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Jaylan watched as a suspicious man walked into the building. By his scent, he wasn’t a werewolf which was good news for them. When the man made his way to their table, Jaylan took a deep whiff of the man’s scent to make sure that he could mark him. What was unmistakably strange, was the strong smell of garlic on the man, but at least that wasn’t the strangest thing about him. He was dressed as some sort of ancient Silverhand Vampire but by the look of his eyes and his teeth, this wasn’t fake.


When the man began to speak, Jaylan listened intently to the smooth, but slightly irritated tones that he used. What he was saying didn’t mean much to Jaylan until it came time to mention his beloved Alphess who was more of a daughter than she was a leader to him at times. The crazed man wanted a “bite” of Rals but what they were getting in return…


Jaylan looked at the Vampire with his piercing blue eyes as he examined what was going on in the blood red eyes of this Vampire. “You are not near your time of producing venom I suppose?” Jaylan asked casually then turned to Rals. “I cannot sense any trickery on his part Alphess…as your Beta, I do say that this is somewhat risky, but since you do seem to be helping that other young Vampire, I do not see any harm.” He looked back at the Vampire and avoided the urge to growl.


When he heard a small laugh on the other side of Rals, his eyebrow raised as his daughter laughed a little bit harder.


“Silly Vampire….don’t think that this puts you on her good side. All she wants is information, isn’t that right Alphess?” Wynter glanced at Rals and then smiled to herself. “She won’t bow down to you.” The glint in her eyes was the one thing that her father never understood. Despite her childlike attitude and innocence, there was a being that wished to make sure that everyone knew the prowess of her Alphess and father and was willing to show whomever challenged them what they had taught her.


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Johan shook his head at the other, apparently the beta, and Rals the alpha, now that was intriguing. "No, I wouldn't violate her in that way, I won't produce venom for another fifteen years yet, give or take."


He then turned his attention on the younger one, knowing Rals still needed time to weigh her options... especially since she was the alpha. He smiled kindly at the other werewolf and his voice became a bit softer and the irritation seemed to pass out of it and evaporate into the air.


"I do not wish for your alpha to bow to me, or anyone else young one. And..." he turned to Rals, "I apologize for my rudeness, had I know you were alpha I would have been more formal, you must be quite an impressive creature to be made alpha at your age. The taste of your blood will be sweeter still, a great honor, and well worth my information. A rare opportunity, for me, I've never had the blood of an alpha, and at my age... there are very few things that can be enjoyed for the first time. Please," he spread his arms wide, "I will accept any terms, even give you my information up front. For this, is a delicacy, a true rare and dear thing. And I resend my desire for your neck, that would not be proper for an alpha. But perhaps on my knees I could accept your wrist in all humility and with all reverence for your position, then, it would be I bowing to you, another first time experience on my part, a double pleasure to be sure."


His voice had instantly become both formal and sweet at the same time, slipping into a mode of speech reserved for those to whom respect was given, almost submissive in a way. Though he knew he was stronger, older, and more experienced... Rals had earned her place, and he would honor that, at least once.

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[Jonathan Harker]


In the darkness of the room, Jonathan opened his eyes. It wasn't the dark that bothered him; his eyes were used to the dark after spending most of his life underground, in dark areas. He was nervous, his heart fluttering wildly in his chest. He was dressed in standard-issue, cheap sleeping clothes, and in a mildly comfortable bed. Talia had allowed him to have one for extremely good behavior and cooperation i the experiments. Things had started improving recently. He was finally ready for his first mission. A mission that wouldn't be underground, hidden from the world. Of course, the chip in his brain would ensure his loyalty. Plus, Talia would be sure to have multiple listening devices on his person. But still! Jonathan sat up in his bed, drawing up his knees to his chest. A shiver went through his body, and Jonathan closed his eyes again, wondering if this was all a dream. Then the alarm clock next to his bed went off, and the lights turned on in his room. Talia's voice echoed through the room, using hidden speakers. "Get dressed, Jonathan. Your mission is about to start, and you need your meal." she said, and then the speakers fell silent. Jonathan stretched and got up out of bed, walking across the room to his pitifully small closet. That was basically the only feature to his cell room. There was his bedroom, with plain, white walls and cameras everywhere, with the only door being locked with the highest security. Then there was the bathroom, with a shower, fresh towels, a toilet, and a sink. The basic necessities were provided, with the exception of blood. Jonathan realized his hunger at that moment. He wanted blood right now, and he wanted it badly. Dragging his usual outfit into the bathroom, Jonathan took a quick shower and then faced the bathroom mirror and brushed his teeth quickly. He got dressed, and pulled the hood of his jacket over his face, and put in his contacts. When he was ready, Jonathan stood in front of the locked door, waiting for Talia to let him out.


The door opened to reveal Talia herself, looking a bit smug, and an armed guard. Talia's hands were full of blood bags. Jonathan's stomach grumbled, and Talia's smug smile widened. "Come along, Jonathan. We have to feed you while we're traveling, because of the time." she said, and then set off at a quick pace. Jonathan quickly followed behind her. At the end of a long hallway, there was an elevator, which they entered. A few more minutes, and they arrived in a garage of sorts, in which there was a unremarkable black car awaiting their arrival. Jonathan was forced to enter the vehicle first, and Talia handed him the bags of blood before stepping in herself. As Jonathan ripped open the bags and started downing the blood, Talia motioned to a backpack on the floor. "Your mission is to set these up all around a certain building in the nearest district. There was a party last night, and someone set off a noise that was too low for humans to react, but a great number of people seemed to think that it was agonizing. Only non-humans have that kind of hearing. So I want you to put up these listening devices so we can monitor the situation." she said, and Jonathan nodded. He was about to start his first mission!


Rals considered the offer. There was nothing wrong with it, and the vampire seemed reasonable. He wasn't producing the venom that converted people in vampires, and there was no other risk. The vampire even proposed to kneel in front of her, so that she would not be offended. Her beta and Wynter seemed to think it was fine as well. "Very well, I will allow you to drink my blood. However, not here and now, and I want that information ready when the deal does happen. I don't need to be sweet talked." she said, a bit stern. "Let me finish my meal, and then we can do the deal somewhere else, away from prying eyes." Rals said, and turned back to the table. "Would you like some pizza?" she asked, beckoning her fellows back towards the table.

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Johan smiled when she agreed, and she gave a partial rejection to his courtesy, perhaps it was old and out of date, or perhaps that's just the kind of Alpha she was. Not swayed by fine speech, good, but this also meant that he would have to be holding up his end of the bargain. And that meant hunting, for real, and that... could be very ugly.


He shook his head at her offer of pizza. "No thank you, I prefer to have yours be the first taste to enter my mouth today, the hungrier... the sweeter. Please, enjoy without me." He sat back, smiling contentedly, but his mind was racing with things he had to do. He was going to have to tell Marcy something of what was going on, but how would she believe him if he didn't reveal his vampirism to her?


Going after Steel would be dangerous, perhaps not for him so much, but for her, since Steel specifically knew what she meant to him. That meant she would have to be put somewhere safe, and Johan couldn't merely trust his house to protect her. But that meant leaving her with others, others that would not be on good terms with him. Could he risk that? Would he get her back for sure? Was this all worth it?


Then there was Kanthaya, she was safe where she was, but she would be hungry and he was obligated to feed her, to explain things to her. He didn't like leaving her alone down there it was cruel, but there were things he could do about that too... he had a few ideas that would make her life less painful.


Still... it all came back to Marcy. She had the ring, she could warn him if she was in danger. But how could he explain to her what the danger was if she didn't even believe in vampires and werewolves. He had wanted time, time to break it to her slowly, for her to form her own opinions and discover it on her own more or less. He would just have to hope that she could understand it right away, and at least trust him with the rest...

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“I would be careful around Graham though…he is a very strange one that even the Alpha is wary of because Graham acts more like a rogue with no sense of self-control. But all the more to be able to teach you how to fight amongst your own kind eh?” Joran just smiled in reply, although his eyes were a bit confused; he had never seen Graham as the 'rogue' type... well, okay, Graham was the idea rogue type in the way that he tended to be quiet and avoid people, but he didn't seem like the violent rogue type. At all. Sure he had gotten a bit carried away, but he had snapped out of it pretty quickly.


“It seems that it would be wise to begin your training… and consider yourself lucky. My trainers well… they could drive a person mad.” Joran was surprised at this; he didn't know much about Vampyres, but he had always been led to believe that they didn't do rigorous, deadly training. Xander seemed to be suggesting otherwise.


“Stand tall at first when facing an enemy. If they are old and have challenged you, then they will realize the old ways of the pack. If they are young then immediately take your fighting stance for they will never respect the ways of the old ones.” Joran thought of this with some curiosity, but quickly matched Xander's stance and stood tall. He was still a few inches shorter than Xander and only half as muscled. Joran studied Xander's stance, suddenly sensing that Xander was beginning the training right at that very moment.


