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The Coming of a Spark

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Yeah, it's a My Little Pony rp. Please don't judge me-I love them!

If you would like to rp a main pony-such as Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie, please pm me with a reason why you should rp her. You may also use your made up characters and be included! I rp Fluttershy, cuz she's the best pony.


It's my own episode of MLP where my character Oliver Spark is introduced. Here's the summary.

When a shadowed pony comes to Ponyville, rumors claiming he is an apprentice of the Dark Princess, Twilight and her friends come out to prove he is innocent. Only one question remains-is he?

*Start of story*

Hooves pounding against the leaf-choked ground, a black pony dashed through a forest.

"Get him!" a guard pony ordered. Two others sped up to confront the shadowed pony.

He turned back to see two fearsome guards chasing him. Panic shot through him, fueling his legs. The black pony took a flying leap over a fallen log, which the guards tripped over.

Smiling in relief, the figure galloped towards a nice-looking town.

The last guard standing narrowed his eyes. This was one bad pony, all right.

*MLP theme song xd.png*

"Extra! Apprentice of the Dark Princess on the loose!" A news pony called, hoping to make a quick bit.

Twlight Sparkle gave the pony two bits and took a paper. She quickly scanned over it.

Turning to her pet baby dragon Spike, she said," We have to tell the others about his!"

"Come on, Twilight! 'Dark Princess'-pah! Newspapers are always faking headlines to catch attention and sell. None of it's true!"

"It seems awefully real to me," Twilight said, studying the paper. "If it's fake the writer has a lot of talent."

Spike threw his hands in the air. "Seriously! You believe this?"

"You need to open up, Spike." Twilight replied, entering her house.

When she wasn't looking, Spike made the 'blabbermouth' motion at her.

Twilight walked in and started to use magic to turn on a light. When the light was shining, she tipped her head.

Fluttershy was hiding behind a chair, cowering with her critter friends. "Eep!" she squeaked at the light.


I know I rped Twilight, I just had to get the story going.

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If you'd like this to be a story, you'll want to PM a moderator to move it. Or you could just make a new thread in OW and ask a mod to close this.

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