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Lost to the World

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(LL's post but she had to run so she sent it to me to post for her (I of course played the part of Eve))


Marcy stayed where she was as Johan quickly stood up and approached her. She had obviously done well with her observations as well as her evaluation of the entire situation. If he was proud, she didn’t know, but at least he praised her for it instead of beat her for it as her biological father would have done. It was odd though, thinking of him as her father, but then again it wasn’t.


He spoke about her taking on everything that he owned and becoming a powerful person. She would be someone that could change the world just as he had said to her only a day or two ago. It was incredible for everything that he had said to be coming true but she had trusted him since the beginning.


He handed her a phone which she took without touching him and looked at it blankly until he started to explain. It would call Eve, Johan’s fiancée and her soon to be adopted mother number two. Wow, this was going to be a bit crazy. When he said that he would be back to answer any questions, she nodded and smiled at the familiar rush of air when a Vampire/Vampyre left a room at breakneck speeds.


With a deep breath, she pressed the call button and it immediately started to ring. She chose a video type call that way she could see the woman that Johan was going to marry. If they acted alike, she wondered if they in any way looked alike.


A moment later the appearance of a young woman, beautiful, and in the middle of a huge garden next to an older woman. Then the view shifted as she moved away from the elderly lady with a quick “It’s Johan grandma I’ll be right back…


Then she sat down quickly and the camera picked her image up again, with a huge rose bush in the background. “Hello? Joha… oh, who are you? Are you the girl he gave his blood to? I hope you slapped him! giving a human his blood without telling them what it would do…” she sighed, “honestly, sometimes I think he forgets we have feelings too. So what can I do for you? Oh I’m Eve by the way, nice to meet you.” She immediately commented, guessing that such a person would be the only one he would ever let use his single line phone.



Marcy was awed by the view of the garden that was in pristine condition. She smiled when she wondered if Johan had really done the entire garden by himself. “Yes…Yes I am. And unfortunately no, I didn’t slap him…I was a bit overwhelmed at that point but it did creep me out…a lot. It’s nice to meet you too…mom.” Marcy couldn’t help but giggle at the word and then laughed.


Marcy walked outside to Johan’s much smaller garden and sat on a lovely chair that seemed to be a part of the flora itself. She put the device on hover so that it hovered in front of her. “Well, dad said that you can explain some things about him. Like maybe you can explain why he acts like a child most of the time? The first time I have seen him serious was barely two minutes ago…



Eve was silent for a moment, “wait? Mom? Umm….” She paused, “nope, sorry I’m lost, what did he tell ya?” She too left the phone on hover and started trimming the rose while she watched Marcy.


That you were his fiancée.” Mary stated point blank wondering how the woman would respond to the information because it seemed that she wasn’t exactly filled in that part or something…it actually sounded like Johan had left out a whole big bunch of information. “And well, he said that he wanted to adopt me into his family and to become his daughter basically. But then he would be adopting my mother…” she paused since she was tempted to ask about said mother as well as her brothers, “and brothers. Does that help some?” she asked not meaning to sound rude, but honestly curious.


Oh! You’re Marcy then aren’t you.” Eve nodded to herself, the poor girl was so overwhelmed with everything Johan must have put her through she and forgotten to introduce herself. “And he’s not my fiancé, though I’m sure he intends on marrying me when he gets home.


She smiled coyly, “I will marry him too,” she stared at the ground for a moment fiddling in the dirt as she thought before she spoke again. “I’ve just given him a hard time about it for a few years since he started asking, he’s nice, he’d make a good husband, and I owe him my life, me and my grandmother… but sometimes he just needs to be brought down into reality, where the rest of us normal folks live ya know? I plan on being there for him, to do just that… whether it takes a calm quiet voice… or me whacking him over the head with some cold hard reality now and then!” She grinned and winked at Marcy.


Adoption mmm? Well since I won’t let him turn me into a vampire, I guess that’s how it’ll have to be yes. He does tend to forget that there are other people he should inform about his plans, future wives for example.” She giggled suddenly, “but that’s one thing I love about him, eighteen hundred odd years old, and he’s still a child at heart, but don’t get me wrong, he can be deadly serious at times.


So, you’re the one he wants to inherit everything huh? Well you’ll need my approval too, hun I can tell you that doesn’t come easy.” For a moment she seemed stern and rough, but then she smiled again. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite, unlike some nonhumans I know…” she laughed lightly at the joke, “If he likes you then I’d be happy to adopt you, and your mother’s such a kind soul, she loves it here, yes… I wouldn’t mind that at all.”


She paused for a moment, “He hasn’t bitten you has he? Or drugged you? Or done anything to hurt you or threaten you right? I made him promise before he left. And he is being careful isn’t he? As much as I would never admit it to him, I do worry about him… constantly… the big idiot, he thinks the world is a giant game board for him to play with…” she sighed. It was obvious that she loved him, and used even her cutting remarks against him in an endearing way.


Yeah…that’s for sure…” Marcy muttered under her breath before thinking about what had Johan done. She thought that it would be best to be honest with the woman that she may or may not meet at some future point and time and who reminded her, well, of herself. “He hasn’t drugged me…per say. It was more an act of kindness than, okay it was probably still a piece of a puzzle to him, but it gave me back a lot that I had lost. Please don’t be mad at him, it really did help not impede. The ‘medicine’ that he gave me cured every single break in my face and hands and body and all of my scars and even helped some internal damage as well.” Marcy had blushed when she realized how tender Eve’s feelings were for Johan and was very glad that she was a woman that could easily get the man in the heart strings. Not to mention, hit him over the head with a 2x4…now that was spunk.


Miss Eve I don’t mind earning your trust and support, it would be nice to be back in a sphere of people who are kind.” Marcy allowed a pause before asking what she was concerned about for a moment.


Is she okay? My mother that is…and my brother’s. Are they eating well? Were they skinny when they first got there? Is, is Traugott being productive? How about Asher? He’s pretty smart and can learn quickly…were they bruised at all?” Marcy stopped herself and looked apologetically at Eve. “I’m sorry…I just haven’t heard from them for a bit.” Marcy almost looked desperate to hear of her family. She didn’t want them to see her just yet for she was sure that it would shock all of them.


Eve nodded at Marcy’s responses, “yes, I’m sure he thought it was for the best too… I’m glad you agree.” She paused when Marcy asked about her family. “Your mum’s fine, your brothers too, I had them looked at by Johan’s physician when they arrived and he helped nurse them back to better health. They’re eating well of course. I… won’t lie, they weren’t in the best of condition when they came here, but I’ve done all I can have done for them, short of giving them a dose of that ‘medicine’ as you call it, Johan’s blood to be more accurate. They’re still recovering to be honest. But the doc gives them a good prognosis, they should be close to normal in a few days. Your brothers haven’t done much but explore really, they’ve only been here two days now, it’s still a bit of a shock for your mother, but she likes the garden, I set her out here with my grandma and I for a few hours while we work, the fresh air does her good. Though… I haven’t told them of course, about Johan being a vampire and you being involved with him and all. I think maybe it would be best if you were here to explain it to them…


Eve looked a little uncomfortable, but over all happy with the way things were being handled. Johan more or less put her in charge when he left. That is to say that she wasn’t responsible for anything getting done, the other servants and families did their parts as always, but she had the highest word. If she said something, it was done, that was how he had set it up, and everyone respected it. They knew he had been propositioning her since he’d rescued her and nursed her and her grandma back to health.


Your mother should be out of bed soon, she’s getting stronger each day, she does ask after you often, I wish I had more I could tell her. I’d let you talk with her but she’s asleep now, I just brought her in from the garden and she was quite tired.” Eve smiled, “they’ll find a way to fit in here, everyone does… all the other strays that Johan brings home with him… I was one of them a few years ago. He has a big heart… he just needs a little more common sense I think.”


I’m glad to hear that they are doing well.” Marcy had a large smile on her face then she noticed that Eve looked slightly irritated…but that wasn’t really it. “Miss Eve, how did he find you if you don’t mind me asking? You don’t have to tell everything…I’ve learned to get by on a little.” She said making a joke about her political class.

She didn’t want Eve to think that she had to give her the whole story, but she just wanted a general where abouts. “And, does he do this often? Taking people in that is…


Eve nodded, “You should know, me possibly being your adopted ma and all that. Well my story isn’t pretty. I… had lived for a long time in Slum City, about the worst place you can end up in Europe, a walled off dump that goes on for hundreds of miles, made to last forever, made to hold anyone society doesn’t deem worthy to live with the rest of them. Europe’s solution to the problem America solves with its class system, neither is perfect.”


Eve paused before continuing, “My grandmother was very ill, she had an autoimmune disease, and to survive she needed medicine, there was only one man in all the town I knew could sell me the medicine, he was a cold, money driven man, the only kind I’d ever known. Right from the start he tried to convince me to become his… wife… though that’s far too nice a term for what he planned to use me for. I was pretty you see, and the medicine was expensive. I’m not proud of my past life, but I did what I had to to survive, to make sure my grandmother survived, what all the girls my age did. I made money selling myself as a prostitute, but even that wasn’t enough, the doctor raised the price on the medication when he found out that I had found a way to barely afford it. In exchange for more, he forced me to sell myself, in a slave auction, an auction he was sure to win since he had the most money I’d ever seen anyone with.”


Eve looked sad for a moment, and like she regretted a lot of the things that went on at that time of her life. But her face came back with a smile, “that’s where he found me, at the auction. He rescued me Marcy, paid for me, swooped in and carried me off… and all because he’d found the rose I’d been tending in the shack that my mother and I lived in. The flower was the only thing I had in all the world besides her, and he found it.” Eve laughed suddenly, “I don’t know why… but he was looking for a gardener, in Slum City… he found my rose, he found me, and… he hired me on the spot, how could I refuse? I thought he was an angel. Of course later I found out he was more accurately a vampire, equally non human, but not quite as bright and shiny and with a disturbing lack of wings.” She laughed lightly again, “he healed me with his blood, and the withdrawal was terrible… I’m sure you understand. Hes taken care of us ever since, it’s been three years now, and he’s not asked me to do anything I didn’t want to, he seems to just be happy knowing I’m happy.”


Eve paused, “as to your question yes, but not all the time, just now and then. Everyone here, who works for him, they all have a story, whether like me they were saved out of slavery, or other things, poverty, prison, from certain death by some incurable illness… Though he doesn’t like to show it, Johan really does care for people, I think… in part… he’s still trying to make up for all the things he believes he did wrong when he was younger. I can’t imagine having lived as long as he has, having had all those memories and experiences, I think he would be perfectly content if everyone in the world were simply happy, and he’d want nothing more.


An elderly lady’s voice could be heard in the background and Eve reached out to grab the phone, “I’ve got to go now, grammy is going to have a fit if I leave the hedge half trimmed, she is very picky about these things,” she grinned, “it was lovely meeting you Marcy, tell Johan… I said yes. He’ll know what I mean.” And with that… the connection was gone, leaving Marcy only with her own thoughts in the midst of Johan’s garden.

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((Awww... :3 Looks like Johan's part of the story is over... not that he's gone, but his main plot now nicely moves into the other two plots... enter Silverhand and Steel!))




