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What are your christmas dragon names?

Who's christmas dragon names do you like best? (look in the OP for the name links)  

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Fear-Not and Makepeace

Fear-Not came from Linus's speech in A Charlie Brown Christmas, which is from the Bible: "Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord."


Makepeace went well with Fear-Not aesthetically and is thematically appropriate.


Snow Angels:

We Need a Little Christmas and Gumdrop Buttons

We Need a Little Christmas is a song from the Broadway show Mame, originally performed by Angela Lansbury. It's about getting into the holiday spirit.


Gumdrop Buttons, obviously, go on gingerbread men.


Ribbon Dancers:

Holly Belle and Satina

Both of these names were just pretty, feminine, festive names that seemed to suit.


Winter Magi:

Herr Drosselmeyer and Nutcracker Prince

These both refer to the Christmas ballet, The Nutcracker. Something about those Winter Magi made it seem appropriate.

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I would donate maybe a 2nd prize (I don't have very rare dragons but I can try Trios, BSAs and Tinsels and PB of many types) but how would it work? When would a winner be chosen?

Shortly I will PM a mod and ask them to take down the current poll. Then we will have a mini vote (no poll, just say what you think so we don't make the mods mad with all the polls) and if people think we have enough people, we will have sepperate dragon name votes. If not, we will have scroll in all votes. If we do the sepperate dragon name votes, I will make badges and, depending on how many people donate, the winners will recieve their prizes. If most of the votes go to dragons of one person's scroll, we will give them a few of their prizes, but the rest will go to the runner ups. If it is all scroll vote, we will do the top three or four winners. They will get a badge as well. The winner will probably be chosen when we have passed a few days or so... Probably on the fifth? Anywhoo, thank you for all of your names and now: *takes deep breath*



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I have a full compliment of holiday dragons:



Polly in the Holly (female) - The rhyming name smile.gif

Holly Herald (male) - This is a name for several Deities from ancient European mythology



Father Christmas - Santa?

Heavy Metal Christmas - The name of a cover of 12 Days of Christmas by Twisted Sister. It is really funny.


Snow Angels:

Wonderful Christmastime - I love this Christmas song by Paul McCartney

Merry Christmas Baby - And a very sad Christmas song by BB King


Ribbon Dancers (These guys...gals I named more for their breed name)

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon - An old school John Wayne Movie

Gypsy Ribbon - It just seemed right.


New Christmases:... What are these being called anyway?

Sacred Illuminations - Named for his code which looks like Ilumz

Christmas Fruit Loop - All about the wing colors. I wish the name Fruit Loop had been open.

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Yulebucks: Melchior and Excelsis Deo - typically Christmassy names. xd.png


Snow Angels: Nen Hithoel and Tol Brandir


Ribbon Dancers: Lothiriel and Arwen Undomiel (perma-mated to Eomer Eadig and Elessar Telcontar, naturally)


Shiny new Winter Magis: Istar en Galad "Wizard of Light" and Istar en Heleg "Wizard of Ice" (not strictly accurate, but the Elvish word for snow seems to be either "gloss" or "los(s)" (depending on your source) which are also English words, which I Do Not Want)


Why yes, I am a tiny bit of an LOTR geek. xd.png

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Yulebuck-Cuprino, Spirit Who Could Not Be Broken

Ribbon Dancer- Emily Betta, Appie

Snow Angel-Angelina White, Angelinella


0_0 Hope ppl like my names...

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I edited my last post to include "vote", because I forgot to before smile.gif

Nice names everyone :3

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Not really interested in voting. I just want to share. :3


Christmas Lovin' Honey (holly)


Yule Log's Last Hurrah (yulebuck)

Sweltering Christmas (yulebuck)


Ange de Noel (snowangel)

Gingerbread Girlie (snowangel)


Mistletoe Madam (ribbon dancer)

Ribbon Vixen (ribbon dancer)


I Get All The Ladies (winter magi)

So Shiny That You Need Shades (winter magi)



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Holly: N/A

Yulebucks: Nowell Mav and Natale Mav

Snow Angels: Talya Mav and Nathalie Mav

Ribbon Dancers: Noella Mav and Talia Mav

Winter Magis: Noel Mav and Natal Mav


All names that mean "Christmas" And then my scroll surname



Why Not, they may not be the coolest names...but I'll give it a shot.

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I don't really want to be part of the voting either but I like to share my Christmas dragons' names, too. The only reason I don't want to is because they're very obvious names.


For my Yulebucks:

Winter Veil Reindeer and Metzen Festive. I know I got Winter Veil from WoW.


For my Snow Angels:

Candie Cheers and Mandie Cheers.


For my Ribbon Dancers:

Mistleophobia and Thistle Ribbon.


Finally for my 2011's:

Mistletoe Snowtop and Snowling Carols.

