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Dragon Clans, What Are Yours Like?

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I don't think this is like 'Give your dragon a journal' because that's about...well, giving your dragon a journal, and this is about talking about your dragon's clan(s) in general. xd.png


Basically, this is a thread to talk about your dragons in a roleplaying sense. (That is what 'clan' means, right? ) For instance, who runs the show and catches all the eggs? A human? A dragon? Are they a clan with no leader? Some other creature? What type of world is your clan set in (I know there's a medieval setting, but for instance, where? What town/area? What timeframe exactly?)? What type of region is your clan located in? Do your dragons actually live in a cave? Is your character EVIL!???! Do you have some sort of plot going on? etc etc etc. DO you even roleplay or do you just mindlessly catch dragons?


My clan is led by a teenage girl (13-15) named Pandora Ashdown, but she refers to herself as Pandra Woode. She lived in the fictional village of Asterfold. She ran away from Asterfold because her parents abused her. I am considering making it so her brother was also being abused so she took him with her when she left, but I am not sure.

I was unsure about the exact timeline, but it takes place in 2E (second era) 1012. And in it, hatchlings only take a few weeks to grow up. D

Pandora lives in an abandoned den dug by a pregnant wolf under or near a tree. The mother had long left the location.

The whole thing takes place in a forest near an ocean. I'm thinking temperate deciduous, but I'm not completely sure. And I haven't researched to see if birches, dogwoods, willows, and oaks can even grow close together.

Either way, I'm slowly writing a fanfiction about Pandora and her dragons. If you want a sneak peek, read my dragon's descriptions, because the story is there. Well, I mean, not the STORY itself, but that's how the dragons will act, and events mentioned will happen. They're not all described, but I go down the list and don't skip any dragons.

Also, the 'plot' so far is that dragon taming has been banned in the world and dragons are being hunted to extinction. Any people caught taming dragons are burned or hanged or thrown into the dungeons and all of that.


And, yes, I know Pandora (might not have been?) wasn't known to the medieval people...European people...I don't know that much about medieval times or Europe, so who knows? Or maybe she was...I'm not sure. But, I mean, Pandra WAS a name and all you have to do is add an 'o' to it and you have Pandora, which is an honest discovery.


So, anyway. Thou shalt talkith about thou's clans. Or whatever thou callist it.

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Aww, come on! I have a book in NaNoWriMo called Dragon Clans! Darn you! jk! laugh.gif No, really. I have a NaNo novel called dragon clans! I would like to join, but I'm not sure just yet. Nice idea though. I'll be back!

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I am a female purple dragon, leading the clan together with my husband (and 4 other mates - polygamy for the win biggrin.gif ) and the oldest dragon in the clan, another female purple. Every member of clan Random Time is more or less insane in many different ways. Some are comically crazy, some are totally psychotic, some seem to be completely sane, and some are just... total no-hopers. Heh.


If you have a few screws loose in your head, or if you feel funny 24/7, or if you are mentally unstable, welcome to the family! tongue.gif

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Recently redid parts of how my world works. New version here.


Alright, so this is a rewrite of my old clan layout.


I am Lilac Clorceta-Inkdream, a fairly young human Tamer. I am a weilder of magic and am known to most of my dragons as either "The Enchantress" or "Mistress". I prefer using academic or wind magic, though I can use many types. I am not evil per se, not to other Tamers, though I am also quiet and keep to myself. If a dragon misbehaves severely and causes me to become angry enough, I will banish them and name them a Disgraced.


The Somatra Weyr contains most dragons on my scroll. It is officially led by me, though I do not manage day-to-day business of every dragon. Neither does the entire Weyr live in one cave. Rather, they are split up into small family groups and scattered over the Paradise.


The Paradise is a place formed and maintained by powerful magic. It is lush, with abundant vegetation and fauna, allowing all dragons to live comfortably within its bounderies. There are many specialized locations for various types of dragons to live in, including Stormcloud Castle for the high-flyers, the Deepen for the lava-lovers, and the Icey Heights for the ice-dwellers. My home, the Tower, is located on a penninsula in the lake close to the center of the Paradise.


The Disgraced are those who have displeased or angered me to the point of banishment. They live on the outskirts of the Paradise, shunned and hated. Only a few exist, thankfully. Any of those who draw the anger of me are welcomed by the Disgraced, who have banded together to survive.


TJ09 is known as "the Lord", "The Highest Lord", "First Tamer", or other similar titles.

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Well, now my secrets can come out without anyone yelling at me wink.gif Warning though, I'm taking care of a few things right now as we speak so if I get a little lost, stay around for a second.


