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The Parallel War

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The Parallel War

Pending Approval/Open and Accepting/Closed

Based off the original roleplay called 'The Parallel Power' created by ShinyHazardSign.



On Earth, humans and pokemon exist in different dimensions. Once every year, a dimensional rift caused by Palkia appears that allows humans to see the world of pokemon for about a month. That portal was the cause of the ever-popular video games series and manga about pokemon. However, there were two pokemon who could use the portal to enter the human world: Mew and Arceus. These two pokemon wanted to be the one to control the human world and had different opinions on how humans could interact with pokemon. Mew wanted to give humanity the powers of pokemon, so that the humans could see how unique pokemon were, and then leave them in peace. Arceus, however, had watched humans far longer than Mew had and had seen their cruelty. He wanted to turn the humans into pokemon, so that he could merge the two dimensions into one and reign over the newly created world.


Their wills clashed, and there was a huge struggle between Mew and Arceus. However, their strength was equal, and all of the other legendary pokemon were split evenly on whose side to take, with the exception of one: Giratina, who had his own plans to take over the human and the pokemon world. He proposed a plan: Mew and Arceus would give up a millenia of power and fall into a deep slumber, each giving power to a group of humans. The human groups would fight each other using the Earth as a battleground, and when it was over, the winner would be decided and would reign over both worlds while the loser would sleep for thousands of years longer. As a neutral party, Giratina would watch the battle and testify when the battle was over. Also, he would be given the powers of both Mew and Arceus so that neither of them could cheat. However, both of them set a safeguard on Giratina, just in case. Giratina could not enter the human world, nor could he interfere with the two teams fighting for Earth. Giratina would remain trapped in the Distortion World, only as an observer. He would only receive his powers when either Arceus or Mew cheated. This frustrated Giratina. He was furious, but his plans weren't completely ruined.


And so it was decided. To determine the 'teams', humans all over the world would receive a ballot using email, text, etc. with the question, "Who is the best pokemon, Mew or Arceus?" and there would be an answer box for Mew, and an answer box for Arceus. However, Giratina found a way to ensure his victory without leaving the Distortion world. He would have to play along with the 'team' idea. When Mew and Arceus fell into their deep slumber, he added another answer box to the ballot list, which read 'Other'. Depending on the answer, the human who replied to the ballot would join a 'cult': The Cult of Arceus, the Cult of Mew, or the Cult of Giratina. And then the battle would begin.

The point is to capture 7 major cities in the U.S., and then around the world, and the cult who takes control of all the major cities wins the war.

Cult of Arceus:

The people who picked 'Arceus' on the ballot will find themselves transformed into pokemon. They will find a letter explaining that they have joined the Cult of Arceus and to meet at the Statue of Liberty in New York City, which will be their 'base'. There will be an appointed leader who will be given the knowledge of Arceus to explain the situation and lead the cult.

Note: Since the Cult of Arceus's members are pokemon, they cannot speak the human language but can understand humans. They can speak to other pokemon and half-pokemon.


Cult of Mew:

The people who picked 'Mew' on the ballot will find themselves transformed into half-human, half-pokemon. They will find a letter explaining that they have joined the Cult of Mew, and to meet at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. There will be an appointed leader who will be given the knowledge of Mew to explain the situation and lead the cult.

Note: Since the Cult of Mew's members are half-pokemon, half-human, they can communicate with other pokemon as well as humans.


Cult of Giratina:

The people who picked 'Other' on the ballot will be visited by Giratina in a dream. They then will have the choice to become a half-human, half-pokemon, or a regular pokemon. Giratina will then instruct them to meet in Vancouver, Canada. Giratina leads the cult personally. Giratina's goal is to kill or convert every member of the other cults, and then use his cult to take over the human world so he can rule both worlds. He also wants to kill Arceus and Mew.



All legendaries are available to roleplay, with the exception of Arceus and Mew. This ([x]) means that the Legendary is already taken. Legendaries cannot speak the human language, but can speak to other pokemon and half-pokemon, as well as use telepathy to communicate with humans. Legendaries can understand human speech.


Cult of Giratina Legendaries:

Giratina- Ghost/Dragon [x]{Shiny Taken by Darkshadow}

Keldeo- Water/Fight [x]{Taken by crypticsoul}

Heatran- Fire/Steel

Terrakion- Rock/Fight

Virizion- Grass/Fight [x]{Taken by ShinyHazardSign}

Rayquaza- Dragon/Flying [x]{Shiny Taken by FireKitty}

Zapdos- Electic/Flying

Genesect- Steel/Bug

Deoxys- Psychic



Cult of Arceus Legendaries:

Moltres- Fire/Flying

Articuno- Ice/Flying

Darkrai- Dark

Victini- Fire/Psychic

Lugia- Psychic/Flying [x] {Taken by Darkshadow}

Manaphy- Water

Groudon- Ground

Latias- Psychic/Dragon [x] {Taken by warewolves}

Raikou- Electric

Reshiram- Fire/Dragon [x] {Taken by Darkshadow}

Dialga- Steel/Dragon [x] {Shiny Taken by ShinyHazardSign}

Regigigas- Normal

Kyurem- Ice/Dragon

Shaymin- Grass (Grass/Flying)[x] {Shiny Taken by FireKitty}


Cult of Mew Legendaries:

Mewtwo- Psychic [x]{Taken by Dr. Paine}

Suicune- Water

Entei- Fire

Cobalion- Steel/Fighting

Zekrom- Electric/Dragon

Latios- Dragon/Psychic

Regice- Ice

Regirock- Rock

Registeel- Steel

Uxie- Psychic

Azelf- Psychic

Mesprit- Psychic

Kyogre- Water

Cresselia- Psychic

Palkia- Water/Dragon

Ho-oh- Fire/Flying [x]{Taken by SubtleStarlight}



Shiny Pokemon:

Of course, every non-legendary pokemon is allowed to be played, and that includes shinies! Shiny pokemon are pokemon that have a different coloring than other pokemon of the same species.


Normal Zorua

user posted image

Normal Zoroark (Evolves from Zorua)

user posted image

Shiny Zorua

user posted image

Shiny Zoroark

user posted image

Therefore it is possible to have a character playing a shiny Zorua and another playing a normal Zorua. PM me to see if a specific shiny pokemon is available. HOWEVER, there cannot be two of the same legendary pokemon, with one being shiny. There can only be one legendary pokemon, no matter what.



For those new to the pokemon business, Bulbapedia has an article explaining what 'evolution' is for pokemon: Evolution info

If you have questions, don't be afraid to PM me for information.



-{I am the owner of this roleplay. I have the right to make unexpected plot twists and change the rules. Please listen to what I have to say. Dr. Paine is my co-mod.

-{No flaming or spam in the main thread OR the OOC thread. Be polite to the other users.

-{No machine-gunning (two players posting back and forth for an entire page).

-{Every post is required to have two good long paragraphs of 7-10 sentences each. One liners will not be tolerated, and all posts must have proper /IMG]spelling and grammar.

-{No OOC in the main thread.

-{Please PM me your character forms. I will ignore all forms posted in the main thread.

-{No 'God' characters here. I know the temptation is great, but I reserve the right to kill off any characters who are too powerful and who are ruining the roleplay.

-{No power-playing or god-modding. Your character does not land every hit, nor can they dodge every blow. Make it realistic, please.

-{I have a 'Three-Strike Rule'. You get three warnings about breaking the rules. After the third warning, I kick you out of the roleplay.

Character Forms:

[b]Type: [/b]
[b]Desired Moveset:[/b]


Username: Obvious.

Name: The name of your character

Age: How old your character is. Ages from 12-35 only. No ancients or babies, please.

Gender: Male or Female. Even if your character is a legendary pokemon, please give them a gender.

Species: Which Pokemon your character is. Also, if Shiny, please state here as well.

Type: What type your pokemon is. Ex. Zorua: Dark type

History: Obvious. Also, 'To be rp'd' is not going to be accepted here.

Personality: 'To be rp'd' Will work here. Just so you know, uber anti-social characters of doom will not be accepted.

Appearence: What your character looks like. Pictures work here. Also, provide an image of what your pokemon looks like.

Other: Put anything in here that does not fit into the categories above.

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Hitchhiking Cult's Guide to Capturing Major Cities

There are seven major cities that need to be captured in order to win the 'war'. These are:

-Washington, D.C.

-New Orleans, Louisiana

-Austin, Texas

-Los Angeles, California

-New York City, New York- Home Base for the Cult of Arceus

-San Francisco, California- Home Base for the Cult of Mew

-Vancouver, Canada- Home Base for the Cult of Giratina

Now, the way to 'capture' cities isn't a version of Team Deathmatch or a Battle Royal, since that would involve killing hundreds of innocent humans. Mew, always the philanthropist, decided the rules of engagement. There will be seven flags hidden throughout each city. The Cult who gathers all the flags in one city will win the city's allegiance. Furthermore, a giant barrier will appear around the city, preventing all other Cults from entering besides the winning Cult. This barrier will last until all of the cities are taken, and then it will be a free-for-all. On this page I will update the list of cities above everytime a city is captured, and post which city has been captured, and who the winning Cult is. Note on the capturing the flags: Each character can only take one. Trying to take another flag from someone while carrying a flag is impossible; the flag will respawn in a different location around the city. Each Cult has a different 'home base' where all the flags are placed. Raids on each 'home base' is possible, but each Cult will be guarding their flags fiercely.


Pokemon Types

Every pokemon has a different 'Type'. The Types are:

Normal- Weak against Fighting Types, Not Affected by Ghost Types.

Fighting- Strong against Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, and Steel Types, Weak against Flying and Psychic Types.

Electric- Strong against Flying and Water Types, Weak against Ground Types.

Flying- Strong against Bug, Fighting, and Grass Types, Weak against Electric, Ice, and Rock Types.

Ghost- Strong against Ghost and Psychic Types, Weak to Dark and Ghost Types, Not Affected by Normal and Fighting Types.

Dark- Strong against Ghost and Psychic Types, Weak to Fighting and Bug Types, Not Affected by Psychic Types.

Psychic- Strong against Fighting and Poison Types, Weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost Types.

Dragon- Strong against Dragon Types, Weak to Dragon and Ice Types.

Ice- Strong against Flying, Grass, Dragon, and Ground Types, Weak against Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel Types.

Water- Strong against Fire, Ground, and Rock Types, Weak against Electric and Grass Types.

Fire- Strong against Grass, Bug, and Steel Types, Weak against Ground, Rock, and Water Types.

Rock- Strong against Flying, Fire, Ice, and Bug Types, Weak against Water, Steel, Fighting, Grass, and Ground Types.

Ground- Strong against Electric, Fire, Rock, Steel, and Poison Types, Weak against Grass, Ice, and Water Types, Not Affected by Electric Types.

Steel- Strong against Ice and Rock Types, Weak against Fire, Fighting, and Ground Types, Not Affected by Poison Types.

Grass- Strong against Water, Ground, and Rock Types, Weak against Bug, Flying, Fire, Ice, and Poison Types.

Poison- Strong against Grass and Bug Types, Weak against Ground and Psychic Types.

Bug- Strong against Dark, Grass, and Psychic Types, Weak against Fire, Flying, Poison, and Rock Types.

Every type is strong against other types and weak against other types. In a case of Dual-Type (two types) Pokemon, the pokemon will be stronger or weaker depending on the opponent.

Pokemon Move Set:

Basic Information about What a Move is

In the video games, every pokemon has four 'moves' they can do, based on their Type (listed above). If your character is a legendary pokemon (half-pokemon or full pokemon), who usually have over-powered moves, I will determine your move set. Users who have characters of the non-legendary pokemon will be able to determine their own move set, which I will look over and approve.

I expect those who apply will have at least a bit of basic knowledge about their pokemon.


Pokemon Abilities:

Intro to Abilities

This is a list of abilities that you can use for your pokemon. Remember, each pokemon only has one ability. I will determine your pokemon's ability for you.


Flame Body- On contact, may give the foe a burn.

Aftermath- If your character faints, the foe who did it will receive heavy damage

Static- On contact, may paralyze the foe

Rough Skin- On contact, will damage the foe

Cute Charm- On contact, will cause the foe to fall in love with your character for the duration of the battle or a short period of time.

