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What are your christmas dragon names?

Who's christmas dragon names do you like best? (look in the OP for the name links)  

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Holly dragons: The Song of Snow and Mistletoe and A Miracle That Never Came

Yulebucks: Snowflake Candy and Escape to the Stars

Snow angels: Starwand Lullaby and The World Behind my Wall

Ribbon dancers: Moonlight's Song of Love and Mistletoe's Wedding Bells

For the new dragons... depends on what they look like, probably. smile.gif

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Holly: Hollyday Season

Ribbon Dancer: Fire Ribbon

Snow Angel: Miss Clawz (will be Mrs.Clawz after first breeding)

Yulebuck: Santa Clawz

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Well, I had everything (except Holly of course) 0_o so I produced one snow angel egg from one of my two I bred this year I vamped it. I wanted a Christmas Vampire and "Snow Angel Vamp" now exists on my scroll forever...don't know what I'm going to call my new babies but I'm sure inspiration will strike after Midnight.

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Prior Xmases or THIS new Xmas egg? I'll have to see the new beast to name it.


Yulebucks: Buddy Hollyberry and Al Frankensence

Snow Angels: Yulya and Joyeux Noelle

Ribbon Dancers : Twyla Twinkle and Dame Margot

My one Holly: Who Burned The Christmas Tree?

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My names are a bit unusual as always.. Haha tongue.gif


Here goes:


1. Snow angels: Snowette and Snowcherry


2. Yulebucks: Yuleton and Yule Zoe


3. Ribbondancers: RedTailedRibbon and Ribbon Bells


4. Holly: Hollymn (praying to get another holly. Have even decided what to name it if I get one)

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My only Christmas dragon, who has not yet grown up, is a Ribbon Dancer named Alouetta. Her name is made up, but is based on the French word alouette, meaning bird.

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Snow angels:

Snow Miser (to be paired with a vine named Heat Miser)

Winter Spirit


Ribbon dancers:

Celestial Poinsettia

Saint Nicole



Christmas Nightmare

(one still to be named)


Yay for extra spaces, which let me get the names I want xd.png.

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Named my Holly boys Sigil Star Of Wonder and Deck The Halls Thuwed. smile.gif

Only other named one is a Yulebuck.... who is.... A Festivus Miracle. *grins*

I better get on naming the others.

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my names are all long as I have a special name scheme smile.gif



adult: Sir Talonstrike from Ksew's Farm - named after parent

s2 frozen: Christmas Joy from Ksew's Farm



adult: Angelica from Ksew's Farm

adult: Holly Jackie from Ksew's Farm - namd after parent



adult: Gorgeous Shine from Ksew's Farm

frozen s1: Cristmas Bliss from Ksew's Farm

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I like my new yule and snow angel's names best: Jelen (the Czech word for "deer") and Lilium. The others are created out of the dragons' codes, like most names on my scroll, and sound weird. xd.png

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well, my names are quite ordinary, but i like them. smile.gif


Yules: Christmas Poetry and The Christmas Dragon

Snow Angels: Dancer In The Snow and Never Fall In Love With An Angel

Ribbon Dancers: Christmas Dreamland and All I Want Is New Year's Day

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Here are mine:


-Dance of the Stars

-Trumpet's Crow


-Firefinger Dorkface

-Festival of Love

-Guatemalan Fir

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I don't name all my dragons, but I name all my Christmas dragons that's for sure happy.gif They're special!