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...'cause why not, fun is fun. The names aren't English, translation in [].


Yulebuck - IlexAquifolium [scientific name of European Holly, self-explanatory]

Snow Angel, full gold variation - Zlotoskrzydla Sniezynka [Polish for "Golden-winged Snowflake", it's self-explanatory too]

Ribbon Dancer - Satynowa Wstega [Polish for "Satin Ribbon", because it's glossy like a satin weave]

Winter Magi - W folii po cukierku [Polish for "In a candy foil" - when I saw a hatchling at first, it reminded me of a candy in a shiny foil]

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Ribbon Dancer:

Ribbon Eclipse

Moon Poppy


Snow Angel:

Mistletoe Cloud

Snow Coral



Ice Cream Dream

Strawberriecream Lollipop


Winter Magi:

Circus Umbrella

Warped Candycane

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Keep in mind, all of my dragons' names start with Celestial.



Holly Jolly

Jolly Holly



Christmas Eve



Snow Angel:

Missy Toe



Ribbon Dancer:



Winter Magi:



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Winter Magi:




I carry this name over. one of my favs to find in AP. smile.gif


anyway I don't want to participate in a contest but my Winter Magis are "Thief's Christmas Heir" and "Thief's Christmas Spare"

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What do you think about having a name contest for fun?

Waste of time! [ 10 ] [15.15%]

Don't have any Christmas dragons. sad.gif [ 0 ] [0.00%]

I have some christmas dragons, but I don't name them. [ 0 ] [0.00%]

Don't wanna join, mine won't get voted for anyways. sad.gif [ 8 ] [12.12%]

Yes!!! I'd love to see what people think of my dragon names! smile.gif [ 25 ] [37.88%]

Yes, but I don't want to enter mine. I want to see other people's names. [ 16 ] [24.24%]

I'll donate!! This will be fun! smile.gif [ 0 ] [0.00%]

I'll donate and enter my dragons! smile.gif [ 4 ] [6.06%]

Other (please tell what you would like.) [ 3 ] [4.55%]

Total Votes: 66


~Poll removed~



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Holly: Spirit Giver

Yulebuck: Candy Stag

Snow Angel: Chirstmas Starwing

Ribbon Dancer: Custom Light

Winter Magi: Patagium Streak


I only snag one of each


(We're still posting our Christmas Dragon names, right?)

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just mentioning my adults that i breed, i tend too keep my hollidays theme named too the holliday they are from


Yulebuck: Nicholas of Myra - one of the names Saint Nicholas was known as

Snow Angel: Joyeux Ange de Noel - Merry christmas angel (french)

Ribbon Dancer: Christingle - candleholder made of an orange decorated with ribbon

Winter Magi: Dún Fhearghusa - prehistoric monument in Ireland, speculated to have had a significance during winter solice



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I got a new set of all the dragons except for my CB ribbon dancers c: Some names stayed and others got swapped:






Snow Angels:




Winter Magi:




c: Hopefully next year I'll get a pair of Hollies to name Rouge and Claus

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Midnight Sleighbells

Christmas Festival


Snow Angels

Eve Noel

Winter Eden


Ribbon Dancers

Ghost of Christmas

Wintertide Waltz


Winter Magi

All Aglow

Regem Angelorum

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My names are a bit unusual as always.. Haha  tongue.gif


Here goes:


1. Snow angels: Snowette and Snowcherry


2. Yulebucks: Yuleton and Yule Zoe


3. Ribbondancers: RedTailedRibbon and Ribbon Bells


4. Holly: Hollymn (praying to get another holly. Have even decided what to name it if I get one)

Winter Magi dragons: Mystrick and Mystair smile.gif


I also want to just share and not vote^^;;

Thank you~

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I have a theme with my christmas dragons. I title them "The Queen/King Of ___".


Winter Magi:

The King of Wintertide

The King of Snowfall


Ribbon Dancers:

The Queen of Joy

The Queen of Celebration


Snow Angels:

The Queen of Christmas

The Queen of Holiness



The King of Peppermint

The King of Candy Canes



The King of Fools

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Yulebuck- (0Kat2) -Left it as original code because I liked the code.

Yulebuck-Candy Cane Daze

Ribbon Dancer-Carol Blue

Ribbon Dnacer-Hollie Blue

Snow Angel-Spirit of Christmas Blue

Snow Angel-Deck the Hallz


Btw blue is just a last name I add to some of my dragons.

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Hollies: Don't have one


Yulebuck1: Candy Cane Chistmas

Yulebuck2: Peppermint Candy Cane Chistmas


Snow Angel1: Cheerful Carols

Snow Angel2: Crackling Cinders


Ribbon Dancer1: Green and Golden Ribbons

Ribbon Dancer2: Crimson and Green Ribbons


Winter Magi1: Merry Magic

Winter Magi2: Snow Magic

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