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Back when humans first started to define themselves as people and the concept of humanity was still new, there lived among the young race two Avatars of their collective consciousness. Delucin and Vayne respectively represented the light and darkness that existed in every human heart and each possessed a variety of powers. They drew their strength from those around them and could manipulate them and be influenced by them in turn.


Delucin had the power to bring people joy, love, hope, happiness, curiosity, empathy and serenity.


Vanye had power over sorrow, hatred, fear, anger, shame, regret, jealousy and hostility.


For a long time the two of them lived in peace and fulfilled their roles in harmony, but with the passing of time things began to change. They watched as the humans they lived with grew old and died and Delucin in particular was affected. It saddened him as people gave into their grief, fear, anger and hatred and began to warp their formerly peaceful world with their actions. Eventually Delucin could take no more and asked Vayne to use his powers to stop the violent and selfish actions that people were now calling ‘evil’. Vayne refused, believing that darkness should maintain its role in the human heart.


Wishing to stop the constant pain that the darkness wrought, Delucin began to fight with Vayne, and they not only used their formidable powers against one another but adopted allies amongst the humans, giving powers to those they felt worthy. Their war threatened to destroy humanity and it wasn’t until the Powers That Be stepped in to stop them was their fighting was quelled.


The two of them were both sealed in temples several miles apart, Delucin inside the Temple of Dawn and Vayne inside the Temple of Dusk. The Powers That Be placed several layers of protection on each temple to bind their Avatar prisoner inside. Powerless and practically cut off from the humans they had once served the Avatars began to fade from memory. As the earth changed and shifted the temples were buried and lost, their purposes and existence forgotten.




The year is 2020 and in the small rural town of Wallace excavations have been carried out at either side. Earlier in the year two vast underground buildings were discovered and work to dig them out has been carried out for several months. What the diggers, archaeologists and locals do not know is that they have broken some of the seals that had been placed on them thousands of years ago.


Now partially free from their aeons of imprisonment the Avatars wish to resume their battle. The Temple of Dusk had the most seals broken and Vayne was able to walk free from his prison, although he discovered to his horror that most of his power was still sealed away and he was trapped inside a teenage boy’s body.


Delucin was unable to leave his temple but had also regained a little power. He began to search the hearts of the nearby humans to look for suitable warriors so that they could fight for him, knowing Vayne would be doing the same.


The usually quiet town of Wallace was suddenly besieged by strange and bizarre events. Neither Avatar nor any of their warriors could enter the temple of the other side, due to the seals that contained their power. Now both forces race to break their remaining seals and hinder the efforts of the other side.


The warriors have been urged by their respective Avatars to keep their fighting as secret as possible and maintain their daily lives. If too much attention is brought to their war things may take a direction neither of them want.




Each side has powers and abilities that correspond with their nature, although some are shared.




Increased strength, speed, agility and regeneration.




Greater regeneration. Fire. Wind. Electricity. Light. Telepathy. Barriers. Purification. Mist. Teleportation. Healing.




Greater strength. Ice. Earth. Water. Acid. Darkness. Magnetism. Gravity. Corruption. Sleep. Poison. Illusion. Metal.


More powers may be added later on, depending on how many seals are broken and in which temples.




Map of Districts


The small town of Wallace is spilt into six districts. Burnrise, Burtley and Hillen are the residential districts. Most of the people in Wallace live in one of these three.


Morgan contains the schools, college, hospital and fire department.


Achen is the shopping and business district. It also contains Wallace’s police department.


In Nomtop is the town’s museum and library, although most of it is taken up by the park.


Outside of Wallace is mostly farmlands and to the far North a power station. There is a river to the West and South.




Both of the temples are similar in layout and design, both being made of an unknown stone that has excited many people. Inside the temples there is a vast labyrinth of corridors and rooms, the very centre of which is accessible only by the temple’s Avatar and chosen warriors. Anyone else who ventures in too deep gets lost and they eventually end up back at the entrance.