Pagan Christmas

Round Yon Virgin


Snow Angels

First Drop Christmas Miracle

Another Christmas Song


Ribbon Dancers

Brown Paper Packages

Tied Up with String



Saturnalia Miracle


...the holly so named because it's a dang miracle I even managed to obtain one! xd.png

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Yulebuck : Peppermint Blitzen

Snow Angel: H o l i d a y

Snow Angel: Symphony of Christmas

Ribbon Dancer: Ribbons of Impossibility

Ribbon Dancer: Melody of Dancing Color

Winter Magi: Aurora's Secret

Winter Magi: Dance of Spirits

Edited by ary_lynn

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Holly: Grand Fonic Hymn


Yulebuck (frozen): Bezolon (code is "BeZo")

Yulebuck: Wilbur


Snow Angel (frozen): Avia Wicerrandra (was last name of parents at the time)

Snow Angel: Solstice Lunar Eclipse


Ribbon Dancer: unnamed (code is "roOT")

Ribbon Dancer: Kagamine Negai

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Hollies: Kerstman & Kleeschen


Yulebucks: Cinnamint Celebration & Kringlecane


Snow Angels: Stella Mirum & Hymnus Angelus


Ribbon Dancers: Saltarix Rubra & Taenia Smaragda

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Yulebucks: Chrono Candy Cane and Chrono Candy Corn

Ribbons: Kronus Sweet Ribbons (xSweetling), and Kronus Mint Ribbons (xYulebuck xMint)

Snow Angels: Sweet Angel Kronus (xSweetling), and... Golden Angel Kronus. (xGold)


No Hollys (not for lack of trying), and I haven't picked out names for the new snow eggs yet, but they'll include Chrono/Kronus. (My scroll name for males/females respectively)

Edited by Chronopie

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Holly: Love Is Blind


Yulebucks: Tinderleaf Strike

(frozen) Tinsel Goshi


Snow Angels: Au Courant

(frozen) Sprigget


Ribbon Dancer: Little Brother (*was* O Brother Where Art Thou, but I wanted to shorten the name)

(frozen) Ribbons and Firecrackers


No naming reasons really. It is what it is.

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Holly- Kxirud Johufxadi Thuwed (Named after the gifter and the person who provided the egg!)

Yulebuck - Festi and Spiris

Snow Angel - Amateil and Aphriel

Ribbon Dancer - Taebris and Iophiel


I have one adult and one frozen hatchling for the latter three, all CB.

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I haven't posted in something like this in years, but...


Holly adult: Cristo Redentor (FTW) [that giant Jesus statue in Rio]

Holly egg: C8U1W

Yulebuck adult: Yahweh (FTW)

Yulebuck hatchling: Jesus Christ (FTW) [thinking about moving this to the Holly adult or the to-be frozen hatchling, thoughts?]

Snow Angel adult: The Holy Spirit (FTW)

Snow Angel hatchling: Trans-Siberia

Ribbon Dancer adult: Philippines [i'm Filipino] (FTW)

Ribbon Dancer hatchling: Unnamed


Some Rugia stole "God." Urgh!!! I would have possessed the whole Christian Trinity [considering Yahweh as Jewish]!


But HEHEHE!!! "God the Father" has been claimed (by a baby Yellow Dino, for now)! Let's hope this year's set is a male one. Otherwise i'm sure I can do some rearranging.

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Yule1: Christmas Dream About Happiness

Yule2: Candy Cane Heart

Snow angel1: Christmas Eve

Snow angel2: Christmas Diary

Ribbon dancer1: New Year Dancer

Ribbon dancer2: Christmas Dancer


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Yuleback: The Aurora Borealis

Frozen Yuleback Hatching: Oops I ran over Grandma

Snow Angels: Feast of Winter Veil and DX Hi I'm Raw Bizard

Ribbon Dancers: Dancing Evergreen Ribbons and Evergreen Amaryllis

Holly Egg: No name yet. xd.png

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>Holly - Nuytsia Floribunda

Reserved Australian Christmas Tree & Orange Mistletoe for future mate and offspring. xd.png


>Yulebuck's -

Regen Peppermint

Blade Peppermint


>Snow Angel's (White-tipped) -

Tidy Tips of Advent

Plumeria of Epiphany


>Ribbon Dancer's -

Music Upon Moonlight

Ephemeral Grandeur


LOL Pa Tone, thumbs up for your naming.


I really like ab613's Misjudged.


Also, how's the voting gonna work?

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