I am a western dragon (a bit larger than your average western though) that's a dark, deep red color with all black spines, horns and claws. Some say that shadows surround me (quite literally, they do...) but I dismiss that. I prefer the cold to warmer climates but am not completely repelled by them. I'll live there if I have too. I lead my clan of mixed dragons (who currently are at a 'civil war' it seems... this is what happens when I'm not around all day! I told him and an- oh wait... sorry...) who used to be fond of calling themselves Seirvenalen. Now I'm not really sure who's calling what what. Nor am I allowed inside... or so the sign says that's posted at each entrance. Anywho, I'll give you the basic information from the outside, though this probably would have been easier if I could show you all around...


We live higher up in the mountains in a rather large cave. What most don't know is the few villages below the various mountains we own (which currently is about 7 to be exact... not including the ten or so forests that have been 'split' for easier counting otherwise it would be one huge forest) are under our watch. Which, depending on who's causing this war inside this here cave, may or may not be a good thing. I'll sort this out as soon as I can get in...

There are many entrances, passages and smaller caves within these larger caves that serve as the main entrances- one located on each mountain with smaller ones around somewhere on the mountains and even in the forests. So be careful.

The timeframe is obviously medieval... though I found this before that time started- not a while before, mind you, but before the 'medieval' got its time started.

Dragons grow up here rather quickly and some humans have said that the time feels as if it has shifted. Only the dragons who live here know that is it the opposite; time is more or less frozen here, whilst still having everything live. The days still go by and nights still come and dragons do grow but hardly anything ever changes in the ways of how the time feels. Or is that not clear?

That bit of information there is classified information and if I find this has leaked out further from here, I'll be coming back.


As for some mention of a plot... life here is normal. Though I doubt any concept of normal has yet to be given... let me clearify: our life here is normal. The usual fighting over who gets to sleep in what crevice and who annoys me more when I decide to show up, who takes care of the eggs that day and why I won't do anything about the massive pile of eggshells the vampires here have collected- or, on that matter, why I won't kick those vampires out to begin with. That reason is a secret I'm keeping.


Some say that I am an evil dragon. My fellow dragons and drakes have gotten along with me just fine... though as I have already stated, if I am not around nearly every day- civil war started. Not sure why. Others say I'm a very nice dragon though I suppose this depends on the mood I'm in... personally, if you don't try to take anyone from here, I wouldn't mind seeing you around again. Minus a few possible burns or two... not from me of course~


Now if you'll excuse me, I have to break into my own home and stop this civil war from progressing further... if an egg happens to roll out of here, would you please set it back inside the entrance.


Thank you,


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There's a number of different clans/groups for my dragons...


The main cave is run by myself, of course. A rather run-of-the-mill magic user (adult, thank you- I didn't get my first egg until I was 20, though it seems being around dragons so much has completely stopped the aging process...) who just has a huge interest in dragons. It started small, just raising them in a cave, but as more were added to the clan, we've managed to expand fairly deep into a mountain range. Magic has been used to replicate different environments in the larger caves (there's a sort of underground forest, for instance). Water dragons are kept in a large underground lake until they're old enough to survive on their own, where they're transported to open lakes or the ocean. Frozen ones usually stay in the caves.


The mountains are near a small town, where the only Ribbon Dancer I've managed to raise lives sometimes. She's a regular fixture in the church when she's around, and maintains the bells there, as well as providing her own music.


The rest of the time, she's traveling with her mate- a Yulebuck turned Vampire named Klaus. This leads us into the second group- The Legion.


They're not all my own dragons, as many others have raised Vampires that become part of the strange clan. All of the Legion are voiceless, unable to make any sound and have trouble communicating telepathically with anyone save another Legion Vampire. They're currently split into two factions- one with a motto of live and let live, while the other is hell bent on conquering lands and converting everyone to their ways. There are a few rogues, like The Lady Paine and Felixa, but for the most part, Legion Vampires stick together.


Now, the third group... probably some of my most famous, if I may say so. See, a long time ago, I found a white Stripped dragon. She was a bit... weird, but didn't get in the way, and was very involved with teaching hatchlings. Then one day... she vanished, along with several dozen frozen hatchlings, a pair of adult Magis, and an adult winter Seasonal. We later found out that she took them to a once-unclaimed canyon far away, and was testing all sorts of insane ideas. She eventually expanded to get a Silver, a Bright Pink, a Magma, a few Thunders, an Ice dragon, a Sweetling, a Valentine, and a Snow Angel... oh, and several Stone dragons, mostly frozen hatchlings. ... I'm probably forgetting a few xd.png


Most of the listed dragons aid in her tests. The Stones shoot pebbles, the Silver and Pink act as boosts or counterbalances, one Magi and the Seasonal act as guides, the Trios patrol the canyon, the Valentine watches and records the results, the Sweetling bakes treats as rewards for those who survive the tests.


