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Zombie advice

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8 minutes ago, Bamboomonkey said:

Sooo can I try to make zombies all 31st or just during the night(when zombies are in their form) of that day? 🧐

Any time during the 31st; there's no extra chance during night time. And zombies are around all day on 31sts too.

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On 10/25/2019 at 8:57 PM, Confused Cat said:

Annual reminder:

If you have killed Zombie candidates on the 17th and plan to revive them on the 31st, and if daylight saving time in your country ends between those dates, make sure you don't wait too long before using the revive action. The tombstones will disappear one hour before you expect them to.


Pardon me if I bump this reminder, daylight saving time ends today in many countries!

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