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Salutations all. This idea was whizzing around my head since july/august, until I decided to make it as an RP, but then decided I liked it better as a story. Now, be warned, if the title didn't give it away, that this is a Digimon story, so wee-a-boo's and trolls best leave now.



Digimon who have been redisigned for the Sixth Season of Digimon: Digimon Xros Wars, or the Seventh Season Digimon Xros Wars: The Hunter Boys who Leap through Time! are the Digimon. Ex: BANDAI considers Greymon to reffer to Kiriha Aounuma's Blue "Xros Wars" Greymon. Where as Tai's "Original" Greymon is now "Greymon-L" the "L" meaning "Legend" so if Beelzemon, Cyberdramon, Greymon, Bombmon, Knightmon, MetalGreymon, Starmon appear then I mean the Xros Wars Versions. Beelzemon-L, Cyberdramon-L, Greymon-L, Bombmon-L, Knightmon-L, MetalGreymon-L, Starmon-L will reffer to the Originals.Incidentally, I will also be apllying it to Kudamon, Agumon, Falcomon and Crowmon from Digimon Savers. Also, MetalGreymon-L reffers to the Original, Purple, Virus-Type MetalGreymon from the very first V-Pet from'91 (I think), RealMetalGreymon reffers to Tai's Vaccine version from Digimon Adventure.


Now. This is a heavily deconstructive story, with very little in common with the way Digimon has been portrayed in any media, even Tamers will be a ray of sunshine compared to this. No, it has more in common with "Neon Genesis Evangelion", "Revolutionary Girl Utena", "Serial Experiments Lain" and "Puella Magi Madoka Magica". Good, now that that will have scared away most of those that would say "NUH! THIS AIN'T MAH DIGIMANZ!" I can describe the plot.



Digimon are programs, like Word or Publisher from Microsoft Office) that have gained self-awareness. (Why or how has not yet been revealed) These Digimon have no form in the "Real" World and thus, can only manifest in a Digital Field. They also only appear as differant Digimon dependant on what data they absorb upon creating a Digital Field. Although there are differant types, all Digimon are technically the same species.



All Penultima Kilo are speaking he same language. David may think he's speaking english, and indeed, it will sound english to ordinary humans, but its not. That is why all Penultima Kilo can understand each other, and is also why (despite my own love of them) Japanese honourifics will not be present. Why? Because you are reading this story as if the D-Spacer is translating everything everyone says. -Kun is Japanese, so why would it be present if Arakawa appears to be speaking english to David? It has no english equivalent. Some ones, like 'Hakase' or 'Dono' will be appropriately translated as 'Doctor/Proffessor' (whichever is applicable), and 'Emperor'. As such, although Kaoru would introduce himself as 'Arakawa Kaoru', David, Chase, etc will hear it as 'Kaoru Arakawa' and it will be written that way. If you thought that this meant language as in foul language, then yes. There is a lot of that. These are older teens, after all. Some are even in their early twenties...


Digital Fields

Digital Fields are a digital airspace which manifests around areas with computers. The stronger the Digimon, the more computers needed to manifest a Digital Field. Each Digital Field is different, not just for each species, but each individual Digimon as well. They resemble an area where the Digimon lives in the Digital World. Digital Fields are not detectable to the naked eye, but entering a building where a Digital Field has manifested allows the Digimon who it manifested for to harvest your brainwaves - killing you. Digimon do this to any unfortunate souls who are in the building when the field errects and to any who enter, unless The Contractor intervenes.


Abstract Digital Fields

Abstract Digital Fields are not the same phenomina as Digital Fields. Abstract Digital Fields defy all laws of physics, probability and cause-to-effect. All laws of Digivolution are ignored also, and they appear as some nightmarish landscape vaguley linked to the Server Digimon that created it. DigiCode appears here also, written in some maddened frenzy in the same unreadable script as the Paradigm Contract.


The Digital World

The Digital World is synonymous with the World Wide Web. What humans call the internet, the Digimon call "home". Not much is known about it's landscape.


