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Secret Hatchlings OOC Thread

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This is te Secret Hatchlings OOC thread. Here is where I will post updates and announcements. Put your sign ups here and ONLY here. If you post OOC stuff in he RP thread then your whole post will be deleted and you will have to retype it.


The Five Secret Hatchlings,





Rider: (optional)

One of the six hatchlings? yes

Not one of the six hatchlings? (if not one of the hatchlings, then put what your dragon is and how they met the hatchlings or how they are going to meet the hatchlings.)

Looks: deep blue colored scales,green eyes,two slinder horns on top of her head, does not have her wings yet even though she should have been born with them.

Type of dragon:Ridgewing

Power: Ability to sense things and read minds.



Name: Tonitruum (Latin for 'thunder') nickname Tori.

Gender: Female (But is a big tomboy)

Rider: (optional)Not unless they want to lose their head

One of the six hatchlings?: Yes

Not one of the six hatchlings?: (if not one of the hatchlings, then put what your dragon is and how they met the hatchlings or how they are going to meet the hatchlings.)

Looks: Like this: She has an old worn cape she found, and her lightning is sometimes greenish. The tails on her wings drop sparks as she flies. Her stomach is brighter than other Thunders, and her blue is a bit darker everywhere else.

Type of dragon: Thunder (Legendary Trio)

Power: Tonitruum can pinpoint targets down to the tip of a blade of grass. Then, with lightning, zaps the target right where she wants to. She has incredible stamina and can fly for days without getting tired.



Name: Xaphan

Gender: Male


One of the six hatchlings? Yes (if there is a slot left)

Looks: (This is him when he is full grown, as a hatchling he is just a smaller wingless version)




Type of dragon: Gray



- He can manipulate the shape of his flames, for example if he decided to burn down a forest, he could shape the flames into whatever shape, i.e a huge forest fire, in the shape of a dragon. (Like Pyro from X men,) he is near immune to most fire attacks, as he can freely manipulate the frames to go around him, causing little to no Damage.


- Being a gray dragon, he can also control the weather, creating fierce thunder storms, hurricanes etc (Like Storm from x men), Also as part of his gray dragon bloodline, he is an excellent flyer


- Keen reflexes and reaction times, allow him to evade most conventional attacks. (Claw swipe, tail swipe, a bite attack)


Additional info:


His name comes from the fallen angel called Xaphan, who came up with the idea to set the heaven on fire (which explains my choice for his fire



Name: Shimmer

Gender: Female

Rider: None

One Of The Six Hatchlings: Yes

Not not of the six hatchlings: no

Looks: sky blue with many purple specks on her, has a purple razor blade tail and Purple Wings. purple socks and purple belly.

Type Of Dragon: Ice dragon

Power: The cold helps her. She is healed by the cold, and when in the coldest she can grow to the size of the statue of liberty. She can also use the cold to heal others and give herself and others powers.



There are no more spots for Secret Hatchlings!!

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(Sorry Guys! I Totally Forgot About This!)




I flex my lavender and light sky blue wings and breath a blast of cold into the air. It surrounds me and freezes. The cold now comes down as ice. I pick some up and freeze little spots of cold and stick the ice to the spots of cold on my wings. Now I had icicles hanging on the underside of my wings. I smile. I breath a puff of cold into the air and fly through it. All the loose scales fall off and new ones grow back. All my minor wounds heal. I look around. We are alone. I walk a few paces and see a big crevice. We are in the middle of a rocky land. About 100 miles from WindsFlight's Cliffs. I walk into a crevice and list what I can do with my powers in my head to keep me busy. Can heal myself and others with cold, can make things real with cold, can blow cold wind and made sand, Leaf, stick, ok I can make anything not too heavy blow, that means sandstorms! I love sandstorms. Or ice storms. I look around. The crevice is wide enough for the five Hatchlings to live in. I know them all. We were good friends before WindsFlight kicked us out. Luna,Xaphan,Toni,Sterling, And Me. I shake. All my scales are gleaming, and cold. All my little wounds are sealed up, never to be seen again. Ugh! Why did I have to get a power? I have always wanted to be leader, but not like this, outcast. I will probably have to kill WindsFlight if I ever want to go back. He has made it clear the he hates me, all because of my stupid power!I have two Cold Spirits (Hope you don't mind me using Toni's idea!) their names are Nevia, and Nora. Nevia is a girl and Nora is a boy. They are mates. Us three, we share a strong telegraphical link. Shimmer, do you know where Nora is? Nope. I'm right here sillies!



