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Signature contest #58

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Hi im Swag_general the winner of the last signature contest. And now im here hosting signature contest #58


The theme is your favourite anime, if u dont have a favourite anime than do your favourite cartoon show/movie


Example: this sig is not mine but my favourite anime is naruto

user posted image



• Images must be comprised of two or more images stitched, pasted, cloned, etc. together. They MAY NOT be a simple text slap.

• There is to be no flaming or drama in this thread.

• The size limit is 600 x 200 pixels, vertically or horizontally. Images larger than the required size must be asked to be sized down.

• All work is to be completely your own. Do not grab it off the Internet and say, "Oh look I made this myself!" No.

• Do not solicit votes.

• Have fun and be creative!

• If you are using a stock, texture or brushes from another artist, be sure to always give credit. Always.


The winner will receive an egg of their choice bred from one of the following donators: Gray means a donator is busy or un-active


Dk Labyrinth

Cariad Winter








The contest will end on january 15th 2012 smile.gif

Best of luck to all smile.gif

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user posted image

I think it's the only anime I've watched/manga I've read.


The original image was drawn by Yana Toboso, a scantalated version is accessible here. For my purposes, I vectorised the image in Photoshop CS5 with the aid of the pen tool. The stock vector raven feathers I used from Here.



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Ooh, I totally want to play in this one. Let's see what I can come up with, hmm?


@DarkEternity: Your Kuro sig is lovely! I'm rather fond of Kuro myself. :3

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I'm just slightttly addited to Kuro... just sliggghtly. (that's what I tell myself when I'm reading it at 1 am in the morning and had to take a course of antibiotics due to sickness from lack of sleep @.@)


Can't wait to see what ya come up with :3

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*realizes she hasn't been around in forever to these contests*


dang... I remember when it was still #8 xd.png but I left around 22... still.... it's been a while.


I may join... I have time this week (which is almost over and looky that, I have homework I need to do) since school had break... so I might wip up a sig. Depends on how long my homework plagues me.


Now I remember how much I missed these... oh and for the record, I used to use Photoshop Elements (the crappy older version of it to be exact) and I much prefer GIMP (which I also use) for most of my stuff now... really it depends on what I want to do (which is an issue since they both do the same stuff and I don't like choosing most often) with something. Everyone's looks wonderful though. Much much better than me when I left (which, if no one remembers to that time, was a very very long time ago) due to school eating me.



If I don't join, good luck to everyone. If I do, the same can be said still wink.gif


Have fun either way,


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I know everyone elses is better, but I decided to give it a shot anyways.


user posted image






Hiei and Kurama, the pair that got me into yaoi. *sigh*

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Okay, mine isnt the best, but better then my other 2 epic fails.....


300x100 was for someone elses size limit and quite literally, yugioh and naruto is my favorite show, so here it is....


user posted image


Render credit to Ryukshingami


The background and txt I made myself....

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