Penultima Kilo

A "Penultima Kilo" is a team consisting of one human and one Digimon born through a "Paradigm Contract". They posses a D-Arms, a Digivice used to allow the human to fight side-by-side with his/her partner. Using a side device known as a D-Spacer, the Kilo can detect Digital Fields and keep in contact across the reality barrier.



Modified from whatever digital apparatus the human half had at the time he/she contracted, like an iPod, a LapTop or a Mobile Phone. It is used to remain in-contact with the Digimon half and to detect Digital Fields. You can also connect to the Digimon Hunters Network and track other Penultima Kilo who enter your territory.



A weapon of some sort that is the primary "Digivice". Normally it takes the shape of a weapon, such as a sword or revolver, but sometimes it is directly connected to the human's power. If a D-Arms in the shape of a gun or a bow, it will need bullets/arrows etc.



Upon Contracting, the human half of the Kilo is given a special power, such as super speed or super strength, which they get to choose. The powers are designed to "level the playing field" between Digimon and Human.


Paradigm Contract

Paradigm Contracts are the contracts The Contractor asks prospective Kilo members to sign. It is written in an ancient Digital Script, so neither Digimon nor Human knows what it really says, save for The Contractor.


Digimon Hunters Network

The Digimon Hunters Network is a communication network for Penultima Kilo, where they state their territory, ask for help, chat etc. All Hunters are obligated to make updates here, but being social is not at all.


Spirit Adapter

The Spirit Adapter is a bejeweled adapter, which, upon being plugged into a computer, grants access to the Hunters Network. It is worn by the hunter somewhere on their body, like a ring or neckless.


Master Drive

A "Master Drive" is the term used to reffer to a Digimon who resides with in it's own Digital Field. Master Drive Digimon are the variety that have the capability to form a contract.


Slave Drive

A "Slave Drive" is a term used to reffer to Digimon who are created in a Digital Field, not in the Digital World. Slave Drive Digimon are subservant to the Master Drive Digimon whose field they were created in, if a Master Drive Digimon with Slave Drive sub-divisions contracts, then the each and every Slave Drive Digimon created by the Master Drive will seperate and form their own miniature Digital Fields, eventually Digivolving into a copy of the Master Drive Digimon who created them. Slave Drive Digimon are always a lower form of the Master Drive Digimon who created them.


Server Digimon

Server Digimon are Digimon that have similar thought processes to humans, and reside within Abstract Digital Fields, commanding vast armies of Slave Drive Digimon. What causes Server Digimon is, however at the present, unknown.


Proxy Digimon

Proxy Digimon are Slave Drives that are created by Server Digimon, they are stronger and more numerous than normal Slave Drives, but any other differances are unknown at present.


Battle Digivolution

The process in which a Digimon absorbs enough data to Digivolve into it's next form for as long as it remains in a Digital Field, once the field faids, the Digimon reverts. 10 DigiMemories, and a clear head, are needed to execue Battle Digivolution from the Rookie form to the Champion form.


Empathy Digivolution

The process in which a Digimon absorbs enough data to Digivolve into an even higher form, by sharing a unified goal with his or her partner. In addition to that, a clear head and 50 DigiMemories are needed to safely execute the program.


Network Bridge

A "link" between two or more Digital Fields, allowing near-instantanious travel between places. Hunters can create these artificially, or, they can form "naturally".



The Data from a defeated Digimon can be stored in a special USB Memory Card - a DigiMemory. These can be used to trade with the Contractor for power-ups, such as a D-Skimmer, a D-Emulator or even a second special power. Rumour has it, he gives out a "D-Transer" very rarely, but no one knows what it is, how to obtain one, or even what it does. However, the DigiMemory's true purpose is food for Digimon who are part of a Penultima Kilo and, in sufficant quantities, Battle Digivolution.



Designed to function like a second D-Spacer. And, by extention, halve the DigiMemory requirements for Battle Digivolution. The Contractor states only 3 currently exist. 75 DigiMemories can be given to The Contractor in exchange for this device.