Each temple also contains several seals that are carefully protected and sometimes even booby trapped. Although some were broken when the temples were unearthed, more still remain. In order for a seal to be broken a special orb must be placed into an alcove. Some Seal Orbs were discovered when the temples were unearthed but more remain scattered throughout Wallace. When in their temples the Avatars can sense the general direction of an orb, but not their exact location.


Some of the lost Seal Orbs are protected via magical means, meaning recovering them is harder and more dangerous.


Each temple has 12 seals. The Temple of Dusk has four seals broken and the Temple of Dawn has two.


Warriors or Avatars of one temple can not enter the other until all of their own seals are broken.




When the archaeologists first unearthed the temples, they found several of the seal orbs. Not knowing exactly what they were, they realised they fit perfectly into the alcoves dotted around the temples and put them into place.


As well as partially releasing the two Avatars, the activated orbs also had a bizzare side effect on Wallace, fracturing time itself across the town.


Time now moves differently throughout Wallace, slower in some parts while faster in others and the locations of the altered time streams constantly change about. Thankfully at the moment, no part of the town is separated by more a few hours from the others.


Only the Avatars and their warriors are aware of this. The normal people of the town don't notice and carry on with life as normal as best they can. The only way to fix the timestream and return Wallace to normal is to find all of the orbs and activate them by placing them into an alcove in a temple.


Once an orb has been placed and activated, it can not be removed.




Floor Plan


St Merrylin’s is the only high school in Wallace. Students are aged between 11 & 17 years old.


First Floor.


The first floor has the classrooms for students in Grades 1 to 4. It also has the laboratory or science room where science lessons take place, the Gym and the Cafeteria. The Staff Room, Kitchen and Main Office are also on this floor but students must have permission to enter them.


Second Floor.


The second floor is where Grades 5, 6 & 7 have their classrooms, as well as the art and music room and the library. There is a storage room where all kinds of things are kept, but students are not usually allowed inside.




1) No God-modding or power playing.

2) No flaming, spamming, or advertising

3) You may only kill another person's character if they allow you to

4) Please be active. No really. If you go more then two weeks without posting (without prior warning), you will be removed from the RP.

5) Respect the other RPers

6) Keep it PG-13, but romance is allowed.

7) I'm trying to keep this semi-lit, so if the majority of your posts are at least four sentences long, I'd be very grateful :3

8) Laura-Lana is my second in command. If I am not here you will obey her every word.




1) Once you have picked a side you are stuck with it.

2) No more than four powers per warrior.

3) Warriors of Light can not enter the Temple of Dusk and Warriors of Darkness can not enter the Temple of Dawn.

4) Although the RP is set a little into the future, it will not be very different from modern day. No flying cars and whatnot.

5) No guns as weapons.

6) Try and mix up your powers a little. If one character can throw fireballs then maybe another can release a jet of fire from their hands. Or mouth. Or has immunity to fire. Or can just set things on fire (Pyrokinesis). Be inventive.

7) No more than two characters each.

8) Nobody starts off already a warrior unless they have been chosen as a 'starting' warrior by either Laura or myself. There will be one for each side. Everyone else please wait until either Vayne or Delucin approaches/contacts them and takes them to their temple. This is the only place where they can bestow powers.

9) Depending how the RP goes you might be allowed to change your powers or add new ones up to a maximum of four, however this will be allowed very rarely. I don’t want people changing their minds every other page.





Character Name:

Age: ((No younger than 15))

Appearance: ((If using a picture, please give a direct link))



Side: ((Light or Darkness))

Powers: ((No more than four and they must be aligned with your side. ‘Shared’ abilities are automatically given and do not need to be added, unless you wish for one of the ‘Greater’ powers.))

Weapon: ((Weapons have no powers/special abilities. NO GUNS.))






If you wish to apply as a Warrior of Darkness, PM Fortune86.