Rock Head- Eliminates 'recoil', or damage dealt to the user with moves like Take Down

Poison Point/Poison Touch- On contact, may poison the foe

Effect Spore- On contact, may poison, paralyze, freeze, burn, or cause the foe to fall asleep

Hydration- Water restores health

Immunity- Cannot be poisoned

Levitate- Ground-type moves cannot hit your character

Regenerator- Automatically heals your character after a battle

Shadow Tag- Prevents the foe from escaping

Shed Skin- Can cure paralysis, burns, poison, freezing and sleep by shedding your skin

Synchronize- If your character is burned, paralyzed, asleep, or poisoned, your opponent will also be burned, paralyzed, frozen, asleep, or poisoned.

Thick Fat- High resistance to Fire-Type moves and Ice-Type moves

Volt Absorb- If hit by an Electric-Type move, your character regains health

Water Absorb- If hit by a Water-Type move, your character regains health.

Dry Skin- User is damaged by heat, but Water restores health

Illusion-User can disguise themsevles as other pokemon and such. Zorua/Zoroark only.

Burns, Paralysis, Poison and More:

Guide to Status Ailment

There are five 'ailments' that can harm your character:

Burn- Unique to Fire-Type pokemon, burning a foe causes them to take continual damage. The foe is set on fire, and then even if the flames go out, will lose health rapidly. Fire-Type pokemon cannot be burned.

Paralysis- Unique to Electric-Type pokemon, paralyzing a foe means that the foe cannot move, and is stunned. However, the paralyzed pokemon can still perform moves from their move set. Ground-Type pokemon cannot be paralyzed.

Freezing- Unique to Ice-Type pokemon, freezing a foe encases them in a block of ice, from which they can neither attack nor move. Certain Fire-Type moves can be performed by the frozen pokemon to escape (see the link provided above for details). Icy-Type pokemon cannot be frozen.

Poison- Unique to Poison-Type pokemon, poisoning a foe causes the foe to take continous damage over time. Additionally, if a foe is 'poisoned' badly, the damage will increase in a short amount of time. Poison-Type pokemon and Steel-Type pokemon cannot be poisoned.

Sleeping- Most pokemon Types can inflict this status ailment; putting a foe to sleep means the foe cannot move or attack for a while, depending on how long the foe sleeps. However, if the foe is attacked, they will automatically wake up.

Edited by Darkshadow

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Cult of Giratina Characters:


Username: Darkshadow

Name: Giratina

Gender: Male

Species: Giratina

Type: Ghost/Dragon


Giratina was trapped, trapped in the Distortion World, held there by Arceus's power. He could only enter either the human world or the pokemon world for a limit of ten minutes, before Arceus forced him back into the Distortion World under the pitiful excuse that Giratina, the guardian, could not leave his dimension unattended under pain of a dimensional collapse. What foolishness! There was no other person in the Distortion World, no being that Giratina could rule over. He could only watch the pokemon and human world, with legendaries and pokemon and humans happily living out their lives. He watched as Mew and Arceus abused the portal between the two worlds to watch the human world. He watched as both of them argued and fought over who would become ruler of the human world. It was pitiful. If only he could help push the conflict along... And then Arceus and Mew fought, and their powers allowed Giratina to escape from the Distortion World. Giratina pretended to act neutral, taking no sides on the fight, and proposed his plan. When he obsorbed the powers of Mew and Arceus... Giratina felt like nothing could stop him. He entered the human world, into the dreams of humans, and transformed them. He was ready to become a god and kill the two pokemon in his way, who were deep asleep...


Giratina is like a cat toying with a mouse. He likes to let it scurry around, but never lets the mouse escape. He's almost cocky, confident that his plan will succeed, and that he can finally escape the prison that is the Distortion World. He wants to kill Arceus and Mew, and Giratina knows that the only beings who can stop him are half-humans and pokemon who are new and unexperienced.


user posted imageuser posted image

Desired Moveset: Shadow Force, Thunder, Ominous Wind, Dragon Claw

Ability: Levitate



Username: Dr. Paine

Name: Madison Johnson

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Shiny Vulpix, will later evolve to (shiny) Ninetales.

Type: Fire

History: A daredevil, Madison's childhood was filled with taking challenges from all her friends, and often imposing a few on herself. She has eaten worms and other bugs. She's spent six hours up a tree (the intent was to spend a day, but her parents put a stop to that). She's licked frozen poles, gone after bad-tempered cats, done many stupid things that have left her with more than her share of injuries. Rather desperate to re-route Madison's need to prove that she was the best, her parents decided to introduce her to the latest craze- Pokemon. Like many children, Madison became completely hooked, trading the challenge of pulling a skunk's tail for the challenge of catching them all (though she did still take dares from friends, now in exchange for tips and trades for her game). Through Christmases, birthdays, and good report cards, Madison accumulated all of the main games (even some duplicates) and systems necessary to play them, and even once she moved to her first apartment, picked up a job at a coffee shop and became more of a 'productive member of society', each game was in pristine condition and still played at least once a month or so.


It was one night when she found herself unable to sleep that Madison got a text. It looked like complete spam, but... harmless. 'Which Pokemon is your favorite: Arceus, Mew, Other'. Without really thinking, Madison replied with 'Other'- she had never quite liked either Arceus or Mew, only having them because she wanted at least one of each 'mon. Her favorites tended to be non-legendaries, anyway. Without another thought, she rolled over and fell back asleep. Though she had no real memory of it the next day, she had a very strange dream- a Giratina speaking to her, asking if she would rather become a full pokemon, or a hybrid of the two. She answered the latter, and woke up with only one word ringing through her mind: Quebec.


She didn't notice too much different the next morning- for about the first few minutes, anyway. A pressure around her back alerted her to the fact that she was now sleeping on six golden tails. After the initial screaming freak out (which included pulling out enough hairs on one of the innermost tails until it left a slightly visible bald spot), Madison turned to the news, finding that she was not a unique case. People all over the country- world, maybe!- were turning into hybrids or pokemon. That was enough for her, and she turned the TV off, trying to figure out what to do next. Snippets of the dream came back to her, mainly the mention of Quebec.


A few days later, she found a few others in her city heading to there as well, and managed to hitch a ride. She has no idea what will happen next, but rather than be frightened, she took it as just yet another challenge, one that she would absolutely rule.

Personality: Hot-tempered and impulsive, Madison can go from being absolutely furious with someone to joking again in about ten seconds flat. She is nearly always seen smiling, and is an unflappable optimist- no matter what happens, Madison never gives up hope that things will turn out for the best in the end. While she has no problem getting into fistfights and scuffles, she usually does it only to defend herself or just for fun (most of her friends were involved in some sort of sport), she has only ever picked a single fight in her life. She is an intensely loyal person once she's taken a liking to someone, and it would take quite a bit to break that. (This is liable to change as she is rp'd.)

Appearance: Currently, as Vulpix: Her skin has taken on a faintly golden sheen, much like the shiny pokemon she resembles. While her eyes have remained deep brown, Madison's long, curly hair has also become a brilliant orange-gold color. Her hands have remained much the same, if not covered with a layer of soft, golden-brown fur, and ending in small claws. Her legs, however, have shifted and become longer, awkwardly shaped, like a Vulpix's hind legs. Her feet have become pure paws, also covered with golden-brown fur. Most noticeable are her six curled, golden tails, usually lying down and just slightly dragging the ground at times. It is also worth noting that, while still in their original position, her ears have become more foxlike, and rather furry. She's dressed in rather torn, worn-out pair of jeans and red blouse, having realized quite quickly that shoes will not work, but the thick skin on the bottom of her paws make up for the lack of them.


As Ninetales, when Darky decides to have happen: As Madison trains and increases in power, she becomes somewhat more animalistic. This comes to a head when she eventually evolves, looking less like a girl partly turned pokemon, and more like a Ninetails that learned to walk on two legs. Almost all of her now slim, agile body will be covered in silvery-gray fur, her hair losing its curl and becoming longer and silver, tinged with blue around the ends. Her arms and legs strengthen and lengthen, allowing her to run and walk comfortably both on two legs and four. Ears will gw longer and more mobile. Her face even changes a bit, growing sharp, narrow and more fox-like, though she won't develop a muzzle proper. Around this time, she develops sharp teeth, and will live almost exclusively on meat. And of course, at this time, Madison will develop nine silver, blue-tipped tails.

Ability:Flame Body

Other: Desired starting moveset: Flamethrower, Will-o-Wisp, Extrasensory, Confuse Ray. Not much else to say otherwise, but I had a lot of fun designing her. Part of the Cult of Giratina.


Username: Shiny Hazard Sign

Name: Madison Wickerson

Age: Eighteen

Gender: Female

Species: Zoroark

Type: Dark

History: Maddy was born by chance; her mother, a belligerent, rude, no-care attitude almost led her into terminating the pregnancy. However, because she couldn't find the money to pay for it (or, so she believed she would need money), she ended up keeping the pregnancy and carrying to term. However, instead of dumping the child somewhere she could be properly cared for, Madison's father showed up again and demanded partial custody. But Maddy's mother was a spiteful woman. In order just to hurt her ex-boyfriend, she fought for custody and ended up keeping Madison instead of adopting her out, or letting her father take care of her.

Madison was since then shuffled between homes. Her mother was a drunk, an addict, and a horrifying person to be around, even if she did get her butt of the couch every once in a while to go to work. When Madison was little, she was beaten by her mother until she promised not to tell anyone of the circumstances her mother lived in. Not even her father. For a while, she lived in fear of her mother. Occasionally she went to school, if she found enough money to buy supplies or decent clothing. However, in her sophomore year of high school, she dropped out with failing grades and joined a street gang. Though, she never actually did anything illegal- when the time came to shoplift from stores or smoke or drink, she mysteriously disappeared. It was only when there was physical violence involved that she was present, and most of the time, was the one delivering the pain.

However, Madison didn't do this just for the hell of it. When she was about ten years old, her mother had another baby. This time the father didn't stick around to fight for custody, but their mother kept the boy anyways. Madison cared for him like a baby doll, keeping him clean and fed even if she otherwise couldn't do the same for herself. She shielded him from their mother's drunken wrath and pampered him in every way she could. The only time she ever stole was from their mother, from a stash that was normally reserved for alcohol or meth; Madison used this to buy toys for Tobias (her brother) or other things that might make him happy. And he was a good boy that loved and admired his sister. But since they lived in a dangerous, unpredictable neighborhood, she eventually joined the gang so that she could learn to better protect her brother from those very dangers. She felt that if she could conquer them all, the crime and the violence in the city would go away, and her brother would be safe.

When she brother got a little bit older, a friend of hers gave her an old Nintendo DS with a Pokemon game. She was thrilled, since her brother was very attached to the anime series on television; she, herself, enjoyed watching the show too. She gave the game to her brother and was happy that it made him happy. Together, they poured over the magical world of Pokemon; a world cut off from their own, with creatures that made them feel safe. Madison became just as in love with the franchise as her brother, and not only because it bonded them in a way siblings rarely ever were.

The day Madison turned 18, their mother forced her to move out. She intended to take Tobias along with her, and so waited until nighttime so she could sneak into his room and they could escape together. However, upon returning to the apartment, she crawled in through the bathroom window and crept into his room- only to find his beloved Zorua stuffed animal laying, alone, on his bed. Both Tobias and their mother had disappeared.

She sat on Tobias bed the whole night. She kept the little Zorua doll with her the entire time, not knowing what to do. When she finally stood to check out the apartment, she found her mother's cellphone laying on the kitchen table. Without really meaning to, she picked it up and looked at the screen, only to find a strange question and answer selections staring back at her. Dumbfounded, she had stared at it for a long time, before clicking the "down" button and selecting the answer "Other". She and Tobias had always like Rayquaza better, anyway.

That night, she fell asleep in her brother's bed. She dreamed of Pokemon- which wasn't odd, since she'd done so many times before- but this time the great Giratina appeared to her. She was clutching the Zorua plush to her chest as he spoke to her, giving her some interesting options. A hybrid or full pokemon, was his question. She immediately chose the hybrid; after all, she still needed Tobias to recognize her. And she wanted their mother to know it was her when Madison took her out. Thus, when she woke up the next day, she found her features mysteriously altered. The longer she stared, the more she realized what had happened to her; she had become a hybrid Zoroark, just like Giratina had said. She was grateful for this new power, and wished to use it in order to track down her brother, but Giratina had ordered something else. Reluctant, she left the States, though whenever given the chance she knew she would return to the city to look for little Tobias.