"No, I did not turn Marcy, and I won't unless she decides that she wants me to. You see, she's known about vampires and werewolves for a long time, but... something terrible happened to her in her life, and if she decides to tell you about it that's her business. Suffice to say another vampire erased her memories of the events. I didn't realize that until my blood that healed her body also released those trapped memories."


Now Johan sounded really crazy, but his voice was calm and even and somehow Kanthaya had the feeling he was telling the truth. Still... it didn't seem fair that Marcy was given a choice whether or not to become a 'Vampire' while here Kanthaya was. None of it seemed real, but Kanthaya knew it was. Everything he was saying now was the truth, and everything he had said before was a lie. Well, almost everything. Kanthaya allowed herself a deep breath as her mind reeled to keep up with all the new information.


Then Johan offered for her to sit. She hesitated as he began speaking about Marcy again, but finally she timidly walked over and sat on the edge of the cushion. It didn't help that his scent was getting stronger and she was hungry, so she held her breath while he spoke so that she could pay better attention. Or at least, she planned to hold her breath, but she gasped and gawked at what he said next.


"But I over all, I chose her to be my daughter. You see, I'm getting married soon, and my wife is human, very much like Marcy, but older of course and different in personality. If Marcy chooses it I plan on adopting her and her entire family into my own and making her the sole heir to everything I own." Now that was crazy. Kanthaya had no idea why she should believe him or why she did. But the truth was, there was nothing else to believe now. Vampires were real. Who knew what else was? Why wouldn't a Vampire choose to 'adopt' a human? And why couldn't he be extremely rich and leave everything to the human he chose? But Marcy, out of all people! Somewhere in her head the word 'luck' danced around. It was what Kanthaya had contributed all her success to no matter now illogical it seemed, but now she wondered if there was more at work.


"I'm almost eighteen centuries old Kanthaya, and I want someone to take over for me, Marcy is that person. She has the will and the wisdom to use my vast resources and power to change the world for good, but I can't always be around to protect her." Kanthaya could hardly believe how old he said he was, but behind the red eyes that looked at her own red eyes now, she saw wisdom. No longer was there the gloating teen who had won a 'prize' of Marcy... it was like Johan was a completely different person. Well, he was in a sense; he was a Vampire. Still, eighteen centuries... and then Kanthaya heard the last part, the part about him not always there to protect her.


"You know the enemies she has now, think of how many more she will make as she tries to break down political corruption and turn the advantage to those who are downtrodden by society. I can't be there to protect her at all times, but you can, you are her friend, and now you're virtually immortal, extremely powerful, and your life had no purpose before now, you had no future." Kanthaya opened her mouth, but he held up a finger to keep her from answering. "You're brilliant, you could have been the greatest scientist of your era, but you're a poorling, and this is what would happen to you. Someone else would get credit for your research, you would be given a job somewhere doing important things for others who would use them for their own purposes, anything you invented to help people would find some use that makes money, like every other brilliant poorling before you."


Kanthaya's heart sank as she realized how true it was. But in reality, she hadn't really cared about recognition; she had just wanted to help people. So long as she was allowed to do that it hadn't mattered. Yet what Johan was saying also reminded her that her work probably wouldn't have reached poorlings and would only have helped the Richies. "But..." Kanthaya looked at Johan in wonder; she had already guessed what he was going to say, putting two-and-two together, but she could hardly believe it was a reality.


--"if you become what I intend, Marcy's protector, as a vampire." The things he spoke of were incredible, a dream come true and impossible and crazy all at once. "All the while you could protect Marcy, and be her constant companion and helper as the two of you change the world in your own ways. Her with her will and my resources, and you with your science and your resources, and both of you with your brilliant minds. Is that such a horrible fate?"


It was a dream, an impossible dream, and Kanthaya couldn't see it coming true. Yet... here she was, no longer human. What would he do if she said no, that she didn't want that? But her intelligence was what had gotten her so far and life, and she knew that he had known she wouldn't say no. He had planned ahead, and from the sound of it a lot of his decisions had depended on how Marcy reacted to everything. Kanthaya's eyes welled up with tears at the edges. She had never thought it possible for her to become so much, or even for her to ever see Marcy after college. That was one reason Kanthaya had avoided getting too close to Marcy as a friend, because they were going in different directions in life. Here was a man she barely knew anything about, a man who offered her the impossible. Normally she'd roll her eyes and leave, but he had already given her the impossible. She was no longer human.


Kanthaya slowly reached out and took Johan's hand, if just for a moment, and shook her head. His hand was warm, really warm. "No. I can live with that," she said quietly. Her heart beat quickly. "Do you promise everything you've said? Marcy, you're adopting her? You--you know it sounds crazy. Can I see her now?"


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Johan nodded "Yes, everything I've said is what I intend to do. And I'm sorry for putting you both through this, I know that even though you might have both chosen these lives had I not forced them on you, I cannot have known that for sure, and therefore I did take the choice away from you, and no matter how much you will enjoy and you will get to choose because of it, I know it was wrong in that way. But I also know... it will make her happy, it will make you happy, and so I accept the punishment in the end for what I do in the present. Because I know no other way to live..." he paused, realizing he'd gone philosophical on her... his conversation with Marcy had obviously put him in that kind of mood.


"Yes, I will let you see her, but... first you have to eat, so you don't want to tear something apart... and secondly, I haven't told Marcy yet, what I did to you, what you've become, all she knows is that you're missing from your home." He raised a hand so that he could explain, "I honestly expected you not to accidentally pour it on yourself but to ingest it out of pure curiosity a day or two from now, and wasn't ready to break it to her yet."


He sighed, "and she has so much on her mind at the moment I didn't want to burden her further by telling her when I found out. But... if you tell her, explain it to her, cast me in whatever light you will... I think she'd have an easier time taking it. Especially if you mention the part where this is what you want and that you're happy to do what I've purposed you for."


He shrugged, "I told her I was preparing a protector for her, but that was all, she is very worried about you, I'm surprised you two don't hang around one another so much, you obviously both want to be close friends..." And then Johan cut an incision into his neck with the flick of his wrist. He didn't want Kanthaya to react suddenly about what he'd said, he wanted her to think about it for a moment, then decide not to hit him... at least he assumed she might. But he could see the hunger burning in her already, the sight of his blood would seal her fate once more to feed. But this time he would allow her to take a lot out of him, she had barely gotten a taste before. He would give her a pint or two, that would sustain her perhaps two or three days before she felt hungry again, normally much longer, especially with his blood... but she was newly turned, and newborns, like human newborns, were constantly hungry.

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Johan confirmed the truth and also sort of apologized for forcing the new existence upon Kanthaya. In reality, Kanthaya wasn't sure she would have chosen it. Now, thanks to Johan and according to him, she was going to live a long, long time. Eighteen centuries and still young! How could someone even stand to live that long? At least it explained why he was weird, and a bit psycho in her opinion. "But I also know... it will make her happy, it will make you happy, and so I accept the punishment in the end for what I do in the present. Because I know no other way to live..."


Kanthaya frowned, not quite understanding what he meant about 'the end' and 'the present.' Apparently he was one of those "ends justify the means" kind of people. Or maybe it was the other way around, Kanthaya was too distracted to think about it.


"Yes, I will let you see her, but... first you have to eat, so you don't want to tear something apart... and secondly, I haven't told Marcy yet, what I did to you, what you've become, all she knows is that you're missing from your home." Kanthaya's eyes widened comically and she opened her mouth to yell at him, but he spoke up too quickly again. "I honestly expected you not to accidentally pour it on yourself but to ingest it out of pure curiosity a day or two from now, and wasn't ready to break it to her yet." Kanthaya bit her lip. So he's made Marcy stress out about it all day?! Urgh, I should have told her when I called her! I... she's so nice, she's probably really worried... THAT was your one mistake Mr. Johan!


"And she has so much on her mind at the moment I didn't want to burden her further by telling her when I found out. But... if you tell her, explain it to her, cast me in whatever light you will... I think she'd have an easier time taking it. Especially if you mention the part where this is what you want and that you're happy to do what I've purposed you for." Kanthaya crossed her arms. Having accepted her 'new life' as much as she possibly could at the moment, she was now more concerned about Marcy and didn't view Johan in such a demonic light. What he had done was brilliant, if not a bit selfish and quite unethical. But unless he was planning on dying soon, she'd have time to get at him for that. Eighteen centuries! It didn't seem real.


"I told her I was preparing a protector for her, but that was all, she is very worried about you, I'm surprised you two don't hang around one another so much, you obviously both want to be close friends..." Kanthaya opened her mouth to sarcastically explain, but she opened it at the wrong time apparently as the scent of blood washed into her mouth and nose. For a moment it smelled rusty and icky like it would taste for a human, but then her nose adjusted and she smelled its full flavor. Disgusting, and highly distracting. Kanthaya grimaced and leaned forward, starving. "Could have warned me," she managed before she dug her fangs rather viciously into his shoulder. The thought of what she was doing was still shocking and memories of her first... 'feeding' didn't help, but she was starving and didn't want to risk eating Marcy. She was reminded of Johan's earlier threat.


Johan let her drink a lot more this time it seemed, and before long Kanthaya felt herself becoming full and satisfied. Her skin had returned to an almost normal shade of brown. Then, before she was quite full, she suddenly yanked her fangs away from him and sent a fist flying at his face. As she did so she closed her eyes, unable to watch herself hit another person. She was surprised when her fist did make contact with his jaw, and immediately after hitting him she stood up, crossing her arms and backing up, half of her wanting to apologize but her speech was already planned. "That's for threatening to make me eat Marcy, you dirty liar, an' for keeping her worried." She wasn't smiling because she really didn't enjoy hitting people, but there was a hint of humor in her eyes. It wasn't like she hit him hard enough to break his neck, after all. (though it could have broken the neck of a human)

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Dana awoke, some hours later, in a strange bed, in a strange room, and if had not been for the unfamiliar place, she may have imagined that everything had been a dream, a very... very bad dream. She sat up quickly, her dress had been removed and she only wore her underwear now, but at least they weren't torn or covered in... in... blood.


She immediately started crying just at the thought of what she had done. Her mind had processed it while she slept, draining the emotional pressure off of her so that she could think again.


What am I? What have I done... What AM I?


The thoughts kept rolling around in her head, smashing against her mental walls, breaking down her view of reality and what could and could not be true. Of course... she knew what she was, a vampire of course, a fictional character, taken straight out of Twilight, one of her favorite book series. But who had turned her? She didn't have a memory of being bitten and someone injecting venom. So whatever vampire it was had erased her memories!


Why? Why her? Well because she was beautiful of course, anyone would want her, even a vampire, of course. But why hadn't he come for her then, why hadn't he kept her from attacking... she swallowed as images of the incident played through her mind again.


Maybe... the vampier that had bit her was shy? No that made no sense at all... oh! But maybe he had an enemy, another vampire that also found her attractive, and he wanted her for himself! The two of them must have been fighting and that's why no one was there to claim her when the transformation started, to help her through it. So... so... what had happened next? Dana honestly had no memory of stumbling through the forest or being found by Carmandy. So that meant... the only conclusion... was that this... this large, lavish bedroom... was his mansion. Who knows where it even was, she could be hundreds of miles away if the vampire had picked her up and carried her...


