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Signature Contest #57

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Congrats to CCPhoenix who won the last round but due to inactivity I'm being allowed to host this round. Enjoy!


The theme this time has almost defiantly been done before but it's Movies! You're favourite film or genre it's up to you.


Example sig. It's not mine, I lack both the time and the software right now to make my own *sad* click the banner for the link to the artist ^^


user posted image


I know The Avengers isn't out yet, but I couldn't pick between Iron man, Thor or Capitan America *shrugs*




• Images must be comprised of two or more images stitched, pasted, cloned, etc. together. They MAY NOT be a simple text slap.

• There is to be no flaming or drama in this thread.

• The size limit is 600 x 200 pixels, vertically or horizontally. Images larger than the required size must be asked to be sized down.

• All work is to be completely your own. Do not grab it off the Internet and say, "Oh look I made this myself!" No.

• Do not solicit votes.

• Have fun and be creative!

• If you are using a stock, texture or brushes from another artist, be sure to always give credit. Always.


The winner will receive an egg of their choice bred from one of the following donators: Gray means a donator is busy or un-active


Dk Labyrinth

Cariad Winter











* Rares are included with the exception of Alts because they are never a sure thing.


The contest will end on the 16th of December, but lets be honest, I'll likely keep submission open until we have enough wink.gif

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I wanted to do the recent one first, but then I noticed there's a lot of those around already, so I decided to go oldschool...


user posted image

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Lol durr, I just posted in the other contest cause I didn't see this win -win- Posting as soon as waking up is a bad idea x.x

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Such awesome entries! And I love all the films too biggrin.gif


What do you think, leave it open another day or so, or go with the entries we have?

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