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Project Clark

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Hey everyone. I welcome you to Project Clark. To those of you who don't know what Project Clark is let me clarify. Project Clark is a group of people making a fictional map of a fictional world. We make individual paint files of 1200X800 paint files containing 2D islands, only islands in that file. You get to freely make it and describe its inhabitants (You can always come back at a later date and do so or state its uninhabited). Eventually we take ALL the files and put them in one singular file organize them and make our fictional world. With the individual pictures. We have absolutely NO idea whether DC players want to participate on this and if this is a failed project. Anyway taking a shot on it. Thank you very much biggrin.gif


Wow in the short time I made this I found a willing site to sponsor my Project (Seeing I know the owner of the site in another game): http://lacuna-akkadiantemplar.webs.com/app...7-project-clark


Want you guys to know. If any other sites are willing to host a Project Clark "Outpost" then post one and then post the links of others to the "Outpost" and to this original

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