She immediately began to examine the room, and her eyes instantly picked out the blood. Here he had even left blood for her... she snatched it up, how thoughtful. Probably trying to make up for not having been there the first time, or... maybe the other one, the jealous one had won out, and this was a present to help win her over to his side. Either way... she was hungry!


She kept herself lady like though, no telling if he was secretly watching through the keyhole in the door, or maybe from far away with some sort of vampiric power. She slit a small hole in the top and began to drink without hesitation, why not embrace what she had become? She had often fantasized that the only man she could be happy with would have had to be like Edward, or at least a Vampire, normal men were just not fast enough, not strong enough, not smart enough, they couldn't keep up with her... well then there was Johan, that pompous frog, he'd turned her down, the one man she'd actually considered worthy of her. Oh she'd tell her mysterious new love about that part right away, maybe he'd let her eat Johan... if he was the bad one... or at least tie him up upside down somewhere... if he was the good one.


The blood hit her system and she felt refreshed instantly. It wasn't the same as before, but... then again she had nothing to compare either incident to, she couldn't tell that this was animal blood, it was different in taste, but... maybe all people's blood tasted differently.


She finished the pack and then tossed it in the trash, she immediately searched the room and came up with a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, no sense in making him think she was indecent.


She then sat on the bed and began to think about what she would do when she met him. It would depend on if he was the good guy, or the bad guy, and frankly she was torn between which one she would prefer. The dashing perfect boyfriend like Edward... or a more roguish fun loving vampire who didn't care about as many rules. What would she say? What first impression should she give?


Well he had take her from her home, and offered her blood when she woke up. He was definitely being forward. That meant... that a forward response was probably what he would want in return. She decided... that when he walked through the door, she'd use her new vampiric speed and strength to kiss him before he could react. That... would be so romantic!


She almost giggled to herself, having virtually forgotten all about the plight of her roommate...





Johan closed his eyes as she bit into him, enjoying again the same feeling that he gave to others, though not as potent, when he bit them. It was a wonderful feeling, and even the pain made it seem that much better. The feeling of his blood being drained from his body was a bit unnerving of course, but he ignored it, gritting his teeth against it and remembering that he was going to allow her to drink however much she wanted, without killing him at least.


He smiled at her last comment, she was becoming very controlled, on purpose. She managed to say something before biting down, she had a strong will, a very good trait in a vampire. he winces as she withdrew quickly, obviously she wasn't too happy with him, then of course came the punch to the face, which knocked him head over heals off the couch and sent him sprawling across the floor.


He stood up, shaking his head to clear it and opening and closing his mouth to stretch his bruised jaw out. Fortunately he'd been so relaxed by her feeding that he'd literally just rolled with the punch as they say, and nothing was broken. It would take a lot to break one of his bones of course... but she did just accumulate a vast among of his blood and therefore a good deal of strength, it didn't help that he was weakened by that very fact.


"I probably deserved that... yeah..." He nodded, cracking his neck from side to side. "For the record though... I'm going to have to get you some fighting lessons... you can't close your eyes when you punch someone..."


He went to the safe door and pushed it open, in truth it had never been locked once he had entered, mostly because the safe didn't actually unlock from the inside... at all.. and though he left a way out, he didn't want to use it as it involved ruining the safe itself. "She's..." Johan paused for a moment, closing his eyes, "in the garden, up the stairs two floors, right, through the hallway, giant sliding glass door," he sighed, rubbing his neck. "You really take a lot out of a guy, I'm going to get something to eat then I'll be up to join you... do I don't end up breaking my own rule and asking to bite her... Oh, and don't worry about that threat I made, you wouldn't actually find her blood appealing, since mine was the first you ever tasted, human blood won't ever really hold appeal to you, so don't worry about accidentally biting her or something, you'll find it repulsive, trust me..."


With that Johan exited the vault and headed to the right, entering another room draped in black with a white refrigerator in the corner, a large one. He quickly spun the combination locks and opened it up, removing ten gallons of blood bags, and then headed up the stairs to go to the garden to see how the girls were getting along... and see if Marcy had spoken to Eve.

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Marcy listened intently since Eve gave her all of the information about her own personal life. To hear that someone had to sell themselves was always hard to hear even though it was far too common amongst the Poorlings. It seemed that she had a very tender spot for Johan and how he had saved her from Slum City by finding the one rose that she had grown. It was strange. Knowing another person’s story and being able to relate experiences and share things instead of having to hide it all.


When Eve hung up, Marcy whispered a quick farewell and the abrupt end of their conversation. Yes, she really liked this woman and would have no problems earning her trust to a higher degree if she had to. Her fingers were pressed against her chin as she often did while deep in thought. She so desperately wished that Sheehan would come back, but she doubted that he would do that considering that she was the cause of the death of his best friend as well as the retaking of the Clan by Zebulon and Jamila. It was her fault that a lot of things happened and she had to take that into consideration while looking at her life.


Not only had she done good, but she had done some things that were very very bad. It hurt her to think of these things so she quickly pushed them out of her mind and decided to think. Johan had planned all of this out as a game and decided to do more with her. He wanted to ADOPT her into his family and have her be his daughter. It would be nice to actually be protected by a father figure for once, but, well…


There was something that always bothered her. It would take more than her lifetime, probably the next 40 years, to be able to help America recover fully and to see the complete and total turn around. Sure there would be the quick fixes and then the changes of social status, but to see how things turned out years into the future? She would never see what she was able to do if she really did accept his offer.


But then again, what about the loneliness? What would she do about that? Marcy had never been one to completely estrange herself from other people except after her brain wash. She loved helping people and loved existing with people so…there were too many options. There were choices to make before she became too old, but now she wouldn’t really have to have her degree, although she would surely love to get it. With the money that Johan had, she would now be able to take a test that allowed her to get credit for the class as well as a grade and she could have whatever degree she wanted in the next three years!


Marcy stood since her legs were starting to get itchy to move so she did so to make sure that she could think. What were the implications of her being in the government longer than she should? There would be suspicions raised, however, there were ways to mask yourself behind a pawn much like Johan probably did once or twice in his lifetime. To use them to make the right decisions to keep a government and people healthy, wealthy and wise.


With a deep breath, Marcy stopped herself from thinking about all of it right now. For as far as she was concerned, she had some things that she had to get done and figure out how to go about them. One of them was making sure that Johan was doing something about Kanthanya


It took forever for this girl to wake up. Carmandy didn’t think that it would be this long, but she had been sitting outside of her door for quite some time. When she heard the bed sheets rustle, she waited until she smelled the blood that the woman drank hungrily and stepped inside. She was surprised to see her in sweats and pants…but with a…oh no.


“This isn’t a fantasy.” She said with a smirk as she looked at Dana. “You’re a Vampress turned by some sicko who thought that it would be fun to turn the most prudish girl in the entire school into a Vampire. Idiot”


No, how do you feel Dana? Or, what are you doing? Just a simple answer. “That writer wasn’t too far off…’cept Vampires and Vampyres don’t sparkle…at all. They still have beating hearts, warm skin, they do get pale though. I can’t tell if you drank human blood first or if you passed out from hunger. But, doesn’t look like your eyes have changed.” Carmandy sniffed a little bit to clear her nose for Dana smelled a lot like blood and Carmandy was getting hungry.


“So, what did you do to your friend?” she asked as she leaned against the door jam. There were windows, but there were also a few Vampyres that could easily catch up to a newborn so she didn’t really mind it much.

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The creature smiled as he watched through the lens of the video cameras set up all around the campus, as well as the houses of the Richies. He had already set the cameras up with a looped footage; the security would be able to see nothing, and the extra footage would all be deleted later. That was all child's play to the creature. Even with all the new advances to technology, having an extremely long life was an advantage. The creature had lost no memories, no intelligence thanks to it's system of living. It had developed technology like the modern times long ago. But thanks to SS, the creature had remained deep underground, guarded carefully like a precious object. After all, the creature the irreplacable leader of the SS. Losing it would mean that the Silverhand Society would crumble away, to disappear into the shadows of history. And every member was committed to the society by their hearts, minds, and souls. Without the creature to guide them, the members were marionettes with cut strings: useless without a guiding hand. The creature chuckled in the darkness, and stirred on the chair-like apparatus. It shifted itself upward, trying to get a better position. It was useless, though; a futile attempt. However hard the frail hands pushed, without legs the body just sank back into it's old position. The creature gritted it's teeth; being ancient meant that it was effectively crippled, helpless. Weak tears trickled down it's face, but then after a moment the tears dried up again and the creature stopped trying to adjust it's position. It's life under the sun had ended when it had become the head of the SS.


The creature pressed a button on the apparatus, and then it waited. The door Sophia had entered through was opened, and a young boy entered. He was wearing the servant uniform of the Silverhand, and his look was submissive. He was carrying a tray of specially prepared food (Sophia was the overseer of this task, as well) for the creature. The creature gazed at the boy; any sign of revulsion of taking care of the creature would mean immediate rejection. Every child of the SS high-ranking families had to go through this 'ordeal'. The creature smiled at the choice of words. It would determine what position the child got in the SS ranks, as the creature questioned and tested each child as they fed it. The particular boy was one of the creature's favorites, though the boy was from one of the lowest ranking families in the Silverhand Society. The creature did not care about rank; all it needed was a brilliant mind to exploit, a talent to use for the good of the SS. "Come here, boy." the creature rasped, and the boy came closer, carefully balancing the tray with both hands so not a single drop of the soupy substance inside the bowl. The creature lifted one hand, as if to strike the boy, but the boy did not flinch or step back. Hmm.... He'd be a useful agent for infiltration...[/b] "Good resolve, boy. You'll be scheduled for promotion soon..." the creature hissed, and the boy nodded, carefully concealing all signs of emotion. However, the boy still could not keep the gleam of relief out of his eyes, and the creature gave a small cough to keep the boy focused on the creature. "What do you see?" it asked, and lifted a shaking finger towards a certain security screen. The screen was replaying previous footage. A certain figure walked across the screen, and the creature smiled. "You've been studying the known list of vampires, right?" there was an ominous hint in it's tone. The boy bowed meekly and said, "Yes, leader. That is Johan Tatar Hawk, a previous member of the Silverhand Society before revealing his origins as a vampire." The creature smiled again. "Send him an invitation."

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Dana glared at Carmandy, a woman, obviously she was wrong about a few things if someone had sent this prune to come check up on her. And then she started talking... Carmandy's voice had always grated on Dana's nerves before, and now with her sensitive hearing, the effect was nigh unbearable in her mind.


"Ugh!" She finally exclaimed, "would you just stop talking already? You sound like a country western singer with a frog stuck down his throat." She crossed her arms, "besides, if I'm a vampire what does that make you?"


Dana smiled at Carmandy, one of the only girls who was just as athletic as she was. "Well you certainly didn't think things through hun, you may be athletic but you lack my voice, and my form, among other things, such as boyfriends. Now I'm stuck this way, the perfect age, the perfect look, and immortality to boot, no one turned me into a vampire to humiliate me, no, someone wants me this way, a vampire wants me and twilight or no, what other reason could there be? Unless you know that vampire personally, maybe it was you mm?"


