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Dadaist Poems

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A few days ago, in my arts class, I learned how to make a dadaist poem. Let me show it to you:



Satisfaction to decorated, the with quality.
Cement, recognized with accessories always measured.
Reference sold worldwide. Is totally
Seen as a baseline, certain in the quality for itself. 


Well, these poems are very easy and fun to make:

  • Get a magazine
  • Cut out 20 words. Remember not to choose them, cut them as soon as your eye hits them.
  • Glue 5 words in each line. In total you should have 4 lines with 5 words in each one.
  • Add conjunctions, punctuation, etc. But not too much; just try and link them.
  • Give it a title and sign it
  • (Optional) Translate it to English if your native language isn't English

This is how it should look like:


(It's in Portuguese, so I translated it.) https://i.imgur.com/U4fqL.jpg


Now go and post yours! If you want you can scan it too.

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Ooh, I want to try this sometime. I don't know why, but the poem in your post was random, but actually made sense in a weird way o.O

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