“What you are looking for Joran, with your God-given senses, is a sudden twitch of muscle, a turn of the joint, a skipped beat of the heart. Even the slightest flicker of the eye can give you a hint as to which way a Vampyre or Vampire can move." As Xander continued speaking, Joran concentrated. He didn't blink and he carefully watched Xander. He really wasn't sure what exactly he was looking for, but whatever it was he intended to find it. "Now watch. If you predict where I am going to go, then you will run into me as long as you use your speed.” Xander watched, his eyes just barely flickering slightly up and down Xander's body in hopes to catch any sudden movements. His body automatically made every outline crystal clear and distinctive. Then suddenly, he saw it! Go go go!!! Everything in him told him to run, and the movement was clear enough that he knew the general direction to run. His muscles were already tensed when Xander began moving.


The feeling of running--not running away, but running to chase--was a wonderful feeling that Joran had never really allowed himself the pleasure to feel. There had been nothing to chase; Joran didn't like chasing animals as he felt they were too helpless to be chased and he had never gone out animal hunting anyways. He had never chased any of his cousins because they never ran from him. Usually he'd play pranks on them, and then they'd be the ones doing the chasing. He had trained with a swords-master, but the old Vampire was hardly one to run from a child. The new feeling of long-locked up instincts, instincts of olde, made Joran involuntarily grin as he dashed with all the speed he could muster to intercept Xander. In what seemed like forever but was really less than a second, Joran managed to predict Xander's path just enough to barely get in the Vampyre's way in time, virtually crashing into Xander as he stopped him. Joran was knocked off his feet, but he managed to quickly twist his body around and bounce off his hands back onto his feet. Yes, he wasn't strong or particularly wise, but he was agile.


He suppressed the urge to grin and instead smiled at Xander. "I see now," he said, his accent unhidden. Something in him was still questioning why Xander would help him, but he suppressed it; he was far too interested in the training to care.






One-hundred and forty-two times Kanthaya had repeated the experience in her head... and surprisingly enough, she hadn't lost count. Her mind was finally coming to terms with what had happened, and feeling was returning to her body... which shouldn't have been happening. Then again, she shouldn't have turned a sickly grey and drank the blood of some guy who claimed to be a Vampire. Blood, Vampire... the two words had been the hardest ones for Kanthaya to believe. She still didn't think she believed it, but there was nothing else to believe.


Her neck was already healing and she could move her jaw now. Her body had feeling too but she didn't dare move. Of course she knew it was impossible for her neck to heal so quickly, just as it was impossible for her to be where she was now and in the situation she was in now. So, I'm either crazy or this is real. If I'm crazy, I hope they have me locked up by now.


But she knew it wasn't so. The man couldn't be a demon, at least not in Kanthaya's mind, because she believed that if by some chance demons existed, they worked in... different ways than this one did. He couldn't be a sorcerer, because there hadn't been any magic involved. Magic was another thing Kanthaya didn't believe in. He had said he was a Vampire, and everything seemed to lead to that conclusion... but how is that possible?


"I don't care," she whispered. "I hate him. Filthy liar was just using us, both of us, for his own stupid pleasure! Oh Marcy, what has he done to you? I am so sorry I didn't see this, or... or see something. A miracle drug? Oh please Kanthaya, you're such an idiot!" The worst part was, Kanthaya so hated the idea of Vampires and mythological beasts that she had purposely not studied anything about them. She had hated the very idea of the Twilight Series and avoided all sorts of magical tales. She liked non-fiction books, and Vampires were fiction. Now that ignorance was costing her, as she had no idea what she was or what she had to eat or how often, or how long she'd live or what her weaknesses were. Garlic... wasn't there something about garli--oh, this is ridiculous!


Kanthaya felt strength returning to her arms and she rubbed her neck gently. It didn't hurt and it felt whole again, but her mind told her it shouldn't be and she shouldn't move. However, her body ruled over; she really really wanted to move. So slowly Kanthaya turned her head from side to side. She moved it a bit more each time until she felt stable enough to sit up. "Okay," she said with a quick sigh, "let's start from the beginning. Kanthaya, listen to me. I'm not you, so I believe all this wacky stuff. Let's say he is a... a Vampire, and let's say he really turned you and Marcy into... Vampresses. Let's just pretend! So, then we have a more important question, and that's why? Why did he turn us into whatever he is? And then why'd he have us eat him..." Kanthaya hacked at the thought, yet her body reminded her that he had tasted exceptionally good... and she was just slightly hungry again. She shuddered; the very thought of willingly touching him repulsed her.


She found she had no answers; maybe if she knew what a Vampire was she might have, but at the moment she didn't. She looked around the room, suddenly feeling quite strong again. "Maybe there's a way out," she said hopelessly.



((/cues Graham :3))



Steel was all prepared to meet Johan Hawk now; all he had to do was wait until midnight. That would be a pain, for it was only around one-thirty. Steel now had his hair down and loose, and it surrounded his face wildly. The style would have looked feminine on a shorter and thinner guy, but on Steel it only increased his masculine stance. He was dressed in semi-tight leather now with a black cloak around his shoulders and he was still wearing the gloves he had put on earlier. He was approaching the campus now. Johan hadn't said he had to stay off-campus, he had simply said he couldn't harm anyone on-campus. Steel didn't intend to harm anyone, although he had to run through his mind what Johan probably thought 'harming' meant. He didn't like the other Vampire's voice. The stance, the dominance, the adherence and even the outfit were all quite to Steel's liking, but he hated Johan's voice. He noted this and pushed it aside.


Now on the edge of the campus, Steel made sure to stay in the woods. He didn't look anything like a student anymore, so he made sure to stick to the shadows and frequently change his footsteps so no one could match them. None of his thrall had found any information about Johan so far, but Steel was pleased that Johan would not find information about him either. Suddenly Steel stopped and frowned. Oh, that's why I don't like his voice. He had realized that Johan's voice sounded a lot like a much older version of Joran--like Joran's father. Steel sighed silently and continued at an easy lope silently through the woods. He wanted to get a feel for the campus, the entire campus if possible, except for the area where Johan's pet lived.


If there was one thing Steel respected, it was the property of other Vampires. Even if he totally disrespected the Vampire, he wouldn't suffer them their property. Treachery and betrayal were another matter all-together; if someone betrayed Steel he felt quite open about hurting them in more ways than one could count. But besides that, he had a high respect for property. He remembered that he hadn't even hurt Joran's mother when she had been pregnant, even though he had had the chance to kill her. She was Ulfen's property, so Steel had left her alone.


Steel reflected silently on this trait of his; he looked at it, judged it, scrutinized it. Steel had a strange habit (one of many) of looking at himself as an outsider would, like a second person judging the original. He was perfectly capable of doing something extremely painful such as impaling himself on a pole to see how long it would take him to heal. He would watch himself be impaled, and there would be no pain or feeling because he'd be watching... yet his own body would be groaning or hissing and struggling, and his mind would battle again for dominance, watcher versus participator...

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Wynter and Jaylan Emerson


“Young one?” Wynter whispered to her father who promptly told her to hush. She listened and was surprised to find a sudden change in the Vampire. Her forest green eyes looked up at her father who was watching the other man very closely looking for any sort of micro-expression that told him that something was up. She didn’t understand how her father had the patience to do something like that, but he did and she loved him for his patience.


When her father chuckled, she was in the middle of a very cheesy piece of pizza but still looked up at him expectantly. It was a wonder that he was chuckling for she had been concentrating on the cheesy goodness of pizza that was before her. It was sooooooo good and soooooo melty and soooo greasy that it was very distracting to her and her rather simple, childish mind.


“What did you laugh at da?” she asked behind a napkin that she was wiping her mouth with.

“Well, this is the first time that I have seen a Vampire so humble before an Alphess so young. Others have been rude and discriminating to her because of her age and others, well … Vampires and werewolves haven’t exactly gotten along anywhere else other than America.” Jaylan chuckled and sipped at the water in front of him since he had already eaten two pieces of pizza. To be honest, he was rather hungry, but he was concentrating too much on the Vampire.

To see one so close that wasn’t trying to turn them, or wasn’t trying to kill them was a rare pleasure. He had to admit that it was nice to be with another immortal that didn’t smell like a dog all of the time. In fact…this Vampire smelled far older than he was and far older than any immortal he had ever met.


“Before we do the whole drinking thing, just how old are you if you don’t mind me asking…” Jaylan stated in an eloquent manner as he leaned back in his chair slightly. He kept his Australian accent but downed it a little bit so that others wouldn’t feel alienated.





Xander watched the process in Joran’s mind and was rather elated to see that Joran was catching on quickly. He was fast and that was a good thing. Xander usually built up his strength by brawling with the werewolves who were known for their strength and not for their speed even though they were fast. They could easily track a Vampyre anywhere if they wanted to which made it hard for any being to get away from them.