Dana continued, standing now and pacing around to the other side of the bed to look out the window. "How long have you been that way? Frozen in that form with those looks, it must be torture, having to stare at that face while combing your hair in the mirror day after day, knowing you're not going to change. Your curse is my security love, everything I'm stuck with as a vampire is practically flawless, and in turn I gain all of the attributes, long life, speed, strength, the thirst for blood, and the pleasure of knowing for all eternity that I'll continue to outshine you as an immortal as I did when I was human."


Dana in truth had heard everything Carmandy had said, Carmandy had mentioned Julianna, and what had happened, she had no sympathy, she was a witch to be sure. And if it was a fight she wanted, she could have it! Until then... Dana would just point out the obvious to her, she was stuck looking like a half decent young girl, and Dana was proudly stuck being a young immortal with a long super model career in her near future, if she so chose.


"Could you be thirty? Forty? Certainly no older than fifty? Perhaps you're over a century old, all that long and you can't manage to attract a guy to save your life, and then the one who finally shows interest in you goes and gets himself killed at some bar fight," for that was the general story behind Max's death, the real circumstances were of course covered up. "I pity you Carmandy, immortality is the worst thing that could have happened to you, I guess we're opposites in that regard as well."





Johan felt his phone vibrate as he was coming up the stairs to see how Marcy would take seeing Kanthaya again... and having her reveal what was going on. Thinking it might be Rals he set the eight gallons of blood down and opened it.


Dear Johan Hawk,

It has come to my attention that I managed to find you entirely by accident while working, and I would like to take time off and have a talk with you. I haven't been able to catch up ever since you decided to reveal your true identity at that horrid dinner party. I'll send someone to pick you up at that fancy dinner place that you've known for years. If you want, you can bring the girl that you seem to fancy as well.



Johan smiled hugely at his phone. The Silverhand Society... a group of vampire and werewolf killers he'd joined up with around a century ago. They were the ones that had given the upgrades to his sword, they were the ones from whom he'd learned all the best ways to kill or capture his fellow immortals. He'd made himself quite the reputation at the time as a slayer, when it absolutely had to be killed overnight... Silver Bane, Johan's code name at the time, was the one who got the call.


It had been easier than he had thought, killing and hiding his identity, he never ate a drop of blood while in sight or surveillance of anyone, he lived from kill to kill, draining his victims dry and torching their bodies. On top of that he was able to continually ingest a large quantity of vampire blood under the common practice that most slayers used to give themselves the strength and speed required to fight toe to toe with an immortal.


But that was 100 years ago... and the person sending the letter claimed to have known him during that time, or at least been present at the party. Therefore, it could only be one person, the most important person in all of SS, Johan's boss.


Johan quickly texted the number back.


Master, is that you? Must be, unless there are other vampires in your ranks that you don't know about, sorry, no hard feelings I hope.


I would love to see you again, I always regretted having to leave and cut all ties to you, but even though you know I'm no threat to humans and may have let me visit from time to time... those working for you could not tolerate my existence.


I have a lot to share with you, obviously your area of operation includes this school, if that is true then we do need to talk, immediately, there is more going on here than your or I know fully, but perhaps if we pool our collective knowledge, we can both profit and life to see the next sunrise.


But let me make one thing perfectly clear to you, Creature, if any of your operatives come within a hundred meters of Marcy Livingstone, I will personally make sure that you are laid to rest. Even if it means killing every one of your operatives to get to you, I will not forgive any offense to this girl. She is my daughter...


I can't see you for long, I'm hunting a particularity dangerous vampire assassin after one of the students on this campus who I've placed in the protective custody of a werewolf clan in this area until I kill, or capture the assassin, I'm hunting him tonight, so I'll only have a few hours to meet with you, send your man in half an hour, I'll be there, you know the place.



Silver Bane


And then he continued up the stairs, things were going to be very interesting indeed. Marcy and Kanthaya would need to be briefed, and... it was time to open a very very old wardrobe.

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Carmandy started to laugh once Dana was done and knew that the girl would be surprised at what was to come even though Carmandy knew it would probably get her in trouble. “You say that my voice is gravely eh? Goes to show how stupid you are. You can insult me all you want Dana, but you really are as naïve as they come. For my age? Yes. I’m 50, but, love” she said the word with distaste as she slowly closed in on Dana her steps strong and seemingly unmovable, “You’ve never met the real me and don’t you dare say that I have never had a boyfriend, sweety.” She said chewing on the word as her voice started to change as she stepped closer.


“You want to know why my voice is always gravely? It’s because I have to resist the urge to growl while I am around you.” As she released the sentence, her “gravely” voice slowly rose until a loud and dangerous growl came from her throat. Within a second, her hand was clasped around Dana’s throat a she pushed the girl against the window as hard as she could. Luckily, the glass had been reinforced several times to avoid it breaking even with the strongest amount of pressure.


“Don’t push me. Why? Because I am your worst nightmare. I train with your kind every day so that I can become better. I lift more than our strongest….I will kill you if you insult me again.” Her head slowly moved forward towards Dana until she knew that the girl could smell the wolf on her. “I’m a werewolf baby.” She said and when she pulled away from Dana slightly so that she could see Carmandy up close. Her eyes were a pure gold color except for her iris of course and her face was perfectly clear. There wasn’t a single scar or break in her face and the gently curving features of her face gave her a somewhat Greek look.


“I hide behind these clothes so I don’t get boyfriends. If I wore what you did, they wouldn’t be looking at you anymore.” She said and released Dana so that the girl could breathe. If she attacked, Carmandy would quickly transform to her werewolf form to take her on. It wouldn’t be that hard since she had only had animal blood. But then again, the attraction of Carmandy’s animal blood would be strong if Dana was still hungry…


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Master, is that you? Must be, unless there are other vampires in your ranks that you don't know about, sorry, no hard feelings I hope.


I would love to see you again, I always regretted having to leave and cut all ties to you, but even though you know I'm no threat to humans and may have let me visit from time to time... those working for you could not tolerate my existence.


I have a lot to share with you, obviously your area of operation includes this school, if that is true then we do need to talk, immediately, there is more going on here than your or I know fully, but perhaps if we pool our collective knowledge, we can both profit and life to see the next sunrise.


But let me make one thing perfectly clear to you, Creature, if any of your operatives come within a hundred meters of Marcy Livingstone, I will personally make sure that you are laid to rest. Even if it means killing every one of your operatives to get to you, I will not forgive any offense to this girl. She is my daughter...


I can't see you for long, I'm hunting a particularity dangerous vampire assassin after one of the students on this campus who I've placed in the protective custody of a werewolf clan in this area until I kill, or capture the assassin, I'm hunting him tonight, so I'll only have a few hours to meet with you, send your man in half an hour, I'll be there, you know the place.



Silver Bane

The creature smiled. Of course Johan would still use his code name from all those years ago. Giving a rasping cough, the creature's fingers typed another email; a reply to the vampire he had found most amusing for a few years.


Ah. I see. Do not worry, the girl will not come to harm unless you force my hand. Interfering with my operations will have such consequences. Now, is Marcy your biological daughter, or your vampiric daughter?

Also, I'd be willing to help with the vampire assassin problem, provided you let me have the assassin afterwards....

It's time we met, face to face.



The creature pressed a button on the chair-like apparatus. "Agent Silver Harbringer. Respond." It wheezed, and then a rough voice came out of the speaker in the chair-like apparatus. "Yes, master? You called for me?" Silver Harbringer stated, and the creature gave a cough. "Yes. Go to the fancy restaurant in your hometown, and wait for a man who calls himself Johan Hawk. Bring him to the meeting room in HQ. Be warned that the man is a vampire. Be sure to prepare yourself." "Yes, master. I'll go right away." Silver Harbringer said, and the creature smiled.


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~Kanthaya~ ((I'm baaack!))


Kanthaya covered her mouth with both hands as Johan went flying across the room and smashed into the opposite wall. She... hadn't expected that, and she made a sidenote to herself not to hug Marcy too hard. "I probably deserved that... yeah..." Kanthaya shifted, forcing herself not to apologize. "For the record though... I'm going to have to get you some fighting lessons... you can't close your eyes when you punch someone..." Kanthaya smiled just a little, still hardly able to believe her situation. Then Johan opened the huge door, and Kanthaya stared out it with wide eyes. She had expected to see Marcy or someone, but only the stairway up greeted her. She took a deep breath of the fresh air.


"She's..." Kanthaya turned a glance towards Johan, then realized he was speaking of Marcy, "in the garden, up the stairs two floors, right, through the hallway, giant sliding glass door." Kanthaya took this all to heart quickly, and her memory was sharp. She felt energy flowing through her body. "You really take a lot out of a guy, I'm going to get something to eat then I'll be up to join you... do I don't end up breaking my own rule and asking to bite her... Oh, and don't worry about that threat I made, you wouldn't actually find her blood appealing, since mine was the first you ever tasted, human blood won't ever really hold appeal to you, so don't worry about accidentally biting her or something, you'll find it repulsive, trust me..."


And that was the most wonderful thing Kanthaya had heard since she heard Marcy was okay. Johan had no idea how good that made her feel, assuming he was telling the truth. Human blood would never have an appeal to her. She'd never, never have to eat a human... but wait... does that mean I'll be eating Johan for the rest of my life? That's kind of... eww, I guess. Or do I eat any Vampire? This is so weird, so unreal.


Kanthaya shook her head; Johan was gone, and the door was open. Open! Kanthaya raced up the stairs, following Johan's directions word for word, until she came to the giant glass sliding door. This took her seconds. She slid it open silently, and then spotted Marcy. Her heart leapt in relief; Marcy was okay, and in fact looked great. "Marcy?" Kanthaya was smiling, hoping she looked normal but knowing her eyes didn't. She hoped Marcy wouldn't think of her as some freak or something--she knew the hope was ridiculous because Marcy would never be like that. Marcy was stronger than that, stronger than anyone... she was stronger than Johan. So Kanthaya smiled, and waited for her friend's response.

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Marcy Jane


Marcy looked up from the grass that she had been studying and stared out at the garden. it was still so hard to fathom all that had been lost to her and the her that had been Lost to the World until Johan had unlocked it from her. Over the past several minutes, boundless information that had been stored started to return. Codes to the Crystal House, the names of several of the steady Clan and Pack leaders all running around in her mind. The various organizations that tried to eliminate all Vampyres/Vampires and Werewolves from the face of the earth, it was all coming back to her.


She could name everyone that she had met at the Crystal House and pull their names and faces up from her memory as if it were a simple computer file to look at as she pleased. With a smile, her mind brought up her favorite memory of Sheehan but then filed the memory away to leave an impression of his smiling face on her mind. Tears gently spilled over the edges of her eyes and she so desperately wished that he would but let her see him and apologize for everything that she had done...apologize to everyone...


With a deep breath, she cleared the tears away knowing that her eyes wouldn't be red because she hadn't been crying very hard. Her senses were alive now that they weren't deadened by the mind erasure and she could remember everything that Sheehan and the others had taught her.


"Keep your eyes and ears open at all times. A Vampyre doesn't have a distinct smell, but a Vampire does depending on who they are. Notice that each person here actually has a different smell. Even if we all put on the same cologne, we would still smell different because of how it reacts with our skin." Marcy took a deep breath of the air as it blew from behind her and her eyes opened wide.


