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Alright, so here's my writing thread, since that is definitely a passion of mine. I like to write poetry a lot, and maybe a few short stories, but my poetry is definitely a lot better. Here's something that I'd write. It's not my best, but it definitely shows my style.


Steps carry me away

My wonderings start

Where was I?

My mind blank,

My heart bold

Always drawing my blade,

Ceases this day


So, yeah... I'll try and post more later, and I always appreciate constructive criticism. But, trust me, I know that half the poems I write make no sense. That includes the one written above. But, any suggestions (including the making sense thing) would be very helpful for me and I would really appreciate it.


Also, a link to my blog in my siggie. You can check it out and leave a comment there or here to tell me what you think.


Rules/How it works

1. Please don't try to pass my work off as your own. Just a formality...

2. You don't have to answer the questions below if you want me to write for you. However if you want something specific, I suggest you answer them because it will help me write what you want.

3. There's no "cost" or anything you have to give me for writing.


I'd be happy to write something for anyone who wants so if you want me to write something for you, just answer these two questions.

1. What form do you want it to be in? (Short story, poem etc.)

2. What should be in it? (Specific characters, plotline, topic etc.)

So that's all. If I have anything else I'll need to know for the writing, I'll add it to the questions. Other than that, if I'm confused about something I'll just ask you.



1. Artwork. I can write something about artwork, as long as you give the artists credit if it's not your work. And if you want, I can write something for you to create artwork about.

2. Dragon stories! If you want me to write a dragon story for you (I will be posting one of mine soon) then when answering the questions above, write "Dragon Stories" for question one, and answer queston two to tell me which dragon(s) you want me to use and any possible plotlines you want me to use. These you can use in your dragon descriptions if you wish to.

3. Also, if you have anything else you want to use it for, go ahead as long as it follows the rules.

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Here's something that I wrote a few days ago. It's not really a short story, and it's not really a symbolism paragraph either, since I have absolutely no idea what it would symbolize. And, if anyone wants to find a meaning for it and post it go ahead.


Death by Music


The man in the blue coat gave a sinister smirk. He handed his flute to the smaller man sitting beside him, who was just waiting to recieve an order. "Put this in its case so that it does not get found." After the man nodded and disappeared, he gazed down to the enchanted girl below hi. "Silly girl," he said with a hint of pity. Only one thing could save her now. One beautiful tune from the flute. The very same flute that had cast her under its evil spell.

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Okay, so I have your poem, but if it's not exactly what you wanted, I'll be more than happy to re-write.


Watercolors of the Rainbow


Violet, on the flowers popping up

Indigo, as the beautiful, round juniper berries

Blue, flowing as the crystal clear river

Green, vast as the old oak trees

Yellow, in the heat of the sun melting down

Orange, the color of the wandering animals

Red, rose as the Cardinals fluttering by

Down to the water

Gently brushing the paper

The colors come together

Forming a rainbow

The rainbow of the world we live


Okay, so there you go! Again, just tell me if you want me to rewrite.

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Dude, I really like it :'D I espeshally like the way you summed it up in the end, very profesh-like :33333.

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Thanks Peregrine! I'm glad you like it!


Now, my first dragon story about my dragon La Bateau Odyssey. Don't worry, the rest of them probably won't involve humans. I just dicided that since the dragon was named Bateau, I would make this about a boat.


La Bateau Odyssey

The crystal clear water drew Bateau Odyssey towards it. Her mind said not to, but her wings pulled the rest of her down towards the sea. They caught the sea as they soared down cooling Bateau's tepid body. Finally, she splashed into the water. Initially, she planned to hunt for plankton, but that all changed when she gazed out of the water straight to a boat. After thinking about it for a moment, she gently fluttered out of the water, flapping her wings a few times to dry them. She then circled the boat a few times. She'd never seen one before and it prodded her curiousity.


Just as she was about to land a blaring alarm rang in her fragile ears. The boat was sinking. Bateau flew away from it in fear, yet hovered a bit away so she could watch the commotion. All of the people on the boat clamored into the rafts. They were about to leave the sinking boat when one woman shouted, "Wait! My baby!" Bateau scanned the ship and noticed a small girl, huddling in fear on the top deck.