If you wish to apply as a Warrior of Light, PM Laura-Lana.

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Accepted Forms/Teams


Light ~ Full



1) Faye ~ Kestra

2) Natalya ~ Evangeline5432

3) Dwain ~ En'K'Haral

4) Alex ~ TotallyDrow


Darkness ~ Full



1) Maxine ~ DragonSpirit009

2) Adriana ~ Evangeline5432

3) Revan ~ TotallyDrow

4) Eric ~ En'K'Haral


Light Forms


Username: Laura-Lana

Character Name: Delucin

Age: Unknown, but looks between 6 and 7 most of the time

Appearance: Delucin prefers living as a child. The innocence, joy and hope of a child is the greatest treasure he can imagine . On occasion he might take on the form of a fifteen year old teenager to experience the rush of first love and very rarely that of a mature warrior of the light.

Gender: Male

Job/Student: If he is ever freed, he might enroll in school.

Side: Light


1) Telepathy: The ability to talk to any of his warriors directly into their minds, no matter how far away they are.

2) Greater Healing: The ability to instantly heal any wound, no matter how serious, as long as death has not occurred.

3)Lumimancy: The power to control light.

4) Change Age: Though he prefers the form of a little boy Delucin can change to any age he wants to. No one has ever seen him in a body that looks over thirty though.

Weapon: Ultima

History: Delucin still remains trapped in the Temple of Dawn, forced to sit back and wait while his chosen warriors do all the work.

Other: To pass the time during his imprisonment Delucin taught himself to sing and play the flute. The melodies he plays on his flute bring hope to those who hear them but the true gift is his voice. It is very beautiful and will move all but the darkest of hearts to tears.

Note: I need one warrior of the light, who is Delucin's from the start of the RP on - or who begins the RP by discovering the temple of dawn and getting chosen. Utterly trusted and dearly beloved Delucin will think of him to as his strong arm and faithful mouth and put him above anyone else. Please pm me if you are interested in the position.



Username: Kestra15

Character Name: Faye

Age: 22

Appearance: At her full height Faye stands at 5’10, but her injury means she always seems a little shorter. Her wavy brown hair is normally tied back in a plain ponytail and swept away from her brown eyes. Her physique is not exactly that of a body-builder, but regular physiotherapy means she has a nearly-athletic figure, and will often wear jeans and plain v-neck tops. She is never seen without her walking cane.


Gender: Female

Job/Student: Research assistant, newly assigned to the excavation team. She also works as a part-time lecturer at St Merrylins for the advanced-class physics students.

Side: Light


1) Fire: Faye can create and manipulate fire in the form of offensive fireballs which can be thrown at her enemies. This is a line-of-sight, straight-line attack. Faye can form the fireballs in her hands, “hold” them, “throw” them, and also extinguish them before she throws them. Once thrown, the fireball will fly straight.

2) Barrier: Faye becomes shrouded in a field of fiery light that adheres to her like armour, her cane reinforced as if it were a blade of the strongest steel and capable of deflecting incoming attacks. While the armour is not impenetrable it offers a firm degree of protection; repeated or powerful blows can eventually break it.

3) Air: Telekinesis/Flight (to be unlocked later).

Weapon: http://images.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/...mages/88cfd.jpg


Faye is not native to Wallace, having been brought up on the other side of the country. She had a childhood that was nothing more or less special than many other contemporaries; a healthy diet of video games, free accessible Internet, half-hearted karate lessons because her mum thought she needed more confidence in class, an adequate enough school education that got her the pass grades required for university, and a staggering amount of debt for the trouble.

It was after the first year of long nights drink, long days in the library and occasionally attending lectures that Faye’s lifestyle changed, though not by personal choice. After a particularly long day of lectures Faye and her friends were on the way home on a miserable September day that consisted mainly of strong winds and driving rain. As happens all too often in such conditions, a driver going too fast lost control of the car and skidded. Unfortunately it skidded straight into a tired Faye, who was too slow to move to one side and ended up helping to slow the car down with her own body.