There was a familiar scent on the air that was very faint, so faint that she was sure that she was mistaken until she heard her name called by an all-to-kind and all-to-familiar voice. She turned around in her seat and then stoop upon it and jumped over it. It was a short amount of time until she ran to her friend and embraced her without realizing the change in her features. "Kanthaya!" Her joy spilled over in tears as she hugged the younger woman close then stepped back like a mother would to make sure that her little chicks were alright.


"Kanthaya?" her voice took a sudden questioning tone to it as she looked at Kanthaya with surprise. "No..." her voice wasn't afraid or degrading. But instead, her bright blue eyes took a kind, endearing look to them. "My protector huh?" she said putting two and two together. "I couldn't be more honored to have the one person that has stayed beside me through all of my mood swings and anger issues to be my protector. Have you eaten?" She asked ready and willing to do whatever it took to help Kanthaya to adjust to her new role as a Vampire and her protector. As she spoke though, she took a step back to make sure that she wasn't tempting Kanthaya...she would hate that.

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Kanthaya stood stock still until her friend had turned around and was running her way. "Kanthaya!" Hearing her name brought Kanthaya great joy, and she realized just how much she had wanted to be Marcy's friend all these years. Nothing could stop her now... nothing. She made sure to be very gentle when hugging Marcy; she could tell her hug was firm but it didn't feel strong to her. It was like hugging a porcelain doll, sort of, but Kanthaya felt too relieved to see Marcy okay to care. Then, of course, Marcy stepped back and noticed the change.

"Kanthaya? No..." Kanthaya's smile faded and she lowered her head a bit, suddenly self-conscious. She wasn't sure if she wanted Marcy to know how Johan had handled it. She still didn't like the fact that she had been forced, but the benefits outweighed the pain and shock in the end. "My protector huh?" So Marcy had been told. Kanthaya shrugged a bit, shifting. "I couldn't be more honored to have the one person that has stayed beside me through all of my mood swings and anger issues to be my protector. Have you eaten?" Kanthaya was quite honored herself, as Marcy was the one person she had always looked up to, the one person who had never lost herself. Now she would be her guardian, or something like that, for her whole life. Now she could finally be friends with someone, and not have to worry about surviving against the Richies. There was a new look to Marcy's eye that Kanthaya noticed, and she wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing. Then she realized Marcy had asked a question.


She smiled timidly. "Jo-Johan says I'll never have to eat people. I..." --what an awkward conversation-- "apparently I'm just going to be 'eating' him and maybe other Vampires...? Marcy, you won't believe how relieved I am to see you. I totally got his personality wrong, I thought he had taken you from the dance and turned you into a--" she stopped herself. Did Marcy want to become a Vampire? Kanthaya wasn't sure, and she didn't want Marcy to think that she didn't want her to be a Vampire. Was that option even open? "I have a lot to learn about everything now," she said quietly. "I'm just so glad you're okay." She stepped forward to close the distance between her and Marcy and embraced Marcy in another little hug. She was really, really glad Marcy was okay.

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Marcy Jane


Marcy giggled at how Kanthaya acted about being a new Vampress. "It's okay to be weirded out Kanthaya. I've watched a few humans be turned into both Vampyres and werewolves. But you are a Vampire so that is new to me." She embraced her friend before looking at her and noting that anything that had been a scar or imperfection had been corrected. The war paint that she had always worn since Marcy had known her was still there which gave her a more fierce look than what Marcy was used to.


"Oh and, well....he confused me too. But it's thanks to him that we are both here, and thanks to him that I remember everything about myself." she looked at the ground and knew that Kanthaya didn't know her story. Now that they were going to be forever friends, literally, Kanthaya had better know. "My mind was erased two years ago and I became an angry and bitter person without even knowing why Kanthaya. I was actually the girlfriend of a Vampyre when I was pregnant with two illegitimate sons." she took a breath and looked up at Kanthaya. "It's hard to realize, I know, but," she smiled and actually laughed. It wasn't normal for her to laugh in such a carefree and happy way and it felt good to be this new Marcy. A combination of sense and joy. "Quite a few of our professors are Vampyres and Werewolves!" she giggled again and then smiled as she spun around in a circle with her arms opened wide.


"I'm so happy Kanthaya....happier than you could ever know. You are safe and unharmed, and I am me again." Do not forget....


The voice in her head made a hiccup in her thoughts before she smiled at Kanthaya. "And don't worry Kanthaya, I don't want to be a Vampress yet, and I don't know if I ever will. Only if certain circumstances happen will I want to become one...still." she shrugged and hugged her friend. Things seemed so happy and perfect right now. Her family was going to be taken care of and the only thing marring her existence was her sons, and the wrongs she had done to the Werewolves and Vampyres.

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Johan ignored the new message in his phone, intending to check it later, and climbed the rest of the stairs, heading out to the garden where he sat down at watched the reunion. Marcy had taken it well, she certainly must have a lot of knowledge of vampires and werewolves in her head to be so calm. It was going better than he had even hoped... but this next part, what he had to tell them, he sighed, he didn't want to burden them so much so swiftly, but they had to know.


He took the eight gallons of blood and set them down in two four gallon pails. He then took off the outfit he was wearing, the hat, the red coat the glasses, and the undershirt, leaving him shirtless in the black leather pants. He sat down between the two buckets and placed one hand in each.


"Alright you two," Johan said smiling and hoping to pull their attention back to him again. "I need to tell you a few things, important things, so listen closely."


"Kanthaya, you first," He lifted one bloody hand out of one of the buckets and held it out in the air, "You may find this interesting too Marcy." He held the hand out, a pool of blood in the palm and the rest dripping with the substance, then suddenly the blood seemed to soak into his hand and it became clean again as if there never had been any blood. His hand suddenly began to glow faintly a red color, like what it looks like when you shine a very bright flashlight up against your fingers and the skin shows red.


"This is a technique I perfected when I was only two hundred years old. I figured out more recently with the advanced in technology, that vampires do not need to ingest the blood they feed on through the mouth. That is simply the fastest way to do it, and more practical considering the fasted way to make someone bleed and get at the blood... is to bite them." He took another handful of the blood and made it vanish again, this time it was obvious that it was being absorbed by his skin. "Every cell in the body of a vampire is equally capable of breaking down blood into energy as food. But it's a process that takes a long, long time to perfect, and even then it has bonuses and drawbacks."


"I'm telling you this, because later tonight, you will have to care for me as I go through the side effects of using this ability on a massive scale." He sighed, "there's an assassin on campus, and he's after Joren, one of the students who is a vampire, here actually to inflict harm on the American Vampyres, but he's only nineteen, barely a child, and a pawn in a game being played by this assassin in a grab for power within his family."


Johan held up a hand so neither of them interrupted. "You don't need to know the full details, But Kanthaya I gave you enough blood to last at least two days, until I recover, I need you to begin your role as Marcy's protector. Tonight I will go out and do battle with this vampire, and when I return, I may not be in very good shape, but I will heal. I simply may pass into a coma for a time. Normally I would not be involved, but he knows that I care about Marcy, and may use that against me, that... and I owe a certain Australian werewolf Alphess... a favor. Rals, if you know her, is protecting Joren, and I agreed to deliver the assassin to her..."


He spoke slowly and allowed what he said to sink in before continuing. "I know it's a lot to remember, but right now there's an even more pressing concern. The Silverhand Society is operating here on campus, just recently, and I don't know what they want exactly. One hundred years ago I worked for them in secret, to learn from them how to better kill my own kind should I need to. It seems my old boss, a... creature, for lack of a better word, is still alive and recognized me on campus. He sent me an invitation to come meet with him." Johan was wearing a sad smile and looked now to Marcy.


"He knows about you as well, that you are soon to be my daughter, and I don't trust him to leave you alone. fortunately since Kanthaya is so new, he doesn't know she exists, and therefore she will remain here and defend you while I go and meet with him, and before you say so, no, I have to go. I don't think he will try and kill me, I've never threatened their organization, and though they hate all of my kind, I'm more of an asset to them than a hindrance, I hope they still think of it that way..."



Johan's body suddenly began to glow red, and get brighter with each passing moment until his skin was a bright red color and his eyes shown right yellow almost like flashlight beams. He took a deep breath and knocked over the two buckets. "


"That was eight gallons of blood... whew... haven't done this in a while..." His hair had also grown almost a foot. "Effects of that much blood absorbed by my cells, and burnt at an insane rate, filling my body with energy. The light is from the chemical reactions taking place as my cells devour the blood. The effect will last almost a day, or until I expend all the energy."


He stood up, and what looked like smoke rose from his skin as he moved through the air to stand. "My skin temperature is hot enough to burn you, so don't touch, but no, the smell is not me, it's the air, burning around me." He winked, "when I come down off of this... I'm going to be virtually dead, comatose, but until then... let's just say that even I have never tested the full limits of what I can take out of my body this way. The more I do now, the worse I will be when I revert, when the energy runs out. And yes, there is a chance I could die, a small one."


Johan smiled at the two of them, "there are very few things I would risk my life for, family is one of them, and you two are both part of that family, and will be legally so in a few weeks if all goes well. Ok, now that I've dumped all that on you... what are your questions?"

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Marcy Jane


Marcy was smiling as she turned around when she heard Johan’s voice. She was highly tempted to call him dad as he walked out to where the two of them were but even though he was a father to her, it was hard to ignore his Vampiric perfection….especially in leather pants. With some effort she was able to shove back the blush that threatened to come through as she stepped up beside Kanthaya and listened to what he said since he had his serious face on. It meant something when he did that.


The smell in the air though made her nose itch and she itched it a few times before she realized what the smell was. “I haven’t smelled that in years….” She turned away from the two of them and sneezed before Johan began and then paid close attention. He was speaking about a new enemy that was part of the silver hand society. She knew that it was real, but didn’t think that it would be THAT real as to know Johan. What was even more wonderful, was that this enemy knew of her existence and knew that she was now a surrogate daughter to Johan and very important to him.


Her mind was distracted though as she watched the blood absorb into her dad’s hands making her wonder what was going on until he explained things further. This was a new area of knowledge for her because she had never seen this happen with any immortal. What he was saying about his cells having the ability to absorb the blood made her wonder what was going to happen to him until he explained that even further; he was going to go into a coma. Oh great. Kanthaya wasn’t a fighter and if this Silver Hand guy sent someone, it would be difficult for Kanthaya to fight. Marcy knew a few ways to try and avoid a Vampyre, but they were hardly possibly if you weren’t at least slightly augmented by the presence of an experienced Vampyre.


When he stood up, Marcy was surprised to see the heat coming off of his skin. This meant that the energy that was there, was more than what he had ever shown. The mere idea of that much harvested energy had to make her think of what the implications of that were for possibly providing energy for the world. But that was off topic. At the moment, he was wondering if they had any questions.