Personality: Madison's attitude was severely influenced by her upbringing. In order to stand up to her mother, she developed a wicked tongue and a brash, angry demeanor that was never quelled unless her brother was there. Since he had disappeared, Madison became more reserved and less explosive, though she is still very aggressive and hard-headed. She doesn't think twice about a battle unless something in particular catches her attention, but once in a fight she seems to exercise surprising restraint. Her temper can flare easily if the right spot is hit, but insulting her often goes in vain, as she doesn't like to listen much to others anyway and will tune them out if they bore her. She doesn't like intimate relationships at all, partly because they scare her- she's afraid of losing people she cares about- and thus only lets people close enough to banter with and work alongside.

Because of the circumstances, she is reluctant to obey Giratina's orders, though she eventually carries them through because she knows he would take away her power if she didn't. Personally, however, she doesn't agree with war, and only wishes to spend her time searching for her brother.

Appearance: {x}

Desired Moveset: Night Slash, Foul Play, Counter, Night Daze

Ability: Illusion

Other: She carries around Tobias's Zorua plush everywhere she goes. Since it still has his scent, she hopes it will help her find him some day.



Name: Tobias Wickerson

Age: Eight

Gender: Male

Species: Shiny Zorua

Type: Dark

History: The first face he remembered was that of his sister, Madison. When he was younger, she cared for him, keeping him clean and fed. Tobias never understood why she was hiding him from his mother, but he accepted it. Madison was his only family. He admired her and loved her, and would do anything she asked, even at the age of three. He would cry whenever she left the house. His mother would just leave him be, most likely because she was in a drunken stupor. Then it was just him and Madison, who would protect him, always.

When Tobias started growing a bit older, a friend of Madison gave her an old Nintendo DS with a Pokemon game. Tobias had been addicted to the show on television. He wanted to go to that world with Madison, where such creatures would surely help them live together. To his delight, Madison gave him the game. He loved it. Together, they poured over the magical world of Pokemon; a world cut off from their own, with creatures that made them feel safe. With Pokemon, nothing could go wrong. Until that fateful day.

The day Madison turned 18, their mother forced her to move out. Tobias cried and cried all day, clutching the Zorua plushie Madison had bought him recently. He had begged his mother to let Madison stay, and she had slapped him hard on the cheek. If Madison was going to leave, Tobias would too. With that thought comforting him, Tobias snuggled into his bed and closed his eyes, one hand wrapped firmly around his Zorua plushie. Madison would come to his rescue, like always...

Tobias woke to the sound of a car horn. He was strapped in the backseat of his mother's car, tied down so he was lying on his side, away from prying eyes. Tentatively, he called out his sister's name, "Madison? Madison, is that you?" A drunken cry of fury answered his question. His mother, obviously drunk, turned her head to face him, a blazing anger in her eyes. "It's always about Madison, isn't it? Madison, Madison, MADISON! How come no one cares about me, huh?" His mother shrieked, and Tobias flinched back from her gaze. "This will teach the brat some manners. Her precious brother, the one she treasured, is GONE! Hah! And when she finds your pitiful body on the front page of the paper tomorrow..." His mother trailed ominously off.

Tobias started to cry softly, praying for Madison to come and save him despite all odds. His mother started to fumble around in her purse, and then cursed loudly. She had forgotten her cell phone. I need to escape now... The thought drifted into Tobias's brain, but he squeezed his eyes tightly. His mother slammed on the brakes, and pulled the car over. Is this the end? However, his mother opened the side door and untied Tobias from the back seat. He stood up, warily, eyeing the giant kitchen knife his mother was shoving in her purse. "Here's some money. Go spend ten minutes in the computer cafe. You can even email your sister. I'm not that bad of a murderer that I won't give a victim his final rights." His mother said, softly. She was still drunk as hell, but now she was displaying a weird cunning. She handed him some money and Tobias dashed inside the place, and went on the computer. He was going to email his sister, and she would save him! For a moment, there was a hope, but then it died. Tobias didn't know his sister's email address. He almost started crying again, but he tried looking up a way to contact his sister, through any means. A survey popped up on the screen, and with a jolt Tobias realized that it involved Pokemon.

He quickly selected 'Other'- He had always like Rayquaza better, anyway, and left the cafe. His mother allowed him to sit in the front seat this time, and Tobias quickly drifted off to sleep. In his dreams, Giratina appeared before him. Tobias wanted to be a half-pokemon. So that sis can recognize me... In the morning, Tobias woke up to find his mother's dead body sitting next to him. Apparently the knife had gone through her throat while she had been driving wildly. Tobias quickly unbuckled his seat belt and left the car. Was the whole Giratina dream a lie? Tobias didn't know where he was, but he glanced in the rear view mirror of the car and got a surprise. He was a half-pokemon! A shiny zorua, by the looks of his hair and face. The dream about Giratina wasn't a lie! Tobias was overjoyed by the thought of being a half-pokemon, but then he wanted to seek out his sister, Madison. Giratina, however, had other plans. Tobias would have to go to Vancouver City.

Personality: To be rp'd

Appearence: [x]

However, Tobias is way younger, around eight years old, and has a small tail to go with the hair. His nails are longer, sharper, harder, and are painted the shiny blue.

Desired Moveset: Faint Attack, Foul Play, Night Daze, Scratch

Ability: Illusion



Username: Neutual Demon

Name: Josiah Godspeed

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Rhydon

Type: Ground/Rock

History: When Josiah was younger he used to be an avid fan of Pokemon. He had collected a lot of toys and all the games that were out then. He liked all of the Pokemon, but he tended to favor ground and rock types much more so than others. However, when he hit preteens he lost interest in the games, all his toys were packed away and stuffed into the attic and forgotten because he had been made of in school because he liked Pokemon. He went through middle and high school without touching any Pokemon related objects. In fact, he was in a middle of a research paper for college when the subject brought itself before Josiah in the form of a poll: which Pokemon was the best. Josiah had sat there for almost an hour staring at it, recalling what he had left behind in his childhood. Mew to him was a weird flying pink creature that he didn’t all care for, and he couldn’t recall what an Arceus was. So he clicked ‘Other’ and continued on his paper, still reminiscing about his abandoned fantasies.

After staying up until midnight to finish his paper Josiah fell asleep, exhausted. When he woke up late in the morning after a strange dream about going to Vancouver. It took him for a moment to realize he looked rather unusual. After gazing at himself he came to the conclusion he looked like a Rhydon. He almost died laughing gleefully. Oh, he always dreamed of being part Pokemon! The news on the TV showed that similar things were happening all around. But Josiah wasn’t paying much attention. He was too busy packing a bag for Vancouver.

Personality: Josiah tends to be rather coolheaded in serious situations, but at times he suddenly falls into a childish phase where he would pull silly pranks or play with things that he is way too old to be playing with. He may seem cool, but he can have mean streaks; especially when he hasn’t gotten enough sleep or hadn’t eaten much for awhile. His personality is rather quirky, with long periods of happiness which suddenly crashes down into a day of sour moodiness. After all, he says, even happiness needs a break.

Appearence: http://mrmootles.deviantart.com/art/Rhydon-257037835 '>[x]

Desired Moveset: Smack Down, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Hammer Arm

Ability: Rock Head


Username: SubtleStarlight34

Name: Drake Blake

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Absol

Type: Dark


Though his sister may not be able to remember much about him, Drake had been really close to his father when he had been alive. Back then, Drake was lively and wild like any child should be, one who loved his little sister. But when he died in a car accident on his back from work, Drake pulled back into himself and became his uncaring and bored self. He only went to school because his mom forced him to and kept a barely passing grade, and only helped out when asked to while the rest of his time was spent eye-deep in video games. His best friend drifted away, and Rowan no longer was the little girl holding his hand for help. Not that he doesn't miss it, it just was a little disorienting when he finally realized what happened.


Unfortunately, when he had noticed, he was to far into the lie and had to stick to his life-style. But on the day his little sister turned sixteen, the first year he actually considered getting her a present, he received a letter in the mail with the three choices: Mew, Arceus, and Other. Without another thought, he marked 'Other' and went on with day as usual. That is, until, Giratina appeared in his dream and offered the option of becoming either a pokemon, or half-pokemon. The next morning, he awoke to find himself an absol instead of a human. And so, like his sister, he left to head toward Vancover.


Despite being called a deadbeat, Drake isn't really lazy. There's just nothing interesting enough for him to bother putting in the effort. He constantly has a bored look on his face, with a no-care air. However, in reality, he's observant, taking stock of his surroundings and keeping mental note of things. But when he does find something to take interest in, he finds himself jumping whole-heartedly. And now that his video games have come to life, he can't help but not be his usual bored self.

Appearence: user posted image

Desired Moveset: Night Slash, Bite, Razor Wind, Swords Dance

Ability: Insomnia




Username: Darkshadow

Name: Blake Shepard

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Cradily

Type: Rock/Grass

Personality: Blake is a serious, no-nonsense bookworm who happens to prefer the darker endings of stories. She enjoys gruesome video games where death is imminent, and tends to roleplay online as the evilest and vile creatures who have no sense of human life. She also likes the pure, innocent kind of characters who are being slowly corrupted by darkness, and tends to revel in creating excellent plot lines. Blake is also a person who can be kindhearted to her friends, and will assist them in any way possible short of giving her life. Blake tends to mistrust people, especially now that she is a large pokemon that resembles a plant.

History: Blake grew up to fantasy stories told to her by her dad, who raised her as a single child. When Blake was born, her parents divorced and her father fought in court to take custody of her. Blake was glad her father had won, because her mother was a stumbling alcoholic whose temper was roused when she was drunk. Blake was encouraged to write stories and act out scenes, and when she was in middle school Blake was attracted by the theater. However, her acting skills were shoddy at best, even though she took countless acting classes. In real life, though, Blake was the best performer. She could make a story come to life and tell lies with a complete conviction. She could fool every single one of her friends. It made her feel proud, but still, Blake wanted to perform a major role in a play. Blake studied long and hard, and then she entered high school. She did not even get a minor role in the play. Frusterated, and down on her luck, Blake turned the Pokemon and other video games, becoming obsessed. A month later, she received a survey of sorts. Bored, she clicked 'Other', because Reshiram would always be her favorite. And then Giratina visited Blake in her dreams. He asked if she wanted to be a full pokemon or a half-pokemon. Blake didn't really know what 'half-pokemon' meant, so she said she wanted to be a full pokemon. When she woke up, she was a giant, plant-like pokemon. Blake found the notice to head to Vancouver, and so she headed off, slowly but surely.


user posted image

Desired Moveset: Solar Beam, Energy Ball, AncientPower, Stone Edge

Ability: Effect Spore



Username: Shiny Hazard Sign

Name: Sanya

Age: Eighteen

Gender: Female

Species: Virizion

Type: Grass / Fighting

History: Sanya lived with her single mother ever since she was born, and as far as she could remember it had been just her and her Momma, running the textiles shop in Arizona. From an early age Sanya learned how to sew and compile designs for costumes and clothing, and it was a hobby she took to with pride and joy. However, even the heavy detail work that came with helping her mom wasn't enough to satisfy Sanya's restless spirit. At the age of eight years, she started spending more time outside and playing sports and partaking in gymnastics. She became a dancer for a short while, and excelled with grace- but it wasn't high enough energy for her. After begging her mother, Sanya was finally granted permission to take fighting lessons. It was there that Sanya found her true passion. The intensity, the adrenaline, the pure physical ecstasy- it was the most filling activity she'd ever participated in. Eventually, Sanya dropped out of school to pursue a promise career in professional sword fighting, and earned several medals for her talents.

During the off-season, Sanya still busied herself with making costumes and the like for her mother, the clients, or just for fun. Often she found herself making flexible fighting outfits that she could envision herself some day wearing in a tournament, or silly things that amused her to wear around town. She wasn't particularly taken to technology, and thus didn't play video games and wasn't very interested in TV. She knew of Pokemon, of course, but didn't know much about it until she was around fifteen years old. She was at a tournament, warming up in a training room, when she saw a group of male fighters gathered around a small hand-held device. Curious, she approached them and they introduced her to the world of Pokemon. Though it wasn't much of her thing, she had to admit it looked kind of interesting. So, in the spare time she had between making clothes and training for fights, she read up on the different creatures, their abilities, and other such things. She didn't have the time to actually play any of the games, but she took pride in being able to understand- and actually help with strategies- when she hung out with the boys again.