While Faye recovered from most of the injuries, unfortunately a long-term effect of the accident was severe damage to her right ankle. After being discharged from hospital after a short spell, the caste was eventually removed by a grim surgical team who agreed they had done the best they could to rebuild Faye’s mangled foot. Although it outwardly looks normal, albeit scarred, the x-rays show that Faye’s ankle will never be the same again and would require some support and a lot of physiotherapy to make it useable.

In the months that followed Faye vowed to turn her life around to accommodate the injury; she never skipped a physio session, did her exercises regularly, and eventually took up karate again – although always with a walking cane in hand. Combined with a warning not to become overweight for fear of over-stressing the ankle has left Faye in a remarkably-healthy state, even if she is no Olympic athlete, and has become surprisingly adept with using a walking cane in a fight.

Graduating from university on time Faye was offered a position as a research assistant on a dig in the little town of Wallace, which came hand-in-hand with a guest lecturing position at the school. Taking the job Faye moved into a flat in Hillen near the school, and splits her time between infrequent lesson planning, improvised but enjoyable classes with the older students, or running various analyses on the data collected by the dig team.



Username: Evangeline5432

Character Name: Natalya Saunders

Age: 17

Appearance:This Ignore elf ears and weapon. Has brown hair.

Gender: Female

Job/Student: Student, has a job at the library on weekends and in the summer and helps out as a teacher's assistant. (Possibly in Faye's class?)

Side: Light


1. Healing~The ability to heal almost any wound, depending on how serious, as long as death has not occurred. More serious wounds would take longer to heal.

2. Fire~If she thinks about something bursting into fire when she touches it then it will catch on fire. She can decide whether the flame is harmful or not.

3. Teleportation~Would be unlocked later

Weapon: Two concealed daggers. Stiletto

Archer Dagger They are about the size of her forarm.

History: Natalya's father was not the nicest man. To say the least, her experiences toughened her up. Finally, when Natalya was 12, her mother divorced him and later remarried. Natalya, convinced that she would not let a dark past put her down, decided to make the most out of life. She took parkour and self defense lessons from her step-dad and was tutored by her mother. She went from failing her classes to making decent grades. When she was old enough, she got a weekend job at the library and helps as a teachers assistant. She lives a decent life as a student and does her best to help.




Character Name: Dwain Bester

Age: 24

Appearance: Dwaine

Gender: Male

Job/Student: Librarian in Nomtop

Side: Light


Greater Regeneration: quick, complete, and easy recovery from non-dismembering wounds

Electricity: Can produce paralyzing but non-leathal currents in hands.

Electricity: Immunity to electricity.

Telekenisis/Barrier: Creates a barrier of Kinetic energy in short single direction arcing bursts that are meant to keep people at bay and redirect projectiles.

Weapon: Iron pole.

History: Dwain was born and raised in Wallace. A book lover at heart he pursued his carrier as a Librarian since his time in St. Merrylin's which wasn't too long ago. He recently got hold of a proper Librarian's job at the Library in Nomtop where he had spent a great deal of his time anyways while he was in high school. Ever since the excavation of the temples started he has followed the research in them as it was made public. Excavations and history aren't his only choice of reading materials either, mythologies and science also interest him.

Other: He lives in a smallish home in Burtly and has two pet cats, one is an orange tabby and the other is a black tabby.



Username: TotallyDrow

Character Name: Alexander Gray

Age: 17

Appearance: Alex

Gender: Male

Job/Student: Student

Side: Light


1, Blue Fire Aura - The ability to completely cover himself in his flames and not get burned. When in this state he becomes near impossible to touch due to the heat of the flames. Likewise whomever he comes into contact with will get burnt. If Alex is holding an object prior to activating his aura, that object will also be shrouded in his blue flames. However, should the object's contact with Alex stop, the fire is automatically extinguished. This only works on inorganic hand held objects.