“Are you stupid?” her tone was much like Eve’s had been whens she asked if Johan had done anything to Marcy. “Kanthaya is a new Vampire. I’ll admit, with the blood of a very old one which if observation serves, provides a stronger offspring than normal. But she doesn’t have experience in fighting…” Marcy wasn’t mad at Kanthaya, merely worried for her safety. Just because she was Marcy’s protector didn’t mean that her idea of safety changed. Marcy sighed knowing that his mind wouldn’t be changed. “When you pass out, what room do you want to be in? The master bedroom, the one that you gave me, looks as though it would be comfortable enough and if you tossed and turned at all as you awoke, you wouldn’t hurt yourself.” She folded her arms across her ribs and leaned back on one foot with the other out towards the side.

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Johan smiled, Marcy reminded him of Eve even in her tone. She was obviously comfortable in her role as daughter and made it clear that she now had a say-so in his life, which was true, he just hadn't expected her to start using it yet. Though it wasn't too surprising... she was Marcy after all.


"I know she's inexperienced, but if all goes well neither of you will have to fight. If you do come under attack or thing your lives might be in danger, Kanthaya I want you to carry Marcy as fast as you can run, up the mountain and to the mansion, Marcy knows the way, there you will be protected by both the werewolves and the vampyres. However..." He paused, "I want this to be a last resort, because I'm not ready to reveal myself to them. When I leave I'll lock down the house, and if you think someone is trying to get in, then head to the panic room, the master bedroom as you put it, and turn your ring Marcy, everything will lock dead until you turn it back, even I won't be able to get in without demolishing the house."


He turned to Kanthaya again. "And if you think the threat is very grave but you can't escape the house, take Marcy and lock her in the safe I put you in, spin the door shut and break off the combination, even I couldn't break into that safe with sheer vampirical strength." He knew that Kanthaya would realize that would leave her on the outside of the safe, there was no way to lock yourself in from the inside, but that was her role now, her job, and he knew she could do it if it came down to it.


"When I come back... yes, the panic room would be fine, also... if I don't wake up within 24hours of passing out, go to the mansion and explain to the dean my condition, his blood will be enough to bring me back, if not, I may or may not wake up." He paused, "I don't want either of you to leave the house, but, if you want to listen to what's going on, I will leave you with a transponder that will pick up on a listening device implanted in the... suit... I'll be wearing."


The 'suit' that Johan described, was the current model of anti-vampire hunting gear used by the Silverhand Society at least to the best of his knowledge, or a good copy of it he'd designed anyways. It only seemed appropriate that he would be in uniform to meet the creature... hopefully for the last time, or perhaps not, perhaps the hold being would enjoy having him to call on now and then if they really got in over their heads, which happened on occasion.


He turned to Marcy and gave her a reassuring smile, "I know you don't want me to have to do this, but I can't leave any loose ends, I won't raise you all your life looking over your shoulder. I will do what it takes, to assure that you and Kanthaya, and Eve, all live in relative peace, and that your dreams... come true, in part. I promise." And at that moment he wanted to hug the two of them, but... he knew his skin would likely set their clothes on fire, not to mention burn their skin... The heat would be the first thing to fade back to normal in an hour or so, but he had to be gone by then, he was still planning on meeting the creature in half an hour or so.

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"Alright you two, I need to tell you a few things, important things, so listen closely."

Kanthaya did listen closely. She watched as he absorbed the blood into his hand--she could tell the first time that was what he was doing, because here eyes were sharp and she was quite used to seeing strange things happen with the body. She was going to be a doctor, after all. She suddenly realized that to continue attending college she'd have to start wearing contax. She shuddered at the thought, as she hated putting anything on or in her eyes.


Johan explained the technique and Kanthaya listened carefully, although she never planned to use it unless necessary; it sounded awfully painful and dangerous and not worth the risk unless one was doing something very serious. She was surprised when he mentioned the assassin and it took her a moment to remember Joran. She was even more surprised when Johan said the little guy was a Vampire; he was such the life of the party and always 'in' on everything that was happening. He was friends with everyone (except for poorlings, whom he usually ignored) and no one really hated him. Somehow he always managed to 'keep his nose clean' as Kanthaya's aunt would have said.


As usual, Johan seemed to know just when Kanthaya would have questions, and he silenced her and continued. He mentioned Rals, a student Kanthaya barely knew because Rals wasn't one to pick on or help poorlings really. But Rals wasn't important; Johan's directions were. Kanthaya tried to remember it all. Taking care of Johan would be the easy part, as her medical skills were unrivaled among the students. Of course she never mentioned or bragged about this in fear of getting smashed by some angry Richie. Then he mentioned the Silverhands, and shortly after his body began to glow. Kanthaya could smell how different he was after absorbing all the blood. Heat radiated from him and she frowned a bit.


"There are very few things I would risk my life for, family is one of them, and you two are both part of that family, and will be legally so in a few weeks if all goes well. Ok, now that I've dumped all that on you... what are your questions?"


“Are you stupid?”

Kanthaya covered her mouth, but it was too late; she snorted just a moment in laughter before she recovered to match the seriousness of what Marcy was saying. It was interesting, she mentioned the 'blood of a very old one' and Kanthaya wondered how much Marcy knew about Vampires... and she wondered why Marcy hadn't said something before. Marcy had mentioned something about her memories, but Kanthaya had been too preoccupied adjusting to herself to really understand what Marcy was talking about. She decided to ask about it... later. For now, she knew Marcy was right about her being new at this.


Kanthaya listened closely to all of Johan's directions. Her heart sped up just a tad; he made it almost seem like something would for sure go wrong. But she was glad that he was mostly asking her to run and hide, because she didn't want to harm anyone or anything. He mentioned Werewolves, just as Marcy had, and Kanthaya sighed a bit. What was next, fairies? She wondered how much had been going on around her her entire life without her knowledge. And then there was pronunciation, Vampire and Vampyre... but Kanthaya returned her mind to the present and nodded sharply as he spoke. She would not let anything hurt Marcy, even if she had to kill an enemy.


"I know you don't want me to have to do this, but I can't leave any loose ends, I won't raise you all your life looking over your shoulder. I will do what it takes, to assure that you and Kanthaya, and Eve, all live in relative peace, and that your dreams... come true, in part. I promise."


Eve... that name was new to Kanthaya, and she wondered if this was another of Johan's 'special' girls. She didn't quite get him, but she knew that if he was some sort of idiot who thought he could collect women Marcy would have been long gone by now. So she put that thought aside and nodded. "In this I can trust you," she said quietly. "Marcy and I will be safe, don't worry, and we'll have the room ready for you when you come back." She smiled, still full of questions but able to see that Johan was busy. Yes, questions could come later, and perhaps Marcy had a lot of answers too.

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Johan nodded. They knew enough, they would be alright, the chances of them being attacked were slim at worst, but he wanted them to be prepared regardless. Now it seemed they were, though they would still have questions, it was no longer that time.


"Good, then I'll leave you two now, and return tonight. I'm sure you both... have a lot to talk about." He turned and went back inside, making his way back to the vault from which he had first obtained his pistol. From it he withdrew his silverhand armor that he himself had created, with the help of some of his extended family members who were experts in such areas. It wasn't what the Silverhand was currently using since it was his own design, but it was based on all the things he had learned from them. Since vampires hunted by smell, hearing, and sight, being proficient in each, the armor was designed to be silent with seamless joints and shock-absorbent gloves and boots. It also masked the heat signature of the wearer, but did nothing to hide them from sight. The idea was to allow the vampire to rely on a single sense, and then use that against them.


Johan had taken the liberty of crafting the metal plating himself. He was by no means an expert, but as far as he knew, he was the only living being who knew how to increase the density of steel, and this he learned from the elderly Chinese man who had made him his sword over a thousand years ago. The armor weighed in total 800lbs, something that would hamper even Johan's strength. Fortunately in his current state, eight hundred pounds was a trivial amount. Unfortunately his body was not made of steel, and though he now possessed extreme strength even for a vampire, he knew that his body itself would shatter if he attempted to hit something with all his might, that was simply a law of physics he hadn't managed to break yet. The armor came in here too, providing a skin-tight fit that would keep his body from falling apart due to the stress he could inflict on it because of his sheer strength... that was the thought at least.


Johan undressed and dawned the armor. He may look odd to other people, being out and about in this getup, but less odd than a man with glowing red skin and yellow eyes.


Johan then donned the final piece, the helmet. Arguably it was the most important piece, considering that without it the armor wouldn't function. The helmet attached to the armor, forming around his head and completing an air-tight seal. The air he did breath was filtered. The eye lenses would not hamper his vision, considering he did not require night vision, he instead had equipped them with a photon-kill-switch. In simplest terms, the lenses adjusted to light almost instantly, keeping everything Johan saw to about the same light level, preventing him from being blinded by a flash grenade for example. That was the typical strategy after all, force the vampire to rely on his sight and then blind him so he could be finished off, and it worked well too... Johan opened his mouth and accepted the mouthpiece from the helmet, it would help him keep from shattering his teeth if he bit down too hard with his new strength, or took a strong enough blow to the jaw.


The final aspect of the helmet was that it was also sound proof, and the only sound provided to Johan's ears came from sensitive speakers and microphones on the outside of the helmet, they also had a kill-switch and would deactivate in the event of a hypersonic device such as the one he used in the ball room. Even so, the sound proofing was not perfect, but it was better than nothing.


Johan retrieved and attached his sword to his side, it was the only weapon he ever used. The pistol was too fragile, in this state he would probably break it by accident while pulling the trigger. The only weapon the suit provided him with was in the gauntlets. Each could open on command, splitting apart where the metal plates met the nano-weave metal fabric, effectively turning his hand into a spiky spear, but more importantly opening his skin to contact with his victim should he impale someone on his hand... allowing him to drain their blood in the same way he had done with the pails. Of course... this was a bad idea in general because it would make the recovery on his body that much harder and take his survival probability down a little... but it was available if needed. He in fact planned on using it to rob Steel of enough of his blood to make him weak enough to be held and interrogated by the werewolves, but first... it was off to the restaurant.


Before going though... Johan clacked his teeth together twice, changing the channel on his helmet's listening device to the frequency of the transceiver he had given to Marcy.


"Alright, I'm suited up, I won't be able to hear anything you say, but you'll hear everything I say and everything I hear. Unless I enter into a jamming field, so don't be alarmed if I cut out, this also won't work if I go too far under ground. But hopefully it will give you some measure of assurance that I'm still alive." Johan chuckled, going back to the silverhand society... wearing their emblem again... seeing the creature... it brought back a lot of memories, and he still got chuckles from what had happened at the party where he'd revealed that he was a vampire.


He exited the house and climbed into one of his favorite cars and hit the ignition. He carefully pressed down with his foot, and turned the wheel, worried that he would break the well made automobile accidentally because he wasn't used to his own strength. Fortunately he managed to get to the place in one piece, and he parked at the far end of the lot and climbed out.


More than a few heads turned as he walked from the parking lot to the waiting area, this restaurant always had a waiting list. It was delicious food... or so Eve had told him, but far too "rich" for her to stomach, she'd eaten a lot and gotten terribly ill, though she never said she regretted it.


Johan surveyed the people and began looking for the person who was to meet him. With any luck they would simply find him, he was the one making himself stand out after all.


Deciding now was a good time to reply to the next text message, Johan took out his phone and did so.


Marcy is none of your concern, and if she ever becomes your concern I'll let you know. She's not a vampire or vampyre, she's human, I'll leave it at that.