“Yes!” Xander cried out when he felt Joran crash into him and watched him flip backwards. The boy was nimble which was going to be in his advantage more than anything else. “Very good Joran!” He walked up to the boy and clapped him on the shoulder and smiled. “It’s thrilling isn’t it? To chase instead of be chased?” he laughed his English accent thick since Joran seemed to be letting his Nordic accent through


“We can do this until we are both sweating, but I think doing it inside where there are more obstacles will be better practice for you. Once you are done with me … if you want, I can talk to Professor Montague and Professor Aloysius to see if they will train you as well.” He smiled and then started to walk inside but appeared beside Joran with a devilish grin on his face as he poked Joran on his arm. “tag, you’re it.” With that he was gone into the building and jumping along the inner work of the framing.


Marcy Jane


As minutes ticked by, Marcy started to get up and sit down trying to figure out what to do now that her peace was interrupted by these flashing memories. At times she could see herself along with Carmandy shopping for clothes and at times she could even see Carmandy crying with her. It seemed that Carmandy was her best friend at one time…as though they had known each other for all time. A memory or two even involved that Maxamillian guy who was almost always by Carmandy’s side. It involved him teaching her how to strengthen her body without harming the baby as well as how to strengthen her body after the baby was born. He never smiled in a normal way in her memories but instead it was a half-smile. The only time that he really smiled was when Carmandy looked directly at him and it seemed as though they shared everything in the world with a single glance.


More and more memories came of her first year at the school up until the death of her children. A summer spent at some wondrous house and on the beaches of some lake somewhere near the school. Warmth, joy and happiness had been hers for such a long time, how could she have let it slip through her fingers?


The one memory that she knew wasn’t complete, was the one about her babes. It was true that she thought Kyle was the cause of her childrens’ death, but she thought that it was because that they wouldn’t have had a chance to live because of Kyle’s abuse when they were first conceived. She tried to remember more and more, but she couldn’t really because she was trying too hard.


It took a long time until she found herself starting to pace feverishly across the kitchen floor, oblivious to every single sound until she realized that Kyle was the cause of the death of her children. He had kidnapped her and ordered their death. In her anger, she picked up a glass and threw it across the kitchen while she seethed. In a way, the glass resembled her life. At one time it was whole but it came against a hard wall and she shattered. All that could happen now was for her to be melted into a new glass but that would be a painful process.


Another few minutes passed while she stared at the broken glass, until she could breathe without thinking of how he killed her children and now she started to dwell on something else. How could her memories have been erased? How could they have been suppressed so effectively that it lasted two years? But now, with what she remembered, the medicine that Johan gave her gave her the strength, speed and clarity of a Vampyre…it didn’t turn her into one which would have been the actual venom of a Vampyre. There had been rumors amongst the Vampyres, but it seemed that they had never really done it…the blood of a Vampyre if taken internally would repair a humans body as well as give them temporary powers. It was taboo though.


Her mind was ripped from her thoughts as more and more memories flooded back to her. She couldn’t stop the torrent of fights, the harsh words between Sheehan and the man that he was supposed to take over the Clan from. It was so hard for her to realize that this was all real. As far as she knew, she was in a dream zone and hadn’t woken up just yet…she had to be.

But no…this couldn’t be real! This had to be an effect of the medicine because how in the world would all of this be real? Vampires and Werewolves were myths. They were myths used to scare children into going to bed at night…but how could she doubt herself? How could her memories be false?


Marcy dialed Johan’s number and prayed that he would pick up but knew that she wouldn’t. When she heard the beep that told her to leave a message, either video, vocal or text, she chose vocal.


“H-hey…i-if you could just t-t-text back…that be n-nice.” She said and then hung up. She was surprised that she was this upset over the memories, but then again, she wasn’t surprised. When she was little, she had a lisp and as she got older, the lisp evolved into a stutter when she was incredibly upset. She had thought that it was gone, but well, here it was…maybe that had been locked away as well.


“W-what else is g-g-gone?” she asked herself then started to pace again and probably would until Johan came back from wherever he had gone.

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There was a cough in the room; a hacking, wheezing cough of something ancient. The room was completely dark, with the exception of a multitude of tubes glowing with a sickly green liquid, their purpose unknown. In the center of the room there was a chair-like apparatus, around the size of a large couch. The tubes all fed into the apparatus, slightly illuminating the figure reclining on the heavily cushioned device. The creature was barely larger than a child, on the account of it was missing both legs. The skin was pale and loose, a result of keeping away from sunlight for a long time. The skin was also wrinkled and had a diseased tint in the light of the sickly green liquid. The arms were as brittle and thin as sticks, and the hands bony. The withered chest rose up and down, each breath rattling in the creature's lungs. But the face of the creature was enough to draw anyone's attention. The eyes were pale, white orbs that roved around into the dark room, searching for any humans that might be there. There was no skin around the mouth area, burned away by some brutal incident. The teeth were yellow, and each filed to a point so that they resembled the fangs of some animal. The creature was bald as well, and deep knife scars ran all around the top of the head. This creature had been a fighter, once. Now it rested in the deep darkness of the room, barely alive. The tubes of glowing liquid fed into the creature's body, making every vein pulsate with an eerie green glow. Every vein was visible, and even the heart could be seen from afar, being the nexus of all the sickly green threads.


The fingers of the creature twitched, and then moved quickly across a keyboard that was built into the chair apparatus for easy access. At once a large screen descended from the ceiling, filling the room with artificial light. The creature's eyes started to water, but the creature ignored it. It's fingers flew across the keyboard, typing in all the security codes. "Contact Sophia. Tell her to come here." The creature hissed, it's voice barely above a whisper. The computer beeped loudly. "Access granted. Contacting Sophia now, sir." The creature tapped it's fingers against the chair-like apparatus. It was impatient. And then the door at the end of the room opened, and the woman named Sophia walked in. If anyone who had known Talia had been there, Sophia would have been Talia's twin. The two were exactly the same, down to the last detail. "Ah, good. How is the experiment with the vampire going?" the creature hissed, reclining back on the apparatus. Sophia bowed to the creature. "It's going very well, Talia is taking Jonathan out for his first mission." she said, her voice submissive. "Good, good." the creature said, and then coughed again, a dry, hacking cough that made Sophia look up. "I'm running out of blood again, Sophia. Vampire blood is all that is keeping me from death's door. Living more than 100 years has proven difficult, at best." the creature said, and then coughed again. "We're going to need fresh samples before we can start extracting the organs, sir." Sophia said, her eyes riveted on the creature. The creature lifted one arm in the air, and pointed at the screen. "I know just the way," it said, and started typing again. A few seconds later a chemical equation appeared on the screen. Sophia gasped. Evidently, the equation meant something to her. The creature chuckled at her reaction. "Yes, I finally finished the drug. Jonathan will be perfect for the first test. I know his fighting type, because long ago I was one two, before that werewolf took my legs. He is a berserker, a feral, uncontrollable force that destroys opponents like an animal. Usually, they aren't controllable, but with this, " here the creature gestured at the screen, "he'll be the perfect weapon. I love it when science can overcome boundaries. Hehehe.." the voice trailed off. Sophia smiled. "I do too, father, and so does Talia." The creature gave a short, hacking laugh from it's position on the chair-like apparatus. It had lived long enough to know such things already, and it found them humorous.


Rals Jackson


"No thank you, I prefer to have yours be the first taste to enter my mouth today, the hungrier... the sweeter. Please, enjoy without me." He sat back, smiling contentedly, and Rals felt a little creeped out. Why do I feel like I've met him somewhere before? She couldn't shake the feeling. "Very well. I'll finish the pizza, and then we can find somewhere deserted to do this deal with the blood. Then I expect a full document of all the information you promised me, Mr. Vampire." she said, putting her hands on her hips and glaring at little at the vampire. She would not be getting the short end of the deal here. Then Rals reached inside the box and pulled out another piece of pizza. She started to eat it, waiting for a reply.


[Jonathan Harker]


Talia smiled at Jonathan as the car passed along an unknown underground route, the windows tinted heavily. Jonathan fidgeted a little, though mostly he just stared blankly out of the window at the passing grey wall. Then Talia opened up a bag of what looked like miniature boxes, each one colored black and around the size of Jonathan's hand. "Your mission," said Talia, holding up a black box, "is to place one of these around the entire area that I will designate. These are listening devices with an extremely high range. We will be able to locate anyone who has a conversation within range. If any are vampires, we will report it to you, so that you can avoid them." Jonathan nodded. It was a simple enough task, but dangerous. There would be a multitude of vampires, or so the SS suspected, and so he would have to be on his guard.