Sanya's mother retired a short while later, leaving the shop to her child once Sanya turned eighteen years old. She was both proud and disappointed to be charged with the shop, since she had wanted to using professional fighting as her career, but she would never deny her dear mother. One night, someone slipped a piece of paper through the mail slot, and on it was a little vote ballot; thinking it was for the amusement of her friends, Sanya colored in the box by the "Other" option and pushed it back through the metal flap. The next morning, when she awoke, she discovered that her mother was gone. Frantic, Sanya searched the entire house; she had scoured the top floor three times before she noticed something in the large floor mirrors that encircled a good portion of the upper rooms. She didn't recognize the girl that had turned around to look back at her, and had stumbled back against the dresser, startled. When she realized that the girl staring back at her had done the exact same thing, it slowly began to dawn on Sanya that she had somehow changed appearances. Her hair was long and flowing, and a bright mint green with a dark path that fell right in the middle of her face, and eyes the color of velvet roses. What she had mistaken for a sleepy headache was actually the growth of two slanted horns sprouting from the topsides of her head, nearly identical to the color of her hair. And there was this strange sense coming from the houseplants in on their windowsills, as if she could almost feel them...growing.

Although she felt panicked, Sanya sat down and researched the heck out of grass pokemon that she knew. She wasn't very familiar with the new generation, and so it took her a while to realize what she had become was no ordinary Pokemon (not that Pokepeople were all that ordinary, anyway) but one of the Legends- something she realized with awe and dread at the same time. Virizion. It both scared her and exhilarated her. And then, recalling that she was supposed to be looking for her mother, Sanya sprang to her feet again, and would have burst out the front door had she not seen the messy scrawl of her mother's hand writing on a note taped to the door itself; it read "My dear Sanya, I will find you." After much confusion, Sanya decided that her mother must have seen her after the transformation and thought that the real Sanya had disappeared. Though, why her mother hadn't bothered to wake the "imposter" wasn't clear to the new Virizion-hybrid. Then, moments after finding her mother's letter, she suddenly remembered a bizarre dream from the previous night. Something about Giratina, and meeting others in Vancouver, Canada. At first, Sanya scoffed at the idea- her, getting to Vancouver? She had a life in Arizona! But she quickly came to understand that she didn't have much choice. After all, if it was possible for her to turn into a half-legend, there must have been quite a mysterious power at work. With renewed vigor and determination, Sanya flew into the studio and strove to produce an outfit that would both suit her new identity and be suitable for fighting, should it somehow come to it.

Personality: Sanya is a bold spirit who can be very charismatic if she so seeks to be. On the other hand, she often lapses into periods of silent, deep thought, and becomes quite irritated if anyone interrupts such sessions. Generally, Sanya is kind to others, though she is more cautious than she is friendly. She is a bit off-put by extremely friendly or flirtatious people, often feeling as though there is some underlying motive to their attention. This is mainly because her mother instilled this way of thought into her daughter when she was young, since Sanya's mother was a very distrusting person. Sanya is a bit more open to meeting others and accepting their strange ways, but it takes her a little while to warm up to the unique quirks of others. The quickest way to her heart, however, is a friendly competitive fight, since it seems to relax her and get her into her element a bit more. Serious fighting, however, will turn her a bit dark.

Appearance: {x}

Desired Moveset: Sacred Sword, Leaf Blade, Focus Blast, X-Scissor

Ability: Immunity

Other: She carries her old fighter swords with her for protection (and they have become a medium for some of her Pokemon moves)


Username: FireKitty

Name: Katharine "Kat" Stakny

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

Species: Rayquaza (Shiny)

Type: Dragon/Flying


Kat grew up on the streets. She was orphaned at the age of six and refused to be with her aunt or put in foster care. So, she ran away. She's lived a rough life and has even joined a gang or two while on the streets. She became 'street smart' and a bad girl that just wants humanity to die. She likes to steal and pick pocket and quite enjoys living her life. She was surprised to say the least when the legendary Pokemon had asked for her opinion on what she wanted to do. Not liking either of the other two Pokemon, she choose 'Other'. When she left and she had finally figured out that the voting had finished, she was visited by Giratina. Given the choice of destroying the other two and becoming either half human, half pokemon or full pokemon, she choose full Pokemon. She was also promised more power than she could ever think to have and so, was granted a Rayquaza form. She now happily serves as a part of Giratina's cult.


Kat is a street girl. She enjoys living the hard life and enjoys power. She wants nothing but power. She doesn't hesitate to kill, as she's done so before, once, but has done it nonetheless. She won't hesitate to not listen to Giratina because of his promise for power to her. She wants to destroy humanity and dislikes those that are half human, half pokemon. She wants a world where it's nothing but pure Pokemon but Giratina says that may not happen. Upset, but happy at the promise that even half human, half Pokemon will still be forced to obey a higher power such as himself, she takes on as a 'harbinger of doom' to any and all who oppose Giratina.


user posted image

Desired Moveset: Air Slash, AncientPower, ExtremeSpeed, Dragon Pulse

Ability: Thick Fat

Other: Nothing I can think of.


Cult of Arceus Characters


Username: Darkshadow

Name: Zachery Forster

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Species: Lugia

Type: Psychic/Flying


Zach was an internet addict, spending all of his days online. He had barely any knowledge about pokemon, only that it was one of the most popular games out there. He didn't care. He had his Xbox, his videogames, and his life to worry about. He was planning to become a computer programmer, and he had no time to worry about the world of pokemon. His mom kept nagging him about grades, and would take away his privelages if Zach didn't keep up his grades. Zach was doing his math homework when he received the email ballot. "Who is better, Mew or Arceus?" Zach thought about ignoring it, but his gut feeling told him that whoever sent him the email sent it to him for a reason, and that he'd better answer. So he picked the first box, 'Arceus', because he knew it was a pokemon-related question. What could go wrong?

The next morning Zach woke up to find that his house was in ruins, crushed beneath him. Why was he so large? What had happened? He tried to call for help, but only the words ,"KYAAAAAAAAAA" came out of his mouth.

A crowd of people was gathered around him, including one of his pokemon-obsessed friends. That friend was calling his name. What is it, Kyle? Zach thought, annoyed. His friend, Kyle looked around, surprise evident on his face. "Zach, where are you? Are you underneath the giant pokemon, Lugia?" I think I am on top of the pokemon. I feel so large. Zach shifted his body, so that Kyle could find him. The crowd reacted, backing up quickly. That's when Zach realized that he was Lugia. Flapping his wings, he knocked back the houses all around his house, and took off. What a dream it was to be able to fly! Later on, Zach met up with another pokemon, and found he had unwittingly joined the Cult of Arceus, and he had to go to New York, which was thousands of miles away! But then again, Zach could fly...


Zach doesn't like his new body. He's way too large, and he can't do anything without destroying buildings and the like. He's hoping he can fix this problem by going to the annoying meeting. He wants to go back to normal, return to his life where he can't use powers and he is small enough to use a computer. But then again, Zach loves that he is able to breathe underwater and fly. Though he may not like pokemon, Zach still likes the added bonuses.


user posted image

Desired Moveset: Psychic, Aeroblast, Aerial Ace, Future Sight

Ability: Hydration



Username: Warewolves

Name: Latias(Lati for short)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Latias

Type: Psysic/Dragon


Lati is actually a girl named Keila Shadoan whom lived in a firly normal household with her parents and her little brother. She was an avid player of the games, but not so much that she knew every pokemon in the game. One night she got an email with three options. Between Arceus, Mew, and Other. She was about to choose Mew when her brother came in and saw her on the computer and begged her to chose Arceus. 'Cause he's so aweshome and he's da gohd aftwer all'. She caved in and picked it, not really caring about it. Her family were going away for the weekend, and she was getting the house to herself! She waved them goodbye, and enjoyed her first night of fredom and then went to bed.


Lati awoke the next morning with no memory of whom she was except of her age. She found herself hoveing above the ground. She remembere items, such as her computer, and the mirror in which she gazed at herself in next. She aslo knew what she was, and what pokemon. She assumed her names was that, so decided to call herself that. Latias then turned and looked to where she had awoken to see a note open. It told her to go to the Statue of liberty, so she headed down the stairs and out the door, locking it as a second thought. She paused as she passed a picture of a boy, and was confused as to why she shed a tear as she left.

Personality:TB-RP'D, probably a quiet individual but you know how characters are.


user posted image

Desired Moveset:Dragonbreath, Mist Ball, Psysic, and Fly(aka: Can fly 1-2 people/pokemon somewhere)

Ability: Regenerator



Username: SubtleStarlight

Name: Raven Night

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Shiny Umbreon

Type: Dark


While her childhood friend had it hard in life, Raven had things at home under control. Both parents were alive and working, and a little sister to show the ropes too. She had good friends and a few enemies, but they stayed away for fear of her pranks. And above all, she never took life seriously. Life was one big joke, but that was the number one reason why Raven and Rowan fought, if they fought of course.

And the day she got the poll in the email, she thought that was some joke pulled on her by a friend. But the call from Rowan suggested different. It didn't matter to her though - it never did - and she checked a random box. The next morning, she was shocked to find herself an Umbreon instead of a human girl, and inevitably shocked her family as well. Life had caught up to Raven that day, on the day she lost her human form. Not wanting to cause anymore distress, she ran off in the direction of New York.



Raven, when she was human, was a trickster. She pranked the people she did not like, and messed around jokingly with her friends. She never seemed to take too much seriously, was the loud one in her group of friends, and always was the life of the party. But after the transformation, she calmed down a little, reality hitting her too late. Now she still jokes around and laughs at what she thinks is funny, but at the same time, she is beginning to realize that life should be taken a little more seriously.



user posted image

Desired Moveset: Faint Attack, Screech, Assurance, Shadow Ball

Ability: Shadow Tag



Username: Shiny Hazard Sign

Name: Maria

Age: Before the change, age was estimated around twenty years.

Gender: Identifies as female.

Species: Dialga

Type: Dragon / Steel

History: Maria (birth name "Opal") was born in Nice, France, to a loving mother and father. However, what no one realized was that Maria had inherited a mental disorder until she was about three years old. Hallucinations, paranoia, and increased hostility and outbursts of violent fits often seized young Maria until she was around five years old. At that point, her family immigrated to the United States in hopes that the advanced medicine could possibly help their child. Unfortunately, during that time, Maria's father was coerced into joining the Military and was killed in action, and Maria's mother had become so stricken with the loss of her husband and the deteriorating mental health of her daughter that she up and disappeared one day and never returned to the health facility that Maria was left at. (It is rumored that she left back to France, and did not commit suicide) This left little Maria at the mercy of the State, who decided to place her into foster care. However, after it became apparent that her aggressive and hostile tendencies would put other children and perhaps her foster parent's lives in danger, she was placed inside a youth asylum and raised by the caretakers. Often heavily medicated, she became a lethargic, non-responsive shell that could sit for hours in front of a television, or just stare at a wall. She still had a few bouts of sudden vigor, but these were generally absent whenever she had the chance to watch cartoons. The Pokemon show was a favorite of hers- or so the nurses believed, since she was very docile and enthralled whenever it played on the screen- and so over time she became immersed in her own fantastical world and left everyone else behind.

As Maria grew older, however, she also started showing signs of high intellect. The nurses noticed she started to become more active; less blank-faced and more involved in personal activities, like reading books and drawing. They started to teach her English and French, to a point where she could write and understand them both fluently. She never spoke to the nurses (except for on the few occasions where her meds hadn't kicked in and she cursed at them) but found a companion in one of the little girls that came to the facility. It was a young girl, perhaps just four years of age, named Mary, that Maria took a heavy liking to. She often read stories to little Mary and brushed her hair or stayed by her side if the girl was feeling ill. Maria at this point was verging on seventeen years old, and the nurses believed her behavior came from a deep maternal instinct that Maria naturally possessed.

However, little Mary had many health complications other than just mental. She had been born with Down Syndrome and several other issues that prevented her from achieving full health at any time. She was bed ridden most of the time and had to breathe through various tubes. About three years after her arrival, little Mary passed away. The night she died, Maria had found a letter by her bedside with a little Pokeball sticker on it. The ballot inside intrigued her, and after careful consideration she marked the box "Arceus". After all, who better than a God to trust?