2. Will O wisp Generation - Alex can create up to a maximumof 3 football sized blue orbs of fire, which would orbit around his body until manipulated to do otherwise. He can freely control these orbs of fire up to a radius of 15 meters, with his body acting as the center point.. Like the fire aura, they will burn anything they come into contact with. If an orb is extinguished by an external force (i.e water / being obstructed by a wall) or through an attack, a new orb will take its place after a minute. If the orb were to leave the radius of 15 meters, they would extinguish themselves almost immediately.


3. Blue fire Creature Creation (hounds) - Using the Will-O-Wisp's orbs, Alex can create a canine like creature, using up one of the orbs. Therefore he can create up to three of these creatures at any given time. These canines are the size of a large wolf and will act in a similar fashion as a wolf pack attacking in groups, they also have the tracking abilities of wolves. They are physical beings, so objects that would pass through fire will come into contact with the body of the canine, as opposed to going through it. Any bites or scratches these canines inflict on their target will be the same as when bitten by an ordinary wolf, however the skin around the affected area will also suffer burns. If they are scratched, depending on the deepness the burn will be either 1st to 2nd degree, however if they are bitten the burns will range from 2nd to 3rd degree. Depending on how many hounds are created will affect how many orbs orbit around Alex. Two canines will consume 2 orbs, so Alex can only have 1 will o wisp orbiting him. Three canines will use up all 3 orbs and therefore Alex will be unable to generate any more will o wisp's until a canine is destroyed or he de-summons the canines. Unlike the orbs, these canines can keep their form up to a distance of 30 meters from Alex. Once they exceed this, they are extinguished


4. Blue fire Creature Creation (Phoenix) - Using the Will-O-Wisp's orbs, Alex can create a Phoenix creature, using up all three of the orbs. So only one of these creatures can be created at any given time. This Phoenix is the size of an Andean Condor. It can release a torrent of blue flame from its mouth. Due to requiring all three orbs, keeping this creatures form requires a lot of concentration on Alex's part, if his concentration were to falter, the three orbs would seperate and the creature vanish. If the Orbs are currently hounds, they need only merge with one another to summon this Phoenix This creature is a physical being, so objects that would pass through fire will come into contact with its body, as opposed to going through it. Alex will be unable to generate any more will o wisp's as long as this creature is in existence Unlike the orbs, this Phoenix can keep its form up to a distance of 90 meters from Alex. Once it exceed this, it is extinguished



Weapon: Anything he can find.


History: His parents were married for a couple years and from the outside they looked like a happy family, however that was all a facade. His father had an online gambling problem which seemingly got worse and worse. Prior to becoming hooked, he was an investment banker and was the main source of income for the family, however that all changed. He gambled most of the money away, to the point where Alex's mother just couldn't take it anymore.


They divorced when Alex was only 9. For eight years now, he has been raised by his mother. Having studied fashion and running a successful clothing store for teenagers, she was headhunted into a global fashion company and offered a lucrative contract. Due to having to travel in and out of Wallace for her new company, his mother decided that it would be better for them to leave wallace and move to the city, however Alex opposed this idea, wanting to finish his last year at St. Merrylins. He now lives in a 2 bedroom apartment, the rent paid for by his mother with a monthly allowance of 2k for food and bills


Other: Works at a convenience store part time, not because he needed the extra income. Due to his father's situation, he has grown up learning the value of money and would rather earn money on his own as opposed to relying solely on his allowance. Also, due to having witnessed his fathers transformation from being an honest worker and family man to a debt ridden gambler who put his family second and his gambling first, Alex has nurtured a desire to prevent others from making a similar mistake. In other words, he does not want to see others, especially people he knows succumb to the darkness.



Darkness Forms


Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Vayne

Age: Unknown, but looks 16

Appearance: Vayne

Gender: Male

Job/Student: Student in Class 2B at St Merrylin's.