The car pulled up to a brightly lit garage, and the door was opened by one of the guards. Talia motioned for Jonathan to get out, and he did. On the way out, he was handed a communication device, which he inserted into his ear. "We'll update you on anything we feel that you need to know." Talia said, smiling. And then the pain started in his head. Jonathan felt his knees give way underneath as the pain mounted, and he lay curled up in a fetal position, clutching at his head. Talia was no longer smiling, but instead had a harsh face. "Remember, though. You are a dog on a leash. Don't forget who holds the leash." At this, the pain disappeared from Jonathan's head, and he shakily stood up, a little frightened. "That was only a minor taste of what will happen if you try and disobey the SS. I will make you want to die, if you will even have the ability to think like that once I am done with you." she snarled, and Jonathan nodded, clutching his forehead. Talia once again switched to the smile. "Good. Get going." she said, and Jonathan turned and started running. His vampiric speed made it easy to cover distance quickly, and soon he was around the edge of town, heading for his destination. He was holding a backpack full of the black boxes.

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Johan sat patiently while the others ate, his phone buzzed and he pulled it out of his pocket to check it. Marcy had left a voice mail which he quickly listened to and frowned, he had to get back, what was wrong with her? If she were in danger...


But he kept his cool and replied to the statements the others made. "I am just about eighteen hundred years old." Johan replied, leaving the statement to hang in the air for a moment. "I know I don't look it, but I assure you it's true. When you've lived so long one of two things happens, you either lose all sense of decency and care for the honoring and respecting of others... or you come to cherish those things. This is why I asked for your blood," he turned to Rals, "you have earned a position of respect at a young age, your blood is tribute to that, and it would honor me to indulge in it."


He took out his phone again and accessed his carbonite files, pulling several off the internet he e-mailed them to Rals from the same account he had used earlier.


"The first file is a list of every member of the campus faculty, staff, and students who I suspect or have confirmed are non-humans. The second sorts them into the categories of werewolf, vampire, or unknown. The final file contains an emergency contact number for myself, you will only ever be able to use it once, but if you're willing to sell your blood, I'm willing to come and assist you in a time of need." He nodded once and then stood up, "come, I can't stay in one place too long and need to be getting back if I'm to prepare for the hunt tonight for the assassin, let's find somewhere private where I can give you the experience of being bitten by an ancient vampire, I assure you that you won't be disappointed."

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Rals Jackson

"I am just about eighteen hundred years old." the vampire replied, leaving the statement to hang in the air for a moment. "I know I don't look it, but I assure you it's true. When you've lived so long one of two things happens, you either lose all sense of decency and care for the honoring and respecting of others... or you come to cherish those things. This is why I asked for your blood," he turned to Rals, "you have earned a position of respect at a young age, your blood is tribute to that, and it would honor me to indulge in it.The first file is a list of every member of the campus faculty, staff, and students who I suspect or have confirmed are non-humans. The second sorts them into the categories of werewolf, vampire, or unknown. The final file contains an emergency contact number for myself, you will only ever be able to use it once, but if you're willing to sell your blood, I'm willing to come and assist you in a time of need." He nodded once and then stood up, "come, I can't stay in one place too long and need to be getting back if I'm to prepare for the hunt tonight for the assassin, let's find somewhere private where I can give you the experience of being bitten by an ancient vampire, I assure you that you won't be disappointed."

Rals sighed. She knew it would eventually come to this. Finishing off the last of the pizza, Rals wiped her hands on her jeans. "Let's go then. I will examine the files after this. I think the parking lot will be fine for the blood fest." she said, a sarcastic tone creeping into her voice. She had already paid the bill, and so Rals walked outside and around the building. It was sheltered on three sides, and the back of the building was deserted. "Here's a good spot. You two, " Rals nodded her head at Jaylan and Wynter, "stand guard and make sure no one comes close." She lifted his wrist. "Let's get this over quickly." she said.


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Jaylan and Wynter Emerson


Jaylan's eyes were the only thing that betrayed his surprise at the Vampire's age. It was incredible to live that long, let alone a rare thing. Most of the time, Vampires became cocky towards their 800th birthday and then over the next 200 years, they soon lost their life due to carelessness. it was a dangerous game that they played, but still, 1800 years old? That Vampire was older than, well, than anything that he knew of.


Jaylan glanced at his daughter but she didn't seem surprised and merely took it in stride as she finished a fourth, and then a fifth piece of pizza. He then remembered that she was still in her growing phase which is why she ate as much as she could, when she could. It made him wonder though as to the reason of her simple nature. Considering who his mate was, and himself, she should have been smarter. But then again, there were those moments, those bright and shining moments where he was sure that she was hiding some sort of increased intelligence.


Despite that though, he listened as Rals spoke and followed her and the Vampire out of the building. They were lucky that the building was shaped the way that it was so that they could hide behind it with ease. There was no wind though, which slightly bothered Jaylan, but when Rals told them to keep a look out, he slightly altered her order and made sure that Wynter was the eyes and nose and he was the look out for Rals.


"Wynter, you understand your job right?" he asked her.

"Of course I do da. I'm not a hoon ya know." She replied.


Jaylan was taken aback for a moment before he watched her turn around with a grin and he too turned around to make sure that the Vampire didn't do anything that he didn't need to.

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Johan nodded and left the pizza hut, following them into a secluded portion of the parking lot. He gazed into Rals' eyes for a moment, she was being sarcastic, where as the rest of the time she had been cool and reserved, and even though she was young, he guessed the reason.


She was scared, just a little, apprehensive was more like it, and it occurred to him. "You've never been bitten by a vampire have you?" He nodded, approving his deduction, "While rumors vary, the truth is that it's quite a delightful sensation, first comes a spike of pain as the fangs pierce the skin, then the blood thinner hits you, erasing the pain and stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain, much like a drug. It continues for as long as you're bitten, and then stops immediately when it's over" Johan knelt down on his knees and took her arm gently. "No lasting effects from a single bite, though exposure several times a day over the course of a month or so will turn one into an addict... I've always detested the idea of creating blood-dolls out of humans, willing or no."


He ran his tongue over the surface of her soft skin on her wrist, the saliva would kill any bacteria and assure that the wound healed as soon as he was done. Johan glanced for a moment up at Jaylan to make sure he was still ok with what was about to happen and seeing no hesitance, though perhaps a bit of distaste, he turned his eyes back to Rals'.


"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you." But of course he was lying. He took her wrist and set his teeth to it, biting down hard with his fangs, something that would cause quite a bit of pain for a split second, but this couldn't be avoided. He purposely missed the artery, allowing the blood to flow slowly so he could prologue the experience, after all, it would probably be the only chance he got, and the only time Rals would likely ever be bitten, so he took his time for both their sakes.


As the blood rushed into his mouth, his venom (the blood thinner) rushed out, joining the blood rushing back to the heart and then finding its way to the brain in a split second. Her blood was hot, and her heartbeat fast, a sign of her small amount of fear that was natural for a first timer. He held her arm firmly with both his hands so that she wouldn't jerk away and cause herself injury as he continued to drink. Ten seconds, twenty, thirty... he decided not to push his luck and slowly withdrew his fangs, licking over the wound as it healed almost instantly.


He stood up slowly, closing his eyes for a moment as he savored the last seconds of the flavor, burning it into his memory.


"There, that wasn't so bad mm?" He asked, his voice a bit concerned as he took a step back so as not to appear threatening, "I took only a little, you shouldn't even be light headed, but the blood thinner might make you dizzy for a moment, it should pass out of your system in a minute or two..." he paused, "did I disappoint you?" he asked, seeming genuinely concerned about his performance. After all, if this was going to be her first and only bite, he wanted it to have been a good experience, as opposed to a negative one.

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Rals Jackson


"You've never been bitten by a vampire have you?" the vampire nodded to himself, apparently proud of his deduction. "While rumors vary, the truth is that it's quite a delightful sensation, first comes a spike of pain as the fangs pierce the skin, then the blood thinner hits you, erasing the pain and stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain, much like a drug. It continues for as long as you're bitten, and then stops immediately when it's over" Johan knelt down on his knees and took her arm gently. "No lasting effects from a single bite, though exposure several times a day over the course of a month or so will turn one into an addict... I've always detested the idea of creating blood-dolls out of humans, willing or no."


He ran his tongue over the surface of her soft skin on her wrist, and Rals shuddered. Is that really necessary? Seriously? Oh god, let's just get this over with soon.


"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you." But of course he was lying. It started to hurt as soon as he bit down into her wrist. Rals clamped her jaw shut, trying not to make a whimper of pain. She had endured wounds worse than this, but still, she was losing blood quickly, and it was drawn out. It felt kind of weird, to feel the blood flowing out of the two bite marks. Then she felt dizzy. He held her arm firmly with both his hands so that she wouldn't jerk away and cause herself injury as he continued to drink. How many seconds had it been? Ten? Twenty? She just wanted it to be over.