The next morning, when Maria awoke, she found herself tethered down. She was too large for the room, and everything was in a bright, incredible detail that she never would have seen with human eyes. Though she had no idea what had happened to her, she somehow knew for certain that Mary was no longer alive- and that the nurses had roped her now massive-body down, and guards were cursing and running around outside the room she struggled to fit inside. This did nothing but fill Maria with incredible anger. With a fierce, head-splitting roar, meteors fell from the sky and hailed down on the mental institute, effectively smashing the building to pieces and freeing her from the confinements of the room. The shy was bright and sunny overhead, but the stormcloud of Dialga's mind overcast everything. She couldn't even remember her own name, or anything about her life at the asylum. All she felt were these great, consuming emotions that threatened to overtake her senses, for the medication would no longer work on a full-fledged Pokemon.

For a while, the Dialga sat there in the rubble of the building. Upon looking down at her huge, clawed feet, she spotted a book laying tattered and burned by one of her steel-like talons. She pushed the cover open with the tip of the claw and narrowed her demonic-like eyes onto the first word that jumped off the page at her; "Maria". Though she couldn't remember much, the name seemed to strike a particular chord in her dark and chaotic mind. She stared at the name for a long time, unmoving, before noticing a piece of paper drifting down from the sky (which she assumed it had blown off to in the explosions of the Draco Meteor) and landed squarely atop of the book. It was a letter, addressed to Opal- whoever that was- and it had instructions to relocate to the Statue of Liberty. The Diagla knew she was somewhere in California at that time, and that the Statue was clear across the country, but nevertheless, the massive legend rose to her feet and pushed off the earth and into the sky as a shining, turquoise beast.

Personality: Maria has no set personality. Since the mental disorder was aggravated by the change, she often slips into violent mood swings and will be very destructive, often to the point where she could easily kill a comrade if she sought to do it (not that she really would). There is a lot of pain that constantly churns in her mind, which makes her frequently lash out against everything around her. This also causes telepathy to be difficult for others if they stay in contact with her too long, as her wild mind may transfer some of the intense pain and confusion to others. When under particularly severe mood elapses, she may speak in a mixture of English, French, and incoherent screaming.

There are only a few things that seem to calm "the savage beast"- as she is aptly referred to- such as singing, children's laughter, and the ocean. Upon first encountering others, she generally tends to be tense and easily aggravated, but most of the time will not outright attack others, as she slowly seems to be regaining control over her mental capabilities.

Appearance: {x}

Desired Moveset: Aura Sphere, Roar of Time, Draco Meteor, Flash Cannon

Ability: Synchronize

Other: Though Maria is quite unstable and volatile in nature, she obeys Arceus without question.


Username: Shiny Hazard Sign

Name: Leon

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Male

Species: Houndoom

Type: Dark / Fire

History: Leon was raised by two mothers and an older brother. He was a rather normal kid that attended school, got in trouble occasionally, played video games, and enjoyed times with his friends. Needless to say one of his favorites growing up was Pokemon, and even as he grew older his adoration for the franchise only grew. He often neglected his school work for the sake of playing Pokemon, and even threw a few parties with his friends Poke-style. Of course, Leon was completely immersed in his fantasies; he still had passing grades and graduated high school, dated a few girls, partied, the good life.

He never expected anything major to happen to him. Just before he turned seventeen, his house caught on fire due to suspicious activity that led others to think it might have been a hate crime. His family lost almost everything and had to even live in a homeless shelter for a while. Luckily his older brother was able to get the proper funding from the state to continue college, but Leon wasn't so lucky. He didn't mind though, he was too worried about his moms to care much about his own future. It wasn't like he had any big plans for himself anyway, he just liked to draw and hang out with animals and play video games. Even after his family was able to move into a small apartment, he remained faithful to the people at the shelter and devoted most of his time (when he wasn't working as a dishwasher) to helping other people find jobs or feed those even less fortunate than himself. This, naturally, didn't come without its emotional inflictions, and many times he found himself spiraling down into depression. The love of his parents and the love he had for his Pokemon video games (which had been given to him by a close friend after his own were destroyed in the fire) kept him sane enough to be cheerful for the majority of the time.

Leon had been browsing the web at a local library, enjoying himself with some online gaming and the sort, when a Pokemon Quiz popped up and distracted him. Naturally he felt inclined to answer (he had a hard time saying no to anything Pokemon!) and so selected the "Arceus" option, given he knew that the Pokemon God had no equal or superior and therefore the quiz wasn't all that difficult to answer. He left the library feeling no different, and no idea that the next morning he would find himself in a whole new skin.

When he mothers found him the next morning, he remembered hearing loud conversation directly above him. He had opened his eyes and blearily looked up at his parents, who were crouched over him with concern, confusion, and some trepidation. "That is a dog, right?" He recalled one of them asking, and he had the idea that they weren't addressing him. Leon attempted to inquire about their apprehension, but his words came out as garbled growling noises and he sat up in surprise. He then found, with another start, that he had grown paws instead of hands, and dark fur all around his body. When he had looked down at the water bowl his mothers had placed in front of him, he saw the rippled reflection of what he recognized as a Houndoom staring back at him.

At first, Leon denied it completely. He was so dazed and completely shocked that he continued to try and speak, to stand on his hind legs, and to grasp things with his claws. Of course, to his mothers, he looked like a frantic, wild dog, and they stayed clear of him whenever possible. A few times they tried to coax him out of the house, but fearing they would abandon him on the street because they couldn't recognize him, Leon hid under blankets and in corners until they left him alone. Eventually, they allowed him to approach, and they treated him just like any other dog (though they were very suspicious as to why he had giant curved horns and bone protrusions on his back) by petting his head, feeding him kibble (which he promptly spit out when they weren't looking) and throwing toys for him to fetch. Later that night, however, once they had gone to bed, he lay on his old blankets thoughtfully. He wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing, but focused on the strange sensation he'd felt in his chest all day. There was an intense warmth that would build in the direct center, and the longer he concentrated, the hotter it became. Soon he felt it spilling up his throat and before he could stop himself, flames were spurting out his muzzle and all over his blankets. He yelped in surprise as the cloth caught fire and shied away, and would have cowered from the blaze had he not immediately recalled what had happened to his last house. He knew that he couldn't allow his parents to lose their second home so soon after the first; besides, they already had enough to worry about with the disappearance of their teenage son and the strange appearance of the dog that had taken over his bedroom. Without further hesitation, Leon threw himself into the fire and trampled out the flames before they became too large for him to handle.

That night, he decided to leave. He had found a note earlier that day directing him to New York city- which wasn't far from where he lived, thankfully- but had brushed it off as nonsense. Now that he felt he had no other choice, Leon searched the house for a few necessities before sticking them into a small bag and stealing away into the night with the bag clutched in his jaws.

Personality: Leon is a bit of a gentle soul, easily swooned by young children or animals. He becomes very protective of others and feels it is his duty to see to their safe keeping, even if he doesn't know them all that well. He will take risks in order to save others, and is generally against plans that put those besides himself in danger. He believes in "lesser evils", and will almost always sacrifice himself over someone else for the better good. He's also a bit of a hopeless romantic, and is actually a very sensitive soul, even if he doesn't allow others (especially other males) see his pain.

Appearence: {x} {x}

Desired Moveset: Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Dark Pulse, Body Slam

Ability: Rough Skin

Other: Gay slurs infuriate him to the point that he will lunge without hesitation upon the very mention.


Username: FireKitty

Name: Jacob "Jake" Alister

Age: Twenty

Gender: Male

Species: Shaymin (Shiny)

Type: Grass | Grass/Flying


Jacob had a somewhat-okay life. He was a B and C student and a bit lazy on his school work, which was why he didn't get the A's and B's he should have gotten. His mother rarely pushed him since she rarely had time from work and his father had an alcohol addiction but he wasn't very abusive, just a yeller and an arguer. Jacob graduated two years ago from high school but he hasn't been very motivated to go to College. He feels he can have a pretty good job just working at a warehouse. He likes physically demanding jobs anyway. In fact, he preferred them, which was why he got A's in physical education at least. He's a great sports guy but he never took his sports to college. When finally offered something even more physically demanding and possibly more rewarding, he had to take it. He choose Arceus because of how demanding the life of a Pokemon is and how pure it can be, living off the land and the like. He got to visit the Pokemon World a few times and quite enjoyed how happy regular Pokemon were living a natural life. He now travels to the Statue of Liberty, hoping to find a better life there.


Jacob is a very brave individual. He likes to stand up for what he and others believe in and isn't afraid to fight or show how tough he is. He's actually a bit depressed that he's a Shaymin because he feels the only time Shaymin is powerful is in its Sky Forme. Then again, he gets that feeling from watching Giratina and the Sky Warrior. He will, despite being somewhat weaker in his Land Forme, stand up for other "Pokemon" that are his fellow cult members. He, despite the fact of being a Shaymin, quite enjoys the ability to be a pure Pokemon. He doesn't like the idea of being half human, half Pokemon, because he feels full Pokemon are better. This was why he joined the Cult of Arceus.

However, under the brave exterior is a kind and caring guy. He enjoys being a 'hopeless romantic' and loves to write poems and sing. He doesn't consider himself much of a singer but he enjoys singing when he's alone. He's a smart guy, which was why he choose Arceus over Other, knowing full well that 'Other' was probably something not so nice.


user posted image | user posted image

Desired Moveset:

Aromatherapy, Energy Ball, Sweet Kiss, Seed Flare


Seed Flare, Sweet Kiss, Leaf Storm, Air Slash

Ability: Effect Spore

Other: Nothing I can think of.


Cult of Mew Characters


Username:Dr. Paine

Name: Adrian Mills

Age: 21

Gender: Was and continues to identify as female. But since the change, Adrian is technically genderless.

Species: Mewtwo (Non-shiny)

Type: Psychic

History: A rather average girl, not a lot of interesting things happened to her. Life up until the past couple years was mostly school, after school jobs, and- growing up when she did- plenty of video games, including the famous Pokemon series. She wasn't a serious player, focusing mostly on getting her favorites- mostly Legendaries. Mew was always among her favorites, but she was never able to catch the elusive pokemon (having no access to, not to mention qualms against, cheating or trading). When she got the E-mail, she answered Mew- why not? It was an annoying little thing, but she didn't see any harm in answering.


Waking up the next day to her... new appearance was certainly a shock. She didn't run from home, far from it- she simply locked herself in her apartment, letting no one in and not going out until about two in the morning, simply to check her mail. To her surprise, she had received a letter. Upon reading it, she found it quite hard to believe- a cult of Mew? She balled it up and threw it in the trash, opting simply to go to sleep and praying that things would somehow just go back to normal.


Safe to say, things didn't. Flicking through the news showed Adrian that she was at least not an isolated incident. If anything, the majority of humanity had changed, either into hybrids like herself, or full Pokemon. Everything else being completely upside down, Adrian read over the letter again, deciding... why not take it seriously? She didn't live too far from San Fransisco. And she had a feeling that she didn't have much to continue saving for...


In the end, Adrian took out what little money she had saved, caught a Greyhound to San Fransisco (not without some difficulty... but considering what had happened, everyone seemed to have a motto of just rolling with it, and her bus was actually rather full of people like her), and began to make her way to the Golden Gate Bridge, resigned to whatever fate had in store.

Personality: I'm gonna have to leave it 'mostly to be rp'd', as things have a way of changing. As she is: Adrian is quite responsible, managing to keep her own small apartment since about five months after turning eighteen. She is fairly good at thinking things through, though in high-stress situations, she'll often go with her first instinct and suffer the results that follow. A bit on the quiet side.

Appearance: Never the most feminine looking girl, the recent changes have left Adrian utterly androgynous- she has a rather soft face and is of average female height and weight, but her voice is somewhere in-between, and her body absolutely lacks any 'feminine curves' to speak of. Her skin has taken a light lavender-gray tinge, while her once brown hair is now dark violet, cut short so it just barely covers her ears. Her eyes have also turned violet and narrowed slightly, making it look much like she is giving a constant death-glare even while in a neutral mood.


The other major changes are the 'secondary spinal cord', as she has heard it called- a strange tube of sorts that starts at the base of her skull and runs to the end of her neck. Needless to say, she has also developed a long, purple tail. Much to Adrian's relief, her hands and feet remained relatively the same, if not slightly longer and more muscled (not by much, only some just visible definition), giving them a faintly disproportionate look. She's currently dressed in a (necessarily modified) pair of black slacks, black shoes, and a now somewhat ill-fitting gray t-shirt.

