had fallen, seemingly worn and dull from the ravages of time. Limping up to them Faye stopped for a moment, torch playing over the faint carvings on the doorway as she tried to make out what they were. It would take much better light than a fading torch to actually make out the words and pictures though; it would have to wait until an excavation team came down this way and rigged up some lights, take photos to be analysed back in the laboratories, and everything else that went with a dig of this magnitude.


She could turn back now; she’d found what she was looking for. But something urged Faye to just open the doors and check, see what was inside before she told the team leader what was down this way. Just for once to be the one who knew first. With a shrug Faye decided she could afford the time and besides, the doors may not even open to her, given how heavy they looked. Digging in her left shoulder so she could push with her good leg Faye heaved…and nearly toppled into the room for her efforts.


The doors swung open, and for all intents and purposes Faye may have well walked into a crystal ball.




-Post by Faye

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Now that he had found one warrior and had the prospect of another, Vayne moved differently than he had before. Eariler he had moved with the gait of the unsure and cautious, but now he walked full of confidence. Things were finally starting to go his way.


He left the inner sanctum and back into the labyrinth of corridors that filled the Temple. Now that Est had been filled with his dark power he would be able to move about the Temple freely without Vayne's guidence.


Soon Vayne came across his target, sitting defeated on the floor across one of the activated seal orbs. The orbs, being made of yet another material no modern man knew of, would undoubtably be valuable. Would that be all it would take to sway this man's side?


"You will never be able to seize that orb" said Vayne stepping into view. "But if it is treasure you seek, I can help you aquire as much as you desire."

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Adriana parked the car. Before she got out, she stored away her throwing knives in the car then she opened the door. She steped out of that, shut the door then headed inside.



Natalya's family decided to go to the park and take a nice long peaceful walk. They piled into the car and soon they had arrived. Now they were on the trail, Natalya was riding her bike ahead of her parents while they walked hand in hand behine her.

Natalya marveled in the beauty of the day as she continued to peddle her bike.


((And with that, I am off to bed. 4:30am

Laura, tell me when you want Natalya to do that thing. smile.gif))

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Delucin couldn't be quite sure, but he began to suspect that the woman he had chosen as his primary warrior hadn't heard him consciously. Once again he cursed Vayne, whose machinations had trapped him here with the majority of his powers bound. But he cheered up again quickly.


It was probably better that way, he reflected as he followed her progress through the temple. If she had realized someone was speaking into her mind she might have paniced and fled. Humans could be so fragile.


Though she didn't know someone was talking to her a part of her certainly heard and understood him. The temple certainly seemed unable to turn her away as she followed the tunnel to his inner sanctum.


But it tried. Delucin stopped singing and winced in sypathetic pain as it managed to make her stumble and fall.


It wouldn't have been pleasant for anyone but for her it was a minor disaster. Yet she didn't even need his encouragement to continue on. He couldn't see what was going on but from her thoughts he gathered she had lost her lightsource. Before he could figure out how to help her, she had already solved the problem.


Delucin relaxed. Too soon as it turned out. Her ankle began to ache again and he knew she considered turning back.


'No!' he whispered into her mind. 'Keep walking! It's not far now! Have no fear. Everything will be well.'


She came to the doors of the sanctum and once again she wanted to turn back.


Come in! He whispered. Open the doors. I need you. Please open the doors.


She did and he could see that after the darkness of the tunnels the brightness of his inner sanctum blinded her.


He dimmed the light that shone from the pearly walls and changed the angle of the mirrors in the ceiling so that they stopped reflecting and magnifying the light.


He couldn't do much about the prisms that shattered rainbows all over the floor or the wall hangings who seemed to be made more of light than of fabric.

Most of them showed abstract patters but some depicted the sunrise in loving detail.


In the midst of the room was a podest with three stairsteps leading up to it.


Delucin was in the midst of it.


Behind it to the left was a pillar on which his weapon - Ultima- a sword of ancient beauty was displayed.


To the right was another pillar and on it was his ivory flute. An ancient gift that - admittedly - he had not thought much of when it had been given all those millenia ago, but now it was among his most prized possessions.


Delucin himself seemed to be a blond child, who wore a simple white robe. He had the destilled cuteness of children all over the world .


"Welcome to the Temple of Dawn." He said in his sweet, clear voice. "Welcome home, Faye."

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