As for the assassin, I'm hoping to turn him over to a clan of werewolves, alive for interrogation. I know you love it when we evil immortals right amongst one another so it should please you to know that this is the first step into having one powerful vampire house get it's wings clipped.


I'm at the restaurant, I should be with you shortly...



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Marcy wondered what ALL Johan had done in his life when he looked at her with a reassuring smile which wasn’t all to reassuring with the thought that her new dad might die…the only one that had ever seemed to love her and want to help her. What a great way to end the semester…


When she looked at Kanthaya, the girl seemed to be somewhat still smiling over Marcy’s earlier comment about her dad being stupid. It was good to know that despite being turned into a vampress, her humor wasn’t lost. Her attention was directed back at her father when he said something about not wanting to leave any lose ends to get them all in trouble and she agreed, it was the better way to end things.


He turned to leave and she wanted to say something, like good luck, or be safe, but he was gone in a flash as most Vampires did. With a rueful grin she sighed and flipped out her phone quickly then tossed it onto the ground. In a moment, she was able to see within the car that Johan was driving in since she had his number. “Thanks for leaving faster than I could say goodbye ya jerk.” She said with her normal amount of harshness, but it was laced heavily with a gratitude and love that had never been there before. “Just wanted to let you know that mom says yes. If it’s what I think she means, then congrats. Love ya dad.” She said and hung up the video phone before he could respond. If they were lucky, then that would give him something to believe in more than just a flimsy human daughter.


“sooooo, Kanthaya, do you have questions? About yourself? About me? About werewolves, vampyres and vampires?” She pronounced the words differently when she said them although if one were mistaken they would have sworn she had said the same thing twice. Marcy lead the way back to the house and sat on the fluffiest couch with a big sigh. “We have aaaaaalll day.”[/color]


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Kanthaya watched Johan go. Everything was still so new, and although she was happy she still couldn't believe it all. She was a bit distant as Marcy complained to her phone, and it was only when Marcy asked her if she had questions that she turned back to her friend. "Well," she began slowly, "I actually have a lot of questions. I know nothing about vampires or werewolves or any of those things, and I didn't know you knew about them either." She was walking with Marcy as she spoke, and she was delighted to see a big fluffy couch up ahead. Still it was all strange to her, like some sort of dream. She could hardly believe that Johan was just going to let her and Marcy become what they wanted and do what they wanted without expecting them to somehow pay him back. Kanthaya was paying him back by protecting Marcy, but what could Marcy do?


“We have aaaaaalll day.” And Kanthaya sat down next to her friend. She smiled. "Tell me everything."


((So I'm thinking as soon as Darky posts and Rak meets w/SH and Pack responds we can timeskip maybe? Perhaps just say Marcy talked to Kanthaya and Joran/Xander worked until Joran couldn't move :3))

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((sounds good to me wink.gif ))


Marcy grinned at Kanthaya and started to talk, and talk, and talk. At first she started with the history of Vampires and Werewolves and how they were mortal enemies in the past and how even there were records of beastmen that looked like they had the snouts of dogs, and drank men’s blood to live. Even before then though, there were Vampires and Werewolves. They were more beast like at that time and stayed away from one another to make sure that humans didn’t find them for there had always been an organization looking to hunt them and kill them no matter what.


“The oldest vampyre, and note that I say that differently than Vampire, and I will tell you why in a bit, died several hundred years ago and his son who was only twenty years younger than he, has surpassed his father along with his wife. You would know them as our Dean and his wife; Zebulon and Jamila. They are the current leaders of the Clan here in America. There are clans in each major country with a few small ones in other areas.”


She then went on to explain the separation of the two different types of immortal blood suckers as she so fondly called them. “Vampires was a general name for a Vampire that drank the blood of a human. Their eyes, as yours are now, are red and their skin becomes pale and they cannot control the growth of their fangs. A large fight broke out a long time ago, a really long time ago, and Vampires who were tired of feasting off of their human friends decided that it was time to take to feeding off of animals. Of course, several animals were still considered unclean and weren’t eaten but besides that, it took them over four hundred years to be able to clear all Vampire tendencies out of their system. After that, well, their eyes started to fade to normal colors, their skin stayed a natural color, and they could now control the growth AND retraction of their fangs. From then on, Vampyres were enemies to Vampires who considered their more ‘humane’ counterparts to be heathens to their heritage. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. It’s not for me to judge.” God….


Marcy sat up and walked over to the kitchen to grab a glass of water but grabbed a plastic cup for Kanthaya. “it takes a little bit to get used to your strength.” She said as she handed her the plastic cup (with whatever Kanthaya liked drinking besides blood). “Now, back to it.”


Marcy then began about the Vampyres and Werewolves that she knew about. She explained how each Werewolf pack was normally against one another and were VERY territorial. Sometimes, if they were not counciled by those older than they, entire packs would be wiped out without consideration of the harm that it would cause others.


Over another hundred years, the Werewolves in the United States gathered in New Mexico and somehow met up with Zebulon who was traveling around the states to see what there was to see. It wasn’t like he had done it several times already, but he really enjoyed seeing everything with his lovely wife. When they met with Victoria and Rollo Forks “Yes, they are Werewolves…ironic isn’t it?” , they soon struck up a rare symbiotic relationship and decided to get together for their mutual benefit. They visited their outposts in each state which sometimes had several and finally settled in in Canon City. There, they helped add more schools to the college and then built their mansion on the mountain in the distance.


Marcy pointed out the window nearest her without even looking. She knew right where the place was and she loved it more than anything…besides her family. “Werewolves have a much simpler history which makes it easier to explain. Werewolves were basically founded in Germany then spread all over the world. They have a few variants depending on the area. Like with Asia, they have a Kitsune which is a cousin to the werewolf. They evolved because of their need for speed to get around during the various wars. They also had to be smaller because of the malnutrition. In Africa, they are larger to compete with the lions and they tend to tower over most of the other werewolves. Australian werewolves are a good mix of size and strength, but the Russian wolves are the most dangerous. They are the largest pack and all of them are just around a foot smaller than the African wolves and I mean to tell you, they know how to fight. They are very clever werewolves…”


Marcy noticed that her glass was empty and stood to fill it knowing that it was probably getting time for her to tell Kanthaya about herself although she wished to avoid it. Her steps were slightly reluctant until she sat down and let Kanthaya think for a moment over what she had heard. Once she had given her sufficient time, she took a breath and rested her gaze on her younger friend who was now her forever guardian.


“With all of that, I guess you should really know about me Kanthaya.” Then she began her story which was told with detail, but was short. She told of Van’s death, her brothers, her mother, her abusive father, and her meeting the Vampyres and Werewolves of the United States. “I was raped the day that I met them. It had been a horrible day and the Richies were really angry…Sheehan and his friends saved me and then they took care of me for the next 9 months. Sheehan and I became a forbidden relationship for he was supposed to be the next Vampyre Clan leader after Ekwueme, an African Vampyre, stepped down. The night that I was supposed to give birth, Sheehan had just left my house and I went into labor. I didn’t know that he was fighting with Ekwueme, but I thought that it was him at the door.” She went on to tell how Kyle had captured her and taken her to the hospital and ordered her sons killed. Tears spilled heavily into her lap as she looked down at her hands.


“That’s why I garden though Kanthaya….even Johan doesn’t know this, but I bet he has guessed. The garden contains their ashes…” she took another deep breath and explained the mind erasure. “When Johan gave me that small dose of his blood, it healed my mind as well. I can remember all I did that harmed Sheehan and I can remember that I am the reason that Carmandy is always so angry. She and I were best of friends….but oh well.” She said and then looked up at Kanthaya.


“There you have it my friend. The entire history of Werewolves, Vampyres and myself. Oh! And I am not sure if you know, but Johan is engaged to a human woman named Eve. The reason that I called him dad is because he adopted me into his family and expects me to do what I have always wanted, to right the world in a healthy way. There, that should cover it.”

Marcy downed the last of her water to stop her tears and smiled. It was a strong smile that was ready to knock the world out of her way if she ever found out where Kyle was, or where Sheehan was.


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Marcy is none of your concern, and if she ever becomes your concern I'll let you know. She's not a vampire or vampyre, she's human, I'll leave it at that.


As for the assassin, I'm hoping to turn him over to a clan of werewolves, alive for interrogation. I know you love it when we evil immortals fight amongst one another so it should please you to know that this is the first step into having one powerful vampire house get it's wings clipped.


I'm at the restaurant, I should be with you shortly...



The creature chuckled. The boy was wearing his old silverhand armor that the creature had designed all those years ago. That style had gone out of use awhile ago. The creature had already designed such better suits. Heh. Maybe I'll give him one if he's a good boy. The creature put the thought quickly out of it's mind. Now wasn't the time to be playing around with an old friend. There was work to do. The creature started typing again, bringing up the computer screen. System Command: Commence Project WOLFJAWS. Attention to all Silverhands: start collecting supernatural samples as soon as possible. Level 5 Discretion. Non-lethal weapons only. Capture status active.


The creature put the issue of Johan in the back of it's mind. Silver Harbringer would also be in armor at the restaurant, and would bring Johan back by car. Then they would have a talk, at least the creature would. They weren't going to meet face to face, but instead a face-to-image. The Silverhand Society would never let their head have a private chat with a supernatural being, no matter what the circumstances. Now I can procure some samples for testing. The creature gave a dry cough, and then settled more comfortably in it's chair. Soon Silverhand agents would be entering that building the werewolves frequented. It mattered not of any casualties. No agent would talk. The suit had a built-in failsafe in case an agent's will faltered under the looming threat of death. The agents were already advancing in stealth units, readying for capture...




Arata lounged on the steps of the building where Carmandy had left him, unsure of what to do. The recent events had just muddled his head, and he needed a walk. He stood up, dusted off his pants, and started walking down the path. For some reason, he felt... uneasy, as though someone was watching him. Arata glanced over his shoulder, but saw nothing. Still, he kept walking, trying to figure out what was putting him on edge. And then it happened. One moment, there had been nobody in front of him. Now, strange... things seemed to shimmer into existance in front of him. Were they even human? Arata froze, and then whirled around, looking for an escape route. No good! The things were behind him as well. He dashed to the side, heading towards a lesser populated area. Briefly, he reflected that it would not be a good idea to head into a deserted area, but the thought was erased as he glanced behind him. Despite his speed, the things were gaining on him. That should be impossible! Arata tried to put on a burst of speed, but he tripped, fell flat on his face, and skidded for about three feet before he stopped. He was covered in bruises, scrapes, and cuts from where he had landed. It was all he could do to keep the tears from coming out. It hurt, and as Arata struggled to even move, the figures surrounded him. Up close, Arata realized that they were human, but were wearing some kind of suit. Who were they? He didn't resist as one grabbed his arm and pulled out what looked like a scanner. "Werewolf genes recognized. Take him in." Arata looked up, his senses dulled by the pain of his crash. He felt the stab of a needle in his shoulder, and he looked at it dumbly, his mind blank. I should warn the others.... His head drooped, and the last thing Arata heard was the suited figure saying, "We've acquired the first sample. Requesting a delivery team..."


