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Marsi's Art - Customs Open!

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Your Name/ Forum ID: PieMaster

Your Scroll: Squee!

Trade offer: Cleek 4 teh Gold Teensel

Character Name: Night Celestial Imitator (My DR. Mysfytt is the artist, so you should ask her permission)

Character Design: user posted imageuser posted image

Character's Favorite Color: Seelverrrrr and/or blooooooooooo.

Have fun making this, and I can't wait smile.gif PM me for the Telelink once/if you get Mysfytt's permission smile.gif

Edited by PieMaster

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Sorry, I didn't notice this until now. I send Mysfytt a pm so I'll let you know as soon as I hear back from her. (I'm only doing this since you were the author of the concept, otherwise people have to have the artist(s) post the ok.)

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Your Name/ Forum ID: krystalsharz

Your Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/krystalsharz

Trade offer: IOU (after the holiday) CB gold wyvern, 2nd Gen Wyvern, Egg of a dragon from my KrystalFizz lineage consisting of Wyvern/Shadow Walker or Wyvern/Blue...or anyting else I can breed/catch for you

Character Name: Fafnir in Love

Character Design: like the one you made for me before, fire dragon, but holding a flower

Character's Favorite Color: red


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Hello. ^^ I hope there are slots left. If there are, here's my form:


Your Name/ Forum ID: Anquatic

Your Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/Anquatic (I occasionally hide it, just tell me to unhide if necessary)

Trade offer: I'd like to trade art. If you'd prefer something else, I'll consider egg payment. If you can animate it (I've detailed this in the character description section), I'll definitely add an egg payment to art, without hesitation.

My deviantART;


Character Name: Dark Stirrings (for short, Dark)

Character Design: I don't have an image ref, but will construct one if necessary. I have a written ref, and an image that she's in;


Dark is a black she-dragon. She has golden eyes and thin black pupils. She has black wings with somewhat torn lighter gray membrane. She has a wing claw instead of any sort of wing thumb. Her horns are a tarnished, dull golden. Darker on the plates (upper half), lighter on the horn itself underneath (smoother lower half). She has large underside scales going down from her neck to the base of her tail. The tail is slightly longer than Dark herself, and is tipped with an arrowhead-like spade the colour of her horns. She sports long tail spikes, near the base of the tail on her spine. Her pawtips are pointy and she has ivory claws (they're always out and are unable to be sheathed). Her mouth is slightly jagged at the edges. She also has cheek spikes. If you're willing to animate it, then you can have her sort of fading in and out of her shadow form, which is when her entire silhouette is, predictably, black. Her eyes, claws, wing claws, horns, and tail spade, glow white. When you look at her, she may have some misty-looking edges in her silhouette. Her build is fairly lithe, and she's a smallish medium-sized dragon. She has a gold collar with ivory spikes coming out of it, and golden chains (a broken leash?) attached to it. You may omit this accessory if you wish to.

Character's Favorite Color: Black and purple.

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