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Does anyone knows/use librarything.com?

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I'm a bookworm and I have lots of books. A great deal books and to catalog them I use librarything.com.


Have somebody else an account there? If yes, How do you liked this site?

And the major question: How many books do you have? And do you have already catalog all your books?


For my share I haven't catalog all my books yet.

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I LOVE Library Thing. I have a ton of books, so it's very useful to me. Especially when it lets me know that I have already read/already own a copy of that book. Which happens a lot when it's "Fill a Bag for $1 Day" at library book sales! I grab and go without stopping to think if I have it already! n_n


Here's my account if you want to check it out:



I automatically catalog my books as soon as I get them. It took a full day to catalog my books originally, though. But, that's only because I had around 800 books at the time and some of them were in different parts of the house away from my PC. I currently own a little under 1,100 Books.

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Ohhh, i didn't know about it! Sounds awesome! laugh.gif


Wait, I have to pay for the books? That's a pity, cause I'm poor.


WTF am I asking? Of course I have to. T_T *leaves*

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