The Snow Angel and the second Magi are the only surviving test subjects, and have become so very conditioned to testing that they will never leave. The Stripe- her name is GLaDOS, by the way- continues her experiments to this day. ... fun fact though: The teleportation trading breakthrough came from her experiments in the Aperture Canyons.

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I'm thinking of writing 'bout it, but... eh. In the clan I just steal eggs and tend to the eggs, the dragons do most of the work while I'm not setting up traps for prey.

Each dragon has a history, but that'll end up very long. Won't it?

I may post more descriptions and such later.

My scroll, just for referance to the dragons.


Wingslash is the leader, as the first dragon I caught. Many think of her as wise, she is the oldest of the clan. She tends to the eggs and hatchlings, she has a special chambers for them. Her mate is Gold Sun, my second dragon. They have been mates since the start of my scroll. They love each other very much and depend on each other, Gold Sun- being the younger of the two- occasionally goes hunting and gets a treat for his mate. When he isn't letting me ride him through the clouds (being the most experienced flier, my dragon to ride) he is with Wing Slash, tending to the youngins. He is very protective of her.

Their only child is Graystone101, she is an adult and is split in between hunting and telling the younger ones stories and such.

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I have several, but the favorites around the chat are my version of the Space Chickens. They are essentially a cult full of silver and black dragons that have been brainwashed into believing they are space chickens and that Midas Dorkface is nothing more than an enemy who convinces his beloved chickens into thinking they are dragons. Who would want to be a dragon anyhow.. they are so weak!


hmm highlights about my cult...

What type of region is your clan located in?

My group spreads out over a rather wide area. While members of other breeds are accepted, they arent looked upon with favor. They spread out over several types of areas, but for the most part, i see them in a more foresty setting than anything else. If i was picking a spot on our globe for reference of the type of area... Innsbrook Austria is about the right area (totally used the first atlas i found for a name tongue.gif)


Do your dragons actually live in a cave?

Not necessarily. I treat my chickens as a bit of a society. There are definite social rankings, definite orders to who out ranks who. As a result, my dragons live in camps. They may or may not have adequet shelter depending on their ranks in society. The originals and only a few generations of the kids are ranked high enough to always get the caves. I do imagine them stacking brush and such for shelters (because nests and such arent much different in the theme of things) As you spread out further from the choice spots.. obviously living conditions for my dragons get worse. It allows for the twist of anti-chickens...the group that will eventually attempt to rise up over the space chickens and convert them back to dragonhood. The more "pedigreed" (involves actually describing the dragons in the lineage itself) the better the living conditions are. The more commited to the cause, the better your location.


For instance, who runs the show and catches all the eggs?

This is where things start getting interesting. Kensa Jipci runs the show. He commands the camps, sends them on their missions and is in charge of essentially everything. Each dragon in my own camps is assigned a job based on their personality. I have assassins, teachers, historians, waste disposal, camp "chefs", and other odd things. I have dragons specifically for egg shell disposal,others trained specifically for snatching eggs. I have one that is in charge of overrseeing the "pairings" of young dragons, to make sure they will keep the lines pure, and not breed to closely wink.gif. Theres healers, leaders, military.. a bit of everything.


The catch here though is that Kensa doesnt run the show. He is the direct result of an experiment the Original Space Chickens had conducted. Having seen their mistake, he tends to be led astray by original chickens sneaking into his camp and turning his group against him one by one.


What type of world is your clan set in

In this particular group, the dragons are the show. The acknowledge human existance, but keep themselves as far away as possible. They view other peoples scrolls as just other camps of dragons. I generally let them do their own thing, so im nothing more than a mild annoyance tongue.gif

Is your character EVIL!???!

Evil is in the eye of the beholder. Kensa's reasoning for why he is on the quest he is, is directly related to what the original space chickens did. He is only aiming to stop the chickens plot, and to do so, he has to recruit an army. What better place to start than by converting chickens who believe they are dragons, and freeing them from thier overlords in the Dorkface Alliance? Do you have any idea how many black and silver dorkfaces are out there? lol

Do you have some sort of plot going on?

I used to have a much better plot.. but after realizing that my dragons have succeeded in their goals much much better than anticipated, I've backed off. At this point, if everyone who had a dragon who bred to one of my dragons described their dragons, and followed my lineage rules...and describeed all the way back: every dragon that has ever bred to ANY thuwed (outside of pygmies, drakes or splits) can be counted in the numbers... every dorkface can be counted in. Any scroll that has ever so much as owned either of those lines, has been tainted. Kensa wins, he officially outnumbers the space chickens tongue.gif


DO you even roleplay or do you just mindlessly catch dragons?

I dont role play. I can write some awesome plots, and stories.. create entire worlds, but no interest in acting them out tongue.gif

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