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What are your christmas dragon names?

Who's christmas dragon names do you like best? (look in the OP for the name links)  

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Also, how's the voting gonna work?

I was hopping people would say something like "I would like to enter my dragons in voting" so thati would know who wants to have their scroll eligible for prizes and their names voted on, but so far no one has said. I have a kind donor and when we get more names, I will put them on my reserved post and ask in a new poll who likes who's names. It is a whole scroll each vote if we have few people, but if we get many, we are going for best names and I'll make some badges too. Also, if we do the many name poll, and someone gets the most votes for more than one of their dragons, they will get only one prize, but they will still get the two badges to make it more fair. wink.gif I think voting will be around January 15... That way people have time to name their newest Christmas dragons also. wink.gif

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Sorry to be negative - but a contest for the best dragon name OF ALL TIME might be fun. Holiday names - meh.



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I have one Yulebuck, and 2 snowangel adults.


I only named the Yulebuck. He looks like a deer colored like a peppermint so I named him Mintodeer.

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I would like to enter my dragons for voting.

Snow Angel~Holiday Dreams

Yulebuck~Festive Raindeer

Ribbon Dancer~ Holly Dayy+Cryssy

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Well, I didn't play DC for a long time and my dragons lost their names. sad.gif But I'm slowly renaming...


Yulebucks: Drank Too Much Christmas Cheer and Faster Than Rudolf

Snow Angels: On Angels Wings and Angels Have Gold Wings

Ribbon Dancers: need to think of a name for one, other is Wrapped With Ribbons

Winter Magis: Aranck Bhushan (Native American for Star Ornament) and Harshvardhan (N.A. for Bringer of Joy)

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Mine are named:


Holly: Jubiloso

Holly: Holly Jolly Thuwed


Yulebuck: Christmas Treasure

Yulebuck: Yuletide Bliss


Snow Angel: Holiday Delight

Snow Angel: Tiz the Season


Ribbon Dancer: Nayualla

Ribbon Dancer: Nidasa


Winter Magis: Sant'alas

Winter Magis: Snomas


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Holly adult: Houx (French for Holly)

Yulebuck stage one hatchling: Fohlen (German for Colt)

Yulebuck stage two hatchling: Yulevuck

Snow Angel adult: Migot (Polish for Glint)

Snow Angel adult: Chwalebny (Polish for Glorious)

Ribbon Dancer adult: Cudowny (Polish for Wonderful)

Ribbon Dancer adult: Taniec (Polish for Dance)


Will let both Winter Magi grow up; their names are Wondrous and Lux Aeterna.

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I named my christmas dragons


The Spirit of Christmas '07-'11 xd.png from Holly to the new ones




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I would donate maybe a 2nd prize (I don't have very rare dragons but I can try Trios, BSAs and Tinsels and PB of many types) but how would it work? When would a winner be chosen?

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I decided on lines from carol songs for mine.



Glad Tidings

Great Joy I Bring


Snow Angles:

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Joyful And Triumphant


Ribbon Dancers:

Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem

The Everlasting Light


Just added my Winter Magis:

Marys Boy Child

A New King Born Today

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Hollies: "The Holly and" & "The Ivy"

Yulebucks: "Datore del Regalo" & "Bambino di Natale"

Snow Angels: "Sulle Ali Angeliche" & "Fioritura Edelweiss"

Ribbon Dancers: "Ooo Shiny" & "And No Place to Go"

Winter Magis: "Gift of the Magi" and "Christmas Fury"



I've been thinking of changing some of their names though... 'specailly the Italian ones...

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Mystery of Christmas & Christmas-magic



Yuletide-wishes & Yuletide-greetings Draconis


Snow Angels:

Angel of Christmas Yet to Come & Angel of Christmas Past


Ribbon Dancers:

Christmas Dreams & Christmas-miracles


Winter Magis:

The Magi's Gifts & Legend of the Magi

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Holly: Navidad

Yulebucks: Wing of Holly and Bonbon

Snow Angels: Ange and White Queen

Ribbon Dancers: Binary Sunshine and Russian

Winter Magis: Neigeux and St Nicholas

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My Yulebuck's name is 'Comet the Reindeer Dragon', my Snowangel's names are 'Snow Angel from Above' and 'Angel Cakes', my ribbon Dancer's names are 'Dancing with Ribbons' and 'Jemonir' and I'm planning to name my other Yulebuck, When it hatches, 'Gedita'(A mix of it's parent's names) :3

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I go for alcohol and Lovecraft...


Yulebucks - Ki'rin de Menthe (I don't care what anyone says, those Yulebucks are Kirins...) & Peppermint Schnappes


Snow Angels - Spiced Cyder & Egg Nog Delight


Ribbons: Wassailing in R'lyeh (she's mated to a Nebula I named Cthulhu Claus & one of their offspring is 'I Saw Mommy Kissin Cthulhu Claus) & Tinsel-Tail


Winter Magis: Rudolph on the Rocks & Vodka Sugarplum

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VOTE smile.gif


My yulebucks are:

Hollywing brandybuck

candy brandybuck

my ribbon dancers are:

Ribbon THEGAME U LOSERS dancer

i do not actually like ribbons

my snow angels are:

Lucifer's icy bride

goldentipped claire

my winter magis (love winter magis) are:

caradhras snowstorm

Hyorinmaru soul

hope you enjoyed them xd.png

(Many of my dragon names are taken from the lord of the rings)


I available for donating if you want

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*shrug* I just want to put my dragon's names here...



Holly- Holly Firesong

Yulebucks- Jingling Near and Jingling Far, Scent of Peppermint

Snow Angels- Dashing Through the Snow, On a One-Horse Open Sleigh

Ribbon Dancers- Thundering Firecrackers (Parents are ribbon dancer x thunder), Sweet Celebrations (parents are ribbon dancer x sweetling)


I saw the names Revival of Fiery Ribbons and Candy Canes Incorporated (a ribbon dancer and a yulebuck), I thought those were pretty cool too. =D Oh yeah, another name I saw was Dolce Winter, for a Snow Angel with snow angel x sweetling parents.

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Holly: N/A

Yulebucks: Nowell Mav and Natale Mav

Snow Angels: Talya Mav and Nathalie Mav

Ribbon Dancers: Noella Mav and Talia Mav

Winter Magis: Noel Mav and Natal Mav


All names that mean "Christmas" And then my scroll surname

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