Thoughts raced through Bateau's head. She knew that none of the humans saw her. Therefore, it was up to Bateau to save her. Her mind didn't work well under pressure. The only thing that she could think about was the bright yellow life vest a few feet away from the girl. It was so bright and orange and distracted and...that was it! In as little time as possible, Bateau swooped down to the boat, right in front of the life vest. The girl had her eyes closed and was too scared to notice her. Bateau pushed with all her strength but it didn't work. After a quick break, she tried to push again. This time, she flapped her wings as she pushed. To her surprise, the life vest moved. She gasped, quickly scrambling to keep pushing and flapping. The life vest moved...up...up...over the edge...into the water!


The passengers on the raft looked up. They shouted to the crew, "There! There! She's up there!" One of the crew members raced back onto the sinking boat, careful not to stay on too long. Up the ladder he climbed. Right to the girl. He picked up the little one and raced back to the raft, just as the lower deck began to sink.

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Yes, I did write a poem about the color of the year... But, it's kind of a poem that talks about how I want this year to be. Happy 2012 all!


Tangerine Tango


The color sways

Whirling by

In the rainbow

The colors fly

But in this rainbow

One color catches your eye

Fast like the language

Rolling off the dancer's tongue

Bright like the daytime sky

Bold like a tiger

Fierce like one too

Tangerine Tango,

A swift impressive hue

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You're really good with poems! smile.gif Can I request one and put it in my profile? I will give credits to you, of course.


If yes...


1. What form do you want it to be in? poem

2. What should be in it?

-Horse and wolf




Could you write it in a dark/gothic way?



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Sure thing! I'll try and get it up as soon as possible. And I'll send you a PM when it's finished. Thanks! smile.gif


The Two


A legend once told

About a dark time

Rain pouring

Thunder crashing in the sky

A meadow turns dark

From the storm in the sky

One horse still grazes

No emotion in her eyes

A wolf stands lonely

The rain pouring down

As he wanders into the meadow

The horse interlocks with his eyes

Both with a longing

To be part of something

Anything they can find


So, I might have not made it gothic sounding in the way you want it. If that's the case I'd be more than happy to do a rewrite for you.

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Glad you like it! smile.gif


Here's a story that I wrote yesterday.




I sat down, trying to cool myself off. As if that would work. After sitting by train tracks for hours, hearing the annoying whistle of trains pulling in and out every half hour or so, there's nothing to really calm you down. Especially not the bright walls, with shades of orange, green and yellow splattered all over the place. Then, there was the loudspeaker. The iritating lady telling people aout how the train scheduled to depart to...wheerever would be leaving in 10 minutes. Why couldn't people ust check the monitors. I mean, they're all over the place! You can't take two steps without being directly under one. It just made me want to jump up and destroy them all.


Yeah, short storis really aren't my thing... But, here's a poem, which has a bit of meaning for me as well, so I hope you like it!




I know this can be

The oldest line there is

But I just can't get you out of my head

When we're not together

I look down at my hands

Smile all the time when I do

Cause it reminds me of you

But then when you cross my mind

I feel like

We shouldn't be together

Are we a fit?

Or just a miss?

Either way, we can't fall in love

We can't ruin what's here

For us

No matter what people say

Or are against us in any way

We know where we stand

When know where we want to go,

And where we will be


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Two new poems!!! Whoo!


The Darkness of Life


Dark and gloomy

Blue and bold

The words the pen scribbles out

She dries her eyes on a crumpled napkin

Lets the wind carry it from her sight

A sad smile in her eyes


A pen, caging her from the world

Nothing but the dark to be her friend

A smile she can't manage

But the blue sky can

A napkin cleaning up her life

The wind blowing through


Blue underneath the light

The dark crossed by all

For her, the wind blows her back in

An unfriendly smile from a cruel stranger

A pen writing out her life

A napkin crushed on the ground


The wind, a smile through the dark sky

With no napkin to clean the writer's pen


You Destroy



Can you

Tell me that

Something so mean

And with no remorse

No idea the pain you've cost me

Nothing, really?

You don't understand the frief?

Humiliation, frustration...

ShalI go on?

You took my life and shattered it

My home

You defiled it

You ruined everything good

To the point where you are nothing anymore




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