A D-Skimmer is designed to convert a Digital Field back into data upon defeat the Master Drive Digimon. D-Skimmers are obtained by The Contractor for 50 DigiMemories and are more common then D-Emulators



D-Proxies are devices made to maintain Digivolution to higher forms. Such as Kaoru's Tsukaimon permanantly being Piddomon. They come in four varieties:

D-Proxy A (Alpha): Allows for permanant Digivolution into the Champion form. Uncommon, as many Hunters are partnered with natural Champion Level Digimon. 50 DigiMemories to buy.

D-Proxy B (Beta): Allows for permanant Digivolution to the Ultimate form. The most common, though all four are fairly rare. 150 DigiMemories to buy.

D-Proxy Γ (Gamma): Allows for permanant Mega Digivolution. Only specific Digimon are capable of using it, therefore it is quite rare. 500 DigiMemories to buy.

D-Proxy Δ (Delta): Allows for Permanent Post-Mega Digivolution. Even fewer Digimon are capable of using this then the D-Proxy Γ, The Contractor confirms none even exist as of yet. It is 1,000 DigiMemories to buy.

No D-Proxy E (Epsilon) exists, because no Penultima Kilo will live long enough to even discover the Ultra Level exists.



A D-Transer is a mysterious device. No one knows what it does. It is rumoured that it is 500 DigiMemories to obtain, signifying it has great importance.


Bandwidth Meter

The Bandwidth Meter, is a meter on the D-Spacer which measures how much of a Hunter's Bandwidth he/she is using. The D-Spacer, along with the D-Arms and any other equipment they have, such as a D-Skimmer, D-Emulator, D-Proxy or D-Transer will emit an otherworldly incandescent glow - the patron colour of the hunter in question. The more Bandwidth used, the higher the level of synchronization, but also the higher the level of mental trauma inflicted on the hunter. The Bandwidth Meter can be lowered by feeding DigiMemories into the D-Spacer. 1 DigiMemory = 10% If the Bandwidth Meter drops below 0% then it is said a miracle will occur, however, if it exceeds 100% then...


The Contractor

The Contractor is a mysterious blind man wearing a leather greatcoat buttoned up all the way, he comes to people with strong wills if and when they unknowingly enter a Digital Field. He offers them a Paradigm contract, which will bind the Digimon and Human together forever and create a D-Arms, as well as transforming a D-Spacer and giving the human a special power. If you ask, he will also grant you any wish, to the limit of his power.


More to come...



This is a collaborative project between myself and my younger sister, Celestial07. It will be published on our own website here. We may occasionaly post art or snippets here as well though, and will always update here when a new ep comes out.

Details on the current format:


Book 1: Draft


Episode 001: The Bad Beginning - Saturday, December 10th 2011/Saturday, September 22nd 2012

Episode 002: Beneath the Surface... - Saturday, December 10th 2011/Monday, September 24th 2012

Episode 003: The Lone Demon of Kyoto, Kaoru! - Saturday, December 10th 2011/Saturday, December 22nd 2012

Episode 004: The Chase is On! - Friday, December 16th 2011

Episode 005: An Ass-Kicking Christmas! The Cross-Continent Combination of David and Kaoru! - Saturday, December 24th 2011

Episode 006: Dawn before the Dusk, Happy New Year! - Saturday, December 31st 2011

Episode 007: Darkest before the Dawn, Welcome to 2012 - Saturday, December 31st/Sunday, January 1st 2012

Episode 008: 17 Today, Happy Birthday David! The Searing Flames of Firamon!! - Friday, January 6th 2012

Episode 009: The High-Riding Hunter of Birmingham! Zhane jumps into Action!! - Friday, January 27th, 2012

Episode 010: The Super-Genius Proffessor of Edingburgh! - Friday, January 27th

Episode 011: Lone-Demon is 17?! The Eliot Takaishi Reunion Plan! - Saturday March 3rd 2012

Episode 012: Alison's Dream Ignites!! Deep's in for One Heck of a Ride! - Saturday, March 3rd 2012

Episode 013: A Gift from me to You! <3 A Valentine's Day Hunt! - Tuesday, March 13th 2012

Episode 014: Forbidden Secret Garden! Chase's Decisive Battle in the Forest of Roses! - Friday, March 16th 2012