"There, that wasn't so bad mm?" He asked, his voice a bit concerned as he took a step back so as not to appear threatening, "I took only a little, you shouldn't even be light headed, but the blood thinner might make you dizzy for a moment, it should pass out of your system in a minute or two..." he paused, "did I disappoint you?" he asked, seeming concerned. Clutching her wrist, Rals staggered against the wall, feeling even more dizzy. She leaned heavily down and sat down for a moment, waiting for the world to stop spinning. "Never doing that again." she muttered. "Never."




The creature stirred again, listening in on the conversation between Taila and Jonathan. It gave a harsh laugh. "It looks like Talia is dealing with the experiment in the proper way. It reminds me of my old captain when I was on my first mission," it whispered, the eyes roving back and forth in the darkness. "I was only sixteen then.... how many years has it been? One hundred, two hundred? I cannot remember..." it kept whispering, muttering to itself. The fingers flew across the keyboard again, and the chemical formula came up again. "The solution is... perfect. The work of my lifetime, all for the Silverhand Society. Heh." the creature said, and then pulled up another screen. It began to type, hacking into the local security. The creature had had a long, long to perfect the computer skills, sitting there in the darkness. The local security was nothing to the creature. "Let's see how our precious subject Jonathan is doing." it said, finally focusing on each camera.

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Jaylan and Wynter Emerson


Jaylan had to keep himself from snarling when Johan bit into Rals. He knew that she was tough and knew that she had never had a hard time in dealing with pain. But when it came to weird feelings, she kinda got woozy every now and then. It didn't take long for him to jump to her side and make sure that she was okay.


"Bloomin' idiot." He muttered affectionately as he looked at her wrist. The wounds were healed completely now but she was looking a little pale, if not dizzy. It didn't look like she had a fever, but at least she wasn't dead or turning into a Vampire. That would be very easy to spot so he was glad for that.


"You've had your fun now Vampire, thank you for the information." he stated as calmly as he could and looked at Wynter who had now turned around. Her demeanor was dark as she looked at the Vampire and silently moved to where her father was. The smaller the wolf, the lighter their steps were on the ground.


"Is she a'ight da?" she asked then made sure to look at Johan once more. "We'll be taking her back now. G'day mate." she said then promptly helped her father get Rals to stand whether or not she liked it. Without her consent, they both made sure to support her to keep her from falling.

"Don't worry Alphess, we can take care of you." Wynter said in a soothing and gentle tone to try and help her Alphess feel better.

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Johan smiled broadly, "Yes indeed and I hope never again. Vampires are very territorial, much like your kind but in a different fashion." He took off his hat and bowed once as he turned to leave, "I wouldn't let it happen again, and if anyone else does try to bite you, it's tradition that I rip out his heart... Take care of yourself Rals, things are going to be very dangerous tonight, I would keep your pack indoors if I were you."


Johan had made it to the sidewalk now and hailed a cab which immediately drove him back to his home. On the way he sent Marcy a text.


I got my phone back and I got your message, I'm coming back right now,

my friend... will have to go alone... you're very important to me Marcy... whatever's going on, I'm coming as fast as I can, I promise..


In another ten minutes the cab pulled back in-front of his house and he paid the driver, alighting the stairs in a nanosecond and throwing open the door. Marcy wasn't in the hallway so Johan opened the closet, shut himself inside for a second, and then emerged again, still in costume but his fangs were gone and his eyes were blue again. It took him only a second to find her, the aura of worry she gave off was detectable.


"Marcy!" genuine worry was written all over his features as he rushed into the room and grabbed her in a hug, gently before releasing her, "I'm here, everything is going to be alright, I promise. What happened? Did someone call you? Did one of the richie's threaten you?" He held her shoulders firmly and stared into her eyes, looking very concerned a bit apprehensive and a little confused, he hugged her once more quickly, "I won't let anything hurt you, I promise, now..." he broke the embrace again and knelt down in front of her, holding one of her hands and staring up at her, "tell me what happened."

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“Very good Joran!” Joran grinned as Xander approached him, but he involuntarily flinched when Xander touched him. "Come on, I'm not that useless," he said jokingly. “It’s thrilling isn’t it? To chase instead of be chased?” Xander's accent surprised Joran almost as much as Xander's words. Yes, it was thrilling, but it was curious to Joran that Xander seemed to know Joran's own thoughts... he wondered if it was a body-language thing and decided to pay closer attention to that.


“We can do this until we are both sweating, but I think doing it inside where there are more obstacles will be better practice for you. Once you are done with me… if you want, I can talk to Professor Montague and Professor Aloysius to see if they will train you as well.” Joran's smile faded. Just to think that the two Professors were Vampyres--and probably really old ones by the looks of them--made him feel uneasy. He wasn't sure if he wanted to see them, but he knew that their protection was probably the safest thing. Then again, if Steel knew where Joran was he'd destroy everyone there... which was why Joran wasn't sure he could stay with Rals either.


Joran snapped back to the present as suddenly Xander was in front of him with a grin that reminded him of death. Joran prepared for the worst, but only got a poke on the arm... “tag, you’re it.” Joran's surprise immediately turned into a wide grin. He loved tag! Back in Iceland no one wanted to play tag with him and here in America, humans were too slow for fun. Joran raced after Xander, intent on catching the Vampyre. Thus began their training for the day, and Joran all but forgot about Steel's presence. If Steel had known that Joran wasn't in constant fear, he would have been quite unhappy.






Kanthaya had searched every corner of the room for some sort of escape and had found none. While she still despised Johan mentally, she had to admit the room was beautiful and amazing. Black was Kanthaya's favorite color, but not an icky or inky black--she liked a silky, velvety black, the kind of black that glows in the dark. Despite the fact that it was impossible for anything to 'glow' black, that was still how Kanthaya would describe her favorite color. But just because she was surrounded by it didn't make Kanthaya happy. It did give her a sense of being hidden which somewhat comforted her, but the shock of what had happened still angered her.


Kanthaya felt strong, and unbeknownst to her she was stronger than almost any other new Vampire, thanks to Johan's blood. Her neck had recovered almost a third faster than it would have with a Vampire that was fed human blood. Although her vision and hearing was no better, her ability to feel textures was improved above what would have been normal. Every ripple in fabric, every loose thread, every tiny scratch in metal... she felt it all. At the moment her sense of smell and taste was actually worse, for Johan's blood had been so strong that all her nose and mouth sought was it. Those senses were still better than a human's, but not as good at the moment as a regular Vampire's. Kanthaya wasn't made for speed, but she had also found that her body was very, very fast and her mind could keep up with it.


She didn't want to embrace her new characteristics because of the drawbacks, but while she was alone in the room she did allow herself to try kicking a wall. It was apparently much stronger than her dorm wall, because it didn't budge. She kicked it again, harder this time, and it still didn't move. She frowned and sighed, turning away from the wall. The downside of having a fast mind was the fact that she was getting anxious very quickly and had nothing to do except test her new body. And, being still in some form of denial, she didn't really want to test it on anything but escaping. Somewhere in her head she knew that it was as stupid to not get used to her body as it was to be ignorant about anything, but she refused to acknowledge that part of her brain.


Kanthaya rubbed her arm and squinted at it; it seemed that the more hungry she was, the more grey her skin turned. Everyone knew that Vampires were pale, even someone who had never read stories about them, and Kanthaya wondered if all dark-skinned Vampires would be grey instead of pale. Stop wondering that, that's stupid, there's no such things as Vampires and if there are, who cares? It was the ignorance thing again, and it bothered Kanthaya but she ignored it. Johan doesn't exist, I don't exist, and Marcy doesn't exist. But let's say we do... if we do, are there more bloodsucking monsters? All over the world maybe, and maybe even more on-campus?


She shuddered and sat in a corner, trying to calm her anxious mind. Her shy side had slowly returned as her mind had returned after she had eaten. Even her cruelest thoughts now had a twisted hint of forgiveness and fear, which she tried to cover up with her newfound instinct-driven personality. "He'll probably leave us here until we're crazy as punishment for struggling," she said quietly. "Then who knows what he'll do? He's way too strong. He could do whatever he wanted. Oh Marcy, just hang in there... I'll do anything to get him to let you go. Please don't be mad at me, just run as soon as you get the chance." Kanthaya could picture it now; Marcy, with super pale skin, running through the forest so fast that everything else was a blur. She would run to her home and to her special garden, and she'd get help. Kanthaya bit her lip. "But I'm not gonna let him win. No, I'm keeping my sanity no matter how long he keeps us down here! I hope you can too, Marcy." Think like a doctor, Kanthaya, this is all just an experiment and you're the subject. You can do this!