Ability: Synchronize

Other: I tried to incorporate Mewtwo's 'genderless' status into this. I don't think it's required, but I thought it'd be fun if that particular trait transferred here. As mentioned above, Adrian was a woman before the change and still identifies as female, she just doesn't look it any more. Part of the Cult of Mew.



Username: Warewolves

Name: Kruff

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Torchic

Type: Fire(Fire, Fight when evolved into Combuskin.)


Kruff was part of a poor family. The mother didn't have enouhg money to support a baby, so she gave Kruff up to an orphange. However, at the orphange as a baby New products for babies were tested on Kruff and other babies. Due to this, Kruff suffered damage in the brain and was put in a home f

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{{Alright. Now accepting character forms~}}

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(Whoo, opening! No pressure. /derp)


'Astonishing, Adrian thought, walking down the streets after the bus had stopped, unable to navigate the mess of cars and debris no doubt scattered by rioters.'Simply astonishing.'


Adrian had been to San Fransisco a few times in her life, and never had she seen it like this. Then, it had been crowded, sometimes polluted, always vibrant and bursting with life, she'd loved it. Now? Now, the city looked like all those end of the world movies: cars abandoned in the streets, some crumpled or overturned, metal and glass scattered everywhere. Houses were abandoned, some boarded up, others half-ruined with shattered windows and gaping holes in the walls. Lightposts were bent, roads and sidewalks torn up and cracked, no doubt from the bizarre creatures that now ran loose.


Adrian was no exception herself. If that word even applied any more, beyond what she thought. She went to bed one night a normal, if rather plain, woman, and the next morning... a monster. A mockery of humanity, a mockery of pokemon, even. Lavender-gray skin, dark purple hair and eyes, a tail... and 'genderless', as it was put in the games she once so loved. Nothing to mark her as male or female, save for her own preference.


'Well,' she thought, giving herself a slight shake. There were bigger things to worry about, like figuring out just what had happened. Who had sent the letter, why she and so many others had become changed. Why some were entirely pokemon, and some were... hybrids. Sure, there were plenty of theories being tossed around on the bus; magic, aliens, government experiment, but none of them made the least bit of sense to her. Whether it was her way of coping or a direct influence of her mutation, Adrian found herself analyzing everything now, understanding more than she ever had before.


So at this point, to her at least, there was no answer to what had happened. More evidence was needed, and with any luck she'd find it, here at the Golden Gate Bridge. The place seemed rather deserted at the moment, but she was sure others would come. In the meantime... why not see what she could do? Was she like Mewtwo in appearance only, or was there some power in this new form as well?



Madison's head jerked back up as she began to nod off for the... well, she'd lost track. The ride from Buffalo to Vancouver was long, and despite the circumstances... extremely boring. And cramped, there were a few others in the van, and while not exactly comfortable under the best of conditions, this was painful. Vans were not made for creatures with wings and tails, especially creatures with six tails.


'Speaking of tails...' Madison thought, shifting as best as possible, trying to relieve the pressure on her own, they were getting that pins and needles feeling. At least she could still be sure that they were real, and not some absolutely maddening hallucination brought on by too much coffee or some freakish reaction to her medication. Which shouldn't be a problem anyway, hormones didn't usually have 'hallucination' as a side effect. Or mutation.


'Oh geez, what if I have some reaction now? They're meant for humans, not... whatever the hell I am,' she thought, suddenly alarmed. She couldn't really risk making herself sick, but... on the other hand, effects of far-premature menopause certainly wouldn't help things either.


"Look at me. I'm a damn... Vulpix-creature and I'm worrying about how it's going to mess with my medicine," Madison said softly, a weak laugh escaping her lips. She rubbed the back of her hand across her forehead, trying to calm herself down. Things... she just had to believe things would be okay. Somehow. And... well, this was certainly a new experience. She hadn't even tried talking to the people in the van yet, maybe she'd be able to make a friend! Certainly, the only thing worse than going through... this, would be going through it alone.

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Hehehe.... My plan worked better than I expected... A giant, shadowy portal appeared high in the sky above Vancouver, invisible to the human eye. Pokemon and half-pokemon could see it, of course, but that wasn't important. A giant, shadowy being slipped quietly from the portal. As he exited the portal, Giratina felt his form change as he exited the Distortion World. Gravity worked here, and so he started to flap his wings to keep himself aloft. He could not help a victory shriek, not caring that the humans below in Vancouver were probably frightened out of their wits. After all, the pokemon madness had only started a few days ago. There had been an uproar. Giratina had observed the humans' television. All across America half-pokemon and pokemon were emerging, all of them blessed with supernatural powers. The event had caused chaos and confusion. Many pokemon had startled the humans. Riots had already occured, as well as accidents. Many cities had already been vacated, and the military was forming up. How amusing. The military thinks it can interfere with God Pokemon? Even the stupidest teenager with a remote knowledge of Pokemon could tell the military was useless. Even now, below him, Giratina could see a long stream of cars heading out of the city, or to the place humans called the 'airport'. The machines called 'planes' were flying noisily everywhere. The people were in a panic. Stretching his wings, Giratina sighed and continued to watch the city below. The Distortion World was so cold, so lonely. He had been forced to live there, forced to watch the balance of the dimensions. There was no life, no green nature, no sound. The only thing that had kept him sane was the thought of getting revenge. And now I am free, just as soon as I win this irksome war. All of a sudden, there was a -whoosh- from the shadow portal behind him. Giratina turned to see shadowy tendrils stretching out of the portal towards him. He had reached the ten minute limit. He had to return to the Distortion World. No! I don't want to go back! He screeched, but he couldn't stop the tendrils from wrapping around him and tugging him slowly back into the portal. Giratina caught one last glimpse of the bright, blue sky of the human world before he completely disappeared. He felt his form change again, and he knew he was back in the Distortion World. It was all quiet there, not a single sound. He screeched again in anger, and it was swallowed up by the penetrating darkness. Curses! I will be free! Giratina turned his thoughts towards his Cult, and urged them on silently. Reach Vancouver quickly! He projected his thoughts, as well as his image, into the minds of all the Cult members.




Zach's stomach rumbled, reminding him of his hunger. He hadn't eaten in a long time. How long had it been? He had raided that warehouse about three days ago... Guilt stirred in Zach's stomach. He had become huge, and thus, his appetite was huge. He had to eat enough for three adults, and that was hard. There weren't any places big enough for Zach to fit into, and even if he could fit, how could he get the humans to understand that he wanted something to eat? His wings blew apart houses whenever he took off! The military was heading in, according to the news, though Zach hadn't seen any uniforms yet. His stomach growled again, and Zach lowered his head. He was soaring in the sky, just below the cloud line. The people below must be terrified. I must be some kind of monster to them. However, the feeling of flying was nothing he had ever felt before. Zach ignored his hunger for a moment. He had to reach New York City first, and then he would eat.

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(Two birds one stone.)

“AHH it’s another one of those monsters!” cried someone into Lati’s ear. She frowned with her load, straining to pick it up. Even if she did hover, three people’s worth of food, or three days worth in her terms was pushing it. She glanced upward, and suddenly she was airborne with a single strain and a cry of triumph. She slowly gained ground, and was son high in the sky. She wobbled a bit, slowly getting used to holding onto such an immense weight. When she was prepared, she headed back off on the direction of her destination. Or she hopped.

“Hey I know you! Your Lugia right?” she asked the next flying thing she came across. She had trouble keeping up with it, every flap of its wings sent her spinning. She grunted and glided quickly to the head where the wings wouldn’t trouble her. Sadly, her load slipped.

“No! The food!!” she dived down and grabbed it, using her speed and velocity to slingshot back up to her position near the Lugia’s head.

“Say” she puffed, “do you know where New York is? Argh!” she exclaimed in dismay as she began to fall again. She strained her head upward, managing to regain height but instead got caught up in Lugia’s wings her food was tossed upward, and she fell in a cyclone and was dazed for a few moments. She blinked, and saw her food about to crash into her.

“Now!” she turned her body upright and caught the bag squarely on her shoulders. For a few more moments, she plummeted to the earth, and then she managed to regain flight and soared back up to Lugia.

“Please answer quickly; I can’t hold this food for much longer.” She blinked, and managed another breath before dipping slightly and having to strain herself back up to Lugia’s eye. She hoped this Pokémon would help.

“In fact, take the food if you’re hungry.”


Kruff danced; there was no other word for it, over the Golden gate bridge. She twirled while balancing on the side of it.

“Kruff find Golden Gate Bridge, but where?” She sung, off key.

“No idea where to look, no idea who to ask, Kruff hurt on all sides!” she did a big twirl, and suddenly she lost balance. She glanced downward, scrabbling with her foot to try and stay on.

“H-Help Kruff, Kruff Slipping!” she cried now hanging upside down with one foot holding onto the bridge. She cried out for help, her gaze on the fall below her. Her foot began to ever so slightly slip off.

“Kruff don’t want to die, want to thank person!” she cried. Suddenly her voice reached a peak and she screeched as her foot slipped. She closed her eyes to the world.


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A clawed finger lightly stroked the tattered ear of the Zorua plush. The poor thing looked incredibly worn, with the stitching loose in some areas and the colors faded from age. Truth was, the plush had only been around for a few months, but ever since Tobias had vanished...Well, Madison hadn't been able to put it down. It was the last thing she had to remind her of her little brother, that one kid who used to brighten up the grimy filth of her day. With his disappearance, she felt like a failure of a big sister, and at the same time, found and overwhelming amount of loathe for her mother that she could hardly even fathom. Madison thought she had hated her mother before, but now... Well, perhaps that was just the Zoroark nature getting to her, but any glimmer of memory of the woman that bore her spawned urges of terrible bloodlust.


The truck jostled a bit and Madison blinked up from her distant stare out the window. There was droplets of condensation on the outside pane that she focused on before blinking and tilting her head down a bit to catch a glimpse of the sky. It looked a bit overcast, which was a little surprising, considering the city she'd been picked up from had blue skies. Perhaps she'd been daydreaming longer than she thought.


The rather long-legged young woman rolled her shoulders back and found that, indeed, she'd been sitting quietly to herself for quite some time. The stiffness that seized her joints flashed a small grimace across her scowling face, and, without trying to attract the attention of the few others in the car, she carefully stretched out each limb in the little space she had to herself. She had just reached her hands to her back, elbows turned upwards, when she felt she had brushed someone's hand on accident. Immediately she withdrew, but glanced briefly over her shoulder to mutter a "Sorry" at the golden-haired girl who appeared to be rubbing her head. Madison's dark ears twitched slightly upon realizing the girl had been saying something, either to herself or to someone else she wasn't sure- and so turned around again, pulling her long, black-tipped red hair into her lap to run her fingers through the strands. The turquoise jewel of which bound the fur-hair together sat heavily on her knees, and after a moment she cupped it in one hand out of pure boredom. She thought it was a little funny how the sparkling color of the orb matched exactly the color of her new eyes, and faintly wondered if the jewel itself had any significant advantages to her new breed.

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"Eh? Oh, don't worry about it," Madison said, smiling at the... Zorua? Zoroark? She'd never been able to get the pokemon itself, but she was pretty sure this girl was one of the two. "Sorry if I bugged you, I was just talking to myself... apparently, being a mutant doesn't take away fears about your medicine screwing up," she said with a slight laugh. Just her luck, she actually had an opportunity to talk to someone. Maybe she'd have some idea of what was going on?


"My name's Madison, by the way. Where are you from? I got picked up around the border... I think. I've kind of lost track of time and... well, everything except the tails." It was just so surreal- she had no idea where they were, nor how much farther they had to go. But at this point... who cared? She certainly didn't, she was just interested in where all this would take her.

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A dark ear twisted back toward the golden-girl sitting behind her again, and after a moment Madison realized the girl was trying to talk to her. In all her years of growing up like a thug, Madison was severely unused to polite conversation and friendliness, and felt herself tense up as she mulled over her decision to either engage in the conversation or ignore the girl like she normally- well, always- did to others. But hey, this wasn't Madison's world anymore. She no longer was charged with the responsibility of looking after her little brother and learning how to live on the street in order to defend herself and Tobias. This was now a world in which her greatest fantasies- and horrors- had come true. She had turned from a spunky, hotheaded gangster to a clawed-and-fanged menace. Might as well change whatever else was rest of her, too.