Episode 015: The Mystical Monkey King of Flames! Gokuumon Rises from the Ashes! - Friday, March 16th/Saturday, March 17th 2012

Episode 016: Flower Fairy of the Rose Garden, Lillymon! - Sunday, March 18th 2012

Episode 017: Gather, the Hunters of Legend! - Sunday, March 25th 2012

Episode 018: Kaoru Succeeds!! The Ultimate Power of the Lone Demon! - Saturday, April 321st 2012

Episode 019: The Ultimate Clash!! David VS Kaoru! - Sunday, April 22nd 2012

Episode 020: The Crash from so Long Ago! The Field of Nightmares! - Saturday, April 28th 2012

Episode 021: The Unwavering Gaze of Shademon! Escape the Broken Nightmare! - Monday, May 14th 2012

Episode 022: Broken Nightmares of a Beautiful Girl! The Escape from the Multi-Dimensional Labyrinth - TBA

Episode 023: The Windswept Hunter of America! Chase's Past Revealed!! - TBA

Episode 024: The End of an Era! The Dollhouse Digimon ExTyrannomon! - TBA

Episode 025: Dream Team Reunited!! Deep and Chase Break through the Illusion! - TBA

Episode 026 - TBA (Book 1 Finale)


Hikari is a character created by Psyshock and will be the only central character not created by us, Sissy and I both agree she fits too well. In addition, recurring character James was created by elidragon.


Server Digimon Profiles



The "Flower-Fairy" Digimon, her apparent nature is that of being in love. She has the personality of a lovesick young girl and weaves her Digital Field into a beautiful garden to attract the attention of the one she holds dear to her heart. However, she can be very easily angered by tresspassers in her garden, and she will ruthlessly cut down anyone who enters her field without permission.



The Flower-Fairy's most common flower, their purpose in the garden is being children. They giggle insessently near constantly and will try to tie up tresspassers with their roots, to present to their lady.



The Flower-Fairy's flowers, whose duty in the garden is trapping. Hiding in the shadows, their frail form hides their nefariousness, which they use in carrying out their duty of providing sustanence to their lady.



The Flower-Fairy's minions, their duty is to grow untill they can see the light, at which point, they branch off into either Palmon/Aruraumon, Togemon, or Woodmon. The smell they emit is intoxicating.



A fungus growing in the Flower-Fairy's garden, specificly, on Woodmon and Cherrymon's roots. Their duty is to be patient, as if the Digimon they're growing on is defeated, Mushroomon will take over it's form. (Were not seen)



The Flower-Fairy's sprouting plants, whose goal is to grow. They hide beneath the surface, growing from Yuramon and remaining there even as they grow into Lalamon, not sprouting above until, as Lalamon, they finally break through... (Were not seen)



The Flower-Fairy's seeds, their mission is to take root. (Were not seen)



The Flower-Fairy's vegetables, their duty is to ripen, therefore becoming edible. They can use their vines to tie up prey, feeding on it to ripen. (Were not seen)



The Flower-Fairy's sustanence, their duty is to be eaten. They have rippened by consuming vast ammounts of electrical impulses and, as such, are perfect food for the Flower-Fairy. Untill cut from the ground, they can trap prey, like Vegiemon. Incidentally, they will grow as new Vegiemon once eaten. (Were not seen)



An annoying weed taking root in the Flower-Fairy's Garden, RedVegiemon who over-ripen, or Vegiemon denied light will become Weedmon, and they are much more frail, but otherwise they have the same abilities. Their mission is to survive. (Were not seen)



The Flower-Fairy's trees, towering over anything in the field, their duty is to be guardians. They will protect the field at any cost.



The Flower-Fairy's fighters, their purpose is fighting off intruders, which they can do with excellant frivalence.



The Flower-Fairy's informants, their purpose is pollination. They flutter around the garden, pollinating the flowers and ensuring they grow. (Were not seen)



The Flower-Fairy's potted flowers, they grow from chine pots in her Master Room. Their purpose is to be pretty. Their clouds of pollen keep tresspassers incapacitated. (Were not seen)



The Flower-Fairy's gatekeepers, whose duty is to be her best friends. They giggle, laugh and gossip in some other tongue, and it appears that these are her favourite flowers in the garden. However, their bodies have a fast-acting poison coursing through it.