Side: Darkness


1) Intangibility: The ability to walk through objects and be unaffected by certain abilities.

2) Corruption: The ability to manipulate a person’s heart and drag it further into the darkness.

3) Gravity: The ability to manipulate gravity.

4) Illusion: The ability to make a person see or believe things that are not real.

Weapon: Omega

Because the Omega can be folded it can be neatly hidden beneath Vayne’s clothes.

History: Because of his new teenage appearance Vayne enrolled at St Merrylin’s High School as both a cover for his true nature and a way to weed out potential Warriors of Darkness. Even though he can now leave the temple, he returns there often for both protection and because he has no where else to go.

As well as searching for allies Vayne is also hunting down the Seal Orbs in order to unlock the rest of his power.

Other: Having been sealed away for thousands of years Vayne had little else to do except practise his swordsmanship, making him a formidable fighter. Due to his current form his abilities are not as good as they should be, but he can still hold his own in a fight against several others.

Note: Vayne will need a warrior of darkness in a position of authority from the start of the RP on, hopefully either a teacher or a policeman. This is so he can enrol freely into St Merrylin’s despite not having a home, family or history. They will also be needed to provide Vayne information about modern day life, as things have changed rather drastically in his absence. Please PM me if you are interested in this role.



Username: evangeline5432

Character Name: Adriana Pierce

Age: 21

Appearance: ~ Has black hair.

Gender: Female

Job/Student: Part-time teacher for computer classes.

Part-time computer forensic investigator. Night job-Hired Cleaner(No, I don't mean that one that cleans your house. Kinda like an assassin only she is hired to clean up the mess her contractor wants dealt with. Sometimes that might involve disposing of a target or just cleaning up after the one who did.)

Side: Darkness


1. Darkness- Is able to use darkness to cloud ones sight and judgement. She must be looking at the person. When used, they would be likely to make bad choices and they wouldn't be able to see what's in front of them.

2. Sleep- When she touches someone, she can make them feel tired and induce sleep. Once they are asleep or even just half asleep she can awaken old fears/nightmares.

3. Earth - The ability to make it rise out of the ground and form walls or open up and close at their command. Minor earthquakes.

4. (Reserved for when more powers come along)

Weapons: See picture. A few throwing daggers. She usually carries no more then five. Unlike the picture, hers are concealed underneath her clothing. She wears a necklace with a cross pendant . On closer inspection, someone would see it is hollowed out (like a blow dart) and they would find small poison darts stored in her pocket. (Which she makes herself)

History: As a child her parents pushed her to be the best. She took classes in karate, close combat (with and without weapons), archery, knife throwing, and some freerunning. In school she excelled at math and everything concerning computers. When she graduated from school, she took up a job in computer security. One day, not long after she had graduated, she was in a accident that caused some brain damage. Miraculously the doctors were able to perform a surgery and repair her injuries. Unfortunately there was one effect. It left her without a certain emotion, love. Hatred toward the one who had caused her injury, built and she wanted revenge. Using her skills she killed the man. (The official report says he disappeared without a trace.) She sought out more work in that field and became apprenticed to another cleaner. Soon she became very good at her secret job.

Since she was extremely good at computers she took a part-time job at the precinct and the school to earn a little extra money and to place herself in a job where she would be able to watch what happened in Wallace without suspicion.

Other: Adriana is skilled at close combat. Even more so when using her dagger but if it comes down to it she prefers to kill from afar. Throwing knives and poison are her favorite. She has some experience with explosives but doesn't use them much as she likes to make her victim's COD look natural. She is deceptive and cunning and will use every resource she can to get a job done. Adriana now works alone. Barely anyone knows about Adriana's lack of certain emotions. If someone were to meet her they wouldn't be able to tell.



Username: TotallyDrow

Character Name: Revan Harris.