The Zoroark-hybrid turned in her seat again, this time slinging a furred forearm over the back in a very casual, laid-back manner. "No amount of pills is going to fix this crazy nightmare," she stated mildly, sharp neon-teal eyes fixing on the other girl's face. They seemed to be similar ages, Madison decided, and now that she had a good look at her, the girl resembled a very lavish Vulpix. Or at least, in terms of physical characteristics- the color threw Madison off a bit, until she realized with a small glimmer of surprise that she was indeed looking at a Vulpix cross- albeit a shiny one. She had just opened her mouth to question her when the girl continued to speak.


Well, what'dya know, Madison thought with faint amusement, before adding, She sure likes to talk. When it seemed the other Madison had finished speaking, the dark-fox leaned her head against the side of the van and answered coolly, "I'm Madison, too. Call me Maddy if you want. I got picked up a few cities back, not sure where. One bus after another." She shrugged slightly, the dark fur along her collarbone tickling the sides of her neck. She gazed absentmindedly out the opposite window, past the head of the person sitting next to her, before blinking out of her thoughts and returning her eyes to Vulpix-Madison's face. She unclipped her seat-belt without hesitation and folded both arms over the seat back to rest her chin on her wrists, before tilting her head to the side with both ears swiveled towards the golden-girl.


"So. Shiny Vulpix, huh? Anything else special about you?" She asked, the red-dots at the corners of her mouth slightly turned upwards in the shadow of a smirk-like smile.

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"Well, estrogen and... whatever the hell else they gave me, it wouldn't do anything. But it keeps me from getting really brittle bones and anything else associated with menopause..." Madison said with a shrug, unable to keep from grinning as she heard the Zoroark-girl's name. It was... incredibly funny, actually, once she thought about what else they had in common.


"Madison too, eh?" she said with a laugh, shifting so her tails weren't being crushed again. "And it looks like we both got some kind of fox pokemon... what're you? Zorua or Zoroark, I could never keep track of which was which," she said, her ears twitching slightly as the tried to think on the last question- there wasn't really anything special about her. Well, relatively speaking, she supposed being a shiny Vulpix was... interesting.

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Madison snorted and lifted her head a little. "Aren't you a little young to be concerned about menopause?" She said with incredulity, lifting an eyebrow with a fang bared in a small smile. Certainly this other Madison couldn't be much older than herself... in fact, they could have been the same age, but Maddy was already feeling a bit overwhelmed by the similarities they seemed to possess and didn't feel like asking. She was, however, now curious if Vulpix-Madison was actually much older than she appeared, and if becoming a half-pokemon somehow diminished the physical appearance of age.


"Yep, that appears so. Zoroark, the 'monster fox'," she responded, waggling her fingers in a gesture of playful wickedness and gnashing her pointed teeth together a few times. Upon the mention of Zorua, though, she reached down and clutched the small fox plush closer to her stomach, but kept her eyes on the other Madison as if the plush didn't exist. She had the sudden urge to ask about Giratina, just so that she could share comfort in knowing she wasn't alone- but, whether it was her guarded nature or the fact that she just wasn't sure, Madison nodded her head slightly as if thinking over the Shiny Vulpix's words. "Alright, well, know any moves? I tried practicing a little on the first day, but so far I only know I've got Counter and Night Slash. Or at least, something like that." She waved a clawed hand to dismiss the uncertainty, though Madison was fairly confident those had been the moves she'd been able to preform. Counter had been discovered through a fight with another Pokemon-person that had attacked her out of pure confusion, which had pissed her off enough to warrant a retaliation. Night Slash, however, had been found through numerous practice. Though she was sure there were others she supposedly knew, Madison hadn't had enough fights as a Zoroark-hybrid to know exactly which ones they were.


"I wonder if we're supposed to have trainers," she said randomly with a faint chuckle, musing over the idea that there could have been a person somewhere in the world with the power to command her. Screw that, she'd pummel their ass into the ground.

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"Spontaneous reproductive failure, actually. Happened when I was fifteen, I've been dealing with it for four years now. I got used to all of it pretty fast, though," Madison said with a smile. It faded slightly, though, as she noticed Maddy's reaction with the Zorua... was it something she'd said? She figured it was better not to ask, though, especially since she seemed to have the advantage in terms of attack skill, she could already tell she did not want to get on her bad side.


"Um... I... honestly had no idea I might even be capable of attacks," Madison said sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck. The whole 'turning into a pokemon hybrid' thing was weird enough, she hadn't even thought about moves.


"I mean... how're they supposed to work? What if I can use Flamethrower or Ember, am I going to spit fire out of my mouth?" she said with a nervous laugh. She couldn't imagine how much that would hurt. "Or the whole... leveling up thing, how does that work now, if it even happen..."


She trailed off for a moment, simply watching Maddy for a little bit, she was certainly the most interesting thing in the truck so far. The thought of having a trainer made her laugh, though. "Well... maybe since we're half and half, we're our own trainers. Maybe we can command the pure pokemon, too," she said with a chuckle, recalling some she had seen on the trip.

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"I have no idea what that is," Madison said, throwing up her hands for a moment to show she had no idea what the diagnosis was about. As far as Madison could tell from the term itself, it meant Vulpix-girl couldn't have kids- but at their age (assuming she was correct in guessing they were within a few years of each other), who really cared? She supposed maybe it was something that might have affected fertility later in life, but without Tobias, Madison was suddenly very against the idea of children. "But in either case, I don't think you have to worry about any of that now." And then, suddenly, she put together the numbers Madison had mentioned, and blinked with further surprise to find that, indeed, they were in fact the same age. What, are we going to have the same birthday too? Don't tell me we're twins separated at birth or something, she thought sarcastically to herself.


When the conversation returned back to Pokemon, Madison gave another grin. Fighting had always been a specialty of hers, with or without the help of a pokemon-mutation. "Seems like that'll be the case. But being a Fire-pokemon cross, I doubt you'd be harmed by the flames. When we get out of this van, we should have a practice battle," she suggested with a grin, obviously enthralled with the idea. "If anything, we'll learn more about these new...powers of ours by fighting." With a wink and a laugh, she added, "Don't worry, I won't rough you up too bad."


Madison hadn't been too concerned about the prospect of trainers, but she liked the idea of being her own cross of trainer and pokemon. She liked being her own boss and doing things according to her instinct and knowledge, but that wasn't the only reason she was reluctant to meet Giratina, or whatever it was he had waiting for her there. Once a rebel, always a rebel. Though, she supposed, commanding other pokemon might be fun. "We might need pokeballs for that, though," she mentioned thoughtfully, "and I wouldn't be too sure where to find any of those."

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Giratina felt a bit weak after his forced return to the Distortion World. He simply hovered in place for a minute or two, trying to get his thoughts straight. Underneath all of his thoughts, the hatred of imprisonment blazed within him. He was getting impatient. True, he had already teleported half his forces to Vancouver for training. Giratina felt anxious, a feeling he had only felt when confronting Arceus with his decision for the rules. Giratina didn't know the locations of the other Cults. How could he? He could only summon images of his own troops, wherever they may be, and he could only appear in the human world for ten minutes! Frustration replaced the anxiety. He would appear among the troops, as always. Giratina shook himself, readying himself for the portal transfer again. Who were the lucky ones? He looked at each image of his many troops, assessing data. He would have to appoint 'generals', who could follow orders and command troops willingly. His eyes settled on two females, who were sitting in close proximity to each other in some sort of vehicle. One was a shiny Ninetales, the other a Zoroark. Giratina looked closely at the Zoroark girl. She reminded him of someone, one of his troops... Giratina listened in on their conversation, and then tried to open the portal to the other world. But the portal did not appear. Giratina screeched in frustration. How long did he have to wait until he was allowed another ten minutes in the human world? Giratina settled down, focusing on the two females. I'll just have to communicate telepathically. He sent out his thoughts. -Oh, can you hear me? Good. For your information, pokeballs don't exist in this world. Such a device is way too high-tech for these humans.- Giratina waited for the girls to respond. He wondered if they would recognize his voice.




Zach sighed as his stomach rumbled again. To his surprise, a red object zoomed up from the ground below, carrying some sort of crate. Zach's eyes widened as he recognized the figure from both the anime and the games.

“Hey I know you! You're Lugia right?” The Latias asked, struggling to carry the crate. Zach dipped his head, a little confused, and then said, "Yeah, I'm Lugia. What do you want?"

“No! The food!!” The Latias dived down and grabbed it, using her speed and velocity to slingshot back up to Zach's head. Zach's head whipped towards the small figure at the mention of food. Was there food in that crate?

“Say” The Latias puffed, “do you know where New York is? Argh!” she exclaimed in dismay as she began to fall again. She strained her head upward, managing to regain height but instead got caught up in the wind created by Zach's wings. Embarrassed, Zach could only veer upwards. He had blown apart houses with his wings, and he wasn't about to lose the only bit of decent conversation in a long time.

“Now!” The Latias turned her body upright and caught the crate squarely on her shoulders. “Please answer quickly; I can’t hold this food for much longer.” She blinked, and managed another breath before dipping slightly and having to strain herself back up to Zach's face. “In fact, take the food if you’re hungry." Zach couldn't believe his ears. The Latias was offering him food? "Umm, I'm heading towards the coast, which I can sense thanks to being a Lugia. From there I believe I can move upwards onto New York." he said, eyeing the food. "You can rest on my back if you want to."

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(Paine, I responded to your other character above.)


(I picture Lati to be about the same length as Zach's head and neck, just about.)

Lati smiled as she heard his reply. She veered between his neck and slowed down slightly before dumping the food on his back before returning to his side.

Smiling, she replied “If you don’t mind carrying the food, and giving me a bite when we land, you can have the rest. And I can fly fine so long as I don’t have to carry such a load.” She giggled, flipping onto her back and keeping pace with Zach. It was obvious she was now enjoying her flight now she didn’t have to worry about food.

“I don’t know how much food I would need with my body, so I grabbed as much as I could carry, and grabbed a little too much.” She flipped back around, and glanced at the ground.

“I hope you don’t mind if I come with you. You’re the first friendly face I have seen in a while.” Her tone was unusually morbid for a short moment. Turning back her smile had returned, and she glided beside him easily.

“So the coast huh….” She mused, “I can’t remember what the ocean looks like. I can’t wait to see it.” She smiled, darting under his neck to his other side.

“So how long will we be travelling for? When do you make pit stops?” she asked. She veered away slightly as a wind buffered her, closing her eyes for a moment to enjoy it. Opening it again she returned her eyes to Lugia.

“You can call me Lati for short. Or not, it’s up to you.”


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Tobias/Shiny Zorua


Tobias stared out of the window, looking up at the bright blue sky. He was on a bus with other half-pokemon and pokemon, all of them headed to Vancouver City. Tobias sighed. In truth, he was delighted to have such a power as a half-pokemon. Tobias had already tried out Faint Attack, to limited success. However, Tobias missed the face of his sister, Madison. Would she even recognize him anymore? Would she still love him like she had done all of his life? Tobias's eight year old heart felt squeezed by the panic. He didn't want to think about it like that. He stared at a van that was passing by, wishing that his sister knew where he was, and that she would come. No matter how powerful he got thanks to Giratina, Madison would always protect him. Where are you, Madison? Will I find answers when I get to Vancouver?



Alexandria floated down the streets of San Francisco, confused as ever. Last week, when she had been here, the city was full of bustling people and the shops had been open. Now, it was practically deserted. The people who were still here took one look at her form and fled in the opposite direction, calling out warnings to their companions. Is there something wrong with being a half-pokemon? Seriously, I didn't choose to be a Reuniclus. She was a fifteen year old, wearing black pants and a black t-shirt, her feet useless. And then she was surrounded by the giant green goo-thing. Her arms were short enough, but still, she could reach. It was like her human body was covered by the exact image of the green shell of Reuniclus. But Alexandria kept hovering, heading for the Golden Gate Bridge. Why not speed this up? Alexandria's eyes glowed blue. Psychic! A blue glow formed around Alexandria's green shell, and she rose into the sky. The deserted and ruined city stretched beneath her, and she saw something on the Golden Gate Bridge. Was it another half-pokemon? The thing was falling. Alexandria swooped down, and stretched out her human hands, which caused the giant outer hands to stretch out as well. Psychic! The figure was lifted up, and Alexandria placed it back on the bridge. -Are you alright?- Alexandria said, using telepathically. She couldn't speak while stuck inside of the giant green shell. She hovered next to the figure, concerned.