The Flower-Fairy's guardian, his purpose is being wise. He moves through the garden, shrouded in a thin veil of mist. Curiously, unlike the other minions of the Flower-Fairy, he is in no way hostile to tresspassers into the garden.



The Flower-Fairy's confidents, their purpose is to be her ladies-in-waiting. They tend to all her needs and are never allowed to leave the Master Room. (Were not seen)



The Flower-Fairy's water nymphs, they reside under the lakes, with only the flower-heads above the water. Their duty is to nurture. (Were not seen)



The Flower-Fairy's nymphs, their duty is to entice tresspassers, so as to ensnare them in a trap using their charms. They are never alowed into the Master Room. (Were not seen)



The "Night-Walker" Digimon, whose nature is dillusional. Her personality is that of a lonely girl plagued by nightmarish visions, and her Digital Field reflects those visions in its infrastructure, with countless eyes allowing her omnipresence within. Her mind mind has been eroded by countless nightmares, and she will erode the minds of those who enter her field in the same way.



The Night-Walker's bats, their duty is to flutter around, acting like real bats.



The Night-Walker's familiars, their mission is to aid in her nightmarish undertakings.



The Night-Walker's ghosts, with the purpose of haunting. The don't harm, and simply float around, wailing.



The Night-Walker's guides, they have the purpose of guiding unfortunate souls to the chop, but never harm them themselves.



The Night-Walker's reaper, he float around near Bakemon and Soulmon, carrying out his duty of reaping the souls Soulmon brings to him.



The Night-Walker's animated dead, they reside in sarcophoguses shaped like that of Pharohmon's and rise to destroy the essences of passers by. Their duty is to terrify.



The Night-Walker's experiment, his duty is to emote. As a "successful experiment" he strives to protect his creator from harm, residing in the catacombs bellow the Master Room. Curiously, he appears to not only have emotions but to be able to display them too.



The Night-Walker's larvae, they reside in small crevices in the rotted wood, writhing like maggots. Their mission is to trap prey, in the process attempting ro grow into Dokugumon.



The Night-Walker's hunters, tasked with the job of gathering life force. They reside in the attic chiefly, devouring anyone who dares ascend that high.



The Night-Walker's lieutenant, her duty is to harness the electrical impulses gathered and transport it safely to her creator, using the many, many webs scattered around the field.



The Night-Walker's scientist, residing in the crypt, awaiting any foolish individuals who journey down there in order to drain their blood. His duty is create.

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I found you! I'll help with whatever I can. Just ask me.

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Uh sure, but We likely won't, we do stories all the time, this is just the first we're actually posting, well, Sissy might have posted her own ones, but never together yet, haha

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Hey~! Haven't seen you in a long time. biggrin.gif

This sounds really cool Chaos.. I can't wait to start reading it.

Oh, also tell your sis I say hi.

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She's on her way, also Chapter 1 will be up (HOPEFULLY!) Tonight.


And Hey! Yeah! Nice to see you too Day! ^^ Long time no see!

Edited by Millennium07

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Yo-biglow! How are you, Day? Sure has been a while indeed! I'm writing up Chaptisode one right now, so y'all (like two ololol) fans may be in for a treat! <3

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Updated with music pertaining to Episode 2, I have added it's tentative title too.

Also added a bit about the Spirit Adapters.


EDIT: Here is an excerpt of Chapter 1, which will be posted Saturday Night (UK Time).