Italicized is Shimmer's thoughts

Blue is Nevia

Purple is Nora

Bolded grey or grey is Shimmer

Green is going to be Laural


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I just realised Draco is the only Male dragon so far. Lol.



Btw, 523ponygirl can you edit my form on the first post please? I changed my character's name from Xaphan to Draco Stormrage after the restart of the RP :/. Just to minimize confusion.


Please and thank you. xd.png

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I sense a plot twist coming up.... xd.png Wonder what's gonna happen to Luna... And Shimmer.

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Hello there. o3o I'd like to join this roleplay with two sibling hatchlings and an adult dragon, please. Here're their bios if you choose to accept them;


Name: Windchimes Swift

Gender: Female

Rider: Nope.

One of the six hatchlings? No. She's going to meet them (with her brother below) as they're wandering around.

Looks: Like an average silver dragon hatchling, but with lighter silver scales and a softer, wispier, brighter pink mane and tailfur. She's also smaller than an average-sized Silver hatchling.

Type of dragon: Silver dragon mature hatchling loner

Power: N/A


Name: Chaos Swift

Gender: Male

Rider: Nope.

One of the six hatchlings? No, but he'll meet them (with his sister above) as they're wandering around.

Looks: Like a normal Black Marrow hatchling in size, but with swirling black markings over the red, and longer wings.

Type of dragon: Black Marrow mature hatchling loner

Power: N/A


Name: Xheyloe Crest

Gender: Male

Rider: No.

One of the six hatchlings? No, but he's curious about them and is tracking them down.

Looks: Like an average adult Ember dragon, although his wings are larger and his firey 'markings' are dimmer.

Type of dragon: Ember dragon adult loner

Power: N/A


(They're different species because their parents were, just in case there's any confusion at all.)

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The only reason mine has A power is because all white dragons have the power to heal. And I like how no one notices Chronos, although she's been watching them forever..and now following them. Forgot to add this to my form: Chronos is a mature hatchling too, and a very clever one.....although, when she's hungry, she will not be the smartest.

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Name: Selina

Gender: Female

Rider: none

One of the six hatchlings: No

Not one of the six hatchlings: Shadow Walker, going to wander across them or something of that nature, will have to see based on circumstances.

Looks: Mature dragon, a little smaller then usual

Type of dragon: Shadow walker

Power: Can shift into and out of the shadow realms.



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Ponygirl: Just to clear it up, all dragons have some sort of power. Most can breathe fire. Just not all of them have full-blown superpowers. :3

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Shimmer just gave a very long speech about stuff the hatchlings have to do, so I'll put it in list form, so you know what order to do it in. Lolz!


1. Hatchlings, line up in a line beside Twinsal.

2. Spirits, go outside and see what trees and plants can be saved. If they cannot be saved then take them down and burn them.

3. Once the hatchlings are done with Shimmer and Chros check on their wounds and they have gotten energy from Shimmer then switch places with the Spirits

4. Spirits line up beside Twinsal and have your check. Albus needs to show all the spirits how to turn real for some time.

5. Then the Spirits need to resume their work with getting rid of the non savable stuff and Shimmer and Chros need to try to heal the savable trees.

6. Each hatchling has their own job efter this, Shimmer and Chros need to health trees, Twinsal needs to rest, Luna and Toni need to hunt, and Syerling needs to practise fighting with Draco.

7. After everyone has done everything and eaten the food brought by Toni and Luna, they can all visit the newly finished Night Cave.

8. Then everyone needs to become real, if they are Sprits! And practise flying. Everyone then needs to go to bed and get a good nights of sleep.

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Toni has no will to be commanded lol. She's about ready to chuck Shimmer out a window dB<

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@ Ryujin13, Yes


@ UmbreWulf, Lolz!


@ TotallyDrow, Again with the lolz!


@ Fire-Ice, it's too long to summerize. At the time being though, the hatchings are in a dead heat. There is tension all around. Mainly caused by Luna challenging Shimmer. biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif Shimmer does not like that! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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Tsk Tsk Tsk. So much argueing about leadership. Lols. Thank god I made Draco stay outside so he doesn't have to be apart of it.

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Yeah Twinsal is kind of like "Whateverz, I want my beauty sleep" then the next second she changes her mind and goes all serious and try and keep everyone with each other.


I wouldn't actully want us to split up, you know? I actully wonder whats going to happen next o3o

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