It occurred to Kanthaya that she could possibly be wrong about what he intended, and for a moment she thought about this. Ignorance--she was trying to pretend it wasn't real, thinking that if she didn't believe it it would go away. It was a stupid plan she realized, and she wouldn't win anything by thinking that way. So she decided that maybe she'd ask a few questions if and when Johan showed up again, and maybe she'd try kicking down some more walls. Her stomach growled and she followed up by groaning. It was going to be a long day, if she lived that long.

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Marcy Jane


Marcy kept walking back and forth unsure of what she was going to do. It was so hard for her to realize all that was going on in her mind, but the torrent of memories stopped now for a time. It was true that she could sense and feel dark spots in her mind here and there, but at least she wasn’t dying trying to figure out what in the world was wrong with her.


For a moment, Marcy thought that she heard something, but she was so distracted that she nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard a familiar voice call out her name. When she turned, she was pressed into a warm embrace from someone that had shown her kindness. It wasn’t until she allowed herself to breathe that she realize that this person wasn’t Sheehan…it was Johan. He started to talk about Richies threatening her and going over the possibilities of what other people could do to her but that made her frown. He knew that she could take care of herself so why did he suggest something like that?


When he pulled back to look into her eyes, she almost felt herself blush but then stopped it before too long. “W-w-w-won’t let anything hurt m-m-me?” She chuckled and then pulled away from him and looked at the ground. There was glass in the kitchen, a broken window…wow, she did wreck his house.


It took a moment for her to look back up at him. There were no tears, no sadness, but worry and fear were plain to see. She was afraid for Kanthanya because she didn’t know what was going on with her friend, but she was also afraid for herself. If the things that she was able to think about were true, then wasn’t Johan a Vampire? How else would he have been able to get a hold of Vampire/Vampyre blood and turn it into a medicine form unless he himself was one, or he knew a Vampire or two. Assumptions were things that she had to go on, but right now…the memories…


Marcy tried to speak a few times, but her words came out in an unintelligible mass of stuttering. With a frustrated sigh, she took a deep breath and sat down at the bar that was part of the kitchen. “It’s Kanthanya….she called me and seemed kinda upset then hung up for no reason. When I went to go check it out, th-th-the hallway in front of her room was t-t-t-torn up. I-It’s almost like she had the medicine but I didn’t think…I saw you give her a vial of something johan…I didn’t mention it because Kanthaya is smart and if she can figure out how to cancel the effects of the medicine and make it so that other people can have it to cure their diseases…but…” she took a deep breath to calm herself. She was so worried about Kanthanya but didn’t want to ask Johan to look for her and yet she so desperately did!


Marcy looked down at her hands knowing that she would sound like some weirdo, but she had to ask. “Johan,” her voice was quiet and seemingly afraid of something. “that medicine…it….it…” she had to stop because it was hard to realize that she was actually believing that everything was true.


“It returns memories Johan!” she nearly shouted at him even though it wasn’t his fault. She just had to get it out before she thought to go back on what she had said. “I’m not joking around….my whole first year of college and some of the second….it’s all there but in a different light Johan and to tell you the truth….” By this time she was standing up again and pacing back and forth. “I don’t know what else is lost….all I know is that the one time, the people….the immortals were my friends they loved me for who I was…and they invited me to be in their circle without turning….”


Marcy let out a laugh and then turned to him with a smirk. “Immortals…ha! You think that I am insane don’t you now? But then again…Gah!” she turned away from him and laughed at herself as she looked at the ceiling.

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Johan calmly listened to each word Marcy said, she was obviously on the brink of being hysterical, but she was speaking the truth as best she could. But some things confused, him, restored memories? Immortals? how did she...


"Marcy, calm down, first just calm down, let me look at you." He took her by the shoulders and gently turned her towards him and examined her eyes, yes! Her pupils were dilated, blood veins engorged, and the iris itself looked to be slightly out of shape. So that was that... Marcy Livingstone... had at one point been subject to a mental trick Johan had never actually seen done, but something apparently that a vampire could do if he knew how, studied long enough, and was old enough. But who had done it to her? The Dean? Certainly the man was old enough, but why? Who would erase a part of Marcy's memory?


Obviously she had known about vampires and werewolves, or maybe just one or the other considering her ambiguous term "immortals," but she said they had been her friends, so she hadn't had her memory taken because she had discovered them, it wasn't a cover up. But then why? If they were her friends, to the end, then it would have been for her benefit, and seeing her present condition, it was obvious that the memories were unpleasant.


Johan continued to hold her stead, still kneeling in front of her, he needed to help her calm down, he needed her to explain things to him.


But what do I say? How much does she know? I haven't set things up yet, the chances of success are still up in the air... Do I risk telling her everything now? Does this mean she can't serve the purpose I wanted her for in the first place? Johan thrust the thoughts aside, they could wait, his ambition could wait, Marcy needed his help here and now, and that... oddly, strangely, came first in his mind. When had he started caring enough about her to consider her well being over his own plans? There was no point in guessing, it merely was the truth.


"Marcy I don't know what's happened to Kanthaya. You are correct I did give her the medicine, but not to take, she wanted it to analyze it, she wanted to create a version that could work on everyone. I don't know what she did, she was supposed to call me later today. If she did make a new version of it, one that might work on more people... perhaps she took it, and that would explain her disappearance, I promise I will do everything in my power to find her and make sure she is safe. But you have to slow down. What are you saying about memories? I want to help, but you have to tell me everything, I promise I'll do whatever I can."


Johan then released her from his grip and stood up, motioning to the couch for her to sit. He didn't tell her to, though she technically was still under her promise, he didn't want to make her uncomfortable or any more scared than she already was. But he needed to know everything, fast... This could change all of his plans and he had to have a moment to recreate them all in his head as she spoke, to revise and edit as needed... and to decide on his next course of action.

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Marcy Jane


Marcy started slowly at first, but knew that she had better give Johan a full count of what her real history was. If her memories had been replaced, then… she paused for a moment and sighed as she looked at her profile that was for public viewing and the file that was for the school and just for her which no one would be able to get into…unless they were Johan. It detailed that she was a Poorling from Georgia and that she stayed in the top ten. Normally the profiles described what type of ridicule the Poorling was used to as well as an entire family history as given by the student, current and past relationship status’ and also the list of schedules and children either alive or deceased.


Marcy closed down her file from her phone and looked Johan in the eye. “You’ve been in my profile and haven’t seen me.” She said and decided to start from the beginning with everything that made her, well her. She started talking about Van and how he had always encouraged her, told him about her brothers and mother and also about her abusive father. She told him about her highschool days and how just about everyone picked on her for the way that she looked and how her lisp made it hard for her to speak. She even told him about her stutter that came and went every now and then.


“I was a genius according to the government. Placed first in each school every single year after the year that Van died…but I was naïve…” she took a breath and paused for a moment before beginning the story of her first semester at the college. At first it had been simple and easy enough, but once folks were sure that she was staying, they started to abuse her and she started to fight back. She was fed up with being hurt and fed up with being called stupid. But there was one above the rest, a Kyle Faulks that she hated. He made a point of it to break her down every day and hated her guts.


There was a day that he had beaten on her pretty severely for ignoring one of Professor Aloysius’ requests that he had intended to let slide. That day was when she really met the three people that would invite her into their family. It was a couple of nights later when she was beaten so hard that just about every bone in her body was broken but she was also raped. Sheehan and the other two along with several of their friends, fought off Kyle and his gang and took her to the Crystal House. There, Dr. Ekwueme patched her up and saved her from a most certain death.


Over the next few months she learned more and more about Sheehan and his friends and about why there were so many people in the Crystal House and why it was so large. With a smile, she described the fountain in front of the house with the statue of a tall man with an oversized wolf by his side. The two looked at each other with respect and regard for one another. It was that fountain that caused her to ask Sheehan why the man and wolf were so close. It was the same day that she learned about Vampyres and Werewolves. When she refused to accept what he had said, he showed her his fangs and even asked Carmandy and Max to come over and shift for her so that she could see that he was telling the truth.


It was so hard to believe, but once she had seen them, and really looked into what they were saying, she believed them. Sheehan and herself quickly grew together in a mostly forbidden relationship because he was to be the next leader of the Vampyres to take them on into the next century or something like that, but no one could stop him.


With new found memories, tears jumped into Marcy’s eyes. A gentle kiss. A comforting hug.


“Ekwueme was against him…completely against him…in fact he hated Sheehan more than anything in the world but he didn’t care.”


Her story continued to the night when she and Sheehan went to the doctors to see if her two twins were alright. When they had gotten back to her home, Kyle kidnapped her and took her to the hospital to have the babes killed. When Sheehan arrived late with Carmandy and Max, she told all of them that she never wanted to see them again, ever. She walked home and tore it up. “I went insane. Losing two children that you planned to raise with a man that loved you…” her voice was quiet as she spoke about how she remembered the kindest blue eyes and a voice telling her to calm down.