“Yeah,” David nodded. “Alright, here it is; Hunters, also known as a Penultima Kilo- what you and I are- are people with enough will to survive death upon the creation of a Digital Field. These are created because the Digimon, which don’t exist in the Real World, only in an unreal plane of data (which you can’t touch, see?), need to “eat” human’s brain waves, consequently killing them, which generally happens upon the creation of one of these, as I mentioned earlier. If you do this, a man known only as The Contractor will come and… Well… He’ll ask you to contract with him. What exactly this entails, no-one is completely sure, but it only happens once: if you decline the contract with him and wander into another field, the digimon will kill you. But a bonus to contracting is…”

“Stop talking! Yes, bonuses include injury healing, getting one wish and some kind of power, right? What’s yours?” Zhane seemed overexcited, cheerful and empowered; much happier than David had seen him in quite a while. But Hunting wasn’t like TV. It wasn’t like those Digimon anime. They were a lure. If you thought that when you met a digimon, it would be nice, then you’d let your guard down… and then die. David had almost learnt that lesson the hard way. He shuddered, the bright colours and idealism in his once-favourite anime haunting him as he remembered that it was all lies. Lies to get you killed.



I wrote the plot outline, while dear Sissy wrote the actual story, enjoy!

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Hey, hey guys! Lookie here, a wild EXERPT has been posted! Better go catch it before réadballs become uneffective o.o

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Wait I reread your first post and you no use James? Eli is understandable but James?

Well Millenium?

Edited by elidragon

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Oh Sorry, haha, forgot this was still open.


Well, because, I originally intended it to be JUST the original characters (Sissy's and Mine), Psychock's character being involved was an after thought, really. Like a spur-of-the-moment descision between us. Sorry, I guess, but Sissy is glaring at me at the thought more characters than we've already planned and we have just about as much as we can handle, though, half'll be dead by the finale, though James having a part "Leading the Resistance" in the Grand Finale has already been planned since the start, which is a pretty awesome role , considering he'l be the leader of "Here comes the Cavalry and all"

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Thank. You. I'm honored and is it going to be just a "The leaders name was James" and thats it or is he going to have like at least a sentance to say/ about him?

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Lines and all, the whole shebang.

Also note. Digimon Rewrite will be taking a BREAK over christmas. Just one or two weeks, we don't want to be writng depressing stuff in the midst of the season to be jolly!


By that point we will have Ep's 1, 2 and 3, AND a surprise.

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Yeah, sorry guys, but you know, depressing stuff makes me happy, but this is a little... Well I'm writing it xd.png

Also, Eli, James with have paragraphs of description and while he might not be there as much as the others even at the end, he'll be featured, will speak and, of course, will be disliked by my dear Kaoru. (Don't worry, Kaoru hates everyone <3)




Edit 2: Eli! You're so popular, I'm saying something else! The disclaimer at the top says Central Characters; James isn't actually central... He's kind of just... there at the end... But either way, can everyone tell me if the Chapter Exerpt's explanation of the Digital Fields and world is satisfactory if possible! biggrin.gif

Edited by Celestial07

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I like it. It is really informative, and Millinium, I plan on doing a small thing with digimon and I'll PM you a few ideas and I would like your feedback.

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So am I going to get explained to WHY Hikari fits to well or will i have to wait? And I take it you two are also KH fans?

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KH <3 I certainly am~!

Also, Hikari fits so well because of her backstory and personality. Because, even though she's willing to work in a team and has a positive outlook on things, she's still full od self-doubt and wishes to change the past inside, right? wink.gif (If not then I'll let you shoot me xd.png) Because of this, though, Hikari provides the broken heart required, but also stands out from everyone else in her own way.

Did that make sense? I hope so. Well, episode one's being posted tonight, and Hikari's in it quite a bit, so tell me if I got her right or not! ||D

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Kind of, but not really on my end, so I don't know why that would be significant, I'm araid.


Sure, Eli.


Updated with names through to Episode 08, also Episode 08 will be the last for 2 weeks, before we pick it up with Episodes 09 and 10 on Saurday, January 28th 2012

Edited by Millennium07

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Okay! You can also make her good at music too if you want. She would play flute and sing.

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Will do! There's far too much Hikari in the block we're posting tonight and she's a main in Chaptisode 4 too... Tell me how she is! I can edit once it's been posted, so if you don't like her characterisation, just hallah, okay? :3

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Okay! I won't have internet access tonight so I'll have to read it tomorrow! You're making it so I can't wait!

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