Age: 17

Appearance: Revan

Gender: Male

Job/Student: Student

Side: Darkness


1.Greater Strength - Self Explanatory

2.Gravity - isolated within Revan's blade. When objects come into contact with Revan's blade, their weight increases by 10%. The more contact, the heavier the object becomes until it becomes too heavy to left

3.Acid - Acidic touch, isolated to Revan's left hand. The ability to melt away metals, stone and other matter through the use of a strong acidic compound which is excreted from the sweat glands in his left hand. When in contanct with another person, it can cause irritation in the forms of a rash or a burn on the exposed flesh.

4.Metal Transmutation: Revan has the ability to manipulate any form of metal changing them between Liquid's and solids. When in a liquified state he can alter the shape and design of the metal, solidifying it once again. The size of the object is dependant on how much metal he has on him. The malleability also affects how easily he can manipulate the metal.

Weapon: Katana


Revan is the son of a wealthy businessman. His father left Wallace in order to start up a new company on the otherside of the country, Revan was originally suppose to go along with his father but decided against it. For one reason. His step-mother. His father had remarried a woman nearly 20 years younger then he was and would often shower her with expensive jewellry. Revan saw her for what she was, a gold digger. Since the wedding, Revan has not seen eye to eye with his father often argueing with him.

Now that his father has left Wallace, Revan is given a monthly allowance which is enough to pay for the house rent, the grocery and for going out. He has grown accustomed to living alone in a two storey house and only calls his father if he is low on cash or if there is an issue with the school.

Other: Grew up learning Kenjutsu and Kendo therefore he is skilled with a blade.



Username: DragonSpirit009

Character Name: Maxine Black (Max for short)

Age: 16

Appearance: Max

Gender: Female

Job/Student: Student

Side: Darkness


1. Ice: Forms at touch and uses the moist in air to freeze objects

2. Earth: Manipulation of the earth around her.

3. Gravity: Manipulates the gravity in the area.

4. For a later stage

Weapon: A kind of a folding sword

History: Max was always a sweet kid but when the teens kicked in she started getting into a lot of trouble, messing with the teachers, getting others into trouble and so on. She doesn’t care much what happens and would rather do what she wants. Her parents gave up and let her do as she pleases, paying damages day by day as the trouble came their way. Her family is rather wealthy since her father owned family businesses around the world along with his brothers.


Username: En'K'Haral

Character Name: Eric Pettygood

Age: 35

Appearance: Eric Pettygood

Gender: Male

Job/Student: Drug dealer.

Side: Darkness

Powers: Corruption: Can invoke feelings of distrust and doubt in one or more people by talking to them. Immediate and lasting results vary.

Illusion: Can create phantasms that fool sight, hearing, and/or smell.

Poison: Can secrete from his hands a toxin that dulls the senses of touch, taste and sight. Must be ingested or injected.

Water: Freely manipulate water and moister, he cannot create it.

Weapon: Brass knuckles and a knife.

History: Eric was born into poverty. His family used welfare to send him to school but even then he spent most of his time stealing and dealing to keep the poor lifestyle they had, all the while envying the other students who had it so easy. As he grew up Eric developed a knack for business but with poor grades and no other means of getting into college he fell back on his old means of income. He dropped out of school and left his family going into business for himself doing small time drug deals. He works full time at a fast food restaurant near St. Merrylin's.

Other: He has a very strong dislike for privileged people. Eric is glad to sell to rich minors when they find him and has seen some throw away their futures thanks to his influence. For the most part though he shuns dealing with kids, believeing they are more trouble than they are worth.

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Temple of Dusk (Darkness) ~ 6/12


Temple of Dawn (Light) ~ 3/12




1) Under the School ~ Unclaimed

2) Jordan's House ~ Claimed by Light

3) Museum ~ Claimed by Darkness

4) Power Station ~ Claimed by Darkness


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Can we have a link to Laura's PM?

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I think that first one should be answered in the roleplay, but for the sake of timeliness I'll just approve this and let you do that.