[Jonathan Harker]


Jonathan looked around, feeling a bit confused. He had completed his mission by planting all the boxes around campus, and he was at the pick-up point. Why hadn't Talia or another SS operative contacted him? Was this some sort of trick, to see if he would run away at the first chance? Yeah, that'd work. I would get about fifteen feet before the chip in my brain killed me. Jonathan sighed, and leaned against a large tree. He felt... lethargic, standing in the warm sunlight. He hadn't realized how warm it was up on the surface, with the blue sky and the white clouds and the warm, warm sun. Jonathan closed his eyes, taking in the moment. A crackle of static burst from his communicator, and Jonathan opened his eyes quickly. "You will find a box in your pocket. Take it out, and press the button. Are you at the rendezvous point?" It was Talia's voice, and she sounded... almost gleeful. Jonathan replied, "Yes ma'am. I am at the rendezvous point. Carrying out orders now." He pulled the black box out of his pocket and pressed the red button in the center.


Jonathan whirled around to see black smoke rising from the direction of the campus. He was confused for a few seconds, and then it hit him. Those black boxes weren't only listening devices; they were explosives as well! But why hadn't Talia told him? Pity rose in Jonathan's chest as he looked towards the campus, but then he ducked his head and turned away. A car was pulling up on a nearby road, and a guard was beckoning him. Jonathan quietly got into the car, offering no resistance. The guard smirked at him, and then slammed the door shut. The car began to pull away, and Jonathan squeezed his eyes shut. I hope I didn't kill anyone innocent. The dread felt heavy in his stomach.


Rals Jackson


Rals stood up, still feeling dizzy from the exchange with Johan. So, she would finally get her hands on the assassin that was threatening Joran. Rals clutched her stomach as bile rose to her throat, and she turned away from her Beta as she retched onto the concrete. The acidic, bitter taste of vomit mixing with the left-over pizza taste sickened her even more. "I-I'm fine now. Let's just get back to the base." she said, staggering as she wiped her mouth. And then she leaned over and retched again. That is the LAST time I let anyone drink my blood again. Rals though, and started cursing over and over internally as her lunch made a reappearance. And then it was over. Rals had nothing left in her stomach to throw up. She shakily leaned against the wall, and slid down into a sitting position. I'm glad Joran didn't see me like this. That would be a nightmare. Rals turned her head towards the campus, wondering where Joran might be after she left.


Dark smoke started to rise into the sky from the direction of the campus. Rals jumped to her feet, and then clutched her stomach. Weakly, she started to walk towards her Beta and Wynter, trying not to retch again. She was agitated, if not down right panicked. What was that explosion? Is my pack alright? Is Joran alright? Oh god! What'll I do? I have to hurry back... She repeated the last words aloud, "We h-have to hurry back. We need to see if everyone else is alright..."

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Johan saw him, finally, watching Johan from under a similar mask, a familiar one, new, but yet the same, Silver Harbinger. Well the man could watch, Johan was not going to... Then he heard an explosion in his ears... though not from the earpieces that directed outside noise, no, it came from Marcy's ring, but... it had been muffled, she wasn't in any immediate danger. Johan's default action was t lock-down the house, which he did, his second was to draw his blade and this time, for the first time in a very very long time, he activated the blade and in a few seconds it was glowing white like the very tip of a welder's torch, drawing a huge amount of attention to himself, and causing his visor to dim slightly. But he didn't care about attention at this point.


He quickly placed a text to Marcy using his helmet's cell system and his tongue to type, annoying at time,s but hands-free was worth a little at least.


Lock yourself in panic room, text Car and Dean, Silver Hand moving on campus. Back Soon



Johan turned back to face the car and the man at the wheel in the suit, Silver Harbinger. Johan took a deep breath, planted his left foot firmly, and pushed off as hard as he could, creating two small craters where his feet had been.


Human reaction time is approximately .3 seconds for our mind to process any information sent to us from the nerves in our spine (those that control reflexes) and between .75 and 1 second for us to react to anything sudden via our higher functioning brains. Fortunately no advance in technology could shorten this time, humans were simply stuck in that state.


Which means... in theory, that if an object were to collide with you and smash you into the side of a semi-truck in less than .3 seconds, you wouldn't jerk in reflex until it was already over, and you wouldn't realize it had even happened for nearly another half second, after that it was based on how fast you could think to figure out what had happened to you and how you had gotten from point A (in the car) to point B (halfway smashed through the side of a semi-truck with a glowing white blade beginning to melt your chest-plate as it pins you down.)


Unfortunately for Agent Harbinger, none of this was theoretical any longer. And while Johan was aware that he'd just totaled a car, and caused quite a scene in a public place where people were no doubt taking photographs and calling the police... he frankly didn't give a pile of Cow feces, about any of it, he was ticked off to say the least.


"Listen up Creature!" Johan snarled into the man's face, knowing full well that if it wanted the creature could observe everything its agents were seeing and hearing. "If you get anywhere near Marcy or my home, I'll kill you, and your organization. Don't underestimate me, I just rewrote every rule you thought you knew about the maximum potential of a vampire, and I'm only--getting--started!"


Johan deactivated the sword blade, allowing it to cool and quit harming Harbinger's armor. He new the agent wouldn't interrupt him when he was talking to the Creature, and he wouldn't attack without orders. And the creature wouldn't give them. no, the old thing was probably as much amused by this turn of events as Johan was.


"You should consider putting your plans on hold until we've spoken, or risk losing the opportunity to rid all of your domain of every immortal that exists, oh..." Johan hopped backwards, propelling himself back to the agent's car, now with a hole through the passenger and drivers section and missing both doors. "No more cars!" He called out, lifting the car over his head and balancing it. "Send me a location," he continued to speak at the agent firmly wedged in the side of the truck (the driver had leapt out and run off by now(the truck had been parked, running, in the parking lot)). "I'll walk!"


With that... Johan let loose and threw the car into the side of the semi. The point wasn't to harm the agent, he would possibly be able to free himself and move, and even if he didn't, it probably wouldn't kill him, if the armor had the ability to lock up at least, maybe break a few ribs, but vamp blood would fix that. No... the point was to prove that he wasn't joking, and that he could indeed do things that no other vampire the silver-hand had ever encountered could do.


I'm sorry Marcy... he thought idly as the car burst into flames, and then the truck as well, but if I'm forced to become a monster to save your life, you, Kanthaya, Eve, all my adopted family... then I will, even if it means I can't be saved.



Four hundred years ago, Johan remembered the last time he'd used his body like this, unlocking a new level of raw potential. It had almost killed him, but only because he chose to revert to what he had been before... He didn't want to imagine what he would have become if he had remained that way... There had been permanent effects too... He could no longer resist his urge to feed, there was no way for him to attempt to become a vampyre anymore. And as he used this ability again, he felt the beast inside him grow stronger still.


That is why you are really her protector Kanthaya... To protect her... from me.. Johan had only known one other blood-scent that had drawn him like Marcy's, and that was Eve's blood. If he couldn't control himself after this... enough to resist feeding on Marcy... then hopefully he could control himself at least enough to allow Kanthaya to kill him, and finally end the nightmare he lived inside.. day in and day out... the ceaseless battle he'd started with the beast inside him that he had created that first time when he was only two centuries old.


There are no vampires... no vampyres... simple men and women with a vampire living inside them, longing for blood, and needing to be released. Perhaps I will become the first true vampire... no bloodsucker, no leach, no condition of the body. But a true beast... a real monster... But... If I can tame that beast... Then what will I become?

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Kanthaya listened in wonder to all Marcy was saying. Even when they had sat down she had hardly believed all that had happened in the last few hours, but the more Marcy spoke the more she came to believe it was all real. What shocked it more than anything, though, was Marcy's own personal story. Kanthaya had never ever asked Marcy about her past as she had sensed it was not a great thing, and in turn Marcy had granted her the same privacy. But now that they were really able to be friends...


Kanthaya hugged Marcy carefully and felt a surge of rage as she heard about Marcy's sons. It sounded like something a richie would do for sure, and in fact she had heard of it happening before... but never to a friend. She had some awful things to say about--she didn't even want to think his name--but she knew it wouldn't help. Marcy was trying to move past that, she decided, so she kept her mouth closed and hugged her friend as she absorbed all the information she had been given. At least now she could understand what she was. She wished she was a Vampyre, but she was also thankful she'd never want human blood.

"Oh! And I am not sure if you know, but Johan is engaged to a human woman named Eve. The reason that I called him dad is because he adopted me into his family and expects me to do what I have always wanted, to right the world in a healthy way. There, that should cover it.”


Kanthaya smiled... she hadn't quite expected that. She had thought that Marcy calling Johan 'dad' was just a silly inside-joke and he was planning to marry her or something. She quickly recoursed her mind to accept the truth, something she had had to do a lot recently. "Well," she said quietly, "thanks for telling me. Really I had no idea what was going on a few minutes ago." She sighed, wondering how Johan was doing...




Kanthaya had gasped and stood before even half a second of the 'boom' had passed. "Marcy!" But her body told her the explosion was a good distance away... in the direction of the campus. In fact, it sounded like it was on campus! Panic coursed through Kanthaya and for a moment she wondered what in the world Johan was doing, again thinking the worst of him. Had he removed her and Marcy just to blow up the campus? She felt frightened, somewhat because Marcy had just told her that the deans were Vampyres. Did Johan want to get rid of Vampyres? She turned to look at Marcy, and a beep signaled that Marcy had a text...







Disgusting little impervious annoying Silverhands!


Steel hissed in disgust; he knew that 'boom' from anywhere, which meant that the Silverhands themselves were doing something on campus. They were the only creatures on earth that had ever managed to agitate him more than Joran, and they didn't even exist in Russia. The annoying creatures only existed in 'weaker' countries such as the United States and England. There were a few in Africa, but they mostly ignored the hot and dry countries... and African Werewolves had no qualms about torturing them day and night before killing them.


Cursed weaklings! He growled to himself. I will have Joran, you thilthy beasts, even if I have to destroy all of you! If you so much as think of capturing or killing him, I'll give up my fangs to destroy your miserable lives! It was Saturday, but even so Steel heard a few screeches of shock from the college campus. He was certain Joran wasn't there, but he was also certain a few of his thrall were there. A tiny urge of protectiveness welled up in him and he hissed loudly; even the most evil of Vampires had some feeling for their thrall, if not just because the Vampire himself comes to especially like their specific blood. But the feeling was gone as soon as it had come, for Steel knew there was no evidence on those humans that they were in fact thrall and from Russia.


He wondered with a grimacing smirk what the Vampire Johan Hawk was doing; certainly he couldn't be happy that Silverhands were attacking his playground. Steel was no longer dressed in the clothes he had been in earlier, and now he donned the helmet of his completely black outfit. It didn't have much technology on it except for infrared vision which Steel switched on. He was in a forest area 300 yards from the campus. A minute ago he had been waiting to rendezvous with a brilliant young human who had some information with him, but now he knew that would have to wait. His eyes quickly scanned the area around him, but no agents were so far from the campus... at least, not where he was. He allowed himself a deep sigh as he leaned against a tree, allowing all of his senses to work on full. A smile came to his face. Perhaps I will be able to help Johan clear the campus of these hideous insects, he thought wryly. It would benefit us both, I'm sure, and relieve me of this immense boredom I always seem to feel.

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