“The next day, I woke up and all I remembered was the lie that I have been living for the past year.”


Marcy looked at Johan and wondered what he would make of it.


“And the worst part is, is that I think, from what I can see, is that you are a Vampire.”

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Johan listened carefully to everything that Marcy said, now that she was calmer he could clearly see the picture of her life that she was painting for him. He felt sorry for her, angry at Sheehan, kyle, Carmandy, Max, her... at the world really, this was the world he lived in, the world he visited, the world he saved people out of, a few, one here, one there, a girl and her grandmother, an orphan boy, an abandoned child in a dumpster... but Marcy was a reminder that he couldn't save them all, and in truth he knew that and had never tried. But he'd also never ignored the opportunity to do it... once more.


As he sat on the couch listening his expression, his eyes, his face, it all seemed to change from the boyish and impudent young eccentric man that paraded around campus in his clothes like a red dot on a white map. He looked old, very old, old and tired and he listened intently as she finished. Well... that was that, there were no more plans, none of it mattered anymore, Marcy was unfit for the task he had wanted, and he could no longer get what he wanted from her.


In one way he felt cheated, by what had been done to her, her lack of memory had fooled even him, because, in all truthfulness, she had been acting completely honestly before, as far as she knew. Therefore his stalking her, recording her experiences, had yielded false results, and thwarted the experiment before it had even begun. There was no fixing it, but Johan was too old to let that bother him for long, and a new plan had already taken root in his mind. Though Marcy had disqualified herself for what he had planned on using her for, she had now qualified for a much more important task, one that he had considered passing to Kanthaya, though he had yet to speak with her and confirm it.


He was silent for a long moment as she finished, deciding which things he could and could not yet tell her.


He sighed, sounding suddenly tired and leaned back into the couch, closing his eyes for a moment.


"Yes Marcy, I am a vampire as you supposed, I see that all my preparations and plans had been for naught, and that I have given you what I promised, without even realizing it." He opened his eyes again. "It was my intention to show you the truth of the existence of my kind, and of the werewolves, and once you knew, to ask you to judge me. Now, listen to my story..."


In ten minutes Johan had explained to Marcy all of the things that had happened to him between the time he was born and the time he executed his evil family. Every thing he had done for the poor and downtrodden who had become his army. He skipped the bit about invading China, something he'd always regretted, and ahead in time to two hundred years ago when he had finally settled in England. He fondly told her about Eve and Eve's story of her and her grandmother, and ended with how it was he came here, though he didn't tell her he was looking for an heir.


"I came to study the vampires and werewolves here, who live among humans without them knowing for the most part, but I was really here to find you, or someone exactly like you anyway. You remind me so much of my mother, your circumstances were quite similar, and you do have her personality and love for your lost children..." he paused, "I wanted to see if you approved of me, I wanted to know if I was managing to do anything right in all my years of living, and I wanted the answer to come from the mind of a naive, beautiful, and child-like person, someone who merely judged things as right or wrong and where there was nothing in-between. I wanted to know, if I was good, or evil, in your sight." Nothing about how Johan said those words seemed condescending, it was simply true, from his point of view almost everyone was naive and child-like, especially humans, "I wanted someone with your innocence, innocence that you lost that was hidden from you."


Johan sighed and continued, "I planned on taking all month to break it to you slowly. I'm very old Marcy, my blood is very very potent, the medicine you took, was only a few drops and you see what it did to you, any more would have been dangerous for a human to consume. I lied to you Marcy, many times, because I wanted to show you the truth slowly, without it being a shock, because you are brilliant, and if I gave you just enough to open your eyes you would have put the puzzle together yourself. I'm sorry I lied to you, and I would have told you everything at the end, but it seems we've come to the end already, early, and the game was over before it had but even begun."


He paused again, "True to my intentions, I'll hold nothing back from you now, if you want the truth about any question I will answer it truthfully, and I till tell you why. If you wish me to die... I would grant you that wish, if not for all of those people that I have saved that depend on me. Marcy, it is my hope that you can forgive me. Eve and I... are getting married soon, after this game was over, if you judged me good, then I wanted to ask your permission to adopt you, your mother, and your family into mine, permanently. I wanted you to inherit everything I have, and use it to change the world as you see fit, from the eyes of someone as innocent as you are, who has never known the corrupting feeling of power before. I planned all of this. But now I do not know if any of it can happen. You are not who I thought you were as much as I was not who you imagined me to be."


He looked at her again, into her eyes a hard stare this time, a serious gaze. "If you had all the power in the world at your fingertips, what would you do? Would you punish those that wronged you? Would you take revenge on all who did evil? Do you believe you have that right, that wisdom? I have lived almost eighteen centuries and even I cannot say I've attained that. Vengeance leaves you cold and empty, and turns you into what you hate most. And all my life I've tried to make up for that mistake I made when I was young, when I took revenge, even if it was for a good purpose. Or would you use your power to help the weak, and the powerless, so that they could overcome their oppressors on their own terms, with their own strength? Answer, my question."

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Marcy Jane


Marcy listened to all that Johan said and was shocked, but didn’t let it play on her face. When her memories unlocked, so did another part of her personality; her kindness. It was totally uninhibited in the way that it started to mould and change her cold hearted anger towards the Richies since she knew now that not all of them were like Kyle and the others that hated her.

Johan spoke about his family and how he had done everything in the world from wielding power to losing it. It was a long tale that was cut short to 10 minutes and she had hoped to have heard everything in detail for she felt a great deal better knowing that Johan believed her. But he kept things short then spoke about how she was the person that truly reminded him of his mother and how he wanted her to judge him.


Who was she to judge someone that had only done good to her? Of course he had killed which was only in his nature as a Vampire, but how could she judge that? She wasn’t God. God… the name stuck in her head for a moment before fading as an echo into the back of her mind until she realized that he was engaged. She didn’t take him as the kind to settle down and marry, but maybe he was.


Not only was he getting married, but he wanted her to forgive him. It sounded odd coming from him, but the age and knowledge in his eyes was something that told her that he was honest. He wasn’t being angry, he seemed slightly perturbed though that she had remembered everything.

But aside from all of that, Johan wanted to know what she would do with all of the power in the world. When he asked the question, the Marcy that she had been for all time would have promptly answered that she would help everyone to bring the world back up to what it was supposed to be. But the Marcy that had been there before her memories came back wanted to punish all of the Richies. It took her a moment to stop the arguing sides in her head so that she could really consider what she would do. The world was already hurt enough so why should she hurt it anymore?


While she thought, she decided to let Johan know something…

“Before I answer Johan, there is one thing. If I were to judge you on everything that you had done in your life, you would be a man that any man should aspire to be. Everyone does something evil in their lives be it big or be it small. But I am not the one to judge you…I don’t have the authority to. I wouldn’t say that you want me to judge you, what you want is someone to approve of you, just as you said, to look at your past and look at your present and just tell you that you have done good. If I were your mother, I would be proud.”


Marcy took a breath and felt as though her mind was slowly but surely settling into what was the new Marcy. A woman that had a kind heart but was ready to scrutinize and deal anger. It was almost as though she was a hard cased candy with a soft nougaty center.


“To answer your question…The me that I have known for the past two years would immediately say to punish those that deserve it. But the me that has been me all of my life would say to help the poor and needy. But the me now, says to take everything into consideration. There are those that morally deserve punishment whether or not they are of a higher class or lower class. Therefore a third option has to be developed. To deal judgment as well as help in a moderated manner in a democratic, but slightly controlled fashion to provide for the good of everyone involved.”


Marcy looked at Johan knowing that she wasn’t what he wanted anymore and would probably not exactly be pleased with her answer. What she had said wasn’t based on his idea of her becoming an adopted family member, but on what she knew he both needed to hear, and should hear.

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Johan nodded and for a moment his expression remained blank as he thought about everything she had just said. Then he smiled, in a kind way.


"Though most of the time I don't act my age... there are times, like now, that I can be completely serious. And you, Marcy Livingstone, are a very wise girl." Johan nodded to confirm his own statement, "You are correct about what I wanted, you to approve or disapprove of me, yet if I had used that language you would have been biased to one side or the other. Secondly you chose the third option that I did not give you when I asked you my question. I could choose an heir, from someone filled with hatred who sought revenge, neither could I entrust my power to someone who was naive enough to believe that they could do solely good for all people simply with enough power. These two truths that it took me decades to learn, you know by intuition."


He stood up then and approached her, "I want you to be my daughter, in a sense, and inherit everything that I own and all the knowledge, poitical ties, servants, friends, and enemies that I've created and obtained over the years I've lived. I don't want you to become a vampire though, not unless that is also what you wish, but you will need protection, such that I will provide, and from a protector I already have in mind for you."