So, approved! Have fun roleplaying.

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((Thank you ^-^


*gives Soupnazi a cookie*


Anyway, we are now open to applications. Please PM all forms for Team Darkness to myself and Team Light to Laura-Lana.))

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((Questioning entering or not... such a difficult choice... I think I will.))

((Ditto...My dilemma is Light or Darkness....?

Am I allowed to do as I did in DN?user posted image))

Edited by evangeline5432

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((Confirming I am still interested as before.))

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((Confirming I am still interested as before.))

((And a good thing you are. I'd be pretty helpless without my starting warrior biggrin.gif))

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((I submitted an application for an evil character... watch out! MWUHAHAHAHAHA Now Laura, you'll get to see my evil side...))

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{{Interested in joining this roleplay. Sounds very, very interesting. Typed up my char sheet, only Fortune's inbox is full. Shame.}}

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((Don't worry Laura, if things are slow and the RP here doesn't get filled I might throw in a second character =P))

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{{Sorry, my character is a Warrior of Darkness, so I'd have to PM Fortune. Of course, I would love to make another character to become a Warrior of Light.}}

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((Ugh I want to know who Shric is, his character form isn't even on the character posts yet he's on the Darkness warrior list...))

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((Shric is from CPA, like Kestra.


Deleted some PMs in my inbox, so there is more room now smile.gif


I have to go to work now, but I'll be back to look through forms in about an hourish.))

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((Okay, I've approved a bunch of forms and will make my first post ASAP. I'm just going to do a few worky things so I can keep my job. Feel free to make your opening posts.))

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((Fort, may I reserve a spot on your chars team? I would make a form now but this iPod would mock me.

PS. What day are we starting on?))

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((Wanted to post this hours ago.))


The sun was low down in the sky, but was it near dawn or dusk? Vayne couldn’t tell. It had been so long since he had last seen the sky, but it was just as he remembered.


Everything else had changed though.


He stood on the grassy bank and looked down at the collection of buildings before him. They were quite bizarre and looked nothing like he had ever seen, being many times larger than any of the huts that had been there before. Just how long had it been?


Vayne turned around and looked back at the temple that had been his prison for so long. It had been difficult to get out without being seen. There were so many oddly dressed people around that he had dared not approach, in case they were allies of that brat. Now he had time to study them for a while he saw that they were not warriors of any kind, but seemed to be having a lot of fun digging up a stone building.


He edged further away and returned his attention to the huge…village? There were so many people there, if the buildings were anything to judge by. When the seals binding him inside the temple had been broken he had been able to feel the hearts of those nearby, but only a few seemed suited to his needs. If he had been set free, then most likely the brat had been too.


He looked down at himself and sneered. He looked no older than a man of sixteen. A side effect of most of his power still being kept from him he supposed. He was weak like this. He would need to find aid before taking on the brat.


His thought process was interrupted by the sound of laughter. Looking up he saw two youths of similar appearance pointing at him and chuckling loudly.


“Off to fancy dress mate?” one of them called over. “You’re a bit wimpy to go as Conan aren’t you?”


Vayne looked down at himself again. His clothes did look very different from what people seemed to be wearing these days.


“My clothes are not suitable?” he asked the two youths looking back at them.


“Not if you’re going to slay a dragon” howled the boy who had spoken much to his friend’s mirth.


Vayne looked one last time at his clothes before reaching up behind him and withdrawing his sword. As it unfolded he savoured the familiar sound of the blade clicking into place.


“Then I’ll take yours” he said in a soft whisper as he approached the two startled and suddenly fearful youths.


A few minutes later Vayne, his sword hidden neatly out of sight under his new shirt, walked down into the huge village. There were many people about, but none of them were looking at him. His disguise was obviously doing the trick.


Nodding to himself in contentment he started walk in the direction of the first heart he had sensed from inside the temple. If he was going to win this war, he would need to recruit some fresh warriors.

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