Zach barely felt the difference as the Latias dumped the food onto his back. Being this size isn't so bad after all.

Smiling, the Latias returned to the side of his head and replied “If you don’t mind carrying the food and giving me a bite when we land, you can have the rest. And I can fly fine so long as I don’t have to carry such a load.” She giggled, flipping onto her back and keeping pace with Zach.“I don’t know how much food I would need with my body, so I grabbed as much as I could carry, and grabbed a little too much.” She flipped back around, and glanced at the ground.

“I hope you don’t mind if I come with you. You’re the first friendly face I have seen in a while.” Her tone was morbid, and Zach looked at her with concern.

“So the coast huh….” She mused, “I can’t remember what the ocean looks like. I can’t wait to see it.” She smiled, darting under his neck to his other side.

“So how long will we be travelling for? When do you make pit stops?” she asked. She veered away slightly as a wind buffered her, closing her eyes for a moment to enjoy it. Opening it again she returned her eyes to Lugia.

“You can call me Lati for short. Or not, it’s up to you.”

Zach nodded his head. "You can call me Zach. That's the name I went by when I was a human, but I guess it'll do fine now. I eat enough for three people because of my size, which can be a problem since every human that can see me flees in terror or tries to call the police. I can make pit stops if you want, but I don't tire very easily in the air." he said, and flapped his giant wings to gain height. If the Latias, or Lati, as she was called, could enough her flight, so could he. The feeling of being able to escape into the sky made him excited. He gained about a hundred feet before he tucked his wings in and dived. Oh, what a feeling this was!

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Lati, listened to what Zach said and smiled.

“I don’t need rest stops much, mostly just to sleep. So you were a human?” She paused, gazing at the small forms below her.

“I don’t believe I was ever human. I just awoke as this form” she gazed downward, sad for a moment before she noticed him rising into the air. She rose after him, and cried out in her trademark call as she narrowly dodged his diving form, crying in excitement. As she passed his belly she lightly brushed her hand against Zach’s belly, hoping to lightly tickle him. She barrel rolled out of the way of the feet, and dived back close to the head giggling.

“Wanna play? I know of Tag, hide and seek, though you probably won’t be good at that, oh and there’s always aerobatic fights!” She giggled, flipping onto her back and lightly sliding down his neck before righting herself again.

“It’s nice to have a friend, it was a bit lonely since most people don’t talk with me, but I’m fine. “ She pulled her hands in, and zoomed in front of Zack’s head, keeping barely in front of him.


Kruff watched with wonder as she magically righted himself and landed back on the bridge. She jumped and flapped her wings in merriment to be safe and sound when a voice spoke into her head.

’Are you alright?’ spoke the voice. Kruff glanced around before turning her eyes to land on Alexandria. She frowned, and her head tilted.

“Strange voice in my head, is Kruff crazy? Or is Kruff not?” She grinned, and began dancing again, singing louder than before.

“Kruff saved by magical force! Kruff happy to be alive!! Every day Kruff gets better! Kruff shall thank those voices who asked if Kruff alriiight!!” Turning to the new Pokémon before her, she tilted her head again. She recognised the form slightly, but not enough to be sure. And she noticed how the female in front of her had wonderful blue eyes.

“Kruff see beautiful blue eyes on a black body surrounded in green. Kruff says hello to blue eyes female!” She shouted the last bit, unsure if she had been heard she shouted it louder.

“Can you hear me through green stuff blue eyed female!? Kruff’s names is Kruff, what is blue female’s?” she asked.

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“Strange voice in my head, is Kruff crazy? Or is Kruff not?” She grinned, and began to dance. Alexandria's heart ached. Didn't Kruff remember her from the disabled home? Even though Alexandria had regained her intelligence?

“Kruff saved by magical force! Kruff happy to be alive!! Every day Kruff gets better! Kruff shall tank those voices who asked if Kruff alriiight!!” Kruff began singing loudly. Alexandria came closer, hovering slightly above the ground in her green 'shell'. “Kruff see beautiful blue eyes on a black body surrounded in green. Kruff says hello to blue eyes female!” She shouted, apparently unaware that Alexandria could hear just fine inside the green gel of her new body.

“Can you hear me through green stuff blue eyed female!? Kruff’s names is Kruff, what is blue female’s?” she asked, and Alexandria's heart sank again. -Kruff, it's me, Alexandria, from the special home you went to before you became a half-pokemon? Don't you remember? I can hear you just fine without shouting.-




“I don’t need rest stops much, mostly just to sleep. So you were a human?” Lati paused, and then looked down at the Earth below. Zach was taken aback at this statement. Wasn't Lati a transformed human, just like himself?

“I don’t believe I was ever human. I just awoke as this form” she gazed downward, sad for a moment. Then she rose after him, and cried out in her trademark call as she narrowly dodged his diving form, crying in excitement. As she passed his belly she lightly brushed her hand against Zach’s belly, which made him snort and start to laugh. In his body, the laugh sounded awkward and weird.

“Wanna play? I know of a game called tag, or hide and seek though you probably won’t be good at that, oh and there’s always aerobatic fights!” She giggled, flipping onto her back and lightly sliding down his neck before righting herself again.

“It’s nice to have a friend, it was a bit lonely since most people don’t talk with me, but I’m fine. “

Zach felt pity for Lati. "I'll be your friend, Lati. Humans can't understand the Pokemon language we use to communicate with each other. We pokemon should stick together." His voice trailed off. "As for aerial fights, well, wouldn't that be dangerous. According to the video games, all Pokemon have a bunch of moves or techniques we can use. Like, I remember one move Lugia had. It was called Aeroblast..." Zach couldn't finish his sentence. He felt a tug in his stomach, and he automatically opened his mouth. A huge, tornado-like burst out of his mouth and pierced the clouds above him, shooting straight into the clear blue sky. "What was that?" he asked, shaken.

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Kruff paused, her body stood still for a few moments.

“Alexandra? Special home? I-I don’t” Kruff shook her head rapidly, trying to think. The special home, did she remember anything?

“Kruff…Not remember much. Kruff not remember hearing names, Kruff not remember seeing faces.” She glanced to the form in front of her, distressed.

“Kruff sorry, Kruff not remember much before paper. Wait!” she paused, a wing going up.

“Kruff remember paper! Kruff filled out with Kruff’s friend!” she smiled, pleased to have remembered some details. She glanced to Alexandria again, and frowned.

“Kruff sorry to not remember much, but Kruff thought you looked familiar. Are you Kruff’s friend?” she asked.


Lati felt the blast hit her, having not been paying enough attention to dodge it point blank. She felt the tornado of air hit her, shooting her off like a bullet and winding her slightly. She slowed for a few moments to catch her breath, slowly recovering from the blast. Gliding back to her normal place beside Zach’s eye, she smiled and gazed at him.

“I believe that was a Pokémon attack. I don’t know the specifics, but I know I have four moves myself. One of them is the ability to fly with a large load. It’s not good over long distances, but if I take frequent stops I can carry loads much heavier than that.” She paused, gazing in the direction of the aeroblast.

“Yup, we need to stick together. But I wish I knew just what we were given these powers for. Maybe we will find out when we reach our destination.” Yawing once, she slowed down slightly to glide in Zach’s heads slipstream to further reduce her effort needed for flight.

“I’ve been flying mostly nonstop for a while now. There have been no good places to land where I can sleep in peace.” She gazed at the horizon line, watching it as she slowly healed from the attack.

“Is that the water over there on the horizon?”

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“Alexandra? Special home? I-I don’t” Kruff shook her head rapidly, and Alexandria's hope started to crumble. Why didn't Kruff remember her?

“Kruff…Not remember much. Kruff not remember hearing names, Kruff not remember seeing faces.” Kruff looked distressed, and Alexandria waited, for an answer. “Kruff sorry, Kruff not remember much before paper. Wait!” she paused, a wing going up.

“Kruff remember paper! Kruff filled out with Kruff’s friend!” she smiled, looking pleased with herself.. She glanced to Alexandria again, and frowned.

“Kruff sorry to not remember much, but Kruff thought you looked familiar. Are you Kruff’s friend?” she asked. Alexandria felt tired, and she looked at Kruff again. How could I be friends with someone who can't remember me? I suppose I better answer... Forcing a smile, Alexandria replied, -Yeah, we are friends. We're going to wait for Mew, okay?-



Zach winced as he saw Lati attempt to dodge the Aeroblast, and fail in part.

“I believe that was a Pokémon attack. I don’t know the specifics, but I know I have four moves myself. One of them is the ability to fly with a large load. It’s not good over long distances, but if I take frequent stops I can carry loads much heavier than that.” Lati paused, gazing up at where the Aeroblast had parted the clouds.

“Yup, we need to stick together. But I wish I knew just what we were given these powers for. Maybe we will find out when we reach our destination. I’ve been flying mostly nonstop for a while now. There have been no good places to land where I can sleep in peace. Is that the water over there on the horizon?”

Zach looked away from her. He sensed the ocean, getting closer with every beat of his wings. "Yes! That's the ocean! We need to go there!" he said, excited, and then remember about how Lati said she was exhausted. "You can always sleep on my back, Lati. I won't mind." he said, worried about the other Pokemon's state of being.

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Kruff turned away for a moment, her feathers drooping. Alexandria, she did remember her. But she didn’t want to sour the friendship she might have with Alexandria by remembering the memories associated with her.

“Kruff sorry Alexi” she unconsciously used her nickname for her, remembered from the time eons ago when they had first met when she could still speak.

“Kruff will wait with Alexi for Mew. Kruff will try not to be a bother…” sitting down, she closed her eyes and tried to hide her sadness pathetically, trying to hide it behind her back. Pausing, she raised her head and glanced toward the sky.

“Kruff wish Kruff could be friends with Alexi without it hurting Alexi. But Kruff thinks Alexi will dislike Kruff for not being as smart as Alexi was, or is now. Kruff knows Alexi was smarter than Kruff even before change.” Sighing, she closed her eyes for a few moments. Standing up, Kruff let it be forgotten and smiled energetically, jumping back onto the side of the bridge to continue dancing and singing.

“Kruff at golden bridge, Kruff don’t know what to do. Kruff make new old friend Alexi, Kruff dancing to the tune!” she giggled, being careful to ensure she would fall onto the bridge if she fell this time.


Lati laughed, zipping around to his other side easily.

“I’m not so tired that I need a lift. I’ve still got miles in me. I’m only a little tired because I tried to get some rest and some humans attacked me.” She paused, remembering the memory. She gazed at the horizon and smiled.

“I think we can get there very quickly. Up for a race?” she grinned.

“Ready…steady-go!” Lati took off like a speeding bullet, laughing maniacally. She angled herself slightly downward so as to gain extra speed, before levelling out and skimming the clouds. She focused on the beach in her sights. She wouldn’t see any other object, closer and closer she got. She landed with a whirl of sand, and glanced around for Zach as she hovered there.

“Do I win?”

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Adrian wore a cold smile as she watched a car go flying down the deserted street. Well. Maybe not quite a car, but a large lump of metal that had once been a car. She had been practicing using whatever powers she might have, and found that Psystrike was by far the most effective, delivering quite a bit of power for very little effort. Swift was a good one, too, having sliced through a downed street light like it was hot butter.


She brushed her hair out of her eyes as she made her way down the bridge, aimlessly wandering about until she caught a voice. No. Two voices, both female, unless she was badly mistaken. She stood a slight distance away from the two girls once she caught sight of them, coolly observing them. One seemed ruddy and feathered, probably a Torchic (Adrian smiled slightly at this, she had always favoured fire starters, Torchic included), while the other... Adrian couldn't name what she might have been, just that it was incredibly bizarre. ... all things considered, anyway.


The two seemed to know each other and were engaged in a conversation, so Adrian remained at a slight distance, not wanting to butt in just yet. But if they saw her, then... then she'd talk. Maybe they knew what was going on.



'For your information, pokeballs don't exist in this world. Such a device is way too high-tech for these humans.'


Madison shook her head, her ears twitching. The voice... it was loud and strange, but... familiar. The dream that started it all, that was where she'd heard it, coming from Giratina. Was it- he- talking to them again? Or was she just imagining it?


She looked at Maddy, ears turned down, Madison wasn't even trying to hide her nervousness. "Uh... h-hey... did you just hear that?" she asked softly. "About... pokeballs and stuff?"

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