Johan held a finger to his lips, "don't decide right now, take this..." he took a phone out of his pocket, "this will call Eve, you can talk to her, she knows everything about me, and is not afraid to say exactly what she thinks... of anything. Kind of like you I imagine you two would get along quite well." He paused, "I'm going to go change and prepare, now that you know everything you should know that in order to protect you and some of your friends here at school I have to capture another vampire tonight, an assassin, though much younger than I, there is always the possibility I could die. And there are many things I need to be ready for him. I promise I'll be back to answer any of your questions that Eve can't, once I'm prepared."


Johan vanished from the room, no longer concerned about hiding his vampiric traits and wanting to end the conversation there... he quickly made his way down to the safe, opened the door, leapt inside and slammed it shut behind him to make sure Kanthaya didn't get out or get any part of her slammed in the door.


"Hello Kanthaya, I'm very sorry I left you in here all this long, I meant to be back sooner, how are you doing?"

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Kanthaya had been peacefully mulling around doing absolutely nothing coherent when suddenly she sensed the door moving. Less than a tenth of a second later it made noise and began to open, and Kanthaya spun around to face it, prepared for the worst. No sooner had it opened than it shut, and there stood Johan Hawk. Kanthaya had been prepared to hurl threats at him and all sorts of stuff, but her shy nature took over and she simply gawked. It didn't help that he didn't look the least bit violent and, if she hadn't known better, she might say he looked sad. He didn't give her time to speak anyway, for he spoke first;

"Hello Kanthaya, I'm very sorry I left you in here all this long, I meant to be back sooner, how are you doing?"


The entire words weren't expected, but Kanthaya's anger and shock twisted his voice to sound more sarcastic. She frowned and crossed her arms. Had she been a Vampire longer she might have recognized Marcy's scent on him, but she did not. Her bottom lip involuntarily quivered as she spoke. "I've been great, this is a dream come true for me," she said with great sarcasm. "Spillin' sumthing on my hand that makes me wild, getting smashed into a wall and ruining my room, drinking the blud of sum... sum creature, havin' mah neck broken and then bein' left alone for hours in a black room. It's just like my dream vacation..." her words faded near the end, because in reality she was scared. Sarcasm and loud words could only hold back tears of fear for so long. She only kept together because she knew she had to be strong for Marcy, and the scent of Johan kept her blood running. Marcy! Now's the questions part! "Where is she?!" She demanded suddenly, almost daring to take a step forward from the back wall which she was next to. Her eyes met Johan's without break, though half of her wanted to go to a corner and cry.

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Johan walked around her for a moment circling her and checking on her condition with his eyes and by scenting the air in the room.


"Marcy?" he asked, for who else could she be asking about. "She's fine, actually better than she ever has been as you well know." He stopped, back in front of her again. "If you haven't guessed I lied to you, I did not give you the drug I gave Marcy. I gave Marcy a dose of my blood, incredible effects on a human. What I gave you, was my venom, something a vampire only produces once every hundred years. It can change you even on contact with your skin, the chances of you contracting it were high so I will take partial responsibility for what's happening to you."


"Hungry?" he asked, pulling his shirt away from his neck, "I know you must be, it takes energy to heal, and you're a newborn, you're always hungry."


He paused, "Have you thought it through? The fact that you're a vampire now? It's not that bad you know, you live virtually forever, you're super strong, fast, higher senses, faster thinking ability. And the only price is a bit of blood to survive, you can easily hide among humans. You could research genetics and biology for centuries, do whatever you wanted, is it really so bad?"


He sat down on the black couch and watched her. "I can only be here for an hour, but I can answer any questions you have until then."



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Kanthaya was very tense as Johan circled her. She would only let him get as far as her side before she'd turn to face him. He had totally ignored her sarcasm she noticed.


"Marcy?" Kanthaya realized that while she had thought Marcy's name, she had forgotten to say it. She gave a curt nod, eager to hear his answer. "She's fine, actually better than she ever has been as you well know." She frowned at this remark. How could she know? If he thought she'd believe everything he had said, he was wrong. "If you haven't guessed I lied to you, I did not give you the drug I gave Marcy. I gave Marcy a dose of my blood, incredible effects on a human. What I gave you, was my venom, something a vampire only produces once every hundred years. It can change you even on contact with your skin, the chances of you contracting it were high so I will take partial responsibility for what's happening to you."


PARTIAL?! Half of her wanted to scream that, but her sensible medical half was far too busy assessing the information he had given her to allow her to say such a thing. He didn't give her the same stuff. He gave Marcy blood, which by the sound of what he was saying didn't turn someone into a... a Vampire. Once every hundred years? He's over a hundred? Well, if he was telling the truth, which he probably wasn't. But what did he have to lose? What could he gain by lying?


"Hungry?" As Johan began to pull his shirt back Kanthaya quickly turned her back to him, which was something she had promised herself not to do. But she was hungry, and it was a disgusting thought... eating another, like a cannibal. "I know you must be, it takes energy to heal, and you're a newborn, you're always hungry." Kanthaya crossed her arms and said nothing, forcing her mind to concentrate on the wall as Johan's skin cells flew into her nostrils.


"Have you thought it through? The fact that you're a vampire now? It's not that bad you know, you live virtually forever, you're super strong, fast, higher senses, faster thinking ability. And the only price is a bit of blood to survive, you can easily hide among humans. You could research genetics and biology for centuries, do whatever you wanted, is it really so bad?" Now the creatures inside of her were raging against each other, clawing each other and ripping each other up.

"Don't listen to him! NOT AGAIN! He's lying, he just wants to use you!!! Don't make this mistake again!"

"He has nothing to lose; he's stronger than you and your only source of life you're willing to take, plus he has Marcy. Why would he try to get your cooperation? And if what he says is true, just imagine what you could do..."


"I can only be here for an hour, but I can answer any questions you have until then."

The second voice would at least answer some questions maybe.

Kanthaya licked her lips and then hid her bottom lip under her teeth a moment in thought. She could feel her 'fangs' sharpening as her body begged to be fed. She allowed herself to turn around and meet Johan's eyes. She was shocked at the honesty they held. Oh, she had a lot of questions. If Johan really was some intelligent century-old being, then he could keep up.




But none of the questions mattered as much as the one which had been circulating since he first had bust through her door.


"Why me? Why anyone at all? What could you possibly gain from... from doing this to me, and why not someone else? You say I'm... super fast and gonna live forever, which I can't hardly imagine, and you say Marcy's okay and she didn't have any of your venom." Which is still in my room, by the way, unless by some chance you grabbed that too. "But why did you choose us two poorlings to be your little projects?" The last two words weren't said with sarcasm or much hate. As Kanthaya spoke she moved her eyes around the room to avoid looking at Johan's neck. Would it always be like this? That was another question for another time.

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Johan was surprised with how calm she was reacting, not so much surprised as pleased though, it was how he had mostly gathered she would, her calm personality, that of a scientist, was winning out over her rage, anger, and general confusion.


"No, I did not turn Marcy, and I won't unless she decides that she wants me to. You see, she's known about vampires and werewolves for a long time, but... something terrible happened to her in her life, and if she decides to tell you about it that's her business. Suffice to say another vampire erased her memories of the events. I didn't realize that until my blood that healed her body also released those trapped memories."


Johan patted the cushion next to him, "come sit," he beckoned and then continued speaking.


"If Marcy wants to explain to you why I chose her, then she can, I will also leave that up to her. But I over all, I chose her to be my daughter. You see, I'm getting married soon, and my wife is human, very much like Marcy, but older of course and different in personality. If Marcy chooses it I plan on adopting her and her entire family into my own and making her the sole heir to everything I own." Johan paused. "I'm almost eighteen centuries old Kanthaya, and I want someone to take over for me, Marcy is that person. She has the will and the wisdom to use my vast resources and power to change the world for good, but I can't always be around to protect her."


Ha paused, "you know the enemies she has now, think of how many more she will make as she tries to break down political corruption and turn the advantage to those who are downtrodden by society. I can't be there to protect her at all times, but you can, you are her friend, and now you're virtually immortal, extremely powerful, and your life had no purpose before now, you had no future."


He held up a finger to keep her from answering. "You're brilliant, you could have been the greatest scientist of your era, but you're a poorling, and this is what would happen to you. Someone else would get credit for your research, you would be given a job somewhere doing important things for others who would use them for their own purposes, anything you invented to help people would find some use that makes money, like every other brilliant poorling before you."




He held out a hand to her, "if you become what I intend, Marcy's protector, as a vampire. You will be able to conduct your own research, have your own lab with all the most advanced equipment since you would have access to my resources. Anything you create would be yours, your patent, your product, to be used to help others instead of make money. Perhaps you would even find a way to cure yourself of vampirism. All the while you could protect Marcy, and be her constant companion and helper as the two of you change the world in your own ways. Her with her will and my resources, and you with your science and your resources, and both of you with your brilliant minds. Is that such a horrible fate?"

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